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It's a day late (let's blame Norfolk, shall we?) but it's very well meant.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [info]adinarj !!!

You're the reason I'm on LJ - it was your pestering that got me here, and I'm SO thankful for that. You always have my back and are such a wonderful supportive friend.  I miss you around here lately, but I'm glad your life is busy and happy, even if it means less time for LJ.  I hope your birthday was as completely fabulous as you are!  Big hugs! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Why do I know so many people with February bdays? (Including two London people who share my exact day!)
Wishing a wonderful day to:
[info]filo77 (today)
[info]mizzykitty (tomorrow)
[info]lauriestein (tomorrow)!

(Sam & Lola I hope you don't mind me doing yours a day early - it's just that likely tomorrow I might be somewhat distracted and forget, so...)

Have some cake!

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I'm on base b/c I was meeting with some tax clients, and it turns out that the Freedom Cafe (inside the Liberty Club, omg) has free wi-fi, so I'm online! Yay. Actual internet that actually works and lets me check my email. Seriously, internet issues at work and home right now (although work got cleared up on Friday I think) so I'm behind on EVERYTHING. While I'm here I figured I might as well put up this half-written post that I've been writing all week in Word or whatever. SO...

I forgot to actually put any kind of away message on this, but I've actually been on holiday once again, thus the lack of posts. (Oh who am I kidding?! I haven't posted regularly in months! This must be rectified. I cannot believe my last update was when Claire had her seizure.) Anyway, last week I (and 4/5 house mates) were away skiing in the French Alps. Oooh la la.

It was actually a really cheap (well relatively cheap) trip. Budget airfare (easyjet whoohoo), ski rental deals online, and a chalet we rented to share with 20 people total. Basically it was one big party. Oh and lots and lots of skiing! Six straight days, which I think is more than I have ever done all at once. I actually feel decent about my skiing now. I'm not going to be skiing black runs any time soon, but I feel good about the possibility of many red ones in my future. And the people who went ran the gamut for skiing (or snowboarding) ability, so everyone managed to find someone to go out with. Also, on the last night we had a giant party at the Chalet which included Raclette cheese, tons of other food, and colour-coded drinks that matched the runs. You were supposed to only drink the ones of runs you had been on, but that didn't last too long. I mostly drank green actually, because it turns out that I think Creme de Menthe makes very yummy cocktails! (Other people may have said it tastes like mouthwash, but whatever.)

So yeah, good trip indeed. Other things happening?

Family health stuff, Tax Bitches, the World Cup, TV, Kradam babblings, weddings & Jenn (almost) turns 30! )

Whoops! My updates always get out of control. I really just need to post more. (Oh and where’s that 12 of 12 from January? Well technically, it does exist, just not as an LJ entry.

ALSO THIS! From [ profile] silly_cleo: Reply to this post, and I'll tell you one reason why I like you. Then re-post this (if you feel like it!) and spread the love.

Um, yeah so some of that is slightly unaccurate now (I found a place for my bday!) but most of it's good and I'm leaving it. Also it turns out that the Freedom cafe is now called Rugbys - who knew? :)
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Copying this over directly from my facebook message, because I am lazy.

NORTH LONDON: Double room to let in huge 3 bed house, £611 a month

Need a new place? Know anyone who is moving? Please pass this info along!

Open from Sept. 26 2009

Double room in a huge 3 bed house in leafy North London.
3 minutes walk from East Finchley tube station (Northern line)
Large park with tennis courts behind, 15 min walk from Muswell Hill

2 sitting rooms, 1.5 bathrooms (1 with bath), large kitchen with dining table for ten
Garden and quiet neighbourhood
Widescreen TV, guitar hero and cat included!

£611 per month plus approximately £150 for council tax and bills


[You will of course note that this means someone is moving out. That would be Rach. *SOB* I mean, she's moving on to greener pastures, because she and Edd are gonna get a place together, but heart, it breaks.)

Oh! And before I forget, belated bday wishes to [ profile] insanityjones! I suck at getting online while visiting my parents, thus no post this weekend. But maybe the after the fact mention can slightly brighten your Monday? Big hugs, because I have to say I'm SO HAPPY we started talking this year. I'm very glad to know you. :)
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Today is my two year anniversary with LJ! This is obviously an occasion to be celebrated, so Rach and I have cracked open a bottle of wine. (Hahaha! You're funny if you think we need a "reason" for wine.) I looked back over my history, but it seems that last year I somehow managed to miss this very important milestone and didn't post. Or I posted a few days later about it. But what was I doing this time last year? For one, dealing with the flat situation from hell, which if you've been with me this long you probably remember, seeing as it took over about three months of my journaling because it complely ruled my life. Beyond that, I also found a lovely quote from this entry, which is really pretty much perfect:

"I finally got to see [ profile] basilm since it seems like it's been an age. She and I enjoyed a fabulous meal prepared by [ profile] iamseb on Friday night, including (of course) much wine. And then we proceeded to talk into the night and make (possible) plans for the beautiful house with a garden that we'll all rent together in North London once everyone gets out of their current lease/ gets funding/ gets back from Serbia. Keep the dream alive!"

And thus Awesome Manor was foretold!! That's a really fun quote to read actually, knowing that it all came true. I'm just surprised it didn't mention a kitten.

So what am I doing this year at this time? I feel like you probably deserve a cut here, for length if nothing else! But you should click, it's totally worth it. )

Bad news that I heard today: Simon Amstell isn't coming back to NMTBuzzcocks next season
Good news that only slightly makes it better: Noel Fielding is joining as a team captain

I found this fantastic queer reading of HSM the other day - definitely worth a read. Actually it's not a full reading, most just some history and then discussion of the baseball song. But I've been looking for something similar for a while, so I was excited to find it. Seriously though, if you're seen the second movie, the baseball song? It just BEGS for that type of analysis.

Sorry that this entry is kind of all over the place. But now, since I'm being completely random anyway, a few pics I've been holding onto forever!Random Picspam! )

And now Rach has gone up to take a bath and I need to do dishes, but I do hope you enjoyed this monumental entry! Oh! The title. I was actually pretty depressed last night, and I think my cheeriness tonight really proves that I need to be around people to uplift my spirits. I get maudlin if I spend too much time by myself. I had picked this title out last night, and my mood now is miles from what it was, but I'm still gonna use it. It's from the Journey song in this extended promo for Glee an upcoming show on Fox. If you haven't seen that promo, do yourself a favor and watch it NOW because it is made of awesome.
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A very happy birthday to my bday twins, [ profile] how_i_lie and [ profile] mizzykitty! Also, a slightly belated bday to [ profile] filo77 who celebrated (with lots of cake, I'm sure) yesterday!

Unfortunately I'm at work. And I have only half of my delicious cupcakes (as in, the cake but not the frosting) because last night I somehow neglected to realise that we didn't have any icing sugar (powdered sugar) so thus no buttercream. Sucks. But oh well, I will make it tonight. And my boss doesn't actually realise it's my birthday, so am pondering how to bring that up. I miss the Embassy, where every bday was a big celebration.

Last night Kaite ([ profile] ladyvivien) and Claire ([ profile] lazyclaire) came over for various reasons, and much talking was had. We recorded ourselves for a project of Claire's, and then I talked about very important things(tm) so that was productive. I ended the day (and began my bday) with lots of warm fuzzies about having fabulous supportive friends, so that's awesome.

Actually I feel kind of like Lorelai with her birthday week, because although not all of it is in celebration of me (ha!) there is a lot going on. Tonight Claire and Edd are coming for dinner and we're going to the pub quiz at the White Lion (our local) which is something we've been discussing doing for ages. I'm pretty excited actually - I love pub quizzes! Also, we have a good mix of nationalities/cultures, genders, and interests, so I feel like we have a good team.

Wed we're going to this Sandpit thing, which is some kind of outdoor games event. I'm not totally sure, but it sounds cool and a whole gang of us are going along, so it should be good. Thurs I'm having dinner with my old flatmate who I haven't seen in an age, and then Fri is [ profile] mizzykitty's bday pub thing.

And Sat is my birthday celebration! We're going ice skating! I am 12! The actitivy (I have to have an "activity") was picked by me, but it does make me think back to my middle school years, when (roller) skating birthday parties were all the rage. Of course, the heavy drinking sure to occur afterwards will somewhat temper that, but still.

Gosh, I hope you wanted to know my entire schedule for the week, seeing as that was the only point to this post. Who cares! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

I love birthdays. Can you tell?
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Yeah that's the whole point of this post. I just put up the promo for the virtual season, and that helped me remember whose birthday it was. So I hope you have a great day. (Yeah it's not your birthday here anymore, but it is where you are!)

Happy Birthday [ profile] jewelsverne !!

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Just popping into LJ quickly to say...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] adinarj!!!

You know I'm not much of a graphics girl, but I can put a picture in, so (of course) here's Milo:

I know you're off on your bday celebration weekend, and I hope it's fun and fabulous!
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It's 6AM and I am about to leave for Chicago! YAY! But before I go, just wanted to hop on and say:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] being_fulfilled!!

I hope you have a great day. :)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] basilm!!!!!

I hope your day is fantabulous in every way (and miles better than yesterday!)

Look how my new expertise at coding is brightening my entries. Font size! Centering! And a picture! Wow.

Yeah, I don't know. I just felt the need for a picture. Um, the monkey is you? And you're only 1 year old? Look, I didn't get a lot of sleep last night...
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(Sorry - I couldn't resist.)

So this is me jumping on the Juno bandwagon with a great big leap.  A little bit of time after the party here, but I don't even care.  After much delay, [profile] basilm (Rach) and I went today to see it.  I have a whole lotta love for this movie, which I pretty much expected.  But oh how I wish I had seen it knowing nothing.  It definitely took away from it to be so aware.  This is the kind of movie that would be so great if it snuck up on you from behind - you having no idea where it was going or why.  Instead I have four plus months of anticipation and plot spoilers.  Ah well.  Also, I watched the final pretty pretty scene with the lovely pan-out, and I was like "oh, I need an icon of that".  And behold (*points to icon*) the magic.

In other news, I seem to keep getting birthday presents, weeks after the real day.  It's so great; it's like we're going to stretch my celebration out forever!  Today Rach brought me this awesome journal that she had made - with quotes and cutouts.  Oh, and also a mix CD.  And yesterday [profile] teaatsix brought me Hello Kitty ice cube makers, which we squeed over, and also a marshmallow candy thing that I ate today.  (Yum!)  And a few days ago, Juliet (flatmate #2) randomly gave me Benefit lip gloss.  Just a mini surprise gift.  I love it! 

PLUS, there are two things coming in the mail - from [profile] adinarj and my bro.  Yay for continuing bdays!  Also coming in the mail?  The COMPLETE GG seasons!  I finally broke down and ordered it, since it didn't look like amazon was lowering the price anymore.  It drives me crazy b/c I could order the separate season sets for $20 each, but I've waited this long so that I could have the complete package, so I'm having it, darn it!  It needs to get here before River visits though, because otherwise what will we watch?!

Meh, I don't know what else for now.  I guess I should go to bed.  I'm going to the Embassy tomorrow to turn in some paperwork, so it will be cool to see everyone.
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I have seriously had like the best birthday ever.  In the grand tradition of the Gilmore Girls, it hasn't just been a birthday day, but a whole weekend.  It started on Friday around mid-day, and it just got better and better.  Here's my (not so) quick rundown:

And now I'm 28.  Wow.

Oh, also HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY to
[profile] filo77 I got so caught up in my own bday celebrations that I didn't post about it before.  But Filo I hope you had as good a time as I did!

ETA: Thanks to everyone on my flist for the bday wishes.  It's amazing how loved I feel about the fact that not just my RL friends but also the ones I have made virtually are wishing me happy thoughts - and that goes for the facebook wall as well!


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