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So April kind of sucked. And when I say kind of, what I actually mean is that IT REALLY sucked*. I spent the entire month working on taxes, stressing about working on taxes, not working on script frenzy, stressing about not working on script frenzy, freaking out about world cup tickets, not sleeping at all, getting terribly sick halfway just in time for the April 15th deadline, and burying myself in Kradam/Bandom fanfic every time I got a chance just so that I would stop worrying about all of the above for a while. So yeah, it sucked. I sincerely hope next year's is better. I'll have to be better prepared...or something, IDK.

*Except for all the parts concerning Adam Lambert.

But now it is May! I have high hopes for it! I've already had over a week of it, and so far it's been lovely and relaxing. Of course, the first three and a half days I was home in Norfolk at my parents' house because of the bank holiday weekend, so I'm not quite sure it counts, but even the workish part of it after that was good! Norfolk as usual was easy and diverting and filled with people who knew me when. I played tennis with my dad and bridge with my mom and her friends, and ate lots of good food. And then the work week, whatever, although I did manage to make it to Glee night, FINALLY meet up with Rach for a drink, and then have a DrWho marathon while watching [ profile] sily_cleo pack, on, you know, various days. (OMG those Angels/River episodes were SO SCARY. I am a total wuss; I was completely freaking out.)

We had our long planned BBQ on Sat, which really would have been better with nicer weather, but what can you do? That's what happens when you plan things six weeks in advance! We had a decent turnout, and we did end up grilling, but it was threatening rain all day, and there were a ton of people who wussed out because of weather. Probably better just to look outside, see that it's a nice day, and then invite people over? On the flip side, we spent much of Sunday, which was slightly better weather, inside, mainlining three different Robin Hoods in readiness for the new one. We did Prince of Thieves, Men in Tights and the Disney one, and I have to say Disney pretty much beats all. It's SO GOOD. Not sure about the new one, but it's all free with my Cineworld card (LOVE IT) so I'll probably go with Daniel.

In other news, changes at home and at work. Londoners listen up! Job going at my office - part time, 20 hours a week, £10 an hour, mainly secretarial, no tax experience required. Starting probably early July. Also, we are making plans for the house since Julie and Nick leave in early July. We are trying to get subletters to fill out the lease, and right now need one for July plus the first two weeks of Aug. Probably around £540 all inclusive. We also *might* have a room going from September for the full year (rent £427, bills around £75) but that isn't at all definite yet. At least it looks like we're actually staying in the house. Basically (as I say every year) I NEVER WANT TO MOVE AGAIN. Famous last words, I know.

As it is summer finally, I'm in the middle of holiday plans. I leave in FIVE WEEKS for South Africa! Thankfully we have everything sorted except the possibility of a safari, which is kind of half-sorted. Also, I've already paid for everything, and currently am owed $500, so I'm feeling good on that front. Next up is planning my US trip in August. I'm waiting on my parents to plan THEIR US trip, other people coming to the wedding to decide when they'll get there, and (yeah) Kris and Adam concert dates. There actually is a GA concert (Kris) that was announced today, and since I was (probably) planning on going through there to see my bro it could work. But if I could manage to be in a city to see Adam too that would be awesome. It's not that I would rearrange my entire trip, but there are people in lots of different cities I could visit, so if there is one at the right time it might work out. Texas, for example = PERFECT. Anyone live in GA and want to come to a Kris concert with me? I don't really want to go alone, but I can't see me convincing my bro, especially since it also includes Maroon Five! (Too bad it's not the Barenaked Ladies portion - I would LOVE to see them.) Blah blah blah whatever. I can't make a post without AI stuff in it lately, huh?

Tomorrow is 12 of 12! I'm going to attempt to, you know, actually do it and post it for once. I haven't since Dec I think - I just got out of the habit and never got back in it. I'm hoping that once I start back I'll be doing it every month like I was before. I kind of miss the pictures.
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Okay, I know people are not always fans of being told other people’s dreams, but I seriously had the best one last night, so I have to share. I woke up all smiley and it took me about ten minutes to remember and realise why.

So I was in some kind of class-like thing, but it wasn’t school. Instead I think it was some kind of extra evening thing that I had signed up for. It seemed to be in one of the conference type rooms we used at Ofcom for trainings. I was sitting in the back, and about two rows up to my left, was DAVID TENNANT. He was just sitting there, being part of the class. And I was having this internal thing, all like OMFGITSDAVIDTENNANT but outwardly I was all calm and mature taking part in the class.

[There was actually this random little aside at the beginning of class where I was trying to write a text message to [ profile] olivia_jane74 to say congrats on her new grand-neice or something. I think that was the last entry I had read on my flist before I went to bed, so it must have been on my mind. Also, it was strange because I think I was trying to write the message in pink puff paint that was left over from making the Sparklemotion t-shirts. For obvious reasons, that wasn’t working on my mobile, so I was forced to just write a regular text instead. OJ if you get a strange text from a number in England, then I think we’ll have proof that I sleepwalk. (Oh right, and am also psychic, seeing as I don’t have your phone number in the first place!) But I digress.]

Anyway. So Tennant. It seemed like the class was mostly Americans who had like flown over or something, so maybe people knew he was going to be in the class? I don’t know. But no one was being too fan-girlly, because we were being polite and listening to the speaker at the front. People were maybe sneaking occasional looks at him, but no one was being rude. And at one point I looked up and he was looking my way, so I just grinned and he grinned back, really cheerful. So no idea what the subject of the talk was but it was over quickly and then everyone filed out. I was like the slowest person, trying to get all my stuff together, and was kind of distracted. Then suddenly DT comes over to say hi - I just look up when he speaks to me, and we’re the only ones left in the room. So he proceeds to chat to me, all normal. I don’t even know what we talked about, just that he was super sweet and funny. So I finished packing my stuff and then we walked out together, and all the time inside I’m doing the OMG thing, but outside I’m having this very normal conversation and like laughing and stuff. So then he asks if I want coffee (because we have to go back to class after this break or something?) and so we head for Starbucks. And that’s all I remember.

But you guys it was crazy because it was just so very chill. My brain thinks David and I are friends. How very odd and yet awesome at the same time.

I don’t even know why he would be on my mind. I haven’t watched any Dr Who since Jessie and I had that huge marathon in August. I guess we were talking about him the other day with [ profile] ladyvivien since she may have mentioned vaguely that she has dress circle tickets to Hamlet. (Seriously, we had to beat the information out of her, and after that she never mentioned it again, like NOT ONCE.) That just seems like a lot to base a whole dream on, but there you go.

More detailed post later possibly actually talking about my life. We'll see.


Jul. 18th, 2008 12:15 pm
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Wow, I’ve been like, completely absent from the internet lately. I need to get on that! Actually, part of it is that I’ve been using every spare moment to watch Dr Who. I made it through all three season’s of Jessie’s DVDs (plus 4 old Who mini-series) before she left, which I actually think is really impressive. And I’m just now (about four days later) getting out of the Who frame of mind. Seriously, I knew I had been watching too much Who when I was walking home from work the other day and I saw this slovenly stumbling guy (who in retrospect was obviously drunk) and thought “wow, he looks like something has taken over his body – is he big enough for a Sliveen? Or maybe he’s a zombie? Or auton? ” before I shook myself and reconsidered how crazy I sounded.

It’s also affecting my sleep patterns. I’m currently living alone, which I completely hate. I think it might be better if I wasn’t in the middle of Seven Sisters – I lived alone in Japan and was pretty much fine with it. But of course my flat there was tiny; I could see the entire thing at once as long as I kept the rice screens open. Here I’m in this huge creaky house and it just freaks me out. I’m usually fine as long as I’m up, working on stuff, whatever the hour. But as soon as I’m lying down with only my thoughts I manage to get scared. So I spend a lot of time trying to sleep, giving up and reading for a while, trying to sleep, giving up and watching something, trying to sleep, etc. It is not helpful. Mostly, I’m sure a real person is going to break in and kill me. (Knife me perhaps!? Damn you London youth!) But I have slightly more silly ones too - as far as Who monsters that I actually think about when lying there, the stupid statues from Blink come to mind the most. Yuck.

Even though I’m not getting much sleep, I haven’t been late for work since Boss has been gone. So that bodes well for the future I hope. We’ll see. I’ve been helped along by my loving brother, who I called in panic on the day I got in trouble. He decided to start calling me, and he’s pretty much called me 90% of the mornings since then. He works closing, so he calls me around 3AM his time, and it works for both of us. I don’t know how long he plans to keep it up, but it’s really lovely. Usually I’m already up (although it is helpful) since I don’t know for sure if he’ll call, but it’s still a great way to wake up and it’s nice to have that simple little conversation in the morning as if we still live in the same country. Stupid boy! MOVE BACK!

ANYWAY, enough about my complete irrationality. The other weird thing about living alone is that I have no one to tell those silly little things you think of or see during the day. I also am at work alone these two weeks (Boss gets back next Wed) and so there’s really no one to talk to. (Not that I’m complaining about him being gone!)

Random things I’ve seen/thought about lately. )

Evil!Landlord finally gave our deposit back. Well, kind of. Out of £2100 he gave us back £1668. So pretty much he shaved almost $1000 off, for things like “cleaning” “jetwashing the back patio” and etc. Also, he bought a new bed (£120) since the one in Nicola’s room had a loose screw in the back. And charged about £80 for a stain on Juliet’s floor that she says was there when she moved in. Bastard. Seriously, I really really hate him. Technically it is still in dispute, but I don’t know if we are going to get any more money back then that. I doubt it. None of the listed extra problems were my room but I split it 3 ways even since the charged didn’t seem fair at all – might as well even out the jerkitude. Needless to say, the two newer tenants did not offer any money to cover the difference. In fact, they both ignored my email. Classy. Blech, at least it’s DONE. Next up? Finding new tenants for the extra rooms in the house I’m in. And then in Sept looking for a new place. Man I move a lot. Even just within this house, I have now lived in all three bedrooms. I started in the tiny one, then when Rach left I took hers, and now that Jessie’s gone I’ve transferred to hers since it is much bigger and has a double bed. As I moved I left stuff in all three rooms though, so I was in the whole house. The job this week has been condensing it all into the largest room so that I can start showing the house to prospective tenants.

Okay, I’m out. This turned out much longer then planned. I gotta eat some lunch.
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Well the icon isn't exactly appropriate since they are (mostly) having great weather this year, but when else will I have a perfect time to use it?! Anyway, I'm sitting here watching Wimbledon, perfectly happy. I just watched a fantastic match between Jankovic (Serbia) and Wosniacki (Danish). W is SO young; she's only 17! J is the world number two, but she actually had a bit of a battle for it. Anyways, good match. Next up is Murray on center court! Playing a German, Hass, who I actually also quite like. I wish I could see some of the more random matches and be switching back and forth, but since we don't have cable it's all BBC1 and 2 and no red button. Too bad I didn't go today, but it just didn't work out.

All in all it's a great sporting weekend because the final for Euro08 is on Sun night. It's Spain/Germany, which eh, but I'm still hoping to go somewhere and watch it with someone. Probably Phil and A&A.

I'm having a lazy weekend, which is nice after the crazy office moving week I've had. Now we've pretty much got my office and my boss's office set up, as well as the conference room re-organised, so that's good. I'm still trying to make him get rid of more stuff though; we have too much crap lying around the office. Also, was ready to kill him on Friday as I tried to move and set up the computers. (He's not so computery.) I was ready to hurt him by the end of it, especially as he stood over my shoulder as I tried to set up the wireless internet, trying to tell me what to do. Finally I lost patience and told him he should do it. Fifteen minutes later he was back in my office saying he ran out of time and would I just set it up for him. Riiiiiight.

So yes, lazy weekend, mostly consisting of Wimbledon and Dr Who. I've just found out that Jessie (new flatmate) not only has the entire new series on DVD, but also quite a few old ones. So we spent last night watching a bunch of those, and have plans to continue. We watched Robots of Death (Baker/Leela), Carnival of Monsters (Pertwee/Jo Grant) and Hand of Fear (Baker/SJS). Good times. It also solves my "what shall I watch next" problem, because I am now re-watching New Who from the beginning. I wonder if I can finish by the time she leaves? Also, tonight is NEW WHO!!! Woot! [ profile] iamseb is coming over and he and Jessie and I are making a night of it. Less then 3 hours and counting!

And Murray took the first set!
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Geez, it's frakking hot outside. I just went to run a few office errands, and I'm really wishing I had worn a skirt today. (A quick check of bbc-weather tells me there is a max of 23C (73F) today, so perhaps I am just a whiner.) I'm so not a hot weather girl. Also, my hair is too long. I just cut my fringe this weekend, but maybe once it gets too long again I'll get a proper haircut and chop the rest of my hair off a bit too - shoulder length or something.

Friday night we had the goodbye party which was a rousing success. We had about ten people, which for London feels very impressive. We actually mostly ended up playing games and of course just talking, but the last person left around 7AM, so that seems good. We also played Spoons (the card game) for what felt like hours. I haven't played in years, and most of the Brits had never heard of it. The first few rounds people were kind of whatever, and then the more we played (and probably the more people drank) it started to get vicious. I got a spoon every time though, and four of a kind enough. It's not a hard game people! (Goodness, boasting about SPOONS, now I should worry.)

Spent Saturday helping Rach pack her bags and clear out her room, since she's flitted off to Serbia for the summer. Not that I miss her or anything, good riddance actually. Who needs her and all that... (HA! Rach I know you're out there somewhere. Are you checking your flist?) We put it all in the closet and then stacked boxes a bit. I guess if people move in I can only hope they don't have too much that they want stored! Also I'm now living half in her room and half in mine since my room is tiny. I don't want Jessie to leave, but I do want her room, so I'm all conflicted. But if someone moves into the third room before she leaves I'm really in trouble. No way that my stuff and Rach's stuff is all gonna fit into my tiny bedroom.

On Sat night after Rach left I had a marathon Skype conversation with my parents. They are in Atlanta, visitng Trev, but he's working all these crazy hours right now due to a bunch of layoffs at his work. So they were over at his flat, with his two roommates, just hanging out and all cooking dinner together, despite the fact that they weren't going to see him until the next day. I was like "are you sure you aren't bothering them?" and all parties vehemently rejected such an idea. Oh well, at least my parents know (and have stayed with/ hosted) both sets of their parents. My dad and Sean had just been to the grocery stores (Trader Joes and Krogers) for what sounded like a trip of at least two hours. My dad waxed lyrical for about twenty minutes about the people giving him free samples, and the fresh veg and the selection of everything, etc. plus small comments on water with electrolytes, the size of the watermelons, the prices, etc etc. See, people keep asking how my parents are going to deal with living in the States after so much time (once they both retire) and won't they miss England and all that. And I'm sure they will, but I'm also sure that America will have it's own fascination for them after being gone for so long. Or at the very least, it will have fascination for my dad. Of course, a dip in the road holds fascination for my dad, so that really isn't saying much. He's all about the who/what/why/when/where.

Hmmm, so...

Sunday wasn't much of anything, although I did manage to drag myself out to go running, which I was very impressed with. It's the first time I've gone on my own, and that's a good sign, since I'm worried about how hard it's going to be to make myself go now that Rach is away. It's slightly misleading to call it running actually, since what it is really is jogging interspersed with walking once I get too tired. But you gotta start somewhere, right? Also, today [ profile] being_fulfilled posted about mapmywalk and so I checked that out to see if I could figure out how long our route is. So right now what I'm doing came out to be 4.06 miles. From breaking it down it looks like this: walk 1 mile there, do two laps (half jog/half walk) that are a mile each, and then walk 1 mile back. In a way it's a shame there isn't a park closer to us, but I guess that walk to get there is just part of the exercise. And maybe once I get better I can run/jog part of that walking section too. Oh yes, and do more laps! So 4.06 miles works out to be 6.5 KM, so actually the 10K Rach wants to do sounds more reasonable then I thought. Man I'm such a wuss!

Also yesterday watched the new Dr Who. Man!! Cut for episode spoilers ) So all in all I'm totally excited for the next two.
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I really should be asleep since I need to be at work early again tomorrow, but I just can't seem to get there. BLAHHHHH!

A Week in the Life

1. Take between 6 and 8 new photographs per day.
2. Your picture days must be consecutive - no skipping days!
3. Post your photographs at the end of that day, some time after the last picture is taken.
4. Your post should be titled “A Week in the Life of [name], Volume [whatever day you're on].”
5. Link back to your earlier entries.

So here's day four: Monday )

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