Mar. 12th, 2010

Oh geez

Mar. 12th, 2010 12:20 pm
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Um, I kinda wrote comment fic. The prompt was sleeping, which seems apropos.

It's here: (Kradam, G)

This is so unlike me, IDEK.
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Seriously people, the week I have had! And you know, it’s not really to be complaining, because everything seems to be working out okay thus far, and I’m really terribly thankful for that. But considering I spent the whole week at home, and only worked two days, it has been just incredibly stressful.

I just checked my last entry to see what kind of info I wrote about the surgery and realised I was all like “oh, maybe I’ll stay overnight Sat – we’ll see”. HA! And then I stayed Sat-Thurs morning. Oh how little I knew.

So anyway, my dad had surgery for tongue cancer in three parts – a chunk of his tongue out, a chunk of his leg (including muscle and a freaking artery) out to replace the tongue, and his lymph nodes. It was the latter that turned out to be the biggest problem, since he is having some kind of drainage issues (his body kept producing lymph but it has nowhere to go?) and an air bubble (yeah IDK) that they had to push out. So when I got there last Saturday they were saying he should get out by Monday, so (for various reasons) I decided to stay until then. But Mon turned into Tues, turned into Wed, and now they’re saying it may be NEXT Mon, so who knows.

Things that went wrong while I was there:
1 – Mom can’t drive at night b/c she had cataract surgery a few weeks ago. She didn’t mention this to me at first, but once I knew it was the main reason I decided to stay. Going to work at least in the AM and then to the hospital but having to leave before dark (in the UK, in March) is difficult.
2 – I forgot my charger (well didn’t bring it since it was just going to be a day), so my phone died
3 - we have plumbers working in the upstairs bathroom, and they did something with the electrics, which connect to the room next door, which contains the computer and modem. Thus no internet. I was kind of stealing wi-fi from someone around us, but it was very temperamental and only on during certain hours in the evening (who turns their modem ON AN OFF? I guess someone who doesn't know enough to put a password on?)
4 - our last car broke down (we have a few but every one seems to have at least one issue right now) leaving us stranded on the side of the road. We called my mom’s friend and the AA, but it was no go. We called around for rentals and no one had any cars free (!!) although we did end up getting one on the second day, thank goodness.
5 – I realised on Wed when I checked my email that friends of one of my friends in Japan were coming to stay and arriving on Thursday. I had agreed to it ages ago – I hadn’t met them but we do have spare couches, so whatever. Anyway I had to sort out meeting up with them on Thurs after work. Thank goodness I checked though.
6 – Addenbrookes tightened the visiting hours b/c of some vomiting virus (!) so when I went by there Thurs on my way to work (Cambridge is where I change trains) they wouldn’t let me in the ward. Instead dad and I stood at the door so he could give me a quick update. Ridiculous!

On the bright side, I came home to a lovely home cooked Mexican meal courtesy of the flatmates, as well as margaritas! Yum. And dad is doing alright, which is the important thing. I’m now off back to Cambridge to meet mom at Addenbrookes...


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