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We've found a good internet cafe in Durban (same one as before) and we have a few down days so it's a good time to catch up and catch our breath after a very emotional time.

Been a wild couple of days, driving to Rustenberg (ugh) for USA match and then Bloemfonteng (didn't spellcheck) for the England one. Don't even know what to say about the Eng/Germ match. Ran the full gamut of emotions in just 90 minutes. It was painful to be right there watching it, esp as we were in the 5th row, directly on goal and could easily see that it was well in. It wasn't the best view for full watch matching, but perfect for being an amateur (better than the profs?) linesman. We were celebrating like insane people, actually up on our chairs jumping, screaming and waving the flags, and then it was disallowed. It's rough to sit there in the stadium after, feeling all that, while around you there is celebration. And as for our boys, well is it too much to ask for a little drive and PASSION? I think not. The fans have it, so why don't they? We've traveled all this way, and they barely protest a bad call or even look upset at the end of the match when they're out? Sickening.

I'm just so discouraged with English football right now. And I don't even have the time to start on the rant I've got going about technology inclusion into the sport and FIFAs antiquated notions in general. goes on and we still have almost a week in South Africa! I definitely have to say what a fantastic job the country has done with the cup. We've only had one bad experience with a stadium/place not being able to handle the influx (Rustenberg) and everywhere else has been top class. Also the people have been welcoming, friendly and helpful.

I guess for the rest of the tournie I have to say my moneys on the Dutch now that we're out. Maybe it's finally their year? If not them then the Spanish I guess. But please let Holland kick Brazil out next round!
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Okay I don't have time to write a proper update as we are just in an internet cafe and I think about to leave, but [ profile] silly_cleo was bugging me about it on twitter (love you really!) and so I have decided to just cobble together all the email/FB/twitter updates that I just did and that will be info enough! There will be some repetition though - sorry for the lack of editing.


Trip is FANTASTIC! Small safari bit in PE was good and as well as all the matches we have been to. SA is really beautiful and (fingers crossed) no sign of trouble as yet. We are going to the USA match tomorrow and then the England one the next day - both their round of 16 efforts. Pretty excited about seeing England v Germany, so resigned to how that turned out, hope it will be epic as they are picking up their game. The Slovenia match was pretty tense and we were right off the goal so had a perfect view of Defoe's.


Hi! We are jumping online quickly at an interenet cafe in Durban. this is the first time we hve checked it since we were in cape town with the wi-fi. Its been a bit dodgy on being able to find access. Everthing is great so far, we have been to three games, adn two were england (sorry for the mistakes this keyboard is weird and i am in a hurry) the second england game was a lot better thant he first - very tense despite the lack of goals, but some good chances adn i can't believe they didn't score again. we are going to see the USA/ghana match tomorrow and then the next england one the next day. We have seen drew and his friends at severl matches so that was good.

Also the elephant park was awesome. we drove around and saw tons of animals close up, although not any predators as they don't have many of those. we also went to ride elephants which turned out to be great - we got to feed them as well and it was amazing they are so lareg and interesting up close. lots of good pictures too!


Trip is FAB! SA is beautiful & (fingers crossed) no troub yet. Going to USA tmrw & Eng next day - both R16. Slovenia match tense & right off goal, perfect view of Defoe's. Excited abt seeing Eng/Ger, hope for epic, but will see. Ran into Martin Tyler(!) @ Durban airprt & he said thot
Eng had good chance as Ger team young versus our boys (older, exp). He did admit that might
just be his Eng bias tho!


Hope you're enjoying the Cup over there in the UK. England v Germany is an absolutely ridiculous match up for the second round; talk about history. If all goes well, we could be playing Argentina in the next round too which would mean meeting our two biggest international rivals in one World Cup: unthinkable. We're having a great time over here. I guess Jenn gave you a pretty good synopsis of how everything's going over here. We've been watching a lot of football of course but we've managed to see a lot of the country too I think. We had a great time in Port Elizabeth and the Addo Elephant Park. Now we're going to be travelling on the road for two days to see the USA and England matches. I really hope we'll be celebrating on the return journey or it'll be a quiet drive back. As far as safety is concerned, we've not seen or heard anything that would worry us in any way. I've been to far dodgier places as far as I'm concerned. Cape Town and Durban are so cosmopolitan you could be in Europe, and Port Elizabeth's suburbs on the coast were the same way even if the city center had a more 3rd world feel. There have been crowds everywhere though and we've been very comfortable everywhere we've been. The people here have been amazing too. Everyone everywhere we've been has been incredibly welcoming and in great spirits. I wasn't sure how South Africans were taking the hosting of this Cup but the people seem to be truly excited about their visitors and the event. The organisation has been top notch too. Parking lots, venues, public areas, our accomodations and everything in between has been really well organised and planned for. They were definitely ready for us.


Guess that gives you a picture! Actual pictures when I get back - we have taken millions and have tons of good ones already.


Jun. 18th, 2010 10:47 am
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I've written approximately five million entries in my head and none actually on the computer, so bully for me. I mean to actually post before I left the UK, but it didn't happen. Instead, this is coming to you live from Cape Town, South Africa!!

JUST TO SAY, THIS JOURNAL IS ON HIATUS UNTIL JULY 6TH!!! I'm in SA for the World Cup - 4 England matches as long as we keep winning, and 2 others.

See you all on the other side.
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So it's all about the transport stories today. I was writing this entry in my head during my commute to work this morning, and I kept thinking of more and more things to report, all of which seemed to be in some way connected to London transport or things I had seen while on it. Weird. Or perhaps, as Aleks told [ profile] basilm and I when we were in Athens, we are just unable to stop thinking or talking about the London transport system? She said it was's hoping you don't agree!

As a teaser, if you click through then I'll explain this picture: )

p.s. [ profile] filo77 if you're out there, I'm so sad that you appeared not to see the picture I posted just for you a few entries back. Go look! Caaaaaaake.


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