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So the Reading/Leeds line-up was announced last night and both MCR and Panic! are on it. I SO WANT TO GO! I already have a ticket for V Fest though, and that's like the weekend before. IDK. Are any of the (admittedly very few) bandomy type people on my flist going? Or do you know others who are? I feel like it would be such a fun weekend if there was just a bunch of fangirls who went together and got silly and drunk and etc. But I don't really know who exactly to ask. Anyways...

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So, [ profile] minihannah and I went to see Panic! At the Disco Tues night, at this TINY (350 ppl) venue in Shepherds Bush. It was pretty much completely awesome. I love that I got to see them in such a small place, and the new songs sounded good. I'm so excited for this new album (despite my attachment to Ryan Ross and Pretty, Odd. Don't get me started on my disapointment with the Young Veins album, which I SO want to like but just can't get into. Beach boys lite.) Plus it was just one of those nights that came together. We met after work, so couldn't queue or anything, but it didn't even end up mattering. There was a kind of ledge along the outside rim of the venue, and I stood on that and could see perfectly (NEVER happens) even though we had been way at the end of the line. It was a bit funny dancing and bopping while trying to stay steady, but totally worth it for a completely clear view of Spence and Brendon. :)

I wrote down the setlist (or notes for it anyway) as we went along. So if you're at all interested!

Panic! Setlist )

And then tonight Hannah and I (plus [ profile] silly_cleo) are going to see MCR at Wembley! They're gonna play all the stuff from the new album (which I ADORE) and we're gonna shout and sing along and just generally have an awesome time. Occasionally I feel too old for this stuff, and then I remember that MCR is pretty much my age, and it makes my day.

I went out last night with a bunch of MCR fangirls, who I met from a friend of a friend on twitter, and it was really fun. (Hi to anyone I just friended!) I kind of love bandom - it's a bit crazy and silly and everyone is always happy to include newbies.

ETA (for me):MCR Setlist )
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YOU GUYS, HAI YOU GUYS! HOW ARE YOU ALL? Yeah, it's kind of been a while, huh?!
[Warning: The word "awesome" gets massively overused in this post.]

As usual, I can't even begin to sum everything up or tell you all about it, and I'm likely to resort to bullet points. So let's see if we can avoid that for now, eh?

Housemates, concert tickets, fandom, Nano, Mac-store, work, etc. Mostly quick and painless! Kind of. )

I guess that's enough info for now, huh? I have three (THREE, OMG) 12 of 12's that I've shot and never posted, so I'm actually considering a bumper post just to get them up. We'll see if I can be productive about that. At least some time off work should make me get some things done? I have made a list of goals for the end of the year, and so far have been pretty good about starting on them, setting up some appts relating to them, etc. Although, every weekend from here to December is booked up, so how's that for free time?

Anyway, no more work now as I'm off to Cardiff for the weekend with some Nano folk. I'm really excited actually - a road trip and an awesome reunion. What more could I ask for?

Also, it has come to my attention that my icons are woefully out of date. I am missing at least two important new(ish) fandoms. I really need to sort that! And let's see if I can post a little better so that I don't play this catch up game. (Ahahahaha - lately that's all I ever say.)

P.S. ALSO MY IPHONE 4 IS AMAZING. It has quickly become my lifeline.
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It's almost 3AM and I have to work tomorrow and I just cannot seem to make myself go to sleep. Instead I'm messing around on Twitter and AIM and reading fanfic and whatever else I can do to waste a little time. I'm still on such a high from the Adam Lambert concert.

Seriously, you guys it was SO AMAZING! He's incredible live, his voice sounded great, he was so funny talking in between, the crowd was insane, etc etc. I can't believe it's over and done with, because it just went so quickly. He did: For Your Entertainment, Music Again, Strut, Whataya Want From Me, Sleepwalker, Fever, and If I Had You. And just because I'm bored and don't want to sleep yet, have some pics from the concert.

[ profile] jayintheclouds. I am WAY too short to have been able to see that well!!">
For Your Entertainment

Music Again

Music Again




Sleepwalker? (not sure)

So yeah, pretty awesome. Also awesome? Random fan meet-ups. We got into the venue a few hours early (the line was AROUND THE BLOCK - people had lined up in the morning or something??) and so we had a bunch of time to kill before it started. The crowd was a bit weird, not proper gig-ish exactly, all bunched to the front and super intense. Anyway we stood around talking, etc and then this girl behind [ profile] silly_cleo and I started talking to us (I think asking about support acts? if there was one?) and then said "so are you guys from the internet?" We pretty much just looked at each other and cracked up, because how do you even respond to that? But yes, indeed, we pretty much are, if LJ and Twitter and goodness knows what else are any indication. I was a little worried she meant the Adam fansites, since EVERYONE I have met so far has been from them. But no! She meant LJ! And Kradam! So we chatted, and then went for LJ names, and it turned out she was [ profile] bexless (*waves hi*), which um, OMG amazing, b/c HELLO HER FIC! But I feel I have flailed enough on this in person and possibly in Twitter after ([ profile] risti and I are not subtle) so I won't do it here.

But I love that! A random person in the audience behind me was a fanfic writer I like and respect, and also turned out to be a totally funny awesome person to kill an hour or so with before the show. There was much squeeing, discussion of AI fic and bandom (shut up, AI RPF IS A GATEWAY DRUG) and various other fannish pursuits. (Also Bex can you tell me the LJ name of your bf? Because we totally forgot it.) Good times were had by all and etc. (Also you guys go read her fic - this one especially (Apples are not the only fruit) b/c it's a classic.)

One more thing, a very un-awesome thing that happened at the end of this all. Basically I am an idiot. I borrowed Isla's camera today for various dumb reasons, and then of course did not use it at all b/c I was too busy, you know, enjoying the concert. But what I did manage to do was crack the screen. I seriously couldn't see ANYTHING (you guys I am 4'9") and so I decided to give myself another two inches by standing on my bag. Stupidly I did not remove anything (including Isla's camera, my ipod or my phone) from said bag. And guess what happened? The only thing not belonging to me got broken. So I guess I owe Isla a new camera. TOTALLY SUCKS. I hope she isn't too mad at my sheer idiocy. So yeah, not the best end to an otherwise awesome night, but certainly a reminder that I DO NOT THINK despite supposedly being a grown-up. Ah well.

In conclusion, yay fandom! I will now allow myself to read one fic and then go to bed. :)
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I'm at work, trying to kill the last half hour before I can leave and meet people for dinner and then the Adam Lambert gig at Heaven. By this point I'm practically vibrating with excitement. Really, I'm no good to anyone, work-wise!

I went out Sat night with a bunch of the girls from the Lambrits board. (I am really wondering at what point one becomes a "Glambert" - I really hope I'm still on the other side of the line!) We had a few drinks, grabbed wristbands at GAY bar, and then tried to get into Heaven. No dice. They were just being really strict with the door policy, saying members and regulars only. And you know, fair play or whatever. I get that they have a certain expectation for their crowd makeup, and they knew there was another gig Monday, so they weren't anxious to let all those fans in. But it was really frustrating. (Leaving aside completely the fact that, technically, I am actually in their target audience!!) Funnily enough, another girl and I had hung back from the group to finish our drinks, so we got in line alone and they let us through. We might have gotten all the way in (we were at the metal detectors) but then we noticed the others had been turned away so we got out of line.

Anyway, we talked to the bouncer guy and he kind of said well maybe later on if it's not too busy we'll let in non-members. (They were letting in non-member guys, just not girls unless you were with a large group of men.) So we went and had a drink at a nearby pub, then walked around the back and watched the band & Adam (saw Tommy & Monte, so that was cool) arrive. Finally, after much discussion, and hearing that several other people had gotten in (there were a million Adam fans wandering around that I didn't know - our group had about nine) we tried one more time. I was pretty embarrassed by this point, and kind of hanging back, so I don't know what was said, but they let us in. Only problem? We got in, paid and went to the main floor, and Adam had already performed! It was not ideal. The conspiracy theorist in me wants to believe that the guy timed it like that on purpose, because he hadn't been too nice over the night. A lot of the bouncers were fine, but a few were a bit rude and he was one.

Anyway, whatever. I had a fun night hanging out with everyone, and at least we know that Adam got a massive crowd out for his first UK gig. I'm sure tonight will be fantastic, with the number of fans who will be there, and seeing him twice would have been really above & beyond. Also, on the very bright side, I was smart and wore flats. The girls in heels were really really suffering by the end of the night!

And, just because I never posted it, here's my pic with Adam from when he was here before!! I did want to write it up (he signed my ipod! I babbled about sharpies! he was tall!) but I bet at this point it won't happen.

ETA: To the 95% of my flist who aren't Adam Lambert, Kris Allen, or AI fans in general, sorry for the recent spam. Someday I will find something else to talk about!
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I was all set to post about how annoyed I am about several things in life but then one of those things cleared up and now I'm just kind of all over glee so I can't even manage to complain.



Seriously guys, I am beyond excited about this. He isn't doing any "real" (as in, you can buy tickets) concerts in the UK. He's performing twice at Heaven, and yeah on Sat we're gonna go and try to get in, but that will be pure chance, and who knows if it's gonna work. Heaven, in case you don't know, if the club connected to GAY bar, and it's huge, popular and always packed. They've already said they're going to give first ins to members, of which none of us are. I've been there a few times, but it's really more of a guys place then girls, and anyways I've never been big on the whole clubbing scene. As far as I could tell, the vast majority of the girls there were straight anyway.

BUT WHO CARES, BECAUSE WE HAVE TICKETS FOR MONDAY NIGHT!! He's doing a second performance then, sponsored by HMV, tickets only available as prizes. We first found out about it when it was listed as a pure HMV reward, which means you could redeem points off your HMV card (which I did not have) to get tickets. Of course those were gone immediately. There was vague talk of them opening it up again, so I hemmed and hawed and then finally signed up for a card and bought £100 worth of stuff (that was the spend for the right amount of points). And yeah, that sounds crazy, but it really isn't (I swear!), because all I did was buy the guitar hero disc (since mine was the wrong region) and extra guitar and wii remote that I've been meaning to get since Christmas. I had to give back [ profile] iamseb's, so now we can play again, yay!

So yeah, those points were just sitting there, and I was checking HMV occasionally. And in the meantime they put up a contest where if you pre-ordered his CD you were entered for a draw to win tickets, so of course all of us did that, but despaired of winning. And then this morning, suddenly there the tickets were on HMV again! I had some minor freakouts as my session timed out and then I DELETED THE CONFIRMATION EMAIL FROM MY JUNK MAIL like an idiot, but I called customer service and got it sorted out. So yeah, TICKETS. SOON TO BE IN MY HANDS. OR ELSE. (Sorry, I can't seem to turn my capslock off about this!)

This is more detail then you need, obviously. BUT I'M SO EXCITED PEOPLE!!!! SERIOUSLY. ADAM FREAKING LAMBERT.

(I really MUST update my icons - haven't added any in like six months (maybe a year?) and thus no AI ones at all. Shocking!)
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A Nano-related post coming soon, I promise. For now, I just wanted to quickly pimp this...

HOLIDAY MUSIC MEME - a sharing entry for all artists and types of Christmas (&etc) music. Seriously, what could be better than that?

I <3 Christmas Music.
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It's super late, and I'm not yet caught up on my sleep from my trip, but if I don't do this now I may never do it, so I've decided to just suck it up and post my 12 of 12. Claire is over, so she's writing for NanoJuMo, thus we can sit here and work together. Helen just left - we're on day two of our Harry Potter movie marathon. They met me at Awesome Manor once I got home from the airport last night, and we did 1 & 2. Then tonight it was 3 & 4, and tomorrow we'll watch 5 just before going off to see 6 at the cinema! Yay! Of course if the UK cinemas were doing midnight showings I would be in the 6th film RIGHT NOW, but I'm trying not to dwell on that.

Right. So my 12 this month is of the EXIT music festival in Serbia ( which I was at from Thurs-Mon this past weekend. I had tons of pictures, although to be honest a lot of them were pretty bad since the music takes place mostly at night and my camera didn't cope too well. It makes for an interesting timeline for the 12 though, as you can see from the timestamps.

Post 12 pics of your day, and then link back to Chad, who started it all!


2) After you post your pictures onto a webpage of your choice (Livejournal, typepad, MySpace, Flickr, etc...) please post the TIME, LOCATION, and A SMALL COMMENT on the pic.

I am just now noticing that Rach features very heavily in these pictures! )

And DONE! Now for bed. Harry Potter tomorrow - yay!!
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Today is my two year anniversary with LJ! This is obviously an occasion to be celebrated, so Rach and I have cracked open a bottle of wine. (Hahaha! You're funny if you think we need a "reason" for wine.) I looked back over my history, but it seems that last year I somehow managed to miss this very important milestone and didn't post. Or I posted a few days later about it. But what was I doing this time last year? For one, dealing with the flat situation from hell, which if you've been with me this long you probably remember, seeing as it took over about three months of my journaling because it complely ruled my life. Beyond that, I also found a lovely quote from this entry, which is really pretty much perfect:

"I finally got to see [ profile] basilm since it seems like it's been an age. She and I enjoyed a fabulous meal prepared by [ profile] iamseb on Friday night, including (of course) much wine. And then we proceeded to talk into the night and make (possible) plans for the beautiful house with a garden that we'll all rent together in North London once everyone gets out of their current lease/ gets funding/ gets back from Serbia. Keep the dream alive!"

And thus Awesome Manor was foretold!! That's a really fun quote to read actually, knowing that it all came true. I'm just surprised it didn't mention a kitten.

So what am I doing this year at this time? I feel like you probably deserve a cut here, for length if nothing else! But you should click, it's totally worth it. )

Bad news that I heard today: Simon Amstell isn't coming back to NMTBuzzcocks next season
Good news that only slightly makes it better: Noel Fielding is joining as a team captain

I found this fantastic queer reading of HSM the other day - definitely worth a read. Actually it's not a full reading, most just some history and then discussion of the baseball song. But I've been looking for something similar for a while, so I was excited to find it. Seriously though, if you're seen the second movie, the baseball song? It just BEGS for that type of analysis.

Sorry that this entry is kind of all over the place. But now, since I'm being completely random anyway, a few pics I've been holding onto forever!Random Picspam! )

And now Rach has gone up to take a bath and I need to do dishes, but I do hope you enjoyed this monumental entry! Oh! The title. I was actually pretty depressed last night, and I think my cheeriness tonight really proves that I need to be around people to uplift my spirits. I get maudlin if I spend too much time by myself. I had picked this title out last night, and my mood now is miles from what it was, but I'm still gonna use it. It's from the Journey song in this extended promo for Glee an upcoming show on Fox. If you haven't seen that promo, do yourself a favor and watch it NOW because it is made of awesome.
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So here's one I've had sitting half finished in a google doc for like a month now. Nothing like housecleaning, huh?

I know it's mid-Feb but I'm putting it up anyways because I like things recorded for posterity! It should be the best of the 12 of 12, but I only started in October, so for the rest of those months I just picked one picture from what I had in my files. It comes off a bit as an album of the traveling I did, but ah well. I tried to stick in some shots of things as well as people. My first inclination is to have all people pictures, but I think non-people ones are also interesting and change it up a bit.

2008 in full colour glory! )

I actually can't believe I didn't finish this up earlier. It was almost done, so I just had to tweak a few things really quickly. Typical! Life has gotten semi-busy again, in a social way. As in, I actually have things going on after work and stuff, which is nice but makes me scramble. I'm having dinner with a few people this week and next who I haven't seen for months, so that's great too. And my bday is in a week (next Tues) so I'm trying to plan stuff for the weekend after. I mean I have a half plan but I need to see if we need reservations and such. Also, we're diving back into couchsurfing again, so I updated my profile last week. We have two girls coming tonight for about four days, and then a maybe for a guy next week. I'm kind of excited to begin all that again. And yet, despite all that excitement, I've been seriously up and down lately. I'm not sure what's up with the constant moodiness, but I'm really ready to stop feeling so crappy and down on myself. For now, I'm blaming it on the weather and time of year.

We're on hiatus for the virtual season and I didn't even realise it! That's crazy, because usually I seem to be counting down to it. So maybe that's a sign that I'm feeling more in control of it all? I feel good about deadline reminders, and better about promos, and I finally sent out my big email, which was a bit anti-climatic. So for once there is nothing hanging over me there, which is great.

I've been listening to nothing but country music for the last week because [ profile] insanityjones keeps making me mix CD's. It's been pretty great actually, rediscovering some songs from my childhood and then also hearing a bunch of brand new ones. I've subjected my housemates to some of it too, so that makes me happy.

Okay back to work...
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So this morning I woke up with Britney Spear's "Piece of Me" in my head. It was one of the songs on our party-mix. (Don't judge! The mix encompassed many genres.) We used my ipod for the party, and since I haven't quite gotten around to reorganising my music since I got a new one, we just erased everything and put the mix on there. So right now my ipod is totally unfamiliar to me. Very strange. So, anyways, I put on "piece of me" when I got on the tube, and right after it "lucky" came on (there are only 4 Brit songs on there out of almost 800) and it really made me sad. Look at the contrast between those two songs, which really deal with the same topic (celebrity) - I mean neither of them are necessarily positive, but "lucky" is more of a story that's pointing out that she needs real life too, and "piece" is a diatribe against all those who presecute her. They are saying similar things, but there's so much more anger in the later song. Sad.

And so. Real life instead of Britney songs? Um...

For your sanity and friends pages I just cut the whole thing )

And now back to work. Some guy came in today who needs 2003-2007 filed. I'm almost done - one year to go! - so better get back to it.


Sep. 6th, 2007 10:44 pm
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This is a very random post, just my thoughts from the past week, nothing exciting.

I have actually been really productive this week (other than the part when I was still kind of sick): running errands, making calls, etc. I went on Tuesday after work and bought a new clock radio, which I have been meaning to do for ages. And on Wednesday morning, the first time I used it, I woke up to “Hey There Delilah” by the Plain White T's. I have totally loved that song ever since [ profile] being_fulfilled first posted it, so it started my day off just right. Evidently it is number three in the charts over here right now, which I would know, if my clock radio hadn’t broken three months ago! So I’m excited to have radio again. And I really should buy that CD, I bet it’s good.

Other things that I have done include making billions of important phone calls. In the past two days, during lunch, I have called all these people (I SO know you guys even care!):
1. Virgin Media – to ask why our internet was down over part of the weekend and get our phone line set up
2. Barclays – to FINALLY change my address to that place I moved to 3 months ago!
3. CPW – to ask why I haven’t received my new phone in the mail yet. Evidently the claim didn’t go through properly (STUPID), so now it’s been fast-tracked and I should get it tomorrow, THANK GOD.
4. Villa – to check on my brother’s jersey order
5. the Police – to get the reference number from reporting my phone stolen (need it for insurance) since they never called me back
That is a whole bunch of waiting in a queue and listening to bad elevator musak, so I feel very accomplished! Plus, everyone I talked to was nice, so that’s good. I hate it when I call customer service and they just can’t wait to get you off the phone.

I went to a wine tasting last night – my first ever – for New Zealand wines. The Embassy puts on these events from time to time, and this was one. It was actually pretty fun, mostly because of the people I went with. And I totally have a new crush now - I'm such a dork. Let's just say that it's weird that all the people in my office are my parents' age practically, and one of them brought her son (my age) to the wine tasting. Riiiight. That's just what I need! Anyways, I’m not much of a wine connoisseur, but we did have some nice tasting ones (yeah, that’s all I’ve got!!) and I wrote stuff down, so maybe I’ll remember?! I didn’t spit either, so I felt pretty happy by the time I was on the bus home.

Speaking of the bus, we’ve been having a tube strike this week, which is totally insane. I mean, seriously, A TUBE STIRKE IN LONDON? The whole frakkin’ city RUNS on the Tube, so it’s been chaos. Only 3 lines (out of 12) were running, so that meant that the buses and trains were absolutely packed. I usually get a seat on the bus at least on the way to work since I go in early (not usually on the way home) but not this week. The tube is always standing room only, so this just brought that right over to the buses, with people packing on and having to wait as two or three full ones went by. Quite frankly, it was a pain in my ass. But they seem to have mostly resolved it now, so that's good.

Eh, I think that's all I've got for now. I'm watching Greys Anatomy at the moment. It's my flatmate's absolute favorite show; I'm just kind of okay on it. I don't think it's so fabulous. We're on the episode where Meredith almost drowns and she's in this almost dead place - it's weird. I'm not sure I approve.

And I'm out.
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I'm going to V Fest this weekend!  I'm SO excited.  I'm leaving at 7AM tomorrow morning to get the train there, and then camping out for the weekend.  Of course it's totally going to rain, and be muddy, and cold - but what's an English summer music festival without all that?  V has the best lineup of this summer: Snow Patrol!  The Kooks!  Foo Fighters!  Killers!  Editors!  Damien Rice!  The Fratellis!  Guillemots!  And millions more - do I even need to go on?  I AM SO EXCITED!

Okay, and I should really go to bed now since I have to get up so early.

You can read all about it here:
Lineup is here:


Okay I lied and didn't go to bed, so I am adding the FridayFive to this.

Who do you live with?
Two flatmates - Kiwi girls that I met through an online roommate site.  They're way cool though.

Do you like who you live with or do you want change?
I'm good for now.

Describe the ideal roommate.
My brother was pretty near ideal as a roommate - he cooked, I cleaned, we hung out together when we felt like it, left each other alone when we didn't.  Obviously the best type of roommate is a partner, but who knows when that's happening for me, so!

How much sleep did you get last night?
About five hours.  My friend Peter is visiting and I was out with him til late.

Where would you love to play hide-and-seek?
Underwater shipwreck - diving hide and seek!  Come on, you know it would be fun.


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