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May. 12th, 2010 12:27 pm
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I just realised that somehow in the craziness of April I managed to steamroll right over my three year LJ-iversary. So yay for that! I haven't really been in fandom for that long, have I? (Although I guess all the TWOP stuff predates it - I was on there since 2002.) I would do some sort of meme or something to celebrate this, but frankly I can't be bothered. Oh how blase one gets in three years. :)

Also, there was an election. Probably I should have mentioned that in the last post, since it was, you know, kind of important! But hey, I flailed enough about it on Twitter, I think I'm out. Also, other people have made far far better posts then I could on the subject. It's fascinating though, and will probably continue to be so now that a coalition has been sorted and we actually have a new PM (no matter how ugh inducing he is). Bring on the re-election I say! (But not before a bit of electoral reform - here's hoping.)

And now I'm off to Kew Gardens to spend the afternoon with a few of my old Embassy co-workers. I worked crazy hours yesterday so I could manage this afternoon off, so I'm gonna enjoy it. (DON'T RAIN!)
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My brother just called me from the Emergency Room. They think he has appendicitis. He's getting a CT scan, and they will probably have to operate tonight.

He has no insurance. And yeah, that's stupid of him, and it's his own fault, yada yada. But, you know, he works in a restaurant, he earns like $15000 a year, and he's lived his entire life (bar the last three years) in a country where healthcare is free. He said he has looked into it, but he needed his health records from the UK and never kind of bothered to get them, and that it would be like $100 a month for the basic care, so he was putting it off. Stupid, yeah, but I get it. He's young, healthy, etc.

Fuck the fucking US health care system. He's looking at a $20000 bill for this operation, which means that my parents are looking at that bill (I guess) because it's not like he has the money. I can't even believe that you can go into a hospital and be sick through no fault of your own and have a necessary operation and it can freaking bankrupt you like that. It is so far out of my realm of experience that I will literally NEVER understand it.

I guess in a few years, if the new bill is good, he would have to get insurance, and it would be subsidised, because he must be low income. (And I think if I'm remembering right, that it starts at $40000 income and graduates down.)

BUT WHATEVER. Not like that helps him now. Hopefully he'll call back in a few hours and say the CT scan went alright (and cost him what, $2000 or so?) and that he doesn't need the operation. But it wasn't sounding good.

The ridiculous thing is that I should be thinking about how scary it is that he might be going in for an op like this, totally last minute, and all I can think of is the money. But $20000! That's terrifying. Fuck.
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We saw Milk last night, and it's really stuck with me. I walked to the vet this morning (Nimbus is getting neutered!) and I had scenes from the movie running in my head the whole time. It was a great film - essentially a biopic, but really as much about the movement as the man. It was kind of heart-warming and inspiring and also depressing, all at the same time. It's impossible not to see the obvious comparisons with what's going on today, particularly at the end when they were fighting proposition 6 (regarding firing teachers for being gay). I couldn't help but think about this past election and prop 8, also in CA, also regarding gay rights, also brought forward by a religious group. It's the whole step-forward, step-back thing: prop 8 deals with marriage, which is obviously progress from prop 6, but on the other hand, it passed and the earlier one didn't.

I think overall the movie did a great job of giving you a vision of all these people (mostly men, not many lesbians represented in this) who were working towards this common goal that had them just so completely fired up. Every person on his team was interesting in some way. I don't know if all the little stories were true, but it felt like many of the things that happened could have been told to the screenwriter (or whoever) by the men themselves. Like "you know the first time I went to see Harvey at City Hall I had borrowed a suit from a friend and he joked with me, told me never to wear it again, said that I should wear the tightest jeans I owned when I came in there" - that feels like a jokey anecdote you would tell about a friend, and whether true or not, it was the kind of thing that made Milk (the film and the person) very accessible. At the end they did that thing that they so often do on "true" films, where they tell you what all the people are doing now. And most of them were activists still, or involved in various projects relating to the cause.

Anyway, I really enjoyed it, and would recommend it to everyone. If nothing else, it's always interesting to get a picture of an era that isn't your own and see how social issues stood then. The late 70's isn't that long ago, and yet attitudes are already vastly different. Of course, I live in London, so my vision is screwed! (Although the film is set mostly in SF, so that's obviously not a picture of middle America either.) I've had discussions about this generational thing with my parents - who are in their early 60's - because the changes that have come about in their lifetime are profound. And for someone born in the 80's (that's me!) there are some things that seem very obvious, and yet weren't even in place 20-30 years ago. That which was once marginalized is becoming more mainstream, but there's still a long long way to go.

In conclusion, go see Milk! DO IT NOW!

On a similar note, I ran into this story earlier today through several links. It concerns my old stomping grounds, San Antonio, and a gay couple (women) who are in trouble with the law for kissing (and then resisting arrest? refusing to leave?) at a mall. So that's interesting on several levels, the most immediate one being the authorities’ very obvious defence, which is that it was the PDA in general that was objected to, and not the same-sexiness of it. We had a discussion at a recent party of ours regarding American opinions on PDA versus European or UK ones. (One of our many MILLION discussion regarding “courtship” in difference countries and cultures – we’re gonna write a book, really.) The general opinion seemed to be that in the US, PDA is less acceptable. However, that opinion was coming mostly from foreigners, so it could be the old idea of Americans as prudes (quite common over here) which I'm not positive is true. (The leftover Puritan ethic and all that.) So what do you guys think? Do people kiss in malls out in the open? Or is that so shocking that you could be arrested for it? I'm sure at least part of it is the lesbian aspect; I kind of refuse to believe that didn't escalate the problem. But is there any chance that a straight couple would have been asked to stop as well? I'm very curious about this, and I don't really feel I have enough of a grasp on current American culture to answer it. I'm trying to think about PDA in America, or even think about TV shows (which is where I get way too much of my “American” info) and I can't seem to get a good picture. So enlighten me please...
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Happy (belated) birthday to [livejournal.com profile] lin! I know you've had a crazy time lately, but I hope your birthday was both fun and relaxing. :)

So I feel like I haven't been around much lately, which is mostly just because of busyness. Of course Nano has kicked off (and is totally kicking my ass) and then there was all the election stuff. That was like two whole days down the drain right there, even with me taking a day off work.

We went to an American ex-pats in London thing to watch the results all night, which was pretty awesome. They had rented this venue out until 6AM, and thankfully that was plenty of time for it to be decided and all that. I was dreading having to go home at that point and still not know a result, but yay for being spared and for correct polling. It was actually a pretty incredible experience. I think there were over 2000 people there (although that petered out a bit the later it got) and in our little group we had six (of which three were American) that stayed until the bitter end. It was just a great atmosphere - lots of cheering, and countdowns, and just generally happy people. We took our "London for Obama" sign, which we have dragged everywhere for months, and tons of people came up and took pictures of it. Also, at one point early on, Amy dared Rach to run across stage with it, and she totally did, because she is awesome. It got tons of cheers, although she did get yelled at for it right afterwards by about three different security guards. Bleh.

We did play Obama Bingo, although mostly just as normal Bingo and not as a drinking game. It was pretty dark for it in there, so we were doing that thing where you use your mobile-phone to see, which only made it funnier. And towards the end when results were coming in fast it was really really hard to keep up. Also, I won £10 off Seb because he bet me that Texas would go blue, to which I was like "I wish, but yeah right" and promptly shook his hand. Sucker.

We stumbled home on the tube at about 630AM, still carrying the Obama sign and just very very happy. I will never feel fully and completely "American" (or "British" for that matter, so whatever) but I think this week I have felt the most patriotic that I have in years. It will be very interesting to see what this does for us in the opinions of other countries, and just in general what Obama actually turns out to be like as a President. But for now, I seriously watched his acceptance speech with tears in my eyes, and I really welcome that kind of emotion in an arena where I haven't felt it for a long time.

Also election related, we almost got to be on this C4 show as a "group of loud and proud Democrats" but turned them down because we have a write-in that we promised Claire we would go to. (*waves* Hi Claire if you're still stalking me!) Groan. Damn you Nano - you're ruining my chances at stardom!

Oh, also, my dress for the wedding is done now - she took up the front and added a panel, and hemmed it. I'm not happy with it really, but it can't be helped. I mean the alterations look great, but the dress just isn't a good style for me. The thing is that Kristen's sister and I are wearing the same dress, in an attempt (I guess) to make it kinda like we're bridesmaids even though we will be the only ones there. I should have vetoed that, however, because in the best traditions of the way that crap works, she is tall and willowy and I am short and squat. So this dress is not ideal. I was pretty upset about it last night when I was trying it on, now I'm kinda just eh. Ah well.

I leave next Thurs for the States, and between now and then life is pretty much just Nano. We have a write-in like every day. I hope it helps! I'm writing like molassas this year.

On a completely random note, I'm about to pass out here from the smell outside our office. They're cleaning a drain or something, and it's almost unbearable. Seriously. I have kleenex stuffed up my nose and I still feel like I'm going to gag. Going home early is seeming like a really good idea...
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Five things:

1) Look what [livejournal.com profile] iamseb made! It's OBAMA BINGO! for election night. Go there and it will create cards for you to print and mark when various states turn blue. It was officially planned as a drinking game but can also be used just as regular Bingo. Spread it far and wide and make him* famous!

2) Quote as related from my mom today. She's an elementary librarian and was introducing "My Teacher for President" to a Kindergarten class she was going to read it to.

Mom : Can anyone tell me what special event is going to happen in America tomorrow? It's very important and all of your mommies and dadddies will be helping to something for the country.

Tyler (5 year old African American boy) : We're going to have the first black president!

Awesome, hilarious and oh so cute.
(I believe there followed a slight discussion on how that might happen, but that we wouldn't know for sure who won until Wednesday.)

3) I started Nano but only have 3000 words so far. I really need to get a move on. We planned our first official write-in for tomorrow, and I have successfully gotten admin controls on the London Nano FB group though, so we're on our way!

4) The red cups are coming! No sign as yet, but I asked a girl in Starbucks this weekend and she said they should be starting Wednesday. I'm a complete sucker for this entire campaign. Bring on the gingerbread lattes!

5) I changed my moodtheme. I finally uploaded the Buzzcocks one that I have been meaning to get for ages.

*For those of you who like to nitpick (SEB - even when I am promoting your own stuff), by this I mean make Seb famous, not Obama. Obama is obviously already famous. Seb, not so much.


Oct. 24th, 2008 10:43 am
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So this is interesting...

You are a

Social Liberal
(68% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(20% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test
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So I have a really bad habit of starting entries in a word doc (or lately, due to my obsession, in a google doc!) and then not finishing them. Which means I have all these strings of half entries that don't get posted. Since this week was particularly ridiculous that way, I've decided to give it to you day by day, as is, or with small edits. It's kinda like a snapshot of the past week!

Monday - This weekend was our first in the new house (without moving and my parents and stuff) and it was pretty awesome. We planned to have a debate party on Friday night to watch the VP debates - in the end only Amy (American) and Claire (French) came, but that was probably for the best, as many things went wrong. (The oven turned out not to work so we couldn't cook the lasagna or the brownies! etc.) It still was a beyond hilarious night. Like half the (other) nation, we had planned to watch it as a drinking game, feeling that we actually might need the alcohol to get through. Unfortunately, due to the fact that we were *stealing internet* it took hours to download and wasn't ready until 11PM. This led to us being drunker than expected at the BEGINNING of the debate, so it was kind of all downhill (or uphill depending on your POV) from there. It seriously took us until about 4AM to watch it, with all the stopping and back-watching and everything. But much fun was had, really, although I don't remember as much of the debate points as I did from the presidential one. But Amy brought margaritas! We never get those over here! The mix was imported from Texas! And then there were tequila shots! Riiiight. The only point I remember with clarity is a whole lotta anger (at both candidates) when the subject of gay marriage came up. When the frak will we have someone who can just man (or woman) up and say "yes, I believe in it, and I will vote for it, and that's that"? They're all so afraid. Don't even get me started on the whole "it's the choice of the states" thing. I just do.not.get.it. Meh.

Tuesday - I woke up this morning from just the freakiest dream ever. It was long and complicated, but here are the basics. I was on some sort of spaceship, and I was working with this older guy to do some special demonstration or something - not sure what it was but it involved stop motion photography (seriously!) and his son was around, helping out too. The kid was about 10 or 11. It went on for ages with us setting stuff up and joking around, and the whole time I had this freaky feeling like something bad was going to happen. Then just minutes before we were about to do our thing, the dad went to go set up one last thing (not sure what) and then didn't come back. So we're all "where did he go/ this isn't like him/ it's about to start" or whatever. And whatever he had to do was on the outside of the ship I guess, or maybe he had to open a door to do it? Anyway, we look up out the big window that we were gonna use for observing during our demo, and there he is, floating all dead. (Like that Dr Who ep!) It was horrible. The last part of the dream was me holding back this screaming sobbing kid while he stared up at his dead dad. Freeeaky. I mean, wtf brain??

Also, new oven was delivered today. Yay for actual *good* landlords! Also, after a few snafus earlier tonight (yeah IDK, my computer is on crack) I FINALLY HAVE INTERNET! And it's fast! Yay. Just in time to post for the GGVS tonight.

Wednesday - It turns out that there was no Gossip Girl this week, which saddened me greatly. I never know when the hiatuses are, because I'm not seeing them as aired, just downloading, so I'm not in on the commercials and stuff. I should really look up schedules or something so that I don't get meanly surprised! I am so loving this show though - it is bar none my favourite show on the air right now (well, excepting NMTB of course - but that's different). Best new show of last year, definitely.

I took my nail polish off and my fingernails are still orange! (From henna-ing Rach's hair.) I think nails are like hair and thus absorb the dye. So I'm going to have to wear dark nail polish until they grow out enough!! I'm such a dork.

Seriously, they look ridiculous. )

Thursday - Found this today (through one of those trails of a thousand links) and it's so weird! I actually thought it might be fake at first. "This Life cover from September 2004 with John McCain, who didn't run for president that year, and Tina Fey, looking a lot like Sarah Palin, is pretty darn creepy."

I was randomly thinking of the movie 12 Monkeys today. It's such a great movie and I haven't seen it in years - I wish I owned it.

I don't know if any of you guys noticed, but [livejournal.com profile] ggseason8 was in LJ spotlight! I am totally amazed at what a difference it's made in our numbers. The number of people we have watching the community has more than doubled. I just had no idea it would be such a big thing. I guess people really do pay attention - although if you think about the total population of LJ, it's a tiny percentage. But you have to consider that it's the percent that actually look at spotlight, then the percent of them that like Gilmore Girls so bother to click through, then the percent who are obsessed enough with the show to actually want to read a virtual season, especially when there are already 24 back episodes posted that they need to catch up on. That's some weeding out, right there! Either way, I am totally on board with spotlight, and I'll definitely pay more attention to the communities on there in the future.

Friday - So last night we finally broke down and finished packing away all the landlords' crap in our house. This house is awesome, but it came with one major drawback, namely that when it said "furnished" it meant "not only just the awesome furniture which actually includes some nice antiques but also a whole lotta crap like pictures and horrible ugly nick-nacks that are scattered through-out the house and are all breakable". Riiiight. So since we moved in (only two weeks ago!) we've been saying we would pack it all up. And I did do a few boxes last week, but we needed more packing material, so I had to stop. Now, after stealing tons of the "free" papers off the tube, we were ready. It took Rach and I hours (Seb was cooking, cleaning, etc) but we did it! And we also moved enough furniture to set up our shelves with books and DVD's. It's all so pretty! So these aren't proper pics of the house yet (next week! I swear!) but you can see how much crap we packed away (thank goodness there is a big closet to stash it in) and also how pretty the shelves look.

Pictures! )

Saturday - That's today! I'm giving myself a break to put this entry together, because I just finished a quick read/edit of 9.03 in order to write the draft promo. But now I need to go back to cleaning, because our house party is tonight. Rach and I did henna last night (with gloves! shut up) and my hair looks awesome! I slept in it (never tried that before) and it's actually quite a nice bright (almost carrot-y! ha!) red. It looks really natural I think. Too bad I can't do much about my stupid eyebrows - I guess I should get them waxed or threaded again so they aren't so big - they just give the whole game away. At least my fringe (bangs) kinda covers them though.

Jgeez this entry is unwieldy. I have to get better at posting things when I actually write them.

On the virtual season news, here are the actual numbers from today. We've gone from 173 watchers to (currently) 429! That is truly amazing. Thanks LJ spotlight!


Oct. 3rd, 2008 04:46 pm
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I can already tell, just from thinking back through my head, that this entry will neither be cohesive nor (probably) coherent. In order to correct that, it's coming in list form. In no particular order...

1. The absolute best way for today to begin was for me to get an email in my inbox from Nic, saying that the tenancy dispute people had (finally) ruled on our deposit. We're getting most of our money back! From the flat we moved out of in June! Oh how I hate that old landlord. Bastard. Just to break it down, here are the numbers:

Original deposit - £2130 (£710 each)
Amount refunded at first - £1668 (£556 each)
Additional amount now refunded - £327 (£109 each)
Amount landlord got to keep in the end - £135 (£45 each)

So he got some money (the things they agreed with were cleaning and jetwashing the back weeds out) but not most of it. Yay us!

2. BUZZCOCKS IS BACK!!!!! My favourite show in the world started a new season last night and I missed it because I haven't had a TV in months and so had no idea. Thank goodness for the internet.

3. I kinda of really want to watch True Blood now, because [livejournal.com profile] cleolinda is doing recaps. So I caved and downloaded the first episode. We'll see.

4. I have someone to watch Heroes with now! My new housemate ([livejournal.com profile] iamseb) and I watched episode 3 together, which was the first time I've actually not watched it alone. That was very exciting for me. Unfortunately our TV habits don't intersect on any other shows yet, but give it time. Oh! That's not true - we are also gonna back watch all of BSG!

5. We're having people over tonight to watch the VP debate (well, if we manage to get it downloaded we are). I have been staying away from "spoilers" all day, which sounds weird but I do kind of want to go into it blind. Rach is making her vegatable lasgana and I'm doing brownies, plus Amy is bringing (specially imported) margarita mix! Yay. We also found some drinking games on the web, so we may try some of those out too. :)

6. I was very annoyed yesterday at work by two things - 1) Boss and I arguing about a very specific thing on a return that I STILL think I was right about. But you know, he's the boss so he gets to choose. AND 2) I printed a whole return on A4 (UK paper) instead of 8.5x11 (US paper) which meant I had to reprint it. I HATE how we deal in two sizes of paper - I'm always having to switch them out because the second tray on my printer doesn't work. Stupid.

7. It was in my comments a few days ago, but I feel like properly posting it - I WAS ON NBC! Really! Okay it was for five seconds, but still! Very exciting. In the clip show they had on before the start of the new season they did a rundown of the Heroes world tour, and they totally showed me taking a picture with Milo. Sadly, I did not catch it, but the ever observant [livejournal.com profile] adinarj did. What would I do without her?! Look, here's the screenshot! )

8. I'm off to have my haircut after work. I think I'm gonna bob it. It's been a while, and I'm kind of sick of the length of it. Plus it has all these horrible layers from the last haircut I got, which was really bad, so it needs to be cut short to get rid of them.

9. Just to wrap this up, a random meme that I stole from [livejournal.com profile] outforawalk a while ago. Which Dr Who companion are you? I got Donna! ("You are a great mate, great to laugh with, run with and to battle enemies alongside. Witty, independent and honest, you grab opportunities with both hands but don't give your heart away too easily. You keep the doctor grounded.") Fabulous.

10. Happy weekend everyone! (I needed a 10!)
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Yay it's Friday! And there's so much going on. I just feel really cheerful today, which is great. Also, it's after 4, so I can go home soonish!

Things currently making me happy:

1. The plans with the house are moving along. We got the lease today so we'll sign that this weekend. Also, I filled out all the reference form stuff, so that should be going through. I'm not worried about it, it just needed to get done.

2. We are having couchsurfers and it's fun! One girl just left today - she was nice and easy to get along with. We didn't do much, although we did drag ourselves out to dinner last night. It's been a chill week actually. We have two more coming tonight, and they sound great. I've been emailing back and forth with the one girl, and she seems like someone we could be friends with. They are actually moving to London, so it would be very cool if we all got along.

3. My mom keeps sending me political emails, so we've had a lot of back and forth lately. She sent me this quote thing earlier today and I wrote back with some of my opinions. She just sent back one line - "I raised you well!" - which totally cracked me up. I love my mom.

4. Also on the political front, we might do some more canvassing this weekend.

5. The radio station we have on at work has been having some kind of retrospective, and they had an hour of Backstreet Boys songs. So I've been singing along to all this music that I loved like ten years ago but haven't listened to in years. Man, I used to love BSB back in the day!

6. We (the nano-ers) are going to karaoke on Monday and the couchsurfers are coming.

7. I borrowed Rach's conditioner because I turned out to be allergic to mine. It's totally awesome! It's this and I am totally buying some as soon as I can find it. It smells great and my hair feels awesome.

8. I looked around online yesterday for shelters for kittens in London. I'm so excited to finally adopt one after talking about it for so long!

9. We are SO CLOSE to the virtual season premiere. I need to write the promo for the first episode this weekend - so that should go up Tuesday. And then we premiere on the 30th! The season arcs are done, the episode storylines are coming along, and it just all looks so good.

10. Well it's friday! That's enough, right?

Life just feels busy and happy and good. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

ETA. One thing that is raining on my parade - my boss's political opinions, which he keeps talking about and I am trying not to argue with him about. (He thinks Obama has a secret agenda. He thinks global warming is due to the Earth and nothing to do with human's actions. He like Sarah Palin. HE LIKES PALIN. ARGH!) Now trying to focus on the ten good things above...
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So the biggest news is that after an (extremely short) house-hunt, we found a fantastic new place to live! Seriously, this house is so great, and it has so many things that I was sure we wouldn't find or be able to afford, so it's just incredibly awesome that it worked out. The deal isn't done and dusted yet, as we still have to do references and pay in full, but we've put the deposit down to secure it, and everything seems to be going to plan. It was the third house we looked at, which I think made my mom nervous, but really once she sees it she's totally going to understand. Info about the house, because it is AWESOME. )

Okay, I have this other section that I wrote up before and never posted, so here's our weekend and some shopping:

On Sat in the AM we went house-hunting. [BLAH BLAH BLAH - it's all out of date now so I deleted it!]

Then in the Sat PM Rach and I went to this Democrats Abroad thing. We weren't sure what it was, but it turned out to be canvassing (at a festival on the Thames) to try and get Americans registered to vote. It was a bit scary at first but after you got used to it, really fun. A few people were rude, but most were really nice - probably tons easier then doing something like that in the US because the sentiment was overwhelmingly Democrat. We got a lot of confused Brits though - "why are you doing this here?" - but it did seem to be worth it because there are just SO many Americans in London. We were some of the last to leave, so we inherited this huge sign "London for Obama" that we have now hung in our front hall. :) Also, I randomly saw a friend of mine from university, so that was weird. I just heard my name and turned around, and there he was. (Actually, if you ever follow/remember my stories, it was the guy who got married earlier in the year and didn’t invite me.) Anyway, overall a positive experience on the campaign-related stuff, and nice to feel like we were actually doing something! Also, it got me a new facebook profile pic, so that's cool. )

Then on Sunday we cleaned. Ugh. (Well, mostly Rach cleaned and I just sorted out my room.) But at least now my room looks beautiful. It was really getting out of control. Oh, and I made cookies, which if I do say so myself, turned out awesome. It's much harder without an electric mixer though.

Also, have been doing a bit of (US) shopping online:

Erin(Kristen’s sister) found a dress for the Costa Rica wedding. We're dressing matching, to give a semblance of a wedding party feeling I guess. I think it’s really pretty, although I’m sure I’m gonna have to hem it. (Or get someone to hem it if the fabric is too delicate – we’ll see.)

I’ve been looking for a new laptop bag, and have searched a bit in actual shops but not found anything that fits what I want. I needed it to be something that didn’t look too much like a laptop bag, because when I carry my current one around London I feel like a target. Also, I wanted it to be big enough to hold quite a bit of other stuff, and also to be pretty! So I finally ordered this one from the Mac store. I was just a bit worried because the straps don't look that padded, but hopefully it will be okay. I found it for about $20 cheaper on some random sites, but none of them ship to APO's. Stupid. I talked to mom this weekend and she was just saying "why buy it online? you can't look at it that way" but I just think it's so much easier! Real shopping is such a pain in the ass.

The last thing I was considering (but haven’t ordered) is this raincoat. I have been looking (for like two years! man I suck at shopping) for a raincoat/trench that would be nice for work. The only summer/fall coats I have are casual, so I mostly end up wearing sweaters until it’s cold enough for my wool ones. (I have tons of winter coats!) But I don’t know – the pretty blue doesn’t come in petite, so I can’t decide.

Other than that, not much. Except that I think I might be allergic to the new shampoo that I bought. AND THAT WE FOUND THE PERFECT HOUSE. Ahem. I'm done now, I swear!
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I woke up this morning with "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue" (Crystal Gayle ) in my head. Which is strange, because I don't think I've heard that song in years. It used to be one of my favourites when I was a kid. So yeah, that's very weird.

This entry is mostly to rant about Bones, because I've just finished watching the S3 finale and I am totally speechless.

Cut for Bones Season 3 Spoilers )

Tomorrow I have my very first couchsurfers coming – two girls from CA – so I’m pretty excited about that. I also have two others coming at the beginning of next week. And then Rach gets back (YAY!) so I’m not sure what our plan for the rest of the month is. I have like five million requests though, so I need to decide something soon. I already weeded out some of them for various reasons, the biggest being if their group included a guy. I said explicitly on my profile that I couldn’t host men (because of the weird landlord rule which I’m not willing to risk for couchsurfers during our last month in the house) and yet people keep asking! Even after I went back and put it in block capitals on the main description part, I’ve still had some requests. Man people are dumb.

Speaking of dumb? The Republican VP choice. Even over here, you can feel the waves of derision.
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It's 2:30 AM. I actually got home around 12:30 tonight, and I was planning on sorting a few things out and just generally cleaning up to get ready for tomorrow when I have people coming round for lunch. That is not what I did. Instead, I have been standing in the kitchen for almost two hours talking to my new flatmate (Shahid) about anything and everything. The conversation started with whether he liked his workmates (who he just been out with) and ended with a discussion of global warming causing flooding in Bangladesh. Riiiight. This is (mostly) how we got there:

Workmates (he's a solicitor)
Work do's and networking
difference b/w solicitors and barristers
difference b/w UK and US legal systems
difference b/w UK and US tax systems
US foreign policy
the US election
Clinton, Bush and their decisions
the fall of the dollar, rise of the euro and the reasons behind it
smaller regions' roles (including the Balkins RACH!)
9/11 and the underground bombings
targeting and media focus on Muslims in UK
targeting and media focus on Americans (and their foreign policy) in UK
role of Muslims in the UK (he's Muslim)
role of Muslims in the US
Muslim/Asian identity in the UK and US
difference b/w UK and US opinions on religion
difference b/w UK and US opinions on immigrants
difference b/w UK and US opinions on race
difference b/w UK and US opinions on accent
importance of accents to UK barristers
how you can "sound" Asian even if raised British
Bangladesh (he was born there)
global warming creating floods in Bangladesh

I am now seriously exhausted. This is why I mostly just talk about fandom! It's so much easier. But hey, this is by far the longest I have talked to him ever, and it was certainly a real conversation. That can only be positive for flatmate relations, right?

And now I need to put my laundry away so that Kathleen doesn't make horrified noises tomorrow when she (inevitably) inspects my bedroom.


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