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So, as is my usual plan, I stayed up to watch the Oscars last night. Also as per the usual, I couldn't convince anyone to watch them with me. What's so hard about staying up until 5AM to watch an awards show? :) Or maybe it's just me that's insane? I don't know.

Anyway, it was all good, because I had [ profile] robinpoppins on gchat to keep me company. This is the second year we've chatted our way through. It's tradition now! And it's pretty great - the show isn't really the same without another person to make silly comments to about dresses and speeaches and so on. So yay Robin. Also there was a simulwatch thread at the DF, so I popped in and out of there as well.

Given last year's shenanigans, I decided not to bother watching it on actual TV. Actually we don't even have Sky or Virgin or anything now, so there would have been nothing to upgrade. Thankfully, there are ways which work quite well, despite a slight delay and a bit of quality loss. But on the whole it was fine - I hooked my computer up to the big TV for screening, and then borrowed Rach's for chatting purposes and we were away.

I don't have tons to say about the ceremony itself, because I said most of it last night. I loved all the brighter dresses - reds and pinks. I really enjoyed the musical numbers (am now even more in love with Anne Hathaway) and thought Hugh aquitted himself well as a host. I confess to being stupidly happy that the HSM kids got to sing, and stupidly annoyed that RPattz got to present. There were some good funny moments (Tina and Steve!), some moving speeches (Kate W, the screenwriter for Milk) and nothing dragged too much IMO. It was predictable, but satisfying. And good for Slumdog, which I still haven't seen. My happiest "upset" of the night was Sean Penn winning best actor, because I could kind of care less about The Wrestler, and I really liked Milk. Plus, his performance definitely pulled the entire film together. So I feel that was deserved.

When it was over I faced the eternal dilemma of whether to nap or stay up. I called my bro and he talked me into the former, but I wish I hadn't, because I suck. I should really listen to myself rather than others, because I know what I'm like. Yes, I'm slightly more rested, but I was late to work. I could have been super early! But no, somehow I managed to bring down the one alarm clock (out of like 20 that I own) that had the time wrong. So when I got up, thinking I was 30 mins ahead of schedule, it turns out it was an hour off. So I was 20 mins late to work. Oh joy. Definitely should have just sucked it up and stayed awake.

The only bright thing about going to sleep was that I had a dream that kind of carried on from real life. Somehow right after the Oscars I managed to get a ticket to the States (it was a military hop like we used to take when I was a kid I think) and so I went to AZ to hang out with [ profile] robinpoppins! We were going to all these movie theatres, but I don't remember actually seeing the films. And then we ended up spending the night at the home of some old friends of mine who totally don't live in AZ. And when we woke up we all sat around and ate noodle soup and talked in the kitchen. Also, Robin's hair was in two low pigtails. (Yeah, IDK.) And then I had to leave so I hopped back on a plane home. And then I guess I woke up? Bizarre. But in the dream we had good times! I guess that's what being on chat for 5+ hours does to me.

So yeah, Oscars 2009, whoo-hoo! I don't actually feel too bad at the moment; we're pretty busy so that helps. We'll see how I feel when it's 4PM and I realise I still have two hours of work left though...
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Basically I'm killing time until 1AM when I should post about the virtual season.  No episode this week...just a snippet, but I'm the only one who's free to post.  So 40 mins and then I can go to bed.  Yay!  I'm actually tired, but I think that's mostly b/c I'm tipsy from my night out with [profile] teaatsix.  We met for a drink to exchange bday presents, and of course one drink turned into three and I hadn't had dinner or a proper lunch, so...there you go.  It was fun though.  And evidently there is another Heroes con in September, so I'm giving serious thought to that!  Hmmm, let's see what else I have to report?

1.  I got my money back after the Oscars debacle.  I called Virgin at 8AM (as soon as they were open) on Monday morning and complained.  It took crying (beasts) but I did get them to refund the money.  They weren't slow about turning the movie channels off either - bastards!

2.  I think I might end up going to Chicago in April for my friend's wedding.  I wasn't planning to go, but I talked to him today and he said he would give me one of his buddy passes (he works for AA) so I can fly mega cheap.  Also, my brother said he probably could fly down and meet me for the weekend.  PLUS, my boss seems okay about giving me the time off despite it being near a tax deadline (well, really June 15th is our deadline, but still).  Those three things point to it being very likely that I will go.  YAY!  Any excuse to go to the States, basically.

3.  We have one new flatmate sorted out and for the other we are looking.  Nicola had a hard time getting someone for her room b/c it's mega small, so she pretty much said yes to the first guy who said he wanted it.  I hope he's okay (I only met him for like 5 mins) because I'm the one who has to live with him.  Juliet just listed hers yesterday, but it should be easy to get someone since it's bigger, so hopefully we can be pickier.  I said I wanted a girl b/c I don't want to live with two guys.  We had 2 people yesterday and a few more are coming towards the end of the week.  Ju wants to get it over and done with, but I want a good flatmate, so we'll see.  In any case, I'm moving out at the beginning of June, so it's only 3 months.  As long as the person isn't a murderer, I figure I can deal with anyone for that period of time!

4.  I am FINALLY going to see Juno tomorrow.  It only came out here a few weeks ago, but then Rach ([profile] basilm) and I had planned to see it together, and we couldn't find a day, so it kept getting delayed.  But we are going tomorrow after work.  Yay!  I'm sure at this point there is no way for it to live up to the hype, but oh well, what can you do?

5.  I'm going by the Embassy on Thurs to turn some stuff in for a client.  I'm really excited to see everyone and catch up, but not looking forward to having to stand in line.  Last time I was there all the guards were like "wait, you don't work here anymore?" and it was weird.

6.  Payday is Friday.  Yay.

That's all I have for now.  I guess I'll find something to watch for 30 minutes before I need to post...
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The channel showing the Oscars cut out.  IT CUT OUT.  It says "This channel isn't on air right now" even though the Oscars are listed as what is showing.  I got to see half an hour of the ceremony.  And now it's gone.


I tried to call their helpline - it's shut because it's 2AM.  I wrote an email to the customer service, but I'm so sure that won't do anything.  I just can't believe this.  I'm like "I planned this out!  I was staying up all night!  I UPGRADED MY CABLE!"

I hate them.  The next place I move, when I'm setting up stuff like internet and TV I will not get Virgin.  We've had too many problems with them.

And I want my £18 back.
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Okay, people so I totally caved and upgraded my cable (as we all knew I would).  This means I'm up all alone (I took naps today) in the main room getting ready, watching red carpet crap on E! with the sound down so I don't have to listen to Ryan Seacrest.

But I'm alone people!  And you guys are all an ocean and a timezone away.  So I'm hoping for some simulwatching: google chat, AIM, the dragonfly, TWoP, etc.  I don't care by what forum, but some of you must be out there watching with a computer on.  Find me!

In another related note, I was talking to Jared about the Oscars and he doesn't know who Jon Stewart is.  Seriously.  He doesn't know who Jon Stewart is.  Me in response: ...............

It's a weird world.
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I don't know if this worked but I was trying to post a poll about the Oscar thing.  I can't add it to the old post though - I had to make a new one.  Weird.[Poll #1141672][Poll #1141672]
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So evidently you can get the Sky Movie channels even if you have Virgin - it's only Sky One you can't get.  So I just called Virgin to ask how much that add-on would cost for a month.  It's £18!!  COME ON PEOPLE!  That's like $40.  Just so I can watch the Oscars.

And yet.

And yet.

I'm kinda considering it.

I'm crazy, I know.  I mean it's stupid - that's like two movie DVD's or one TV boxset, or like 4-5 books.  So spending that kind of money just to watch the Oscars (and have 10 movie channels for a month) is silly.  Although I would get those movie channels.  I wonder what the Sky channels are showing in the next month.  Maybe it's good stuff that's worth £18?

Oy vey.  Maybe I better sleep on this one?  


Feb. 20th, 2008 12:46 pm
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So this is great...the Oscars are actually going to happen, but I won't get to see them!  I'm so annoyed. 

It's all due to the stupidity of the UK channel coverage.  They used to show it on one of the four terrestrials channels, but that time is now long gone.  In recent years it has been on Sky Movies, which no one I know has.  Every year I end up begging and pleading and asking people until I find someone who has it.  But this year?  No dice.  The most ridiculous thing is that it's on at 1AM-5:30AM, so it really can't just be anybody.  It needs to be someone willing to let me crash in their living room and watch the Oscars into the wee hours of the morning.

And this year I can't find anyone!  WAAH!  I know this sounds stupid, but you guys, I really love the Oscars.  Actually, crazy as it is, I love awards ceremonies.  And it's like my thing.  I would never stay up until 5 to watch the Superbowl, but for the Oscars I do it every year.  And yeah, they usually reshow the highlights the next day, but IT'S NOT THE SAME.  That's after you know who won - and it's only the highlights.  I want to watch the whole grueling thing.

So right now I feel like I'm out of options.  I can't think of anyone else to ask.  And it is making me very unhappy.  If I had Sky I would upgrade just for this month so I could see it, but we have Virgin, so I don't think there is any way to get that channel at all.

Bah Humbug.

p.s. Jared?  Still without visa.  INSANITY.


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