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It's almost 3AM and I have to work tomorrow and I just cannot seem to make myself go to sleep. Instead I'm messing around on Twitter and AIM and reading fanfic and whatever else I can do to waste a little time. I'm still on such a high from the Adam Lambert concert.

Seriously, you guys it was SO AMAZING! He's incredible live, his voice sounded great, he was so funny talking in between, the crowd was insane, etc etc. I can't believe it's over and done with, because it just went so quickly. He did: For Your Entertainment, Music Again, Strut, Whataya Want From Me, Sleepwalker, Fever, and If I Had You. And just because I'm bored and don't want to sleep yet, have some pics from the concert.

[ profile] jayintheclouds. I am WAY too short to have been able to see that well!!">
For Your Entertainment

Music Again

Music Again




Sleepwalker? (not sure)

So yeah, pretty awesome. Also awesome? Random fan meet-ups. We got into the venue a few hours early (the line was AROUND THE BLOCK - people had lined up in the morning or something??) and so we had a bunch of time to kill before it started. The crowd was a bit weird, not proper gig-ish exactly, all bunched to the front and super intense. Anyway we stood around talking, etc and then this girl behind [ profile] silly_cleo and I started talking to us (I think asking about support acts? if there was one?) and then said "so are you guys from the internet?" We pretty much just looked at each other and cracked up, because how do you even respond to that? But yes, indeed, we pretty much are, if LJ and Twitter and goodness knows what else are any indication. I was a little worried she meant the Adam fansites, since EVERYONE I have met so far has been from them. But no! She meant LJ! And Kradam! So we chatted, and then went for LJ names, and it turned out she was [ profile] bexless (*waves hi*), which um, OMG amazing, b/c HELLO HER FIC! But I feel I have flailed enough on this in person and possibly in Twitter after ([ profile] risti and I are not subtle) so I won't do it here.

But I love that! A random person in the audience behind me was a fanfic writer I like and respect, and also turned out to be a totally funny awesome person to kill an hour or so with before the show. There was much squeeing, discussion of AI fic and bandom (shut up, AI RPF IS A GATEWAY DRUG) and various other fannish pursuits. (Also Bex can you tell me the LJ name of your bf? Because we totally forgot it.) Good times were had by all and etc. (Also you guys go read her fic - this one especially (Apples are not the only fruit) b/c it's a classic.)

One more thing, a very un-awesome thing that happened at the end of this all. Basically I am an idiot. I borrowed Isla's camera today for various dumb reasons, and then of course did not use it at all b/c I was too busy, you know, enjoying the concert. But what I did manage to do was crack the screen. I seriously couldn't see ANYTHING (you guys I am 4'9") and so I decided to give myself another two inches by standing on my bag. Stupidly I did not remove anything (including Isla's camera, my ipod or my phone) from said bag. And guess what happened? The only thing not belonging to me got broken. So I guess I owe Isla a new camera. TOTALLY SUCKS. I hope she isn't too mad at my sheer idiocy. So yeah, not the best end to an otherwise awesome night, but certainly a reminder that I DO NOT THINK despite supposedly being a grown-up. Ah well.

In conclusion, yay fandom! I will now allow myself to read one fic and then go to bed. :)
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It's 11PM. I have to leave at 6:30AM tomorrow morning (yay!) and I am in no way packed. I got home from work at 7, then we had a girl come by and look at the room, then I ate dinner, then I read a book. And now here I am. 11PM! This is in no way surprising, but I'm still pissed at myself.

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In weird and random news, my hands are stained orange from hennaing hair last night. Last time I did my own hair, I forgot gloves, and they got a little orange but it was mostly gone by morning. Well, it turns out that the difference between just doing your own hair with no gloves, and doing two people's hair plus stopping in the middle to make more henna, is BRIGHT orange hands. It's pretty hilarious looking actually.

In house news, we have signed the lease and paid all our money. Both Seb and I have sent in references, so now we're just waiting. We should be able to pick up the keys on Friday and move in this weekend! It happened so fast.

Our couchsurfers of the moment are great. I'm pretty sure we're going to be friends - they are moving to London - so that's exciting. It already feels like we've known them for a really long time, plus there has been fandom talk, so the barriers are down...

Leaving work now to go to karaoke! And sushi before that! Yay! We're all themed and stuff.

Heroes premiere tonight!

Hmmm. Lots of exclamation points in this post. I have certainly been cheerful lately. I guess things are just going well at the moment.


Jun. 26th, 2008 06:03 pm
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I just spilled dark nail polish on my good brown dress pants!! No online tips are working whatsoever. DAMN IT!!!!

nail polish remover
bug spray

What say you, flist? Can anyone help???
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I'm cleaning my room to get ready for the arrival of Cat and Jared tomorrow morning.  So this entry is mostly just a quick procrastination method.  I may be 27, but I still hate cleaning my room!

You might notice that in the above sentences I said they were getting here tomorrow.  Yes, once again.....Jenn is an idiot (TAH-DAH!).  For three weeks now I have thought they were getting here on the 20th.  She FINALLY sent the actual flight plans last night; turns out they leave on the 20th and get here on the 21st.  Riiiiiight.  Good thing I bugged her to send them, otherwise my ass would have been at Heathrow at 7AM today.  And I would NOT have wanted to go back tomorrow.  So a narrow escape all round.  On the bright side, it gave me one more day to get everything all spic and span and Mary Poppins like for them.  Room's almost there...

In other news, as I have been cleaning I have found something ridiculous.  My room is a phone graveyard.  Seriously, it's insane.  There are seven mobile phones in my room, and five of them actually work!  This is what I have:

1. My current phone (Orange contract sim)
2. My old phone (no sim)
3. My older phone before that (Orange pay-as-you-go sim)
4. Rachel's old phone that she traded me for the new one I got free when I signed my last contract (Orange pay-as-you-go sim)
5. Trevor's (my bro's) old phone (no sim)
6. Marie's old phone (Virgin pay-as-you-go sim)
7. David's old phone (Tmobile pay-as-you-go sim)

Heh - you can totally tell that Orange is my preferred network.  I guess the abundance is basically due to people giving me their old phones when they leave because they don't know what to do with them.  And the only two that are nice phones (camara phones) are #1 and #2.  #3 and #5 are very serviceable, #4 is just barely, and #6 and #7 are frankly quite crap.  I should just recycle them.  The ringer on #7 doesn't even work.  Actually, since #2 is locked to Tmobile but is a great phone, I should move the sim from #7 to it - that should work.

ANYHOW, I just wanted to say how silly and weird it is.  I actually have all the chargers and everything for them too.  Anyone need a phone?  I might be able to hook you up...

And now back to the cleaning.  Bah Humbug.
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So today I made ginger cookies (okay, not gingerbread b/c I still don't have a cutter or the right kind of vinegar, ANYWAY) and I used black treacle, which turned out to be the closest thing to molasses.  (As in, thick, black and sticky like tar.)  And while I was making said cookies I was using a recipe online and also talking to my brother on skype.  So that means my computer was in the kitchen.  Which, ok, stupid - but you know how it is with a laptop?  You just get used to lugging it everywhere, and it's not like you aren't concerned with its safety, but you kind of figure you are enough of an adult to deal with it and not mess it up.  Is this true of Jenn?  OH NO.  People, here we go:


I am an idiot.  Now, as you can see from the fact that I am doing this entry (and it's the only computer I own) said computer is still working.  I got a cloth with hot water and wiped it up immediately and most of the scary amount of treacle came away with the cloth.  But it went UNDER THE KEYS PEOPLE.  UNDER THE FRAKKING KEYS OF MY MACBOOK PRO.  (Okay, forgive the caps but I'm a little upset.  There is no one here to complain to except my brother who already got a full earful of cursing over skype.)  So right now the keyboard works, but the H key and the N key are very very tight and sticky.  The H key is the worst.  Every time I press it, it just kind of STAYS DOWN and then slowly slowly eases up.  This seriously freaks me out.  I'm taking it to the Mac store tomorrow.  Perhaps they have a way to pry the keys up and clean them?  I don't know, I didn't want to experiment.

Geez.  What a thing to happen.  I'm an idiot for sure.
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So today was a boring day at work, but that's mostly because it was the Friday before a bank holiday, so half our staff was off. The office was SO quiet; it was freaky. Also, I was really looking forward to tonight, so the time went slowly. And then after work I went and met up with [ profile] vegi_b and [ profile] biscottimoment(Ina). YAY! I love meeting TWoPers in RL. Well, actually this was pretty much my first time, but it was so much fun. We just hung out, found a cafe, spent about an hour on public transport (lovely London), shopped for junk food, and then went back to mine to veg out. We watched Buffy and GG and ate poptarts. How cool is that? I actually got to watch GG with people who appreciate and love it - probably a first for me. And we are definitely hanging out more before they leave. So that's definitely a high. (Although you should have heard my mom when I said I was going to meet people I knew from the internet. She was so worried!)

And then to bring it all back down to Earth, I think I got my phone stolen today. It's missing, and I can't think of another time I had it out/place it would be. I'm going to call the cafe we were at tomorrow (once I get a phone to call with) and check, but I don't hold out much hope. For some reason I'm almost sure that it has been stolen - I just have this weird feeling about it. Stupid London. At least I have fairly recently emptied it of photos/videos. I'm not very good about noting people's numbers in other places though, so now I'm going to have to use email and facebook to rebuild my list. What a pain! Really the thing I feel the worst about is all the old text messages on there. I know it's stupid, but I'm kind of sentimental about things like that. It's always getting full, because I only delete the really inconsequential ones. Anyway, if it did get stolen, it totally sucks! Although I have to say - at least it wasn't my whole handbag. That would have been far far worse. Bah humbug!

Back to highs, just a note to say that V-fest was incredible. A picspam is coming your way just as soon as I manage to retrieve the proper camera cords from my parents' house so I can actually put them on my computer.

Oh, and happy birthday [ profile] wiscck! I hope your day was all highs and no lows!


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