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Date Revised: January 31, 2011
Books Read: 9
Pages Read: 2788
Average Pages: 310
Projected Books: 108
Goals: 100 books, at least 12 non-fiction (yet again)

I'm trying something new, so to see my books read this year, check my Goodreads 2011 list.

Monthly Book Stats 2011
9 books / 2788 pages

Fiction: 0
Young Adult: 4
Middle Grade: 5
Non-Fiction: 0
*Re-reads: 4

9 / 100 books. 9% done!

Total Movies: 13
At Home: 5
In Cinemas: 8
*Rewatches: 3

Movie List 2011 )

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Mar. 2nd, 2011 02:24 pm
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Drive by posting to pimp two things!

First of all, I recently joined a lovely online book club comm that was recced by a friend. It's called [ profile] bookdeyada_club and it's open to (and actively looking for) new members. I think it's going to be a lot of fun, so you guys should join too! My real life bookclub recently folded, so I'm hoping this will be a good substitute. Plus, the book that won for this month is Ash by Malinda Lo, which [ profile] silly_cleo has been reccing to me for ages. And reading starts pretty much NOW, so it's the perfect time to join.

Also, it's fandom steel cage March madness again! Yay for voting and brackets! (Enough said.)

[ETA: Upon looking this over, I really think [ profile] silly_cleo is influencing my exclamation mark use. There seem to be a lot in this small entry.]
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Books Read: 56
Pages Read: 18300
BPM: 5
PPM: 1525
Average Pages: 327
Goals: 100 books, at least 12 non-fiction (some year I will manage this – too bad really long fanfic doesn’t count!).............EPIC FAIL.

Book List 2010 )

52 / 100 books. 52% done!

Previous Book Lists: 2008 (61), 2009 (60)

Total Movies: 60
At Home: 34
In Cinemas: 26
*Rewatches: 30

Movie List 2010 )
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So I finally finished updating my books list for this year. I even added movies this time around, just for fun. I figure I'll hopefully be seeing more movies because of the Cineworld Unlimited thing. I actually had the books on my computer already, but I hadn't done the coding and etc to set it up. The movies I kind of had to guess on, so I probably forgot some, but oh well. For the books, you can totally tell that I've been raiding my mom's (school) library for new books - I read a ton of those just when I was home when my dad was sick.

And hey, it's only the end of March, so why not now? When I should be asleep. Or doing taxes. Or something. On the bright side I did manage to put another load of laundry in. Go me! *sarcasm*

Tomorrow is the 2nd kick-off for Script Frenzy. [ profile] lazyclaire and I just spent about an hour picking out new movie quotes (and we did some TV ones this time too) in case we get repeats. And hey, [ profile] silly_cleo, this time you can play! I mean, if you're coming again. Are you?

Argh, I've got to go to bed b/c it's leaning on 3 now, since I've been doing other things while I've had this open. Hopefully tomorrow I'll finish my epic Adam post - I need to get it up before SF and definitely before this weekend!
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Books Read: 60
Pages Read: 20266
BPM: 5
PPM: 1689
Average Pages: 338
Goals: 100 books, at least 12 non-fiction [FAIL!]

Book List 2009 )

60 / 100 books. 60% done!

Previous List: 2008 (61)
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Books Read: 61
Pages Read: 22,612
BPM: 5
PPM: 1884
Average Pages: 371

Book List 2008 )

61 / 100 books. 61% done!

Okay I love stats! Leave me alone.

Catch Up

Aug. 26th, 2008 03:44 pm
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It feels like it's been a while, although I guess I did post twice last week. However, posting just to complain about online flight searching (still not booked btw) probably doesn't count. What I need to do is sort out the pictures from the Turkey trip and actually put them up, but that isn't happening yet.

I went to my parents' for the weekend as planned, which was great. It's just so relaxing to be there, and so comfortable, which I suppose comes of being in the house you grew up in. Our house hasn't changed much in the past twenty years or so, which makes me feel like a kid. Or something. You might remember that my dad retired last year, so this has been his first week of not working, while my mom still has a year to go. (Let's just see how long before that becomes a sore point!) Anyway, they looked at houses while they were in America this summer, and I had to be shown all the pictures. They seem to have decided for sure on North Carolina (who knows why - we don't have family anywhere near there). It's so strange to think of them in one of those huge American homes - our house is decent sized by UK standards, but what they'll be able to get for the same amount of money (actually probably not all the money since they're talking about maybe getting a smaller place to keep here) is much larger and fancier looking. US houses are truly amazing to me. (Not to mention all the beautiful flats my friends in the States live in. Argh!) On a similar topic, I was reading this blog today and enjoyed this: '"Move to London?" at least 306 cousins, aunts, uncles and one great-aunt spluttered. "Why don't I just sit in a room full of car exhausts and burn 20s with a lighter? Bugger off!"' Yup. Sometimes it feels like that. But back to my parents, the point is (and pretty much everyone I know asks me about this) that they haven't lived in the States since the 60's. And now they are talking about moving back there permanently. It's weird. No wonder my mom wants to buy a smaller house here so they can go back and forth. I would be scared to death. I mean, you don't see me moving back there anytime soon, do you? [ETA: I'm not saying the US in itself is scary - just that moving there after 40 years of being here will be qutie an adjustment. So no one get all offended please!!]

While I was home I read quite a bit of my old writing, including random stories/poetry/journals from various ages. That never fails to be amusing. I pulled quite a few embarrasing quotes out which I have now emailed to my brother for his enjoyment. Also, (on the subject of bad writing, HAH!) I read Breaking Dawn, which is currently in my purse ready to be returned to Waterstones. Not in some sort of protest move, just in a pre-planned "I don't want to pay for this book and give her more money" sort of move. (I gave up on the library - I'm weak!) It was...not as amusing as I wanted it to be. [ profile] basilm and I have been exchanging links about it, but other than that, it was mostly a slog. Girl needs a good editor! I have a feeling that the reason the earlier books were a bit tighter (although still not GOOD) is that someone was willing to cut stuff out and ask her questions. I would guess that once she got to this point they were happy to publish whatever. Not that I think the first three were that much better written, but they were a little less like crack!fic. This one was kind of the combination of every bad idea you could think of that would solve every possible problem. A cross between wish fulfillment and insanity. Moving on...

In other news, I finally made it over to J&K's house, so Kathleen can quit sending me threatening messages on facebook. Also, S&L (their in-laws and my brother's best friends) are coming over (from the States) in two weeks. So I'll actually be back in Norfolk again, for a whole weekend of fun. I went ahead and worked this Bank Holiday Monday so that I could take a three day weekend when they get here. FUN! It's good, because I need to save time off for November and Christmas. My boss decided to stay in Spain for another two weeks (yay) so he won't be back until Sept 5th. That would make for a quiet office, except the construction work is still going on. Now he has me taking daily pictures to email to him. Anal much?

Other things going on this week are possible karaoke-ing on Thursday night (if [ profile] iamseb and [ profile] teaatsix would come out of the woodwork) and tennis on Wednesday. Also, flat-hunting SOMEDAY. On Sat I have a wedding (wow, one that I don't have to fly millions of miles to attend) of one of my friends from the Embassy. Should be interesting. I have no idea what I'm wearing though, since I can't seem to figure out how fancy it will be.

Blech. This entry is pretty boring, but I think that's reflecting my mood at the moment. I need to go home. I was considering going out tonight, but we'll see how much enthusiasm I have as the time grows nearer.
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Lazy person post!

The BAD: My holiday is over. I was back at work as of yesterday, so it’s life as normal.
The GOOD: My bed is comfy and it’s nice to have clean clothes on!
The BAD: I still have to book flights for the Costa Rica trip. I'm trying to figure out where in the US I'm going to stop through. New Jersey? Atlanta? Chicago? Washington DC? Texas? All are right now up for debate. I guess it partly depends on price. Or hey, anyone up for a virtual season people meetup? :)
The GOOD: I picked up my MacBookPro from the Apple Store and it’s all fixed and shiny. They replaced the logic board and the screen itself, which is very exciting. The receipt said it would have been almost £1000 so thank goodness for applecare!
The BAD: Work is in disarray because the second round of renovations (new bathroom, new stairs, torn out walls) have begun upstairs. It’s noisy and annoying.
The GOOD: My boss is off to Spain for a week as of today! So I had about two days of him, which was just about perfect, and now I get another break.
The BAD: While he’s gone I have to let the workmen in, which means getting here at 830 and leaving the house at 730. UGH. (I know that’s not early for some people – shut up!)
The GOOD: I get to leave early since I’m getting in early.
The BAD: I am trying to catch up on stuff (I mean non-work stuff) but I’m so far behind! I did google reader and the virtual season dragonfly stuff (look! New design - ) but haven’t even made it through a portion of my flist. I’m on skip=300 right now!
The GOOD: I’m going home this weekend. I haven’t seen my parents in ages it seems. They left for the US two months ago. Also Kathleen! She keeps writing mean things on my facebook wall…
The BAD:??
The GOOD: I’m going to see Mamma Mia tonight finally! My parents saw it in the States (not really knowing anything about it) and they both loved it. My dad waxed lyrical to me on the phone, which was really cute.
The BAD:??
The GOOD: I have been rewatching Gossip Girl season one and I’m totally excited for the new season! It is one of the first shows to come back, and it’s only about two weeks away right now, so that’s awesome.

Hmmm, I ran out of bad things there at the end, which can only be positive. Let me leave you with the conversation I had with my local friendly library when I tried to check out (well put my name on the waiting list for) Breaking Dawn:

ME: Hi. I was wondering if you had any copies of Breaking Dawn?
ME: (feeling stupid and suddenly blanking on the name) You know, the new book by….um….(finally getting it) Stephanie Meyers?
LIBRARIAN: …? (long pause) Oh, you mean those teenage books?
ME: (slightly embarrassed) Yes. I figured you might have a waiting list I could put my name on.
LIBRARIAN: (looking at catalogue) The list is pretty long. (gives me a card) You have to fill this out. Which one was it again?
ME: Breaking Dawn
LIBRARIAN: I don’t see it – what number is that?
ME: It’s the 4th one.
LIBRARIAN: Oh. Well, we don’t even have that in the catalogue yet, but one copy is ordered. You’ll probably be waiting a while. There are a lot of people much younger than you who are waiting to read it.
ME: (getting more embarrassed) Oh that’s fine. I just…didn’t want to spend money on it.
LIBRARIAN: (emphatically) No! I should think not. (pausing) You know, they are teenage books.
ME: (totally embarrassed by now, handing over card) Um, yeah, I know. Okay thanks. (shuffling out)

Geez! I mean was all that necessary? I never said they were great literature, but I kinda do want to know what happens! Is there a law that says you can’t read stuff that’s not in your age range? And one copy! Oh Finchley. I wonder if I’ll have to wait like a year?!
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Isn't reading a book the international symbol for "don't talk to me"? So, if you were say, eating your lunch and reading at the same time, don't you think that the people (person) around you would realise that means to leave you alone and not talk to you? And, don't you think, if they kept talking to you and you just non-committally said "uh-huh" a lot, while still staring at your book, that they would get the hint and give up and leave you alone?

Just checking.


Jun. 26th, 2008 02:14 pm
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Since the last couple entries have been pretty real-life heavy, it seems like it's time for memes! Also, these two are making the rounds of my flist, so why not?

First of all, originally from [ profile] sosmitten23:

my bag )

and its very heavy contents )

And (from a million people):
"The Big Read reckons that the average adult has only read 6 of the top 100 books they've printed."
1) Look at the list and bold those you have read.
2) Italicize those you intend to read.
3) Underline the books you LOVE.
4) Reprint this list in your own LJ so we can try and track down these people who've read 6 and force books upon them

62.75 / 100 (the decimal is for the complete works of Shakespeare) )

I would do the ipod one too, but since I don't even have my own music on there right now, it seems a bit pointless.
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I really should be asleep since I need to be at work early again tomorrow, but I just can't seem to get there. BLAHHHHH!

A Week in the Life

1. Take between 6 and 8 new photographs per day.
2. Your picture days must be consecutive - no skipping days!
3. Post your photographs at the end of that day, some time after the last picture is taken.
4. Your post should be titled “A Week in the Life of [name], Volume [whatever day you're on].”
5. Link back to your earlier entries.

So here's day four: Monday )

Previously: Day One, Day Two, Day Three
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If I had an icon that said "Adina is awesome" I would totally use it now. Click through and look at the incredibly fabulous banner that she made for me!! )I love it so much. Really I do - can you tell?!

In other news, the nano-ers went out last night to do the long planned upon karaoke night. I'd say it was a rousing success. So much so, in fact, that we're going again in two weeks time. It sucks that it's so expensive, but otherwise I have no complaints. It is of course box karaoke, which is the ONLY way to go. I had nostalgic flashbacks to many happy hours when I lived in Japan. And hey, the song selection is better here, because everything is in English! They don't have enough show tunes though - they need to work on that. We didn't even need to get drunk to do it, which was good since we all (except [ profile] iamseb - the slacker!) had to work today. I may suck at singing, but I have still NEVER needed to get drunk in order to karaoke. If you've never done box karaoke before, you totally should do it. There's no pressure, and basically it ends up just a bunch of friend belting it out. Fabulous.

I really am in a very good mood today. I got to work an hour early, so I'm planning on leaving early too. It will be my first night at home since house-sitting, and I really need to jump right into packing. My parents are coming up for the bank holiday weekend to help me move. Joy. And then the weekend after that is my dad's retirement party, PLUS my best friend from highschool is coming to visit from the States.

In the past few days, I've been reading the Stephanie Meyer books, which are completely hilarious. They are just so freaking bad and overwrought, and yet it's like a car crash that you have to look at - I just keep reading. I was thinking about writing more about them, and maybe I will, but right now I need to get back to work. I will say one thing though - I would totally choose Jacob. He's so much more fun! I do not get the appeal of Edward at all. He's kinda like a really really overbearing ice-sculpture. Blech.

OMG!! MY NEW BANNER FTW!!!!!!11!!!

Home again

May. 16th, 2008 07:32 pm
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TGIF for sure. I've had three days of work since we got back from Athens, but they've felt like those quick yet long days where you're kind of underwater, not really paying attention to the fact that you are actually supposed to be doing work. See what just a small little holiday does to me?!

I'm also slightly weirded out because in the past week or so I've read several war based books. It's coincidence, but it's strange because it's not my normal genre. One was Atonement, which I've been meaning to read for ages, but then [ profile] basilm gave me one about ambulance drivers in WW1, and then I got one from A for the flight back to the UK which was set in occupied France in WW2. I tend to jump pretty completely into what I'm reading, so reading them on the tube gives me this weird jump back to real life when my stop comes up. And it makes me all vague and out of it for a little while until I realise that I'm in normal life again. Either way, all three of them were really good, but I think I could use some peacetime reading now!

Speaking of other reading, I got a few books from nanoSara last night. I went after work to meet her and another American and give them some help with their taxes. I always feel so bad about how much people freak out about it, so it's nice to be helpful. It took us about three hours, but part of that was because Sara had three back years to do and her friend had some dividends that needed foreign tax credit. Man I really HATE the 1116! It's one of my least favourite forms, especially when doing it by hand like that. Anyhow, they got done, so that's what counts. In the matter of taxes, what I really need to get to are my own and my parents, neither of which I have done yet. I got kind of lax about it because I was so busy, but the June 15th deadline is rapidly approaching, so I need to get on that.

On another random note, not sure why (perhaps the reading of death and destruction) but I woke up in panic this morning having dreamed that my dad had died. It's not the first time I've dreamed that one (or both) of my parents died (or you know, other people, or me) but still. I called home once it was late enough just to assuage my tingling feelings of worry that I had suddenly become a precog, but all was well. Creepy.

Anyway, as for the Athens trip, it was pretty amazing. I feel like we saw a decent amount of stuff for just five days. We walked a lot of Athens, went out to Sounion and took a day trip on the train to see the monasteries at Meteora. The pictures are here at my facebook but I did want to put just one here on my LJ, because I took it just for [ profile] filo77.

Sadly, when I looked in the window no cakes were in sight. )
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I'm feeling uncommonly cheerful (although a bit bored at work) so I felt like a list of good things:

1. The weather is beautiful. It's like it finally woke up and decided Spring could come. I'm still carrying a jacket but I'm not wearing it - I'm walking around in short sleeves. And I wore sandals today! Today is a high of 25!!! (That's like mid-70's, Americans.) Although I just looked at the five day forecast to get that number, and it says it will rain tomorrow. Boo.

2. I'm going to Athens tomorrow night! Rach ([ profile] basilm is already there with Aleks, and I'm joining them soon, soon, soon!

3. I've been watching Bones S2 and loving it. I'm actually having a hard time making myself go slow, but mostly I'm rotating it, American Dreams S3, FNL (still) S1, 30 Rock S1 and my new Gilmore Girls DVDs. Too much TV I know. Oh, and I found Studio 60 on the Virgin on demand TV (free). It's just the first 6 eps, but I'm watching that too for fun. I'm also downloading the last few eps of Gossip Girl. I haven't watched any since strikage, so that's exciting. (Oh, and this doesn't really fit, but the ep about bones where Epps comes back? Terrifying! When I close my eyes at night, I keep seeing the stupid head.)

4. Speaking of Bones...Stephen Fry as a guest star! Whoo-hoo! Awesome.

5. My dad has FINALLY said that he is officially retiring this year. He's been back and forth on it all year, and refusing to commit, but now he's said it. It's about time too - he could have done it like three years ago. Mom will work for another year, but it means that the house-cleanout will begin. Actually, this is partly a sad one too, because it means my parents definitely only have about a year and a half left in country. (They'll retire back to the US, where they haven't lived since, oh, about 1965.) But I am happy for him that he finally made the decision.

6. The Virtual Season 8 is almost over. This too is bittersweet, but man is it going to be a relief to not have it hanging over my head every week. It's been fun, but it's a lot of stress. I don't know if we're doing Season 9 or not, but even if we do, I still have a whole summer hiatus! Yay.

7. I finished Midnight's Children. It was really good, but it did take me ages to get through. Some parts were great (the middle section was the best) and moved really fast, and other parts I kept having to make myself come back to. I don't think it was the best tube reading though, because it took some energy, so I would think "read or sleep? hmmm...i'll just sleep" and there would go that commute. Also, I kept stopping to read other more frivolous stuff in between. Anyways, I finished it Tuesday and started Atonement, which I've been meaning to read for ages. My faith in my reading powers is restored (after taking a beating on MC) because I'm almost done. It's a really fast read, and it definitely sucked me right in. I spend the entire first half on tenterhooks though, because you know what's coming and you're just waiting for it with dread. I wasn't entirely sure if it was due to his powers of description or my spoilery knowledge that I got so on edge, but it meant that when it finally all came to a head, I was almost relieved. I'm planning on finishing it before I leave for Athens, because I have my reading for that trip planned, and the library book of Atonement that I have is too big to take anyway.

8. I'm dog-sitting for a friend which is fun. It also means I'm walking the dog every day, so the good weather could not have had better timing.

9. My brother and I set a time to call on Skype tonight. This is good because it's been forever (ok a week) since I've talked to him. We need to catch up before I go to Athens.

10. (Mostly because it needs to be even numbers.) Did I mention we recently got a lease signed? Oh of course! And I move out in less than a month. Love. ([ profile] basilm call your landlord!!)

I'm out!


Aug. 14th, 2007 11:38 pm
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So I have been going back and catching up on my friends page and found this.  The first person I saw do it was [profile] jennythen  and it seems to have caught on.  I couldn't resist.  It was perfect timing as I have been re-reading the books this week.  (I'm on the Spyglass - about 100 pages to go.)  I remember that the first time I read them I was so excited and recommended them to anyone and everyone with very little success.  For some reason people are much more willing to read HP.  And that's great, but I know a lot of people who I think would really enjoy these - in a lot of ways they are more grown-up books.  Obviously there are dark themes in HP, but I love the philosophical and religious angles in these.  I'd like to know what Pullman's beliefs are in real life.

So, anyhow, here it is:

I like monkeys but in this particular case it really bothers me that my Daemon matches Mrs Coulter's.  That monkey is seriously creepily evil.
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I don't have the time (or the inclination I think) to write a real response to it now.  But I just have to say that I can't believe it's actually over.  I have read every bit of the Harry Potter story - I know what happens, who dies, who survives, who was good and who was evil and who was a little in between.  I just...can't believe it.  I'm happy with it, but it's such a weird feeling.  And I'm sad.  Of course I can reread, and I plan to, but it's never going to be quite the same as when I opened the last book yesterday and started.  I had the busiest, craziest weekend, and every little spare moment was filled with me sandwiching in a little more HP.  I was so determined not to be spoiled at all that I had to  finish it by Monday when I would go to work, see newspapers, be on the internet, etc.  I was too scared that something would be out.  And I am looking forward to rereading it at my leisure and really taking it in.  I'm going to do HBP Mon/Tues and then take DH on the plane Wed.  And I'm going to try and stay away from any fanfic for at least a month.  Past experience has taught me that reading fanfic right after I finished the book (which is the compulsion since you need MORE MORE) means that canon and fanfic get confused in my mind, which is unacceptable.  ANYWAY, that's it.  Harry's story is over - unless, I guess, JKR relents on that front.  But I kind of hope she won't.  I would be interested to read something else from her.

Oliver's party was really fun too.  Good weekend.  :)


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