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Date Revised: January 31, 2011
Books Read: 9
Pages Read: 2788
Average Pages: 310
Projected Books: 108
Goals: 100 books, at least 12 non-fiction (yet again)

I'm trying something new, so to see my books read this year, check my Goodreads 2011 list.

Monthly Book Stats 2011
9 books / 2788 pages

Fiction: 0
Young Adult: 4
Middle Grade: 5
Non-Fiction: 0
*Re-reads: 4

9 / 100 books. 9% done!

Total Movies: 13
At Home: 5
In Cinemas: 8
*Rewatches: 3

Movie List 2011 )

Previous Book & Movie Lists: 2008 (61B), 2009 (60B), 2010 (56B/60M)
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Books Read: 56
Pages Read: 18300
BPM: 5
PPM: 1525
Average Pages: 327
Goals: 100 books, at least 12 non-fiction (some year I will manage this – too bad really long fanfic doesn’t count!).............EPIC FAIL.

Book List 2010 )

52 / 100 books. 52% done!

Previous Book Lists: 2008 (61), 2009 (60)

Total Movies: 60
At Home: 34
In Cinemas: 26
*Rewatches: 30

Movie List 2010 )
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Books Read: 60
Pages Read: 20266
BPM: 5
PPM: 1689
Average Pages: 338
Goals: 100 books, at least 12 non-fiction [FAIL!]

Book List 2009 )

60 / 100 books. 60% done!

Previous List: 2008 (61)
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Books Read: 61
Pages Read: 22,612
BPM: 5
PPM: 1884
Average Pages: 371

Book List 2008 )

61 / 100 books. 61% done!

Okay I love stats! Leave me alone.
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Yay it's Friday! And there's so much going on. I just feel really cheerful today, which is great. Also, it's after 4, so I can go home soonish!

Things currently making me happy:

1. The plans with the house are moving along. We got the lease today so we'll sign that this weekend. Also, I filled out all the reference form stuff, so that should be going through. I'm not worried about it, it just needed to get done.

2. We are having couchsurfers and it's fun! One girl just left today - she was nice and easy to get along with. We didn't do much, although we did drag ourselves out to dinner last night. It's been a chill week actually. We have two more coming tonight, and they sound great. I've been emailing back and forth with the one girl, and she seems like someone we could be friends with. They are actually moving to London, so it would be very cool if we all got along.

3. My mom keeps sending me political emails, so we've had a lot of back and forth lately. She sent me this quote thing earlier today and I wrote back with some of my opinions. She just sent back one line - "I raised you well!" - which totally cracked me up. I love my mom.

4. Also on the political front, we might do some more canvassing this weekend.

5. The radio station we have on at work has been having some kind of retrospective, and they had an hour of Backstreet Boys songs. So I've been singing along to all this music that I loved like ten years ago but haven't listened to in years. Man, I used to love BSB back in the day!

6. We (the nano-ers) are going to karaoke on Monday and the couchsurfers are coming.

7. I borrowed Rach's conditioner because I turned out to be allergic to mine. It's totally awesome! It's this and I am totally buying some as soon as I can find it. It smells great and my hair feels awesome.

8. I looked around online yesterday for shelters for kittens in London. I'm so excited to finally adopt one after talking about it for so long!

9. We are SO CLOSE to the virtual season premiere. I need to write the promo for the first episode this weekend - so that should go up Tuesday. And then we premiere on the 30th! The season arcs are done, the episode storylines are coming along, and it just all looks so good.

10. Well it's friday! That's enough, right?

Life just feels busy and happy and good. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

ETA. One thing that is raining on my parade - my boss's political opinions, which he keeps talking about and I am trying not to argue with him about. (He thinks Obama has a secret agenda. He thinks global warming is due to the Earth and nothing to do with human's actions. He like Sarah Palin. HE LIKES PALIN. ARGH!) Now trying to focus on the ten good things above...
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Lazy person post!

The BAD: My holiday is over. I was back at work as of yesterday, so it’s life as normal.
The GOOD: My bed is comfy and it’s nice to have clean clothes on!
The BAD: I still have to book flights for the Costa Rica trip. I'm trying to figure out where in the US I'm going to stop through. New Jersey? Atlanta? Chicago? Washington DC? Texas? All are right now up for debate. I guess it partly depends on price. Or hey, anyone up for a virtual season people meetup? :)
The GOOD: I picked up my MacBookPro from the Apple Store and it’s all fixed and shiny. They replaced the logic board and the screen itself, which is very exciting. The receipt said it would have been almost £1000 so thank goodness for applecare!
The BAD: Work is in disarray because the second round of renovations (new bathroom, new stairs, torn out walls) have begun upstairs. It’s noisy and annoying.
The GOOD: My boss is off to Spain for a week as of today! So I had about two days of him, which was just about perfect, and now I get another break.
The BAD: While he’s gone I have to let the workmen in, which means getting here at 830 and leaving the house at 730. UGH. (I know that’s not early for some people – shut up!)
The GOOD: I get to leave early since I’m getting in early.
The BAD: I am trying to catch up on stuff (I mean non-work stuff) but I’m so far behind! I did google reader and the virtual season dragonfly stuff (look! New design - ) but haven’t even made it through a portion of my flist. I’m on skip=300 right now!
The GOOD: I’m going home this weekend. I haven’t seen my parents in ages it seems. They left for the US two months ago. Also Kathleen! She keeps writing mean things on my facebook wall…
The BAD:??
The GOOD: I’m going to see Mamma Mia tonight finally! My parents saw it in the States (not really knowing anything about it) and they both loved it. My dad waxed lyrical to me on the phone, which was really cute.
The BAD:??
The GOOD: I have been rewatching Gossip Girl season one and I’m totally excited for the new season! It is one of the first shows to come back, and it’s only about two weeks away right now, so that’s awesome.

Hmmm, I ran out of bad things there at the end, which can only be positive. Let me leave you with the conversation I had with my local friendly library when I tried to check out (well put my name on the waiting list for) Breaking Dawn:

ME: Hi. I was wondering if you had any copies of Breaking Dawn?
ME: (feeling stupid and suddenly blanking on the name) You know, the new book by….um….(finally getting it) Stephanie Meyers?
LIBRARIAN: …? (long pause) Oh, you mean those teenage books?
ME: (slightly embarrassed) Yes. I figured you might have a waiting list I could put my name on.
LIBRARIAN: (looking at catalogue) The list is pretty long. (gives me a card) You have to fill this out. Which one was it again?
ME: Breaking Dawn
LIBRARIAN: I don’t see it – what number is that?
ME: It’s the 4th one.
LIBRARIAN: Oh. Well, we don’t even have that in the catalogue yet, but one copy is ordered. You’ll probably be waiting a while. There are a lot of people much younger than you who are waiting to read it.
ME: (getting more embarrassed) Oh that’s fine. I just…didn’t want to spend money on it.
LIBRARIAN: (emphatically) No! I should think not. (pausing) You know, they are teenage books.
ME: (totally embarrassed by now, handing over card) Um, yeah, I know. Okay thanks. (shuffling out)

Geez! I mean was all that necessary? I never said they were great literature, but I kinda do want to know what happens! Is there a law that says you can’t read stuff that’s not in your age range? And one copy! Oh Finchley. I wonder if I’ll have to wait like a year?!


Jul. 29th, 2008 03:23 pm
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So much to do! This is not very exciting so feel free to ignore.


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I'm feeling uncommonly cheerful (although a bit bored at work) so I felt like a list of good things:

1. The weather is beautiful. It's like it finally woke up and decided Spring could come. I'm still carrying a jacket but I'm not wearing it - I'm walking around in short sleeves. And I wore sandals today! Today is a high of 25!!! (That's like mid-70's, Americans.) Although I just looked at the five day forecast to get that number, and it says it will rain tomorrow. Boo.

2. I'm going to Athens tomorrow night! Rach ([ profile] basilm is already there with Aleks, and I'm joining them soon, soon, soon!

3. I've been watching Bones S2 and loving it. I'm actually having a hard time making myself go slow, but mostly I'm rotating it, American Dreams S3, FNL (still) S1, 30 Rock S1 and my new Gilmore Girls DVDs. Too much TV I know. Oh, and I found Studio 60 on the Virgin on demand TV (free). It's just the first 6 eps, but I'm watching that too for fun. I'm also downloading the last few eps of Gossip Girl. I haven't watched any since strikage, so that's exciting. (Oh, and this doesn't really fit, but the ep about bones where Epps comes back? Terrifying! When I close my eyes at night, I keep seeing the stupid head.)

4. Speaking of Bones...Stephen Fry as a guest star! Whoo-hoo! Awesome.

5. My dad has FINALLY said that he is officially retiring this year. He's been back and forth on it all year, and refusing to commit, but now he's said it. It's about time too - he could have done it like three years ago. Mom will work for another year, but it means that the house-cleanout will begin. Actually, this is partly a sad one too, because it means my parents definitely only have about a year and a half left in country. (They'll retire back to the US, where they haven't lived since, oh, about 1965.) But I am happy for him that he finally made the decision.

6. The Virtual Season 8 is almost over. This too is bittersweet, but man is it going to be a relief to not have it hanging over my head every week. It's been fun, but it's a lot of stress. I don't know if we're doing Season 9 or not, but even if we do, I still have a whole summer hiatus! Yay.

7. I finished Midnight's Children. It was really good, but it did take me ages to get through. Some parts were great (the middle section was the best) and moved really fast, and other parts I kept having to make myself come back to. I don't think it was the best tube reading though, because it took some energy, so I would think "read or sleep? hmmm...i'll just sleep" and there would go that commute. Also, I kept stopping to read other more frivolous stuff in between. Anyways, I finished it Tuesday and started Atonement, which I've been meaning to read for ages. My faith in my reading powers is restored (after taking a beating on MC) because I'm almost done. It's a really fast read, and it definitely sucked me right in. I spend the entire first half on tenterhooks though, because you know what's coming and you're just waiting for it with dread. I wasn't entirely sure if it was due to his powers of description or my spoilery knowledge that I got so on edge, but it meant that when it finally all came to a head, I was almost relieved. I'm planning on finishing it before I leave for Athens, because I have my reading for that trip planned, and the library book of Atonement that I have is too big to take anyway.

8. I'm dog-sitting for a friend which is fun. It also means I'm walking the dog every day, so the good weather could not have had better timing.

9. My brother and I set a time to call on Skype tonight. This is good because it's been forever (ok a week) since I've talked to him. We need to catch up before I go to Athens.

10. (Mostly because it needs to be even numbers.) Did I mention we recently got a lease signed? Oh of course! And I move out in less than a month. Love. ([ profile] basilm call your landlord!!)

I'm out!


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