Oct. 3rd, 2008 04:46 pm
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I can already tell, just from thinking back through my head, that this entry will neither be cohesive nor (probably) coherent. In order to correct that, it's coming in list form. In no particular order...

1. The absolute best way for today to begin was for me to get an email in my inbox from Nic, saying that the tenancy dispute people had (finally) ruled on our deposit. We're getting most of our money back! From the flat we moved out of in June! Oh how I hate that old landlord. Bastard. Just to break it down, here are the numbers:

Original deposit - £2130 (£710 each)
Amount refunded at first - £1668 (£556 each)
Additional amount now refunded - £327 (£109 each)
Amount landlord got to keep in the end - £135 (£45 each)

So he got some money (the things they agreed with were cleaning and jetwashing the back weeds out) but not most of it. Yay us!

2. BUZZCOCKS IS BACK!!!!! My favourite show in the world started a new season last night and I missed it because I haven't had a TV in months and so had no idea. Thank goodness for the internet.

3. I kinda of really want to watch True Blood now, because [livejournal.com profile] cleolinda is doing recaps. So I caved and downloaded the first episode. We'll see.

4. I have someone to watch Heroes with now! My new housemate ([livejournal.com profile] iamseb) and I watched episode 3 together, which was the first time I've actually not watched it alone. That was very exciting for me. Unfortunately our TV habits don't intersect on any other shows yet, but give it time. Oh! That's not true - we are also gonna back watch all of BSG!

5. We're having people over tonight to watch the VP debate (well, if we manage to get it downloaded we are). I have been staying away from "spoilers" all day, which sounds weird but I do kind of want to go into it blind. Rach is making her vegatable lasgana and I'm doing brownies, plus Amy is bringing (specially imported) margarita mix! Yay. We also found some drinking games on the web, so we may try some of those out too. :)

6. I was very annoyed yesterday at work by two things - 1) Boss and I arguing about a very specific thing on a return that I STILL think I was right about. But you know, he's the boss so he gets to choose. AND 2) I printed a whole return on A4 (UK paper) instead of 8.5x11 (US paper) which meant I had to reprint it. I HATE how we deal in two sizes of paper - I'm always having to switch them out because the second tray on my printer doesn't work. Stupid.

7. It was in my comments a few days ago, but I feel like properly posting it - I WAS ON NBC! Really! Okay it was for five seconds, but still! Very exciting. In the clip show they had on before the start of the new season they did a rundown of the Heroes world tour, and they totally showed me taking a picture with Milo. Sadly, I did not catch it, but the ever observant [livejournal.com profile] adinarj did. What would I do without her?! Look, here's the screenshot! )

8. I'm off to have my haircut after work. I think I'm gonna bob it. It's been a while, and I'm kind of sick of the length of it. Plus it has all these horrible layers from the last haircut I got, which was really bad, so it needs to be cut short to get rid of them.

9. Just to wrap this up, a random meme that I stole from [livejournal.com profile] outforawalk a while ago. Which Dr Who companion are you? I got Donna! ("You are a great mate, great to laugh with, run with and to battle enemies alongside. Witty, independent and honest, you grab opportunities with both hands but don't give your heart away too easily. You keep the doctor grounded.") Fabulous.

10. Happy weekend everyone! (I needed a 10!)
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Once again proving I am not actually an adult person, I got very little sleep last night. We had a chat for the Virtual Season that went from 2AM-5:30AM (my time) and then I was afraid to properly go to sleep, so I alternately napped and read, lights blazing. On the positive side, it was a very productive chat, so at least my sleep was donated to a good cause. Either way, I'm now at work, trying very hard to be productive here as well. I've already had a cup of coffee - and I DO NOT drink coffee. The energy of that and of staying up all night will last for a while, but I know I'll be fading around mid-day. Hopefully I can leave early since I got in early.

Hmmm. So this entry is mostly just because writing it is keeping me more awake then working on taxes. I would regale you all with stories of my weekend, but really there isn't much to say except that I didn't get as much done as I meant to (shocker!) so that's annoying. [Ha! I said I didn't have much to say and then blathered on for many paragraphs. Oh well.]

Travel plans and movies and even some pictures! )Okay, I should actually get some work done. This turned out to be a more marathon entry then I expected. But I'm SO TIRED and taxes are not helping! Also, I must have pulled a muscle or something this weekend, because I've had this pain in the lower left side of my back for like two days now. It hurts the most when I sit a long time - when I got out of the movies yesterday it was throbbing - and so sitting here at my desk is not feeling so good. I don't think there's much to be done though, other than hope it goes away soon. Ah well, just one more thing! Happy Monday everyone.

ETA: Wow, I have a tag for sleep. I did not remember that. It should be a tag for lack of sleep! Maybe I'll make one - or change it.


Jul. 18th, 2008 12:15 pm
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Wow, I’ve been like, completely absent from the internet lately. I need to get on that! Actually, part of it is that I’ve been using every spare moment to watch Dr Who. I made it through all three season’s of Jessie’s DVDs (plus 4 old Who mini-series) before she left, which I actually think is really impressive. And I’m just now (about four days later) getting out of the Who frame of mind. Seriously, I knew I had been watching too much Who when I was walking home from work the other day and I saw this slovenly stumbling guy (who in retrospect was obviously drunk) and thought “wow, he looks like something has taken over his body – is he big enough for a Sliveen? Or maybe he’s a zombie? Or auton? ” before I shook myself and reconsidered how crazy I sounded.

It’s also affecting my sleep patterns. I’m currently living alone, which I completely hate. I think it might be better if I wasn’t in the middle of Seven Sisters – I lived alone in Japan and was pretty much fine with it. But of course my flat there was tiny; I could see the entire thing at once as long as I kept the rice screens open. Here I’m in this huge creaky house and it just freaks me out. I’m usually fine as long as I’m up, working on stuff, whatever the hour. But as soon as I’m lying down with only my thoughts I manage to get scared. So I spend a lot of time trying to sleep, giving up and reading for a while, trying to sleep, giving up and watching something, trying to sleep, etc. It is not helpful. Mostly, I’m sure a real person is going to break in and kill me. (Knife me perhaps!? Damn you London youth!) But I have slightly more silly ones too - as far as Who monsters that I actually think about when lying there, the stupid statues from Blink come to mind the most. Yuck.

Even though I’m not getting much sleep, I haven’t been late for work since Boss has been gone. So that bodes well for the future I hope. We’ll see. I’ve been helped along by my loving brother, who I called in panic on the day I got in trouble. He decided to start calling me, and he’s pretty much called me 90% of the mornings since then. He works closing, so he calls me around 3AM his time, and it works for both of us. I don’t know how long he plans to keep it up, but it’s really lovely. Usually I’m already up (although it is helpful) since I don’t know for sure if he’ll call, but it’s still a great way to wake up and it’s nice to have that simple little conversation in the morning as if we still live in the same country. Stupid boy! MOVE BACK!

ANYWAY, enough about my complete irrationality. The other weird thing about living alone is that I have no one to tell those silly little things you think of or see during the day. I also am at work alone these two weeks (Boss gets back next Wed) and so there’s really no one to talk to. (Not that I’m complaining about him being gone!)

Random things I’ve seen/thought about lately. )

Evil!Landlord finally gave our deposit back. Well, kind of. Out of £2100 he gave us back £1668. So pretty much he shaved almost $1000 off, for things like “cleaning” “jetwashing the back patio” and etc. Also, he bought a new bed (£120) since the one in Nicola’s room had a loose screw in the back. And charged about £80 for a stain on Juliet’s floor that she says was there when she moved in. Bastard. Seriously, I really really hate him. Technically it is still in dispute, but I don’t know if we are going to get any more money back then that. I doubt it. None of the listed extra problems were my room but I split it 3 ways even since the charged didn’t seem fair at all – might as well even out the jerkitude. Needless to say, the two newer tenants did not offer any money to cover the difference. In fact, they both ignored my email. Classy. Blech, at least it’s DONE. Next up? Finding new tenants for the extra rooms in the house I’m in. And then in Sept looking for a new place. Man I move a lot. Even just within this house, I have now lived in all three bedrooms. I started in the tiny one, then when Rach left I took hers, and now that Jessie’s gone I’ve transferred to hers since it is much bigger and has a double bed. As I moved I left stuff in all three rooms though, so I was in the whole house. The job this week has been condensing it all into the largest room so that I can start showing the house to prospective tenants.

Okay, I’m out. This turned out much longer then planned. I gotta eat some lunch.


Jun. 3rd, 2008 11:09 am
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It's Tuesday, so I'm back at work, back to normal. I guess.

The weekend was great, although my dad's retirement party was a bit of a letdown. He's been there 35 years, so I just kind of feel like it should have been something bigger than it was. At least he's not the type to take things personally, but I do feel like we didn't get involved enough or something. Of course, when you announce your retirement two weeks before the party and your kids live 2 hours and 2000 miles away, it's a bit difficult. So I don't know. I did give a little speech which was mostly off the cuff as they only asked me right before the thing started. But people laughed, so I'm calling it a sucess. Whatever. Anyway, if the ceremony was small, at least the food was great. I ate so much that I thought I was going to die afterwards, and it was possibly still worth it! When we got home my mom and I collapsed on either end of the couch with our books, so full we couldn't even have a cup of tea (!) and alternately read and napped for about three hours. Pure laziness.

Laziness was nice after Sat which was all cleaning. But I am finally free of the flat of doom! YAY! Well, almost free, as I am still paying final bills and giving meter readings, etc so we can get (most of) our deposit back. Surprise, surprise, evil!landlord wasn't satisfied with our cleaning of the flat, so he's going to take the charges for a professional cleaning service out of our deposit. Great. I kinda figured that though, even though we scrubbed tons and Katie's mom even came round to help. She did the oven and all the hard kitchen stuff, but he wasn't even happy with that. And of course I was the only one there, so didn't do a good job of fighting back. Oh well. We'll see how much money it is and then re-assess I suppose.

Sat night I got the rest of my stuff over to the new flat and then newflatmate and I, plus one of her friends, went to an awesome Indian restaurant. It was definitely worth re-visiting. It was also all the way out near Wembley, but since our only plan for the night included riding the tube, that wasn't a huge deal. Then we got on the district line and finally the circle line (where the party was supposed to be) with a few beers to see how it would go. We were leuisurely sipping ours, just chilled out and talking, but wondering where all these crazy, crazy tube-partiers where. Then we got off around High St Ken to see what was going on, and heard a ton of yelling. Turns out we were going the wrong way on the circle line! We went down the other stairs to find an entire train packed with yelling, drinking people (one guy mooned us) all knocking on the side of the train and wanting it to go. They had it delayed by 30 minutes or so - I have a feeling they delayed the line all night to discourage the party, wonder if it worked at all. Anyway, we took a few pics and then decided seeing it was enough, actually getting on the cars looked terrifying. So we left the tube and continued our (much calmer) party with another beer on the top of a double-decker. Then we went home and watched Dr Who on BBCi player. Which was AWESOME! So very excited for next week.

Monday I had taken off work, partly b/c of the retirement thing and partly because of my best friend from HS visiting. She lives in AK now, and had two others from there also visiting, so we went to Cambridge for the day. It's been ages since I've been there anyhow. We gave them the fast tourist day - the colleges, the market and a bit of punting down the Cam. (Which is basically like small Gondolas, only you get to do it yourself.) The guys turned out to be pretty good at punting - I think we only hit one wall and no one fell in, so that was good. (Actually, over many many years of taking many many people out on the Cam, we've only had one fall in, so that's pretty good I think. And that was in the part with the rapids under the bridge where you aren't really supposed to go.) Then we had a quick pint along the river and they dropped me at the train station so I could get back home, where I pretty much collapsed until I woke up for work this morning. Most of what I've been doing is socialising, but it sure takes it out of you!

Oh and look at my new userpic! I made it out of this old Absolut ad that was done by an artist with my family's name. No relation though, I don't think. (The novelist either. Too bad!)
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I'm still at work, and very annoyed. I got her at 8AM this morning, so I should have been able to leave early, however I’m still here, waiting for Virgin Media. We closed the flat account, so they were supposed to pick up our router and TV box today between 8 and 12. Well I called around 2 since they hadn’t come and the guy was all “oh, they have until 6 to come by” which totally isn’t true because they had given me the option of 8-12 or 12-6. But whatever. So here I am, still waiting. But it’s 20 to 6, so I kinda think they aren’t coming. And I’m supposed to meet people in the city at 6:30 for dinner – SO not happening. And now what happens? I call Virgin once it hits 6 and they give me a different day they can come by? What a complete and total pain. And how nice of my flatmates to be helping me deal with all this crap. Anyways, I’m totally bored and need to kill some more time so I think I'll bore you all in turn with the contents of my week.

And this is the way of it... )

Not too much else. On the TV front I finally got around to downloading the end of the season of Gossip Girl. I forgot how fabulous that show is! And I’m totally addicted to Jacob’s TWoP recaps of it too. He takes this show that so many people just look at as a guilty pleasure, and makes it into this thesis like examination of social attitudes and manages to find something important in every single choice the producers/directors/writers/actors have made. Now THAT is the way to watch television!

The Blahs

Apr. 30th, 2008 11:19 am
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I was in the mood this morning to write an upbeat happy post about what I did last night (it was exciting!) and then I got about three more emails concerning THE FLAT SITUATION THAT WILL NOT END. We were almost to the signing of the contract, which was supposed to happen Mon/Tues. And now it's happening Thurs (well maybe) and the landlord wants us to bring the rent in cash that day. The rent is due Friday. I don't want us carrying £1500 worth of cash around North London. I mean, um...raise your hand if that sound like a VERY bad idea. Anyway, he is saying no cash, he won't sign. Can he even say that? I'm so exhausted at this point I don't even care, but I'm attempting to drag S and K along in everything, and getting them to agree with the landlord and the estate agent is literally impossible. About anything. Too many egos...

Anyhow, at some point here I will do my happy post about last night. And maybe even include a picture of me and a Beefeater. Yes, it included Beefeaters. At 10PM. Now don't you really really want to know?!


Apr. 25th, 2008 10:24 am
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So first of all look at my new icon! [livejournal.com profile] adinarj that is the graphic I was talking about when we were discussing GG TWoP things. Anyway, I've been meaning to cut it down forever to make an icon, and I finally got around to it last night. I also uploaded about 15 other new ones and weeded out around 5. It was one of the many things I did to procrastinate packing for the weekend. I really hate to pack, even if it's for two days. I know, I'm ridiculous.

So I brought my suitcase with me to work this morning, which is always annoying. (I know it seems like I shouldn't have a whole case, but I'm bringing some things to leave at my parents. For one thing, a few decent clothes, since every time I go there I realise I have nothing I want to wear.) I hate commuting with luggage. On the bendy buses, on each side of the bend there is a space where two baby pushchairs can fit. And on the bus this morning, I had managed to get into one of those with my case. The other one was occupied by a guy who was kind of leaning against the wall, sprawled with his legs out. Then a lady got on with a pushchair. Did the guy move? Oh no. So I moved my suitcase to the other side so the lady could have my spot, and even then the guy didn't budge. He just let me stand on the edge, my bag poking into the aisle, and me trying not to have it fall over since there was nothing to rest it on. Jerk. I hate bad transport etiquette.

But whatever. On the yay! side I'm looking forward to a great weekend. The party should be fun and I'm excited to see everyone. Plus I want to get many hugs from my parents to make up for no hugging while I was all stressed this week! Logical? On that subject, the only update is that we will hopefully sign a lease Monday or Tuesday. Everyone seems to have reached a tentative truce, so hopefully that stays. K and I had a big conversation about how crazy and out of control everything has gotten and how all of us have had our moments where we went over the edge. So we're totally good now. And S is being a little more cheerful and normal, so that helps too.

In other random news, we've got a mini flame war going in the comments section of one of the virtual season episodes. Man, people are idiots.

Not much else, so to finish it off, here's the Meyers Briggs meme that my whole flist is doing...

Your Score: Freak- INFJ

(26% Extraversion, 60% Intuition, 40% Thinking, 53% Judging) )

It's funny that they say the type is so rare, because I'm the third person on my flist to get it. What does that say about LJ?! Also this description is perhaps better.
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So I got into work early today because it's a Jewish holiday so my boss took the day off. He wanted to meet with me as early as possible so that he could then go home. Whatever. I actually left my house just after 7, which got me here about 830, which is really freaking early to me. (Shut up all you people who work in US offices and schools.) That's a full hour and a half earlier than I am required to be here.


The main thing going on is sudden emails from my almostlawyer flatmate (Shahid) about our on-going lease (not)signing drama. He wrote to some barrister friend for advice, and also to the bond scheme people, and so today forwarded all that stuff to Katie and I. Things telling us to withhold rent and how the old tenants (me, Jul, Nic) should have also had to sign a form releasing the bond (which of course we never saw) and just basically I am kicking myself for how cavelier and casual we were about this whole thing. Seriously. We may have really and truly fucked ourselves. I keep trying to say to myself that the worst thing that can happen is not getting the bond back, but really, it's £2130, which is £710 each, and I'm just not at a place in my life where I can calmly write off £710, you know? That's almost $1500, like OMG. But withholding rent? They are saying that it would take him "six months through the courts" to actually get us out. So um...squatting I guess. NOT on my list of things I want on my CV. Blech I don't know. And when I start to think about it in any detail it makes me cry. I hate being grown-up. Why are people evil? WHO DOES THIS? I'm sure that £2000 is nowhere near as crucial for him as it is for us, and HELLO it's OUR MONEY.

Man, I really need to get some actual work done.
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Holy crap, this week just keeps getting worse. I started to write this out last night but quite frankly I was so upset that I never finished it. I did manage to have angry gchat with both [livejournal.com profile] basilm and [profile] adinarj so I’m going to use those to cobble together the rest of the entry. (I will however, spare you the large amount of cursing and mis-spellings as I typed madly!)


ENOUGH WITH THE DRAMA! Seriously, my life is a soap opera at the moment. So here's what happened today yesterday.

Mid-afternoon I got a text from Shahid saying the electrician had come and fixed the boiler. We have hot water! We have heat! Yay. I got off work 30 mins early and went out for dinner and a movie with Anna. It all went downhill from there.

I got home around 10 and all hell had broken loose. I walk in the door, and immediately, Katie and Shahid are all "you aren't going to like this." As far as I can tell, this is what had occurred:

I don’t want to be grown-up if this kind of crap is going to keep happening )

Stuff like this is not helpful on top of the insane work stress too. (BTW, isn’t it nice that I took some time out at work to WASTE IT and write this? Lovely.) [livejournal.com profile] basilm's advice about the whole thing? "You need a drink." Well yes, indeed I do!

I’ve had this entry open for hours now, so I’m posting. Updates later, I am sure.

Bah Humbug.

Apr. 1st, 2008 10:22 am
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I am not happy.

Last night, our internet didn't work. I should have called Virgin Media and complained, but quite frankly that never seems to work. It's been off a few times before and all they have said is "yes, there are issues in your area of London - they should be resolved soon". Gee and golly, Virgin is a such a great and helpful ISP. [/sarcasm]

Today, for no reason that I could see, TFL closed my bus-stop. I had to walk to the next one, along with a slew of other people. While I was walking, FOUR buses went by. That's insane. That many buses are never that close together. So of course once I got there it was ages before another one came. This wrecked havoc on my already fragile morning schedule.

Also? It was raining and I forgot my umbrella.

I'm crazy busy at work and I leave for Chicago (okay - yay!) in eight days. I should not be taking the five minutes of extra time to even write this. That's how busy I am.




Yesterday I called my landlord many times and only got his ansaphone. I finally got hold of him around 7:30, too late for him to call anyone about the heat/hot water. He is calling today and someone will come today or tomorrow. Thank God Shahid can take time off to meet someone at the flat because I certainly can't.

*mutters angrily*
*reluctantly goes back to work*
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Two entries in two days - huzzah!

So to cap off my very useful weekend, today I finished up two of the freelance tax returns I am doing. Yay for productivity!

Anna came over for later lunch/early dinner and to watch Seinfeld (her DVDs are region 1, so she keeps watching them at my place). We did stirfry, watched three episodes, and hung out for many hours. Good fun. Then my new flatties came home and we had a mini crisis.

I went to wash our dishes and realised there was no hot water. Sometimes this just means the boiler needs to be reset - God knows why - so here goes... I turn everything off and do just that. No go. We realise the heat isn't on. We check the water pressure (the internal value) and turn that up a bit so it is fully in the green. Still no dice. So after one last reset I go for my last ditch effort, which is to take the front off the boiler and try to re-ignite the flame that way. STILL NO FLAME. This has never happened, so I call the landlord. One 12 minute conversation later I learn that I should never take the front off (it's too dangerous!) even though that's how it got fixed before, that I should just use the reset button on the front (DONE THAT YOU IDIOT) and the water pressure valve (CHECKED THAT TOO) and that if that all doesn't work then it must be something simple I am missing. Oh, thanks. Smug bastard. He's in NY, so I'm supposed to call him tomorrow if it still isn't on. The only good thing that came out of this conversation was flat-mate bonding as I put him on speaker phone as he blathered on for 12 minutes about his many properties and responsibilities and I kept saying "sure" and "okay, well then" as I tried desperately to end the conversation. Eventually I got of the phone, we tried resetting it again, and then finally gave it up as a bad job and went to the pub instead.

The pub being our local just down the street (The Shakespeare) which is always rammed and we really don't go to enough. It's a nice little place. So we spent a couple hours there, the four of us having some drinks and getting to know each other. Good fun, and making me realise that I really do like my new flatmates. I think it's all going to be okay.

On the other hand, we got home and there is still no heat or hot water. What a fun phone conversation I'm going to have tomorrow morning.
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It's 2:30 AM. I actually got home around 12:30 tonight, and I was planning on sorting a few things out and just generally cleaning up to get ready for tomorrow when I have people coming round for lunch. That is not what I did. Instead, I have been standing in the kitchen for almost two hours talking to my new flatmate (Shahid) about anything and everything. The conversation started with whether he liked his workmates (who he just been out with) and ended with a discussion of global warming causing flooding in Bangladesh. Riiiight. This is (mostly) how we got there:

Workmates (he's a solicitor)
Work do's and networking
difference b/w solicitors and barristers
difference b/w UK and US legal systems
difference b/w UK and US tax systems
US foreign policy
the US election
Clinton, Bush and their decisions
the fall of the dollar, rise of the euro and the reasons behind it
smaller regions' roles (including the Balkins RACH!)
9/11 and the underground bombings
targeting and media focus on Muslims in UK
targeting and media focus on Americans (and their foreign policy) in UK
role of Muslims in the UK (he's Muslim)
role of Muslims in the US
Muslim/Asian identity in the UK and US
difference b/w UK and US opinions on religion
difference b/w UK and US opinions on immigrants
difference b/w UK and US opinions on race
difference b/w UK and US opinions on accent
importance of accents to UK barristers
how you can "sound" Asian even if raised British
Bangladesh (he was born there)
global warming creating floods in Bangladesh

I am now seriously exhausted. This is why I mostly just talk about fandom! It's so much easier. But hey, this is by far the longest I have talked to him ever, and it was certainly a real conversation. That can only be positive for flatmate relations, right?

And now I need to put my laundry away so that Kathleen doesn't make horrified noises tomorrow when she (inevitably) inspects my bedroom.
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So my brother called me at 8:30 AM this morning (I was on my way to work) to tell me that he thinks he broke a rib. HE THINKS HE BROKE A RIB. I mean what is that? He was playing football (soccer) and had some kind of collision. He's in like four leagues, and one of them had some sort of tournament yesterday, and this was the result. I didn't even know what to say to that. I mean what am I supposed to do with that information? A rib. Riiiiight. I don't know, I told him to go to the doctor, he says he's gonna wait a few days and see how it feels. He's been looking up how it should feel on the internet (YEE GADS!) and it seems to be in line with however his feels. He also says he's calling mom tonight to talk to her about it, so we'll see what her opinion is. Also, considering his job consists of going up and down stairs carrying lots of stuff (or at least part of his job does) I'm not sure how that's going to work out. He has the next few days off since he worked the weekend, but that's only a grace period, you know? At least he doesn't care about this job. Perhaps he will have to quit while he recovers and thus will be forced to get a job where he, I don't know, actually USES HIS MASTERS DEGREE? But I digress.

In other news, Nicola moved out this weekend and Shahid moved in. I can't say I've talked to him tons yet, but he seems alright. Juliet and I finally got the 411 on his job, and (pausing to think of an American translation) basically he's a paralegal in training to be a DA. I think I got that right. Anyway, right now he works at the (back to Brit-speak) Magistrates. He put up with two Greys Anatomy episodes in a row last night while he was ironing, so I consider that pretty impressive. I have trouble with too much of that show - and I'm a girl!

We're still looking for someone to take Juliet's room, but we have time since she doesn't leave until March 20th. We have four (!) girls coming tonight, so hopefully one of them will suit. It's so annoying, this whole business. And even more annoying is the fact that just two months after we get all this sorted out I will have to be on the other end of it, searching for a new place myself. Because seriously? I CANNOT do this commute much longer. 75 minutes is too long, especially since I could live farther out of town, closer to work, and probably pay lower rent or have a nicer place. Win, win, win. (Well, except for the part where I have to move.)

That's all I've got. But guys - my bro thinks he broke a rib. WTF?
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Basically I'm killing time until 1AM when I should post about the virtual season.  No episode this week...just a snippet, but I'm the only one who's free to post.  So 40 mins and then I can go to bed.  Yay!  I'm actually tired, but I think that's mostly b/c I'm tipsy from my night out with [profile] teaatsix.  We met for a drink to exchange bday presents, and of course one drink turned into three and I hadn't had dinner or a proper lunch, so...there you go.  It was fun though.  And evidently there is another Heroes con in September, so I'm giving serious thought to that!  Hmmm, let's see what else I have to report?

1.  I got my money back after the Oscars debacle.  I called Virgin at 8AM (as soon as they were open) on Monday morning and complained.  It took crying (beasts) but I did get them to refund the money.  They weren't slow about turning the movie channels off either - bastards!

2.  I think I might end up going to Chicago in April for my friend's wedding.  I wasn't planning to go, but I talked to him today and he said he would give me one of his buddy passes (he works for AA) so I can fly mega cheap.  Also, my brother said he probably could fly down and meet me for the weekend.  PLUS, my boss seems okay about giving me the time off despite it being near a tax deadline (well, really June 15th is our deadline, but still).  Those three things point to it being very likely that I will go.  YAY!  Any excuse to go to the States, basically.

3.  We have one new flatmate sorted out and for the other we are looking.  Nicola had a hard time getting someone for her room b/c it's mega small, so she pretty much said yes to the first guy who said he wanted it.  I hope he's okay (I only met him for like 5 mins) because I'm the one who has to live with him.  Juliet just listed hers yesterday, but it should be easy to get someone since it's bigger, so hopefully we can be pickier.  I said I wanted a girl b/c I don't want to live with two guys.  We had 2 people yesterday and a few more are coming towards the end of the week.  Ju wants to get it over and done with, but I want a good flatmate, so we'll see.  In any case, I'm moving out at the beginning of June, so it's only 3 months.  As long as the person isn't a murderer, I figure I can deal with anyone for that period of time!

4.  I am FINALLY going to see Juno tomorrow.  It only came out here a few weeks ago, but then Rach ([profile] basilm) and I had planned to see it together, and we couldn't find a day, so it kept getting delayed.  But we are going tomorrow after work.  Yay!  I'm sure at this point there is no way for it to live up to the hype, but oh well, what can you do?

5.  I'm going by the Embassy on Thurs to turn some stuff in for a client.  I'm really excited to see everyone and catch up, but not looking forward to having to stand in line.  Last time I was there all the guards were like "wait, you don't work here anymore?" and it was weird.

6.  Payday is Friday.  Yay.

That's all I have for now.  I guess I'll find something to watch for 30 minutes before I need to post...


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