Feb. 12th, 2011

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So, [livejournal.com profile] minihannah and I went to see Panic! At the Disco Tues night, at this TINY (350 ppl) venue in Shepherds Bush. It was pretty much completely awesome. I love that I got to see them in such a small place, and the new songs sounded good. I'm so excited for this new album (despite my attachment to Ryan Ross and Pretty, Odd. Don't get me started on my disapointment with the Young Veins album, which I SO want to like but just can't get into. Beach boys lite.) Plus it was just one of those nights that came together. We met after work, so couldn't queue or anything, but it didn't even end up mattering. There was a kind of ledge along the outside rim of the venue, and I stood on that and could see perfectly (NEVER happens) even though we had been way at the end of the line. It was a bit funny dancing and bopping while trying to stay steady, but totally worth it for a completely clear view of Spence and Brendon. :)

I wrote down the setlist (or notes for it anyway) as we went along. So if you're at all interested!

Panic! Setlist )

And then tonight Hannah and I (plus [livejournal.com profile] silly_cleo) are going to see MCR at Wembley! They're gonna play all the stuff from the new album (which I ADORE) and we're gonna shout and sing along and just generally have an awesome time. Occasionally I feel too old for this stuff, and then I remember that MCR is pretty much my age, and it makes my day.

I went out last night with a bunch of MCR fangirls, who I met from a friend of a friend on twitter, and it was really fun. (Hi to anyone I just friended!) I kind of love bandom - it's a bit crazy and silly and everyone is always happy to include newbies.

ETA (for me):MCR Setlist )


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