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YOU GUYS, HAI YOU GUYS! HOW ARE YOU ALL? Yeah, it's kind of been a while, huh?!
[Warning: The word "awesome" gets massively overused in this post.]

As usual, I can't even begin to sum everything up or tell you all about it, and I'm likely to resort to bullet points. So let's see if we can avoid that for now, eh?

Those last few entries were actually from when I was in the US, omg, and even before the Adam or Kris concerts. (Which I totally meant to write recaps of, but maybe that will never happen now? Perhaps flailing about them on twitter will have to be enough?) In short, they were the most awesome things that ever awesomed, or something else that makes more sense. Seriously though, Glamnation-US seems a million years ago, so bring on Glamnation-UK! (Nov)

We've had major house upheaval lately since our lease was out last week. At the worst point of it we thought we had to fill three rooms (with only me and [ profile] lazyclaire remaining) but luckily Amy's visa woes seem to be sorting themselves out (her company is applying to sponsor her) so fingers crossed that goes through and she's here for another year. If not, we'll be looking again in Nov, UGH. Anyway, our house is shaping up awesomely, since we've managed to add two Nano/writer-type people. Sarah C and James, both of whom we know through various writing groups, and who are already part of our friend-network, so we didn't even have to go through the whole working in a stranger process. Sarah is all moved in (and I moved rooms! mine is so big now! but still chaos b/c I suck at unpacking) and James moves in next week. It will be SO NICE once we're settled once more. It's been rather a haphazard summer.

Speaking of Nano people, Claire and I applied to be MLs (again) and got rejected (again). It really stung this time, especially considering the contact we had with L last year about how the London region was suffering. We tried hard to make our application really upbeat and focus on the positive and how having multiple MLs for London would be such a good thing, but evidently that didn't work. IDK, it was a form letter, so the new lady may not even know the old situation? Either way, we'll give it a few days to regroup and then get back on the horse and write an email asking for clarification and info on how London will be run. It sucks, because I love organising events, and I'm sure we'll do it all again this year, but I hate that we put that many hours into it in a completely unofficial capacity. I don't really think that it's just we want the glory (oh SO MUCH glory over being a Nano ML, seriously) but it's just restricting to do it all as someone on the outside, esp since the real ML gives every appearance of not really caring at all. Ugh. Basically I'm not calm about it yet; I need more time.

I'm also having some stressy stuff at work, mostly to do with the fact that we're really quiet and B has taken this as an excuse to take a hatchet to my work hours, since I'm only contract now. This is (of course) hell on my finances, especially after a summer of travel, but I'm not quite sure what I can do about it at this point. Maybe more detail on this later, since for now it's kind of a sore spot and I don't know what I'm doing yet.

You would think I had all the money in the world however, as I have been buying an insane amount of concert tickets lately. Either a ton of really great people are suddenly coming to London, or my brain just suddenly realised how awesome live music is? Back when my bro lived in the city we used to go to more, but I've been slacking in recent years. Not so, end of 2010, beginning of 2011 Jenn! So, in addition to tickets to more Adam shows then I am comfortable listing here (it's a lot, ok!) I've got Muse (went already - stadium, and we were WAY up there, but the atmosphere was cool), Barenaked Ladies (went already, OMG AMAZING, I've always wanted to see them live & they did not disappoint, they're so lively and silly and improvise like crazy, also ST of my school years), My Chemical Romance (Oct), Kings of Leon (Dec), Dar Williams (Dec) and Ani DiFranco (Jan). IDEK what that list says about my music taste!

Did you notice the sneaky addition of MCR in that list? Y'all, I have fallen hard for bandom. It was so happening bit by bit (KRADAM IS A GATEWAY FANDOM, I TELL YOU) but now I'm all in, not just the fic but the actual real person bands themselves. It's bizarre, because I've never actually listened to music because of fic before, instead of the other way round. But hey, whatever works. I want to draw hearts all around MCR right now - their twitters and their blogs on the site are adorable, plus I'm kind of inhaling their back-catalog. (Also, their new song people, OMG it's awesome and catchy and I CANNOT seem to stop listening to it! In a weird way it's kind of reminding me of early Zutons, which is only to the good.) Anyway, LISTEN! WATCH!

Oh yeah, and if Panic!ATD (sadly just half of them) come to the UK anytime soon my world will pretty much be complete. Their music was a no-brainer for me.

I went to the Mac store last night because my Mac has been a bit wonky. There was the fan thing (that I already went in once for & they thought it was software related) and then when I got back from the USA about six keys had randomly stopped working. WTF? So I finally dragged myself in (the Covent Garden store is COOL btw) and it turns out they can replace the keyboard AND the fan-sensor for just £30 (it's out of warranty). Plus the super nice genius guy waived the labour costs. It can't be said too many times how much I love Apple customer service! So I still don't know yet if I'm going to sell this one and buy a new one for myself for Christmas, but I'm thinking about it. I do covet all the size a brand new 500G harddrive would provide though. :)

I guess that's enough info for now, huh? I have three (THREE, OMG) 12 of 12's that I've shot and never posted, so I'm actually considering a bumper post just to get them up. We'll see if I can be productive about that. At least some time off work should make me get some things done? I have made a list of goals for the end of the year, and so far have been pretty good about starting on them, setting up some appts relating to them, etc. Although, every weekend from here to December is booked up, so how's that for free time?

Anyway, no more work now as I'm off to Cardiff for the weekend with some Nano folk. I'm really excited actually - a road trip and an awesome reunion. What more could I ask for?

Also, it has come to my attention that my icons are woefully out of date. I am missing at least two important new(ish) fandoms. I really need to sort that! And let's see if I can post a little better so that I don't play this catch up game. (Ahahahaha - lately that's all I ever say.)

P.S. ALSO MY IPHONE 4 IS AMAZING. It has quickly become my lifeline.

Date: 2010-09-24 08:07 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Your life sounds so fun but exhausting lately!

I didn't realize that you weren't the MLs. That's so crazy to me. I'm sorry they don't want to recognize your awesome officially.

Date: 2010-10-06 12:40 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Late comment here!

The London ML has been "in power" for about six years now, and always just gets grandfathered in. All she does is parties at pubs - 2 opening, 2 midmonth & 2 closing - where everyone just sits around and chats. After 2008 a bunch of us said complained about her on our surveys, so she was evidently told to step it up, although she didn't appear to. The only thing she did different was to actually get up and introduce herself at the opening party. We've applied to be co-MLs, and had email correspondence with them about it last year, but it's going nowhere. To be honest, as much as it pains me, I'm kind of getting sick of practically begging for a job that is volunteer to begin with. And even if they added us on, I feel like the atmosphere might be really negative now. It's just overall a really bad situation.

Sorry, tl;dr!

Date: 2010-09-26 10:42 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I feel like a total prat replying to LJ entries I've talked to you about but ANYWAY. I watched it! It's totally cute and I suspect the 'nananananana' will get stuck in my head. ;D

I'm really glad the house stuff is working out, it's such a horrible thing to be worrying about. :)

I might just annoy you till the end of time about the 12 of 12's. Or till you put them up, whichever happens first.

Also: YOU GUYS, HAI YOU GUYS! and the most awesome things that ever awesomed. ;)

We're rubbing off on youuu. ;)

And we should form an iPhone addiction support group maybe. I now wish I'd written this on my iPhone. Anyway. ;D

Date: 2010-10-06 12:46 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I was looking at my 12's to see about working on that, and I realised I actually have 6 that I could post. (I only missed Feb & April.) I got so far as to put 4 of them on Flikr even, so it's just putting up the last two and then writing the post. But do you think 6 in a post is a bit much? I think 6 separate posts seems a bit weird? Or maybe it doesn't, because then it would be all neat and tidy? IDK I realise this is ridiculous, but I can't decide!!

Plus, you know, it's almost Oct 12!

Date: 2010-10-07 04:00 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I totally went and poked your flikr for those yesterday. Hurrah office boredom. ;D I kind of think whichever you'd rather, really, it's your LJ, you always cut tag, we all have scroll bars if for some BIZARRE reason we DON'T want to read your 12 of 12. (I can't imagine why that would be, but y'know.)

Hee! Won't that be the day you take the theory?

(Love the icon. ;D)

Date: 2010-10-08 08:19 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Maybe if I do them one by one then I won't be all "oh I must do them ALL AT ONCE" and thus do it faster? (Riiiight.)

Also, have just looked it up and realised I take the theory on the 13th, not the 12th. So that's a day more of grace then I thought I had.


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