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So I got home from the wedding a week ago, but I’m also a sucker for completeness, so I’m gonna write this third entry detailing the rest of the trip despite the time lapse. Most people on this side of the ocean have already heard the story, but hey, LJ is for the telling right? I mean it’s all about getting the words out there, and journaling for yourself. Or something.

So anyways. It begins with the epic (and surprisingly serendipitous) tale of my brother’s journey from Atlanta to Chicago. )

Ridiculous. As I told [ profile] basilm and [ profile] iamseb when we were out on Friday night, I sometimes think I exist in a constant state of drama. I must be really annoying to put up with! But that’s just in real life. As for LJ, isn’t that kind of what this place is made for? Maybe I need an icon that just says "unnecessary drama!" to use like, all the time?

ETA: I just reread this entry, and it's really stream-of-consciousness sounding. But I can't really be bothered to edit. So read it if you dare, or care.
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Look at me, writing about the weekend on a Sunday night - it's all very exciting. Oh, and I suppose also giving an update on the flat situation, which isn't so much resolved as stale-mated, but hopefully heading in the right direction. Shahid and I between us seem to have talked the landlord off the ledge, and we're signing ANOTHER new contract (with Katie on it) that will only be until the beginning of June, as previously planned. Plus, no more mention was made of boilers or cookers, and both seem to now be working fine, thus I think that's best left alone.


It's possible I'm slightly too old for all this. )

Nice weekend overall. Makes up for the complete and utter crapiness of the week that just passed. Here's hoping the two days of work I have this week are VERY productive, so I don't feel too bad about going away and leaving my boss in the lurch less than a week before the (2nd) biggest tax deadline of the year! Ah, sweet guilt. But I'm going anyways.

p.s. New icon! Drinking!Jenny from Gossip Girl. So pretty.

p.p.s. [ profile] basilm wrote HG (HP) fic! Read it HERE.
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[ETA: I had to mess with this for ages to get the codes to work. I suck!]

So it’s Wednesday night – is that too late to talk about my weekend? I think not.

I feel the need to chronicle because it was nice and busy and I did things and hung out with people. I feel like it was really ~productive~ but in actuality, I think it was only productive in a social way. (As in, I didn’t stay in my bedroom watching things on my computer and sleeping in; I actually woke up and did things with people. Right.)

    Things I did!
  • Russian cooking
  • home leg waxing
  • wine drinking
  • Running in the park
  • Ikea
  • Crying conversations
  • Skype
Intrigued? (Okay I doubt it!) Read on…  )

Also, pics! I wanted to post Oliver pics since he’s so darn cute, but I really didn’t take any this weekend. So instead you get screenshots from when I talked to him and his mom on Skype.

They’re a bit blurry due to the webcam, but not too bad. )

Now I have to pack and make sure my room is clean. I leave on Friday and then River will be here on Monday, so I gotta be ready! Lots of plans. On the good side, I actually got some sleep last night since I fell asleep (on accident) around 11. Good news for my sleep-deprived body. Bad news for the virtual season peeps since I wasn’t around when posting was happening. It was the most I have slept in about two weeks though, so that’s something.

Finally, I just wanted to say that there’s a whole lotta coding (for me) in this because I’ve been messing around trying to remember all the LJ codes. That’s why there are bullet lists and pics and etc. So there you go, [ profile] adinarj, you better be proud. Just here’s hoping it works! I’m about to hit post, so we’ll just see how much I have to correct b/c I’ve gotten it wrong!
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I have seriously had like the best birthday ever.  In the grand tradition of the Gilmore Girls, it hasn't just been a birthday day, but a whole weekend.  It started on Friday around mid-day, and it just got better and better.  Here's my (not so) quick rundown:

And now I'm 28.  Wow.

Oh, also HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY to
[profile] filo77 I got so caught up in my own bday celebrations that I didn't post about it before.  But Filo I hope you had as good a time as I did!

ETA: Thanks to everyone on my flist for the bday wishes.  It's amazing how loved I feel about the fact that not just my RL friends but also the ones I have made virtually are wishing me happy thoughts - and that goes for the facebook wall as well!
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I'm about done for the day; I just finished my last return and that's all I plan to do.  I'm just hanging around waiting for my boss to call (he's in Spain) and ask for messages.  So.  A little bit about this week...

First of all, you should all go read this article that my friend Rach ([profile] basilm) wrote about our experience voting overseas.  It pretty much tells it how it was.  Plus, she gets like 1/14 of a cent for every person that reads, so um, click through and be counted so that she can get rich!

In other news, we're still trying to rent out Nicola's room, with so far very little success.  She's had about 15 people make appointments to come see it, and about 8 of those have come through, but none have taken it.  The insane thing is that of the people who didn't come, only about 2 bothered to text or call or email to say they couldn't make it.  The rest were so rude that they didn't even bother to let us know.  So several times we have been sitting around waiting and the person just hasn't shown up.  I gave up my Sat afternoon plans, and I rushed home from work on Mon, and both times proved entirely pointless.  It's really stupid and annoying, not to mention insanely rude of them.  You found another place?  That's fine, but at least have the decency to let us know that you aren't coming.  Anyhow, I hope the whole thing is over soon, because it's a pain all round and Nicola is getting seriously stressed.  I came home from work yesterday and she had been to the wine store.  She was all "I've hit rock bottom!  It had to be wine!" which kind of cracked me up.  Also, Jared was over too to do laundry.  He's really feeling Cat's absense and the fact that the visa is still hanging out there in nowhere land.  This week they told him that it would come through yesterday, so when it didn't, I think it was a big blow to both of them, especially with Valentines Day (CURSES!  HORROR!) coming up.  Cat was on Skype talking to us, and she just sounded so depressed too.  So we broke out the wine and got mildly drunk.  Too bad it was a weekday!  It turned out to be kind of fun, because we all sat around and talked for hours.  He didn't leave til about midnight, and seemed to be feeling slightly more cheerful.  Nicola and I got his mind off the visa thing by asking an insane amount of questions about how he and Cat got together and their romantic history.  It was cool - I only know all of that from Cat's perspective, so it was great to hear it from him.  They are just my favorite couple; they're just really lovely and supportive together, and they have the strongest faith of anyone I know.

In lieu of new TV (maybe not for long?!) I have been catching up on some things I have been meaning to try out.  Namely Friday Night Lights and The Office US.  Also, I've started the second season of American Dreams that was so wonderfully sent to me by [profile] adinarj.  I want to write a post with a little bit about each of them, but we'll see.  Maybe this weekend?

Also cool?  They are doing a new series that follows up Life On Mars.  Well, it doesn't exactly follow it, but it's the same premise?  It's in the 80's with the same squad, but it's a girl who has time traveled there.  That's all I know, since I didn't get a chance to watch it last night.  I plan to check it out on the BBCi player (FAB) so will report back if it's any good.  I hope it is.  I loved LoM.

I guess that's it for now.  I feel I have a longer entry in me, but if I don't stop now I'll be late.  I'm meeting people for dinner, and as we know, it always takes me longer than I think it will to get places.
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Yeah, so I just finished my 50,000 words.  I'm just a teensy bit excited.  I'm sitting in a pub in central London with [profile] basilm   and [profile] teaatsix  and two other nano-ers and we have been writing furiously since 5PM.  We staked out a table and the music is loud and all the people around us are partying and drinking, but we're noveling.  YAY us!  So far, only [profile] basilm  and I are done, but there are more to follow.


This is such an incredible high!  Don't do drugs people, do nano!  (And now I'm off to drink...hmmmm...)

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Um, hello all.  I just wanted to expound quickly on the wonder that is NaNoWriMo.  Seriously.  Today was a normal day.  I went to work, I worked hard, I had a meeting in the afternoon, I did some taxes.  And then after work I went to a NaNo write-in.  And it was truly awesome.  I mean the after the write-in was.  The write-in itself was good too.  I wrote about 3000 words, which is good because I didn't write yesterday.  And my story is moving along and all that.  And it was at the British Library, which is a very inspiring and cool place to be writing.  But the really cool thing is that afterwards we went to the pub.  And about four of us sat there for three hours.  We were silly, we drank some, guys bugged us, but most of all we totally bonded.  I got to talk about fandom in real life!  Harry Potter fandom!  Heroes fandom!  Supernatural fandom!  Gilmore Girls fandom!  It was awesome.  I met someone who posts on TWoP!  I realise I am sounding ridiculous right now, but I never get to talk about these things in my real life.  I actually told people about the virtual season and they understood what we are doing.  So I lift my hat, to [profile] teaatsix and to [profile] basilm (and also to Saramoo, who doesn't have an LJ account) for being incredibly awesome!  Yay to you and yay to London, and hey, yay to NaNo for bringing people together.  :)

Oh yes, and my wordcount...

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So after a not very productive weekend, I actually sat down this Sunday night and brought my wordcount up to scratch.  I didn't write at all yesterday because we ended up having a dinner party.  (Well, can it be a real dinner party if you don't have a kitchen table?)  It was pretty cool actually.  Juls really did most of the organising and cooking, and she is just very very impressive.  It was French themed - the menu:

Starter - Figs and Camenbert wrapped in panchetta
Main - Coq au Vin, runner beans and roasted corguettes, potatoes au gratin
Cheese course - Brie, Blue Cheese and Gouda with Cumin
Dessert - Apricot Flan

Plus, she and Johnny had picked out a wine to compliment each course.  There were only six of us and we went through (I think) 7-8 bottles over the course of four hours or so.  Riiiight.  It was very fun though.  And the food was fabulous.  It sounded (and tasted) a lot more complicated than it was to cook, which is quite an interesting lesson.  I never cook fancy, but both my flatmates are all about it, so hopefully some of it will rub off on me!

And then I slept in massively today and wasn't very productive.  Then I wrote this afternoon, so that was good of me.  The thing is I have a problem with this daily deadline - once I hit what the words are supposed to be for that day then I quit writing.  Which would be fine, except that I know the second part of this month is going to be much busier and I may not have time to write every day.  (Hello - wedding, thanksgiving, just general traveling)  So I really need to be storing up extra words now to compensate.  But it's not really working out like that yet.  Humph.


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