3 years!

May. 12th, 2010 12:27 pm
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I just realised that somehow in the craziness of April I managed to steamroll right over my three year LJ-iversary. So yay for that! I haven't really been in fandom for that long, have I? (Although I guess all the TWOP stuff predates it - I was on there since 2002.) I would do some sort of meme or something to celebrate this, but frankly I can't be bothered. Oh how blase one gets in three years. :)

Also, there was an election. Probably I should have mentioned that in the last post, since it was, you know, kind of important! But hey, I flailed enough about it on Twitter, I think I'm out. Also, other people have made far far better posts then I could on the subject. It's fascinating though, and will probably continue to be so now that a coalition has been sorted and we actually have a new PM (no matter how ugh inducing he is). Bring on the re-election I say! (But not before a bit of electoral reform - here's hoping.)

And now I'm off to Kew Gardens to spend the afternoon with a few of my old Embassy co-workers. I worked crazy hours yesterday so I could manage this afternoon off, so I'm gonna enjoy it. (DON'T RAIN!)
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