Apr. 16th, 2010

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I was all set to post about how annoyed I am about several things in life but then one of those things cleared up and now I'm just kind of all over glee so I can't even manage to complain.

[livejournal.com profile] silly_cleo AND I HAVE TICKETS TO THE ADAM LAMBERT CONCERT AT HEAVEN ON APRIL 26TH!!!!!


Seriously guys, I am beyond excited about this. He isn't doing any "real" (as in, you can buy tickets) concerts in the UK. He's performing twice at Heaven, and yeah on Sat we're gonna go and try to get in, but that will be pure chance, and who knows if it's gonna work. Heaven, in case you don't know, if the club connected to GAY bar, and it's huge, popular and always packed. They've already said they're going to give first ins to members, of which none of us are. I've been there a few times, but it's really more of a guys place then girls, and anyways I've never been big on the whole clubbing scene. As far as I could tell, the vast majority of the girls there were straight anyway.

BUT WHO CARES, BECAUSE WE HAVE TICKETS FOR MONDAY NIGHT!! He's doing a second performance then, sponsored by HMV, tickets only available as prizes. We first found out about it when it was listed as a pure HMV reward, which means you could redeem points off your HMV card (which I did not have) to get tickets. Of course those were gone immediately. There was vague talk of them opening it up again, so I hemmed and hawed and then finally signed up for a card and bought £100 worth of stuff (that was the spend for the right amount of points). And yeah, that sounds crazy, but it really isn't (I swear!), because all I did was buy the guitar hero disc (since mine was the wrong region) and extra guitar and wii remote that I've been meaning to get since Christmas. I had to give back [livejournal.com profile] iamseb's, so now we can play again, yay!

So yeah, those points were just sitting there, and I was checking HMV occasionally. And in the meantime they put up a contest where if you pre-ordered his CD you were entered for a draw to win tickets, so of course all of us did that, but despaired of winning. And then this morning, suddenly there the tickets were on HMV again! I had some minor freakouts as my session timed out and then I DELETED THE CONFIRMATION EMAIL FROM MY JUNK MAIL like an idiot, but I called customer service and got it sorted out. So yeah, TICKETS. SOON TO BE IN MY HANDS. OR ELSE. (Sorry, I can't seem to turn my capslock off about this!)

This is more detail then you need, obviously. BUT I'M SO EXCITED PEOPLE!!!! SERIOUSLY. ADAM FREAKING LAMBERT.

(I really MUST update my icons - haven't added any in like six months (maybe a year?) and thus no AI ones at all. Shocking!)


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