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* watched the last round of the World Cup
* had two picnics (Alex Park & St James Park) & played croquet
* celebrated two friend's bdays
* been in two pub quizzes (one of which we WON!)
* been to book club
* bought tickets for a 2nd Adam Lambert concert in Boston (um..right, well we're there already, so why not?!)
* seen FIVE movies at the cinema! (Wild Target, Eclipse, SATC2, Inception & Toy Story 3)
* trekked out to Heathrow to say goodbye to my parents
* spent hours on Skype sorting out my USA trip
* been to see HAIR with the Lambrits girls
* had dinner/drinks/etc with lots of people to catch up
* read lots of [ profile] kradambigbang and commented YAY!
* spent hours bugging everyone I know (online & in RL) about whether I should get an HTC or an iphone (and WHICH iphone, new or old?) - opinions anyone?
* been into two CPW, one phones4u and one Orange shop to ask phone questions (guy in last shop: " may be taking this a bit too seriously. It is just a phone, you know.")

* uploaded the pictures to FB (yeah...working on this!)
* written up my 12 of 12 post (ditto)
* talked to my brother for more then ten mins at a time (but I'll see him again in August, yay!)
* made a choice about the phone thing
* slept, like, AT ALL

Basically it's been a pretty awesome two weeks. My trip feels a million miles away, but it was awesome too. I doubt I'll manage to get any more of a synopsis up at the rate I'm going, but hopefully I'll manage to put up pics soon. I'm such a bum! Anyway, I'll link it on here once I get to it.

I'm taking a late lunch here, so on the very bright side I now only have a few hours of work left. Then [ profile] lazyclaire and I are doing dinner at ours as a goodbye before she goes to France for three weeks. Tomorrow I'm off to Devon for the weekend for a final house goodbye & bonding weekend since Nick and Julie are going to the USA FOR GOOD on Monday. :( Next up: figuring out new tenants (currently we have subletters) and sorting out renewing the lease. Fun!
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I voted!  I actually went and voted in a primary - and I got to do it in person.  I didn't just mail something in, I filled out a form and stuck it in a box.  How very very exciting it all is!  SQUUEEEE!  This is the first year ever they are doing this "democrats abroad" primary, and we get our own delegates people.  Not tons, okay it's only like 11, but WE GET THEM.  We don't have to vote in our separate state (whatever state you supposedly belong to) and wait for ballots in the mail and etc.  We can vote online!  We can vote in person!  We can vote!  YAY!


Seriously though, it is very cool.  [ profile] basilm and I met up after work and went out to the place where they were doing it, not quite sure what to expect.  We found it as soon as we got there though, because the tube guy heard us talking and pointed us in the right direction.  There was a line around the block, although it was moving very fast.  And people were in hats, with signs!  There were news cameras and everything.  I have literally never seen anything like it.  People - voting from abroad is boring.  You send in your vote by mail and you know it doesn't matter anyway because they only count them in case of an insanely close election (okay they counted them last time! go figure).  But this was the real deal.  It was show up and people are all talking about it and there's a ~community~.  I actually didn't realise how excited I would be by it all, but listen to me now.  People, I wore a Hillary hat on the tube on the way back.  That is just...not me.  I am the queen of "don't draw attention to yourself on the tube", "don't talk, don't let people hear your accent".  It's just how I roll.  But I wore a hat out in public that proudly proclaimed "I am (kind of) American".  Um, wow.  This is about as patriotic as I get!  (Unless it's the World Cup - but then it's patriotic for my other country, so that doesn't count for this.)  So anyway, when we got inside people were all around with signs and hats and buttons and chanting.  And there were speeches.  And we registered to vote in the general election.  (Sadly it will be by mail in the regular old way.)

After the voting we didn't hang around too long because I had to hightail it up north (well, north of where we were) to go to my friend Phil's pancake party.  He and his two flatmates were having a party for pancake day (which [ profile] basilm says she has never heard of - she claims it's a weird British thing).  I managed to drag her along, and we had a good time, if somewhat strange.  There were a bunch of random people there who I didn't know, so we mostly just socialized with a few.  But the pancakes (crepes really) were quite yummy - two courses savory and then sweet.  Also we played guitar hero, so that was a big win.  I've been wanting to play for ages.  Phil kicked my ass (98% to my 52%) but then he does actually play the guitar, so there you go.  Plus, after two rounds he took pity on me and said we should play as a team (band?) rather than competing.  That didn't go so well though, as my lack of skills got us booed off the stage twice!  However, I felt like 50% was decent for a first try - especially since I am in no way musical nor do I play computer games.  However, if we had been playng Wii tennis, it would have been a different story.  I kick all kinds of ass at that.

So yeah, it was a good day.  Also, even before all that I got a ton of stuff done at work.  My boss is leaving tomorrow to spend a few days in Spain, so we are trying to get everything set up for me on my own.  It was a productive Monday, and then a super fun after work day.  Let's just see how the rest of the week lives up to that...  


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