Mar. 31st, 2010

jenepel: (DrWho: Dalek "procrastinate")
So I finally finished updating my books list for this year. I even added movies this time around, just for fun. I figure I'll hopefully be seeing more movies because of the Cineworld Unlimited thing. I actually had the books on my computer already, but I hadn't done the coding and etc to set it up. The movies I kind of had to guess on, so I probably forgot some, but oh well. For the books, you can totally tell that I've been raiding my mom's (school) library for new books - I read a ton of those just when I was home when my dad was sick.

And hey, it's only the end of March, so why not now? When I should be asleep. Or doing taxes. Or something. On the bright side I did manage to put another load of laundry in. Go me! *sarcasm*

Tomorrow is the 2nd kick-off for Script Frenzy. [ profile] lazyclaire and I just spent about an hour picking out new movie quotes (and we did some TV ones this time too) in case we get repeats. And hey, [ profile] silly_cleo, this time you can play! I mean, if you're coming again. Are you?

Argh, I've got to go to bed b/c it's leaning on 3 now, since I've been doing other things while I've had this open. Hopefully tomorrow I'll finish my epic Adam post - I need to get it up before SF and definitely before this weekend!


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