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* watched the last round of the World Cup
* had two picnics (Alex Park & St James Park) & played croquet
* celebrated two friend's bdays
* been in two pub quizzes (one of which we WON!)
* been to book club
* bought tickets for a 2nd Adam Lambert concert in Boston (um..right, well we're there already, so why not?!)
* seen FIVE movies at the cinema! (Wild Target, Eclipse, SATC2, Inception & Toy Story 3)
* trekked out to Heathrow to say goodbye to my parents
* spent hours on Skype sorting out my USA trip
* been to see HAIR with the Lambrits girls
* had dinner/drinks/etc with lots of people to catch up
* read lots of [ profile] kradambigbang and commented YAY!
* spent hours bugging everyone I know (online & in RL) about whether I should get an HTC or an iphone (and WHICH iphone, new or old?) - opinions anyone?
* been into two CPW, one phones4u and one Orange shop to ask phone questions (guy in last shop: " may be taking this a bit too seriously. It is just a phone, you know.")

* uploaded the pictures to FB (yeah...working on this!)
* written up my 12 of 12 post (ditto)
* talked to my brother for more then ten mins at a time (but I'll see him again in August, yay!)
* made a choice about the phone thing
* slept, like, AT ALL

Basically it's been a pretty awesome two weeks. My trip feels a million miles away, but it was awesome too. I doubt I'll manage to get any more of a synopsis up at the rate I'm going, but hopefully I'll manage to put up pics soon. I'm such a bum! Anyway, I'll link it on here once I get to it.

I'm taking a late lunch here, so on the very bright side I now only have a few hours of work left. Then [ profile] lazyclaire and I are doing dinner at ours as a goodbye before she goes to France for three weeks. Tomorrow I'm off to Devon for the weekend for a final house goodbye & bonding weekend since Nick and Julie are going to the USA FOR GOOD on Monday. :( Next up: figuring out new tenants (currently we have subletters) and sorting out renewing the lease. Fun!


Apr. 1st, 2010 12:22 pm
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My night:

2AM - call from Trev (in the ER) saying he went in for pains & is waiting
430AM - call from Trev saying he's got to have the operation and it's happening soon
7AM - call from his gf saying it's over and docs said it went fine, no issues

So yeah, it happened, he's doing okay. Now to deal with the fallout.

(And boy was it fun to call my mom at 5 in the morning and wake her up! I'm like "don't freak out, but Trev's in the ER" - isn't that the best opening ever?)
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My brother just called me from the Emergency Room. They think he has appendicitis. He's getting a CT scan, and they will probably have to operate tonight.

He has no insurance. And yeah, that's stupid of him, and it's his own fault, yada yada. But, you know, he works in a restaurant, he earns like $15000 a year, and he's lived his entire life (bar the last three years) in a country where healthcare is free. He said he has looked into it, but he needed his health records from the UK and never kind of bothered to get them, and that it would be like $100 a month for the basic care, so he was putting it off. Stupid, yeah, but I get it. He's young, healthy, etc.

Fuck the fucking US health care system. He's looking at a $20000 bill for this operation, which means that my parents are looking at that bill (I guess) because it's not like he has the money. I can't even believe that you can go into a hospital and be sick through no fault of your own and have a necessary operation and it can freaking bankrupt you like that. It is so far out of my realm of experience that I will literally NEVER understand it.

I guess in a few years, if the new bill is good, he would have to get insurance, and it would be subsidised, because he must be low income. (And I think if I'm remembering right, that it starts at $40000 income and graduates down.)

BUT WHATEVER. Not like that helps him now. Hopefully he'll call back in a few hours and say the CT scan went alright (and cost him what, $2000 or so?) and that he doesn't need the operation. But it wasn't sounding good.

The ridiculous thing is that I should be thinking about how scary it is that he might be going in for an op like this, totally last minute, and all I can think of is the money. But $20000! That's terrifying. Fuck.
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I'm on base b/c I was meeting with some tax clients, and it turns out that the Freedom Cafe (inside the Liberty Club, omg) has free wi-fi, so I'm online! Yay. Actual internet that actually works and lets me check my email. Seriously, internet issues at work and home right now (although work got cleared up on Friday I think) so I'm behind on EVERYTHING. While I'm here I figured I might as well put up this half-written post that I've been writing all week in Word or whatever. SO...

I forgot to actually put any kind of away message on this, but I've actually been on holiday once again, thus the lack of posts. (Oh who am I kidding?! I haven't posted regularly in months! This must be rectified. I cannot believe my last update was when Claire had her seizure.) Anyway, last week I (and 4/5 house mates) were away skiing in the French Alps. Oooh la la.

It was actually a really cheap (well relatively cheap) trip. Budget airfare (easyjet whoohoo), ski rental deals online, and a chalet we rented to share with 20 people total. Basically it was one big party. Oh and lots and lots of skiing! Six straight days, which I think is more than I have ever done all at once. I actually feel decent about my skiing now. I'm not going to be skiing black runs any time soon, but I feel good about the possibility of many red ones in my future. And the people who went ran the gamut for skiing (or snowboarding) ability, so everyone managed to find someone to go out with. Also, on the last night we had a giant party at the Chalet which included Raclette cheese, tons of other food, and colour-coded drinks that matched the runs. You were supposed to only drink the ones of runs you had been on, but that didn't last too long. I mostly drank green actually, because it turns out that I think Creme de Menthe makes very yummy cocktails! (Other people may have said it tastes like mouthwash, but whatever.)

So yeah, good trip indeed. Other things happening?

Family health stuff, Tax Bitches, the World Cup, TV, Kradam babblings, weddings & Jenn (almost) turns 30! )

Whoops! My updates always get out of control. I really just need to post more. (Oh and where’s that 12 of 12 from January? Well technically, it does exist, just not as an LJ entry.

ALSO THIS! From [ profile] silly_cleo: Reply to this post, and I'll tell you one reason why I like you. Then re-post this (if you feel like it!) and spread the love.

Um, yeah so some of that is slightly unaccurate now (I found a place for my bday!) but most of it's good and I'm leaving it. Also it turns out that the Freedom cafe is now called Rugbys - who knew? :)

La la la

Jan. 12th, 2010 08:10 pm
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We're already 12 days into the new year and I'll only just slowly coming back into the land of the internet living. It's so bad that today is the 12th and I actually forgot my camera! How terrible is that? It's the first time I've forgotten in over a year, and I haven't really decided what I'm going to do about it. Maybe I'll get really creative once I get home. Or maybe I won't do 12 of 12 this month - but that makes me pretty sad to break my streak. So we'll see. Maybe I'll take 12 adorable pictures of Nimbus. :)

So I've been back reading my flist, although the sheer amount of time that I missed means it doesn't actually go far enough back - hopefully I won't miss anything important. I'm weirdly obsessive about this stuff, even though I try not to be. (I had to forcibly stop myself from trying to back-read two weeks of Twitter. I mean, COME ON!) So if you get belated comments on an entry you wrote a few weeks ago, this is why.

This got a bit long, so I'm cutting it. )

Surely that's enough of a real update? Next up is my plan to do end of year memes and actually (GASP) update my book list from last year and close it off. I have a spreadsheet with the info, I just haven't transferred it to LJ since something like OCTOBER! Probably Nano's fault, to be honest. As so many many things are! :)
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Just because I don't imagine I'll be on here before the year ends, a quick token entry!

This is the first time I've been online since Dec 22nd. I feel like an addict who has fallen off the wagon. :) Mostly this is because I've been holed up in Norfolk at my parents' house and they don't have wi-fi and their computer is so slow that it's infuriating. Trevor has been soldiering ahead and trying to use Skype etc, while I just gave up completely. It was kind of freeing actually. Usually I come here for a weekend and don't bother to get on, but over a week was kind of a record for me, considering I wasn't traveling or anything.

The funny thing is, the longer I was off, the more I was kind of almost dreading getting online again. Like "I really should check email one of these days..." with a groan. Of course now that I've caved, I'm quite happy to be catching up with things, but it is a bit strange.

Anyway, goodbye to 2009! Hopefully early Jan will have me carefully doing all those year-end memes that I've done before. We'll see.

And my brother doesn't leave until the 9th, so we still have some time! Yay. I hope all the rest of you had lovely Christmas Days and Boxing Days and will have a Happy New Year.
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Lookie here – posting on the 13th. Very impressive after last month’s debacle. :)

Post 12 pics of your day, and then link back to Chad, who started it all!


2) After you post your pictures onto a webpage of your choice (Livejournal, typepad, MySpace, Flickr, etc...) please post the TIME, LOCATION, and A SMALL COMMENT on the pic.

This was Trevor’s last day in the UK, so I took work off. I think that probably made for a more exciting 12 of 12 then it would have been otherwise. )

Okay, so it’s a little heavier on the cat pics than I would like, but it’s really hard to weed those out! This 12 of 12 is dedicated to my brother, who at this very moment is winging his way back to Atlanta. Curses!
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Trevor left this morning, which totally blows. I HATE that he lives so far away now. And I don't even know when I'll see him again. Hopefully this summer? We never really get enough time because basically I just want to live in the same place again so that it's just normal to see each other and hang out. I'm really trying not to cry at work here.

Also (in the smaller annoyance sector) my chair at the office is all wrong. I guess my boss used my computer (which he does randomly) and he adjusted it, and now I can't get it to go back to how it was. And it just feels wrong. I asked him about it, and he kind of came in like "hmmm, that's weird - no I think that's as high as it goes. Huh. Maybe you could get a cushion?" and then just left. So thanks for that. But, like, I know where it hit on my desk before, and now it's like two inches below that. And now I'm all low and don't reach the keyboard correctly. It's pissing me off. It feels wrong. So I guess I am bringing in a cushion tomorrow? But seriously, it's not your chair, DON'T FRAKKING MESS WITH IT. Bad enough that he feels free to just come in and log onto my computer. My office here is certainly not my personal space.

Yeah, so the chair thing is annoying, although not life threatening, but it's something to think about other than the fact that this morning might have been the last time I'll see my brother for another six months to a year.


Jul. 18th, 2008 12:15 pm
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Wow, I’ve been like, completely absent from the internet lately. I need to get on that! Actually, part of it is that I’ve been using every spare moment to watch Dr Who. I made it through all three season’s of Jessie’s DVDs (plus 4 old Who mini-series) before she left, which I actually think is really impressive. And I’m just now (about four days later) getting out of the Who frame of mind. Seriously, I knew I had been watching too much Who when I was walking home from work the other day and I saw this slovenly stumbling guy (who in retrospect was obviously drunk) and thought “wow, he looks like something has taken over his body – is he big enough for a Sliveen? Or maybe he’s a zombie? Or auton? ” before I shook myself and reconsidered how crazy I sounded.

It’s also affecting my sleep patterns. I’m currently living alone, which I completely hate. I think it might be better if I wasn’t in the middle of Seven Sisters – I lived alone in Japan and was pretty much fine with it. But of course my flat there was tiny; I could see the entire thing at once as long as I kept the rice screens open. Here I’m in this huge creaky house and it just freaks me out. I’m usually fine as long as I’m up, working on stuff, whatever the hour. But as soon as I’m lying down with only my thoughts I manage to get scared. So I spend a lot of time trying to sleep, giving up and reading for a while, trying to sleep, giving up and watching something, trying to sleep, etc. It is not helpful. Mostly, I’m sure a real person is going to break in and kill me. (Knife me perhaps!? Damn you London youth!) But I have slightly more silly ones too - as far as Who monsters that I actually think about when lying there, the stupid statues from Blink come to mind the most. Yuck.

Even though I’m not getting much sleep, I haven’t been late for work since Boss has been gone. So that bodes well for the future I hope. We’ll see. I’ve been helped along by my loving brother, who I called in panic on the day I got in trouble. He decided to start calling me, and he’s pretty much called me 90% of the mornings since then. He works closing, so he calls me around 3AM his time, and it works for both of us. I don’t know how long he plans to keep it up, but it’s really lovely. Usually I’m already up (although it is helpful) since I don’t know for sure if he’ll call, but it’s still a great way to wake up and it’s nice to have that simple little conversation in the morning as if we still live in the same country. Stupid boy! MOVE BACK!

ANYWAY, enough about my complete irrationality. The other weird thing about living alone is that I have no one to tell those silly little things you think of or see during the day. I also am at work alone these two weeks (Boss gets back next Wed) and so there’s really no one to talk to. (Not that I’m complaining about him being gone!)

Random things I’ve seen/thought about lately. )

Evil!Landlord finally gave our deposit back. Well, kind of. Out of £2100 he gave us back £1668. So pretty much he shaved almost $1000 off, for things like “cleaning” “jetwashing the back patio” and etc. Also, he bought a new bed (£120) since the one in Nicola’s room had a loose screw in the back. And charged about £80 for a stain on Juliet’s floor that she says was there when she moved in. Bastard. Seriously, I really really hate him. Technically it is still in dispute, but I don’t know if we are going to get any more money back then that. I doubt it. None of the listed extra problems were my room but I split it 3 ways even since the charged didn’t seem fair at all – might as well even out the jerkitude. Needless to say, the two newer tenants did not offer any money to cover the difference. In fact, they both ignored my email. Classy. Blech, at least it’s DONE. Next up? Finding new tenants for the extra rooms in the house I’m in. And then in Sept looking for a new place. Man I move a lot. Even just within this house, I have now lived in all three bedrooms. I started in the tiny one, then when Rach left I took hers, and now that Jessie’s gone I’ve transferred to hers since it is much bigger and has a double bed. As I moved I left stuff in all three rooms though, so I was in the whole house. The job this week has been condensing it all into the largest room so that I can start showing the house to prospective tenants.

Okay, I’m out. This turned out much longer then planned. I gotta eat some lunch.
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I'm feeling uncommonly cheerful (although a bit bored at work) so I felt like a list of good things:

1. The weather is beautiful. It's like it finally woke up and decided Spring could come. I'm still carrying a jacket but I'm not wearing it - I'm walking around in short sleeves. And I wore sandals today! Today is a high of 25!!! (That's like mid-70's, Americans.) Although I just looked at the five day forecast to get that number, and it says it will rain tomorrow. Boo.

2. I'm going to Athens tomorrow night! Rach ([ profile] basilm is already there with Aleks, and I'm joining them soon, soon, soon!

3. I've been watching Bones S2 and loving it. I'm actually having a hard time making myself go slow, but mostly I'm rotating it, American Dreams S3, FNL (still) S1, 30 Rock S1 and my new Gilmore Girls DVDs. Too much TV I know. Oh, and I found Studio 60 on the Virgin on demand TV (free). It's just the first 6 eps, but I'm watching that too for fun. I'm also downloading the last few eps of Gossip Girl. I haven't watched any since strikage, so that's exciting. (Oh, and this doesn't really fit, but the ep about bones where Epps comes back? Terrifying! When I close my eyes at night, I keep seeing the stupid head.)

4. Speaking of Bones...Stephen Fry as a guest star! Whoo-hoo! Awesome.

5. My dad has FINALLY said that he is officially retiring this year. He's been back and forth on it all year, and refusing to commit, but now he's said it. It's about time too - he could have done it like three years ago. Mom will work for another year, but it means that the house-cleanout will begin. Actually, this is partly a sad one too, because it means my parents definitely only have about a year and a half left in country. (They'll retire back to the US, where they haven't lived since, oh, about 1965.) But I am happy for him that he finally made the decision.

6. The Virtual Season 8 is almost over. This too is bittersweet, but man is it going to be a relief to not have it hanging over my head every week. It's been fun, but it's a lot of stress. I don't know if we're doing Season 9 or not, but even if we do, I still have a whole summer hiatus! Yay.

7. I finished Midnight's Children. It was really good, but it did take me ages to get through. Some parts were great (the middle section was the best) and moved really fast, and other parts I kept having to make myself come back to. I don't think it was the best tube reading though, because it took some energy, so I would think "read or sleep? hmmm...i'll just sleep" and there would go that commute. Also, I kept stopping to read other more frivolous stuff in between. Anyways, I finished it Tuesday and started Atonement, which I've been meaning to read for ages. My faith in my reading powers is restored (after taking a beating on MC) because I'm almost done. It's a really fast read, and it definitely sucked me right in. I spend the entire first half on tenterhooks though, because you know what's coming and you're just waiting for it with dread. I wasn't entirely sure if it was due to his powers of description or my spoilery knowledge that I got so on edge, but it meant that when it finally all came to a head, I was almost relieved. I'm planning on finishing it before I leave for Athens, because I have my reading for that trip planned, and the library book of Atonement that I have is too big to take anyway.

8. I'm dog-sitting for a friend which is fun. It also means I'm walking the dog every day, so the good weather could not have had better timing.

9. My brother and I set a time to call on Skype tonight. This is good because it's been forever (ok a week) since I've talked to him. We need to catch up before I go to Athens.

10. (Mostly because it needs to be even numbers.) Did I mention we recently got a lease signed? Oh of course! And I move out in less than a month. Love. ([ profile] basilm call your landlord!!)

I'm out!
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So I got home from the wedding a week ago, but I’m also a sucker for completeness, so I’m gonna write this third entry detailing the rest of the trip despite the time lapse. Most people on this side of the ocean have already heard the story, but hey, LJ is for the telling right? I mean it’s all about getting the words out there, and journaling for yourself. Or something.

So anyways. It begins with the epic (and surprisingly serendipitous) tale of my brother’s journey from Atlanta to Chicago. )

Ridiculous. As I told [ profile] basilm and [ profile] iamseb when we were out on Friday night, I sometimes think I exist in a constant state of drama. I must be really annoying to put up with! But that’s just in real life. As for LJ, isn’t that kind of what this place is made for? Maybe I need an icon that just says "unnecessary drama!" to use like, all the time?

ETA: I just reread this entry, and it's really stream-of-consciousness sounding. But I can't really be bothered to edit. So read it if you dare, or care.
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Look at me, writing about the weekend on a Sunday night - it's all very exciting. Oh, and I suppose also giving an update on the flat situation, which isn't so much resolved as stale-mated, but hopefully heading in the right direction. Shahid and I between us seem to have talked the landlord off the ledge, and we're signing ANOTHER new contract (with Katie on it) that will only be until the beginning of June, as previously planned. Plus, no more mention was made of boilers or cookers, and both seem to now be working fine, thus I think that's best left alone.


It's possible I'm slightly too old for all this. )

Nice weekend overall. Makes up for the complete and utter crapiness of the week that just passed. Here's hoping the two days of work I have this week are VERY productive, so I don't feel too bad about going away and leaving my boss in the lurch less than a week before the (2nd) biggest tax deadline of the year! Ah, sweet guilt. But I'm going anyways.

p.s. New icon! Drinking!Jenny from Gossip Girl. So pretty.

p.p.s. [ profile] basilm wrote HG (HP) fic! Read it HERE.
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[ETA: I had to mess with this for ages to get the codes to work. I suck!]

So it’s Wednesday night – is that too late to talk about my weekend? I think not.

I feel the need to chronicle because it was nice and busy and I did things and hung out with people. I feel like it was really ~productive~ but in actuality, I think it was only productive in a social way. (As in, I didn’t stay in my bedroom watching things on my computer and sleeping in; I actually woke up and did things with people. Right.)

    Things I did!
  • Russian cooking
  • home leg waxing
  • wine drinking
  • Running in the park
  • Ikea
  • Crying conversations
  • Skype
Intrigued? (Okay I doubt it!) Read on…  )

Also, pics! I wanted to post Oliver pics since he’s so darn cute, but I really didn’t take any this weekend. So instead you get screenshots from when I talked to him and his mom on Skype.

They’re a bit blurry due to the webcam, but not too bad. )

Now I have to pack and make sure my room is clean. I leave on Friday and then River will be here on Monday, so I gotta be ready! Lots of plans. On the good side, I actually got some sleep last night since I fell asleep (on accident) around 11. Good news for my sleep-deprived body. Bad news for the virtual season peeps since I wasn’t around when posting was happening. It was the most I have slept in about two weeks though, so that’s something.

Finally, I just wanted to say that there’s a whole lotta coding (for me) in this because I’ve been messing around trying to remember all the LJ codes. That’s why there are bullet lists and pics and etc. So there you go, [ profile] adinarj, you better be proud. Just here’s hoping it works! I’m about to hit post, so we’ll just see how much I have to correct b/c I’ve gotten it wrong!
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So my brother called me at 8:30 AM this morning (I was on my way to work) to tell me that he thinks he broke a rib. HE THINKS HE BROKE A RIB. I mean what is that? He was playing football (soccer) and had some kind of collision. He's in like four leagues, and one of them had some sort of tournament yesterday, and this was the result. I didn't even know what to say to that. I mean what am I supposed to do with that information? A rib. Riiiiight. I don't know, I told him to go to the doctor, he says he's gonna wait a few days and see how it feels. He's been looking up how it should feel on the internet (YEE GADS!) and it seems to be in line with however his feels. He also says he's calling mom tonight to talk to her about it, so we'll see what her opinion is. Also, considering his job consists of going up and down stairs carrying lots of stuff (or at least part of his job does) I'm not sure how that's going to work out. He has the next few days off since he worked the weekend, but that's only a grace period, you know? At least he doesn't care about this job. Perhaps he will have to quit while he recovers and thus will be forced to get a job where he, I don't know, actually USES HIS MASTERS DEGREE? But I digress.

In other news, Nicola moved out this weekend and Shahid moved in. I can't say I've talked to him tons yet, but he seems alright. Juliet and I finally got the 411 on his job, and (pausing to think of an American translation) basically he's a paralegal in training to be a DA. I think I got that right. Anyway, right now he works at the (back to Brit-speak) Magistrates. He put up with two Greys Anatomy episodes in a row last night while he was ironing, so I consider that pretty impressive. I have trouble with too much of that show - and I'm a girl!

We're still looking for someone to take Juliet's room, but we have time since she doesn't leave until March 20th. We have four (!) girls coming tonight, so hopefully one of them will suit. It's so annoying, this whole business. And even more annoying is the fact that just two months after we get all this sorted out I will have to be on the other end of it, searching for a new place myself. Because seriously? I CANNOT do this commute much longer. 75 minutes is too long, especially since I could live farther out of town, closer to work, and probably pay lower rent or have a nicer place. Win, win, win. (Well, except for the part where I have to move.)

That's all I've got. But guys - my bro thinks he broke a rib. WTF?
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It's 2AM.  What am I doing?  I'm watching Never Mind the Buzzcocks on YouTube.  What should I be doing?  I don't know - one of the many millions of things I need to do before Cat and Jared get here Thursday and my life kicks into overdrive.  Oh Christmas, I do love you, but you make life insane.  Oh yes, I suppose (since I have to work tomorrow at 8:30) that technically what I should be doing is sleeping.  But I just got my computer back today, so actual work or sleep is difficult as I find it hard to tear myself away.  I've pretty much been on since I got home, including a two hour conversation with Trev.  (Never mind that he'll be here in 6 days.  I love Skype.)

Hmmm..what else?  Have I mentioned how much I HEART Never Mind the Buzzcocks?  It is the win.  I don't think I laugh at anything else quite as much as I do during that show.  (Not so much during the Mark Lamar years, but now that Simon is on.)  Also, Ryan Jarman from the Cribs came back and was a guest again a few weeks ago.  BEST GUEST EVER.  I don't even know why, but he has me in fits every time he opens his mouth.  At least my brother agrees with me on this point.

Oh yes, and MY BROTHER GETS HERE IN SIX DAYS!  Sorry for all the caps but it merits them.

Here's the plan:
Mon night (heh - now) - make bed, pack up presents, sleep
Tues - work, meet with new boss, pack for parents house, clear side floor
Wed - work, spend night with [profile] teaatsix (nearer airport)
Thur - pick up C&J at airport, half day work
Fri - work party (last one)
Sat - Choral service at Albert Hall
Sun - TREVOR ARRIVES!, Terracotta Warriers exhibit, go to my parents (evening)
Mon - Christmas Eve (start of week off)


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