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Possibly I'll never write a normal off the cuff entry again? Or is that too crazy to say? :) I have started this entry five billion times (it keeps giving me a "saved draft") so here, have some waffling!

Life is, as usual, a bit manic. I've been on two short weekend trips recently, both were totally awesome. I went to Cardiff with some of the Nano-ers to visit Mel, who was in London for Nano last year but has now gone back to work at the University there. It was a really nice relaxing weekend, full of cliff walking, pub sitting, card playing and just general catching up. Plus we drove there (although I slept most of the way) so yay roadtrip!

Then just this past weekend I went to Italy with a whole load of people (group of 8) most of whom are on LJ but I'm way too lazy to tag. We flew into Naples and took the train to see the ruins at Pompeii and Herculeum. I'd been, although not for years, so it was lovely to see it all as an "adult".

I've also been out on a houseboat on the waters of London! Seriously, so cool. Our friend Daniel is renting one for a while, and evidently you can travel anywhere and moor up anywhere. So the other day a few of us took it on its maiden voyage, dealings with locks and such along the way. It was a mildly sunny day, so it was lovely to just go up the canals and sit outside, people-watching. Here's me on top of the boat!


Yeah, that's all I had written! Other things of interest?

1) I got my Mac kinda fixed, but basically they told me it's dying. I would have to replace the logic board, to the tune of around £500, so on a 4 year old machine, that's a resounding NO. I think I may treat myself to a new one for Christmas, but I'm not quite sure enough to order it yet.

2) I've had quite a few visitors recently, but the most exciting was [ profile] adinarj who came for just over a week. She's been meaning to visit London forever, so it was exciting for it to actually happen. I think she had a good time? She certainly touristed the heck out of London, and we even made it out of the city for the weekend, where we punted in Cambridge and did a bit of castle/stately home visiting in Norfolk with my parents. All in all, we had a lovely visit, although it seems long ago now!

3) Nanowrimo has begun and I'm well in the thick of it! I've got almost 18,000 words right now, which puts me a few days ahead. I was trying for a bit of a buffer, but I'm afraid I'll demolish it this weekend, unfortunately. We did our usual plea to be MLs and were brutally rejected (as I think I've already said) and yet now that we've started, we're totally organising like mad-women. We're doing our same three write-ins a week, plus Nanorilla on one of the Sundays. The numbers we are getting this year are phenomenal though - we've actually had two write-ins where we had over 50 people! You know what that tells me? That London DOESN'T HAVE ENOUGH WRITE-IN EVENTS. I think the region has outgrown Lily and she needs to give it up, but what can I do? I'd love to see an event available every day, but that's not happening under the current administration. I would consider doing it myself, but we're already doing a lot for just random people. We've also amped up the facebook group, and created a twitter (@londonNano) which is turning out to be lots of fun. We're running writing sprints on it, advertising events, and just generally communicating with people. I've already met a ton of new people at the write-ins (shout-out to [ profile] lorelaisquared woot!), so hopefully some of them will stick around after November. [ profile] lazyclaire and I discussed the possibility of running a once a month writing event after Nov is over, and I think we can do it. We don't really need the forums - FB and Twitter is enough publicity. I keep waiting for Lily to step up and get mad at us for being all in her territory, but she hasn't yet. (Although, as Claire said, we're kind of doing her job for her, so why should she? IDK, it would make me furious if I was ML and someone else was presumptuous enough to try and take over as much as we have.) Anyway, I digress. NANO IS AWESOME, THE END. (Also, check out my cool comparison chart on the side of my journal - I added a bunch more people this year.)

4) I'm off to Germany this weekend with friends, mostly just to go to some Adam concerts. (OMG, I'm totally THAT fan.) Also, in a few weekends he'll be in the UK, and I'll go to a few more. Never let it be said that I don't go all out for my obsessions! Anyway, I'm trying to mostly keep my insanity on the DL with my London friends, but anyone who reads my twitter is gonna figure it out pretty quickly, so what can you do?! The most annoying part of the trip is that I'm missing some write-ins. When I booked it, I wasn't knee-deep in Nano and thus didn't realise how sad this would make me. Now though, I'm trying to convince myself that the trip will be just as fun as Nano is, so we'll see! (Seriously you guys, I love Nano SO MUCH. I love that I'm writing everyday, but I also love seeing all these people and how enthusiastic everyone is, and just in general getting to organise something. Man, I need a better job.)

5) Never Mind the Buzzcocks has started again and they're still doing guest hosts. My pick is totally Catherine Tate because she is made of win. I think, if they can't find someone who is BOTH (like the previous two), then I would rather a comedian that doesn't know about music over a musician that isn't that funny.

That's probably about it until December. I expect Nano and Adam to pretty much fill my life until then. It's almost good that we're completely dead at work, because it's definitely taking a backseat! Ah well.
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