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It's almost 3AM and I have to work tomorrow and I just cannot seem to make myself go to sleep. Instead I'm messing around on Twitter and AIM and reading fanfic and whatever else I can do to waste a little time. I'm still on such a high from the Adam Lambert concert.

Seriously, you guys it was SO AMAZING! He's incredible live, his voice sounded great, he was so funny talking in between, the crowd was insane, etc etc. I can't believe it's over and done with, because it just went so quickly. He did: For Your Entertainment, Music Again, Strut, Whataya Want From Me, Sleepwalker, Fever, and If I Had You. And just because I'm bored and don't want to sleep yet, have some pics from the concert.

[ profile] jayintheclouds. I am WAY too short to have been able to see that well!!">
For Your Entertainment

Music Again

Music Again




Sleepwalker? (not sure)

So yeah, pretty awesome. Also awesome? Random fan meet-ups. We got into the venue a few hours early (the line was AROUND THE BLOCK - people had lined up in the morning or something??) and so we had a bunch of time to kill before it started. The crowd was a bit weird, not proper gig-ish exactly, all bunched to the front and super intense. Anyway we stood around talking, etc and then this girl behind [ profile] silly_cleo and I started talking to us (I think asking about support acts? if there was one?) and then said "so are you guys from the internet?" We pretty much just looked at each other and cracked up, because how do you even respond to that? But yes, indeed, we pretty much are, if LJ and Twitter and goodness knows what else are any indication. I was a little worried she meant the Adam fansites, since EVERYONE I have met so far has been from them. But no! She meant LJ! And Kradam! So we chatted, and then went for LJ names, and it turned out she was [ profile] bexless (*waves hi*), which um, OMG amazing, b/c HELLO HER FIC! But I feel I have flailed enough on this in person and possibly in Twitter after ([ profile] risti and I are not subtle) so I won't do it here.

But I love that! A random person in the audience behind me was a fanfic writer I like and respect, and also turned out to be a totally funny awesome person to kill an hour or so with before the show. There was much squeeing, discussion of AI fic and bandom (shut up, AI RPF IS A GATEWAY DRUG) and various other fannish pursuits. (Also Bex can you tell me the LJ name of your bf? Because we totally forgot it.) Good times were had by all and etc. (Also you guys go read her fic - this one especially (Apples are not the only fruit) b/c it's a classic.)

One more thing, a very un-awesome thing that happened at the end of this all. Basically I am an idiot. I borrowed Isla's camera today for various dumb reasons, and then of course did not use it at all b/c I was too busy, you know, enjoying the concert. But what I did manage to do was crack the screen. I seriously couldn't see ANYTHING (you guys I am 4'9") and so I decided to give myself another two inches by standing on my bag. Stupidly I did not remove anything (including Isla's camera, my ipod or my phone) from said bag. And guess what happened? The only thing not belonging to me got broken. So I guess I owe Isla a new camera. TOTALLY SUCKS. I hope she isn't too mad at my sheer idiocy. So yeah, not the best end to an otherwise awesome night, but certainly a reminder that I DO NOT THINK despite supposedly being a grown-up. Ah well.

In conclusion, yay fandom! I will now allow myself to read one fic and then go to bed. :)
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Hmmm, almost 3AM! [ profile] lazyclaire and I have been watching Gilmore Girls again - we made it through five episode tonight! And then she went to bed around an hour ago, and somehow I did not. I've been trying to sort out music on my computer, since it's in a terrible state, and somehow the time got away from me.

But what else did I do at 2:30AM? Um, wrote more comment fic. So there's that. At least I'm writing something, I guess!

Here if you care to read it: (Kradam, G)

And now to bed!

p.s. In other VERY GOOD NEWS, all my dad's tests are back now and they're completely clear. I'm not sure when he has to go in again, because of course they kind of keep checking for ages, but for now, it's all good. I am feeling extremely relieved.

Oh geez

Mar. 12th, 2010 12:20 pm
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Um, I kinda wrote comment fic. The prompt was sleeping, which seems apropos.

It's here: (Kradam, G)

This is so unlike me, IDEK.
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Note to self: LJ entries at 2AM are ill-advised. Really must not do that.

Um, what else? Well Nano is mostly eating my life, with the amount of write-ins Claire and I are planning along with Million Monkeys on Mondays and possible other actual proper social events. Speaking of social events, the house party on Sat went well I think - good turnout, if a bit segregated by friend groups at times. Amy and I closed it out with some of her friends, finally turning in around 5:30AM. Good stuff. And then Claire and I got up and went to the Sun afternoon write-in, where I wrote 2500 words which were possibly not my best. Feeling much better about the 5000 I got on Mon/Tue. I'm at an exciting part now.

Just in general I am loving how many people are coming to the write-ins. It's nice to see such a great reaction and good turnout and so many repeats. Plus we keep going to the pub after the weekday ones, which I always approve of. I'm hoping to come out of the month still keeping in touch with some of the people, so we'll see. On the sad side, Seb isn't doing Nano this year and Rach hasn't made it to any write-ins yet, and it's super weird to do Nano without the two of them.

About my Nano )

I'm terrible at blogging in Nov because it seems silly to "waste" words on it, but I do have an epic post brewing in my mind. Coming out of a (slightly drunken) conversation and some follow up emails with [ profile] silly_cleo regarding fanfic, gender-bias, slash and just my general reading habits and motivation for it all. I even made some notes. So we'll see if that happens or not.

I'm super behind with TV, but I did watch a HIMYM the other day that really struck a cord - all about Robin being torn between two countries. I wrote all this down: "I'm not American and apparently I'm not Canadian either. / It's like I don't have a country. / So I've decided, dual citizenship. / Instead of being a woman with no country, I'm gonna be a woman with two." I pretty much know completely how she feels, although I'm not convinced that dual citizenship has solved my identity issues.

Wow this entry is all over the place. I have more to say but I'm off to meet the housemates for food - Burmese I believe - so no time!

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So I'm down to about half an hour before I'm leaving work, and I totally fail. I'm so completely bored and I don't think I can do any more taxes. I've had a really productive day, and my boss left like an hour ago, so I think I'm gonna forgive myself if I quit and write an LJ entry instead. (Plus, I gotta say it's impressive, given that I got about three hours of sleep last night...although not surprising.)

What I should work on is my ficathon entry, which is nowhere at the moment, still scribbling on a page and a few random paragraphs in my head. It's due next Monday, which gives me one week. For my first ever ficathon, first ever full length fanfic. Ab-fab. So yeah, maybe I'll scribble more on the tube today and then actually write something tonight. We'll see I guess.

Otherwise, life is as was. I'm pretty much over the VS thing, which was probably mostly me and my paranoia, and discussion there is proceeding as per the normal. I do need to think about other organisational things regarding that, so that I feel as if I'm accomplishing something other than lurking in the forum. I am halfway between being excited for the new season and reluctant to jump into it all again, so I think I need to get past that and just really get stuck in. I'll be happier if I'm busy on it again, I think. Also we have some new people, and some just moved around, so we need to do clear deliniation of roles and all that. I need to actually step up and organise some, which is what I'm (not) paid to do!!

I've been on the dragonfly a lot lately, not sure why, but it is nice there. I kind of miss actually being on threads at TWOP, and it feels like a safer version of that - which is I guess what it was meant to be! Oh old TWOP, how I do miss thee. Even Whimsy is pretty dead nowadays. Also to do with the dragonfly, I downloaded The Time Machine off Project Gutenberg so maybe this month I will actually read and discuss the book. In the past something always seemed to get in the way of me doing it, whether it was obtaining the book or the chat being at a bad time for me (or the middle of the night). With the book now in hand and a brand spanking new simul-reading thread, I think I'm out of excuses.

Speaking of reading, it's weird but every book I've read lately has had this really familiar feel, like I've already read it before. And yet I know that it hasn't been true for any of them. It's a really weird, kinda deja-vu-ish feeling. I don't get it. Oh, Rach, except the shoe book! That was really cute. Not great literature, but cute. I ate it up! :)

I was going to do that meme that [ profile] filo77 tagged me for, but it's now past 6 and I no longer need to answer the phone, so I think I'll off home instead. There's a Murray match half-done with my name on it, so Wimbledon is once again calling! Maybe I'll do the meme while I watch that...
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So about an hour ago I was talking to [ profile] adinarj on googlechat, and I told her I was going to bed.

And then I didn't. (What a surprise.) But I kinda think she might be okay with how I spent my time. :)

I did this meme instead. I took it from [ profile] barkinmad.

1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
2. Turn on your music player and put it on random/shuffle.
3. Write a drabble related to each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the song starts, and stop when it's over. No lingering afterwards!
4. Do ten of these, then post them.

I did Literati - Rory/Jess. This is a rare opportunity people! I never write fanfic - only original work. In fact, this is the first FF I have ever written. I have no idea what prompted me to do it (probably just sheer boredom), but there you go. So click through if you've ever wondered what my writing is like! (Oh, and un-betaed, un-edited, obviously.) The artist and song title inspiring each is after the drabble.

Clickie )

And now I'm going to sleep for about three and a half hours before I have to get up for work!


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