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I'm not exactly sure why, but I've been really teary lately. I guess in part it's just that everything is kinda in flux, people are leaving for the summer, flat stuff is as usual up in the air, and I just feel like I'm in for a lonely few months. Which is ridiculous, because my parents don't even live in London and I survived just fine before November when I knew the Nano folks. But whatever. There are also a few other things that I don't care to go into with anyone, but that are not good for my peace of mind.

Oh, and one more drama that is semi-public. One of my best guy friends from university is getting married on Saturday, and I'm not invited. Actually, I am not, my roommate from college (who was his best friend since middle school and dated him at uni) is not, and her sister isn't either. Crazily enough, her parents are. So we've been back and forth on this for the past six months - knowing about the wedding from various sources, waiting to be told it was happening, waiting for an invite, etc. We had come to the conclusion that it had to do with their past relationship, which is INSANE, because it ended mutually and they have remained good friends. Our other two good guy friends are groomsmen, and the bachelor party was this week, so one of them was charged with finding out what the frak was going on. His report (emailed to be by my ex-roomie): "According to [groom], he and [bride] decided not to invite any exes to the wedding. Thus, I was blacklisted. I would like to point out that I have known [groom] for 15 years, and only dated him for 2ish. Further, he said that he thought it would be "too harsh" to invite you or [sister] and not me, thus you two were out by proxy. Not sure how he invited my parents w/o considering THAT harsh." Seriously, WTF? Fine if they made that decision (even though I think it's stupid, considering), but the least he could have done is have the balls to call her and let her know. And especially he could have called ME and said "hey Jenn, I know we've been friends for 9 years but I'm not inviting you to my wedding and this is why" so I wasn't expecting anything. The communication broke down between the two of us right around the time they started dating a year ago, but that doesn't mean I expected not to be invited to the wedding! I was making plans - I was considering taking time off and flying to Texas. And now, as far as he knows, I might not be aware it's even happening - although, let's face it, in the era of the internet that's impossible. Basically I think it's cowardly, and he's pretty much just thrown three friendships away. BAH HUMBUG!

Okay, so let's talk about TV now so I stop getting mad about real life! Also on the crying front, I've been watching Everwood S4, and man can that show make me cry. I cry when happy stuff happens, I cry when sad stuff happens, it's ridiculous. And I'm watching it on my ipod on the tube, so it's also kinda embarrassing. I'm alsmost done now too, and that kinda sucks. I have just the final double episode, and then I'll be completely done with Everwood. Everwood S4 spoilers under here - mostly shippyness )

I'm also trying really hard to be awake right now, because the three of us flatmates stayed up to about 4AM, sitting in the living room talking about stuff. No reason in particular, just once we got started we didn't go to bed. Oh how getting up sucked this morning.

Speaking of flatmates, tonight we're having a house party to say goodbye to Rachel and Jessie, so we'll see how it goes. It's hard to throw a house party in London; people like to come out and meet somewhere, but getting them to come round your place is more difficult. We have some failed (well not *failed* but not as well attended as we would like) shindigs to prove it. So we'll see who comes. But I'm sure it will be fun no matter what, because the people who we right now know for sure will be there are awesome.

And now I'm off to get back to work, which, strangely enough, today is going to involve painting. We've got this renovation that has been happening for about a month now and is almost finished. For whatever reason he's decided that we're just going to paint it ourselves. He's already done a bunch, now he's off to his house to grab coveralls so that I can paint too. Which is okay, because painting is fun, but obviously has nothing to do with taxes. But surely it will be easier to stay awake while painting then it is while sitting at a computer?

The Blahs

Apr. 30th, 2008 11:19 am
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I was in the mood this morning to write an upbeat happy post about what I did last night (it was exciting!) and then I got about three more emails concerning THE FLAT SITUATION THAT WILL NOT END. We were almost to the signing of the contract, which was supposed to happen Mon/Tues. And now it's happening Thurs (well maybe) and the landlord wants us to bring the rent in cash that day. The rent is due Friday. I don't want us carrying £1500 worth of cash around North London. I mean, um...raise your hand if that sound like a VERY bad idea. Anyway, he is saying no cash, he won't sign. Can he even say that? I'm so exhausted at this point I don't even care, but I'm attempting to drag S and K along in everything, and getting them to agree with the landlord and the estate agent is literally impossible. About anything. Too many egos...

Anyhow, at some point here I will do my happy post about last night. And maybe even include a picture of me and a Beefeater. Yes, it included Beefeaters. At 10PM. Now don't you really really want to know?!
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So I got into work early today because it's a Jewish holiday so my boss took the day off. He wanted to meet with me as early as possible so that he could then go home. Whatever. I actually left my house just after 7, which got me here about 830, which is really freaking early to me. (Shut up all you people who work in US offices and schools.) That's a full hour and a half earlier than I am required to be here.


The main thing going on is sudden emails from my almostlawyer flatmate (Shahid) about our on-going lease (not)signing drama. He wrote to some barrister friend for advice, and also to the bond scheme people, and so today forwarded all that stuff to Katie and I. Things telling us to withhold rent and how the old tenants (me, Jul, Nic) should have also had to sign a form releasing the bond (which of course we never saw) and just basically I am kicking myself for how cavelier and casual we were about this whole thing. Seriously. We may have really and truly fucked ourselves. I keep trying to say to myself that the worst thing that can happen is not getting the bond back, but really, it's £2130, which is £710 each, and I'm just not at a place in my life where I can calmly write off £710, you know? That's almost $1500, like OMG. But withholding rent? They are saying that it would take him "six months through the courts" to actually get us out. So um...squatting I guess. NOT on my list of things I want on my CV. Blech I don't know. And when I start to think about it in any detail it makes me cry. I hate being grown-up. Why are people evil? WHO DOES THIS? I'm sure that £2000 is nowhere near as crucial for him as it is for us, and HELLO it's OUR MONEY.

Man, I really need to get some actual work done.
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Holy crap, this week just keeps getting worse. I started to write this out last night but quite frankly I was so upset that I never finished it. I did manage to have angry gchat with both [ profile] basilm and [profile] adinarj so I’m going to use those to cobble together the rest of the entry. (I will however, spare you the large amount of cursing and mis-spellings as I typed madly!)


ENOUGH WITH THE DRAMA! Seriously, my life is a soap opera at the moment. So here's what happened today yesterday.

Mid-afternoon I got a text from Shahid saying the electrician had come and fixed the boiler. We have hot water! We have heat! Yay. I got off work 30 mins early and went out for dinner and a movie with Anna. It all went downhill from there.

I got home around 10 and all hell had broken loose. I walk in the door, and immediately, Katie and Shahid are all "you aren't going to like this." As far as I can tell, this is what had occurred:

I don’t want to be grown-up if this kind of crap is going to keep happening )

Stuff like this is not helpful on top of the insane work stress too. (BTW, isn’t it nice that I took some time out at work to WASTE IT and write this? Lovely.) [ profile] basilm's advice about the whole thing? "You need a drink." Well yes, indeed I do!

I’ve had this entry open for hours now, so I’m posting. Updates later, I am sure.

Bah Humbug.

Apr. 1st, 2008 10:22 am
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I am not happy.

Last night, our internet didn't work. I should have called Virgin Media and complained, but quite frankly that never seems to work. It's been off a few times before and all they have said is "yes, there are issues in your area of London - they should be resolved soon". Gee and golly, Virgin is a such a great and helpful ISP. [/sarcasm]

Today, for no reason that I could see, TFL closed my bus-stop. I had to walk to the next one, along with a slew of other people. While I was walking, FOUR buses went by. That's insane. That many buses are never that close together. So of course once I got there it was ages before another one came. This wrecked havoc on my already fragile morning schedule.

Also? It was raining and I forgot my umbrella.

I'm crazy busy at work and I leave for Chicago (okay - yay!) in eight days. I should not be taking the five minutes of extra time to even write this. That's how busy I am.




Yesterday I called my landlord many times and only got his ansaphone. I finally got hold of him around 7:30, too late for him to call anyone about the heat/hot water. He is calling today and someone will come today or tomorrow. Thank God Shahid can take time off to meet someone at the flat because I certainly can't.

*mutters angrily*
*reluctantly goes back to work*
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Two entries in two days - huzzah!

So to cap off my very useful weekend, today I finished up two of the freelance tax returns I am doing. Yay for productivity!

Anna came over for later lunch/early dinner and to watch Seinfeld (her DVDs are region 1, so she keeps watching them at my place). We did stirfry, watched three episodes, and hung out for many hours. Good fun. Then my new flatties came home and we had a mini crisis.

I went to wash our dishes and realised there was no hot water. Sometimes this just means the boiler needs to be reset - God knows why - so here goes... I turn everything off and do just that. No go. We realise the heat isn't on. We check the water pressure (the internal value) and turn that up a bit so it is fully in the green. Still no dice. So after one last reset I go for my last ditch effort, which is to take the front off the boiler and try to re-ignite the flame that way. STILL NO FLAME. This has never happened, so I call the landlord. One 12 minute conversation later I learn that I should never take the front off (it's too dangerous!) even though that's how it got fixed before, that I should just use the reset button on the front (DONE THAT YOU IDIOT) and the water pressure valve (CHECKED THAT TOO) and that if that all doesn't work then it must be something simple I am missing. Oh, thanks. Smug bastard. He's in NY, so I'm supposed to call him tomorrow if it still isn't on. The only good thing that came out of this conversation was flat-mate bonding as I put him on speaker phone as he blathered on for 12 minutes about his many properties and responsibilities and I kept saying "sure" and "okay, well then" as I tried desperately to end the conversation. Eventually I got of the phone, we tried resetting it again, and then finally gave it up as a bad job and went to the pub instead.

The pub being our local just down the street (The Shakespeare) which is always rammed and we really don't go to enough. It's a nice little place. So we spent a couple hours there, the four of us having some drinks and getting to know each other. Good fun, and making me realise that I really do like my new flatmates. I think it's all going to be okay.

On the other hand, we got home and there is still no heat or hot water. What a fun phone conversation I'm going to have tomorrow morning.
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The channel showing the Oscars cut out.  IT CUT OUT.  It says "This channel isn't on air right now" even though the Oscars are listed as what is showing.  I got to see half an hour of the ceremony.  And now it's gone.


I tried to call their helpline - it's shut because it's 2AM.  I wrote an email to the customer service, but I'm so sure that won't do anything.  I just can't believe this.  I'm like "I planned this out!  I was staying up all night!  I UPGRADED MY CABLE!"

I hate them.  The next place I move, when I'm setting up stuff like internet and TV I will not get Virgin.  We've had too many problems with them.

And I want my £18 back.


Feb. 20th, 2008 12:46 pm
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So this is great...the Oscars are actually going to happen, but I won't get to see them!  I'm so annoyed. 

It's all due to the stupidity of the UK channel coverage.  They used to show it on one of the four terrestrials channels, but that time is now long gone.  In recent years it has been on Sky Movies, which no one I know has.  Every year I end up begging and pleading and asking people until I find someone who has it.  But this year?  No dice.  The most ridiculous thing is that it's on at 1AM-5:30AM, so it really can't just be anybody.  It needs to be someone willing to let me crash in their living room and watch the Oscars into the wee hours of the morning.

And this year I can't find anyone!  WAAH!  I know this sounds stupid, but you guys, I really love the Oscars.  Actually, crazy as it is, I love awards ceremonies.  And it's like my thing.  I would never stay up until 5 to watch the Superbowl, but for the Oscars I do it every year.  And yeah, they usually reshow the highlights the next day, but IT'S NOT THE SAME.  That's after you know who won - and it's only the highlights.  I want to watch the whole grueling thing.

So right now I feel like I'm out of options.  I can't think of anyone else to ask.  And it is making me very unhappy.  If I had Sky I would upgrade just for this month so I could see it, but we have Virgin, so I don't think there is any way to get that channel at all.

Bah Humbug.

p.s. Jared?  Still without visa.  INSANITY.
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So today I made ginger cookies (okay, not gingerbread b/c I still don't have a cutter or the right kind of vinegar, ANYWAY) and I used black treacle, which turned out to be the closest thing to molasses.  (As in, thick, black and sticky like tar.)  And while I was making said cookies I was using a recipe online and also talking to my brother on skype.  So that means my computer was in the kitchen.  Which, ok, stupid - but you know how it is with a laptop?  You just get used to lugging it everywhere, and it's not like you aren't concerned with its safety, but you kind of figure you are enough of an adult to deal with it and not mess it up.  Is this true of Jenn?  OH NO.  People, here we go:


I am an idiot.  Now, as you can see from the fact that I am doing this entry (and it's the only computer I own) said computer is still working.  I got a cloth with hot water and wiped it up immediately and most of the scary amount of treacle came away with the cloth.  But it went UNDER THE KEYS PEOPLE.  UNDER THE FRAKKING KEYS OF MY MACBOOK PRO.  (Okay, forgive the caps but I'm a little upset.  There is no one here to complain to except my brother who already got a full earful of cursing over skype.)  So right now the keyboard works, but the H key and the N key are very very tight and sticky.  The H key is the worst.  Every time I press it, it just kind of STAYS DOWN and then slowly slowly eases up.  This seriously freaks me out.  I'm taking it to the Mac store tomorrow.  Perhaps they have a way to pry the keys up and clean them?  I don't know, I didn't want to experiment.

Geez.  What a thing to happen.  I'm an idiot for sure.
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Why look - it's the Piz icon again.  That never bodes well.  (How sad that poor Piz gets to watch over all my worst entries, when really I love him dearly!)  I am so incredibly lazy that I'm going to post this in list form.

Things I am currently annoyed / frustrated about:

1.  I'm still sick and I feel wretched, but considering these two weeks are our busiest of the year (except April) I just cannot be missing work.  I'm kind of hungry, but everything I can think of eating makes me feel sicker, so I'm not really eating.

2.  The job listing for the other Embassy job isn't up yet, and may not be for some time.  In fact, it might not be til the new year, and I can't wait that long on saying yes or no to the other one, so I'm going to have to truly make a decision.

3.  The guy from the private firm emailed me again today to say he really wants me on board (ok, that's good) BUT he can't pay me what I want, so it's going to be about the same as my current salary, which is not much.  More holiday though.

4.  I am having an ongoing war with national rail over conditions relating to my train-ticket, peak-times, and prices.  I am not winning, and it's costing me money!

5.  I forgot to transfer dollars to pounds last week so my account is perilously low and I need to pay utilities.

6.  The shelves on the smaller set I bought at Ikea are wrong, and I need to go back and exchange part, but I don't know when I can, plus I need a car to do it.  Not sure how that's happening.

7.  My Oyster card is acting up lately.  It keeps saying "invalid" and then when I go to complain to a helper-person, it works perfectly fine.

8.  My bro and I have been trying to have a phone conversation for about a week and a half now and things keep getting in the way.  We need to catch up!

9.  Our flat is freezing and we don't know how to turn on the heat.  We really need to ask the landlord about that now that it's getting cold.  I've started wearing my medium winter jacket (I have 3 levels) and a light scarf.

10.  I came home ready to watch Heroes and it was all downloaded, then I clicked and the file was corrupted.  WHAT?!?  (That's really the worst thing of all right now - I was going to watch and cheer myself up and now I can't.)  Plus, because I'm going to the Athlete concert tomorrow night (ok, that's good) and spending the night with Kat and James, I won't be able to watch it til Thursday night at the earliest.  That's just too long to wait!  I couldn't even console myself by watching HIMYM, because for some random reason the torrent had stopped.  Riiiight.  Not sure what was up with that.

So is 10 things enough whining for you guys?  I guess it's enough for me - BAH HUMBUG!  (I was listing to Rent the other day and realised that Mimi sings Bah Humbug several times, and I kind of think that might be why I started saying the phrase when I'm annoyed.  I mean obviously it's from Scrooge but I didn't think I had picked it up from him!  It's a random steal and change for me.  Huh.)

On the bright side?  New episode of the virtual season tonight.  Luke gets naked!!!  (Nah - just kidding, fooled you all.)  Now I'm off to try and call my bro again...

ETA: I thought of another one!

11.  I can't participate in the [profile] sexy_is_reading talks this month because I couldn't get the stupid book.  After about three bookstores not having it, my local Waterstones finally gave me more info by telling me that it wasn't actually out in print in Britain yet.  So if I had joined sooner I could have ordered it from the US, but since it was last minute for me, not so much.  I'm staying away from the discussion too, because it sounded good!  So sorry - [personal profile] insanityjones and [personal profile] murphy987
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I wrote this at work today, but I still can't get the email posting to work, so am pasting now...(it's cheery).

Wow, today sucks.  It's just one of those days where I really didn’t want to be here – I mean here as in this world, not just at work or whatever.  I don’t even know what caused it, but the day went from bad to worse.  I was bitchy to everyone all day, and really touchy, and it just seemed like people were going out of their way to be difficult or unhelpful.  Plus, I got yelled at by this idiot guy who came into the office.  He was just turning in a form, and it’s not even my job to take that, but the TSS people were all busy, so I went up there to get it and he unleashed on me.  He was bitching about the increased security and how he had to wait in line for over an hour just to turn in this form.  I politely told him that he could have mailed it – he pointed out that there is a mail strike on.  I said we were accepting things up to a week late because of the strike; he started railing about how incompetent and rude the security people were.  I said that security was important now and that we weren’t in charge of them, etc etc.  You get the picture right?  I mean I can’t help that our office is in the Embassy.  I also can’t help that we actually are a target.  Thus there will be security and there will be lines.  Live with it!  Or take your chance and mail something in.  Or (shock!) don’t wait until a week before the deadline, which btw, is already an extended deadline of six months after they were first due just because you live overseas.  The end of it all was me asking if he would like to talk to my boss and him saying he didn’t have time because he had already wasted so much time waiting in line, and that he was going to tell (actual quote) “my father’s friend who is a senator” about all the issues he had with us.  Riiiiight.

But that was really just one small incident.  Most of the me being mad at the world wasn’t for any particular reason, just that I was out of sorts.  I’m really getting tired of this job though.  I went for the interview for that private firm job and today I got an email from him asking if I wanted it.  Of course now I don’t know if I want it or if I want to wait and try for the other one in the Embassy.  And what if I turn this one down and don’t get the other?  Then I’ll be stuck here.  I really hate these type of decisions – I don’t even know if this is what I want to be doing, let alone which of these jobs I am most interested in.  HATE.  And he wants to know soon, so I don’t really know how to put him off for long.  But the other one isn’t even listed yet.  They got tentative permission from the US, but we all know how long it take the government to move on those type of things.

Yeah, today sucks.  *is annoyed*
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I was right! Some [insert curse words here] stole my phone. They must have taken it from my handbag on the bus, since I had it before that but not after. I called my phone company to cancel it and they said £10 of 0871 calls had been made on it, starting last night. I have to pay for them since they happened before I reported it. How mean is that? I thought it was like a credit card where they would refund the money. I couldn't even call to report it until my flatmate got up this morning, so that sucked. We should really have a landline for times like this. At least they have blocked it and can port my old number to the new sim card they are sending (for £10). But now I have to get a new phone. And I lost all my pictures, old texts, and my entire address book since I'm not good at noting people's numbers down in other places. I just cannot believe someone just took it right out of my handbag in plain sight. People are so evil.

And now I don't have a phone, so it's doubly hard to get anything sorted out. Why couldn't this happen during the week when I don't need to contact people as much?

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So today was a boring day at work, but that's mostly because it was the Friday before a bank holiday, so half our staff was off. The office was SO quiet; it was freaky. Also, I was really looking forward to tonight, so the time went slowly. And then after work I went and met up with [ profile] vegi_b and [ profile] biscottimoment(Ina). YAY! I love meeting TWoPers in RL. Well, actually this was pretty much my first time, but it was so much fun. We just hung out, found a cafe, spent about an hour on public transport (lovely London), shopped for junk food, and then went back to mine to veg out. We watched Buffy and GG and ate poptarts. How cool is that? I actually got to watch GG with people who appreciate and love it - probably a first for me. And we are definitely hanging out more before they leave. So that's definitely a high. (Although you should have heard my mom when I said I was going to meet people I knew from the internet. She was so worried!)

And then to bring it all back down to Earth, I think I got my phone stolen today. It's missing, and I can't think of another time I had it out/place it would be. I'm going to call the cafe we were at tomorrow (once I get a phone to call with) and check, but I don't hold out much hope. For some reason I'm almost sure that it has been stolen - I just have this weird feeling about it. Stupid London. At least I have fairly recently emptied it of photos/videos. I'm not very good about noting people's numbers in other places though, so now I'm going to have to use email and facebook to rebuild my list. What a pain! Really the thing I feel the worst about is all the old text messages on there. I know it's stupid, but I'm kind of sentimental about things like that. It's always getting full, because I only delete the really inconsequential ones. Anyway, if it did get stolen, it totally sucks! Although I have to say - at least it wasn't my whole handbag. That would have been far far worse. Bah humbug!

Back to highs, just a note to say that V-fest was incredible. A picspam is coming your way just as soon as I manage to retrieve the proper camera cords from my parents' house so I can actually put them on my computer.

Oh, and happy birthday [ profile] wiscck! I hope your day was all highs and no lows!

Monday Ire

Jul. 9th, 2007 12:55 pm
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I am just having one of those days where I want to hurt everyone. In the words of Michel, “people are particularly stupid today”. Seriously, I am just about spitting fire, and I’m having a horrible time keeping it under control and acting like a normal person. I’m just having to settle for being just a little bit short with everyone.

I don’t know what it is – maybe just a Monday morning after such a nice weekend? But whatever, I just don’t want to deal with anyone today, and everyone seems bent on being as annoying as possible.

Grrrr. I guess I’ll take a break and have some lunch. Food has to help, right?!

p.s. I like the fact that I can at least get on LJ at work. I do it sparingly, but it’s still one shining page in my blocked internet wasteland!
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Yes - it's totally official, we are moving out. The letter was not well received, in fact she took it as a personal affront ("I think I know what parts of my property still need work, I'm the landlady so it's up to me") and so has given us til the end of the week if we won't agree to her terms. Thank god we at least have that long, because we have stuff to get together and places to find.

Okay, I wrote that hours ago and left it open. The new news is that Andy and Anna found a place to stay...which means I'm on my own. CRAPOLA! Seriously, I hate looking for a new place with a passion that is beyond description. It's just this huge step, to live with other people, and I hate leaving that up to the randomness of emails and then meeting them just once or twice. Absolutely, incredibly annoying. I was SO looking forward to living with people I knew and liked for once. But I do understand them wanting to have their own place - they've only just moved in together so since they found a flat for just the two of them it makes sense. I'm just sad for me! And David is only here for the summer, so it's even harder for him to find a place for that short time.

GAH! I hate how fast things are suddenly moving. I'm a slow, considerate, one decision at a time kind of person. This type of situation sends me into a spiral of panic. My mom got a very tearful freaked out phone call today, and I don't think I left her feeling very reassured for my mental state!

Anyone know of ANYONE looking for a fun, fabulous, well-read, Gilmore Girls watching roommate in North London?!!
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This is a rant, and I just want to preface this by saying - only in London.  Well, maybe that isn't true, but I so feel like it is.

So, as you may know, I moved into my new place last weekend.  It's kind of a weird situation, because it is massively under construction.  She took the chance to renovate when all but one of her renters (my friend Andy) moved out, and it's a pretty big job.  All new kitchen, taking all the carpets out and varnishing the original wood floors underneath, new lighting in most rooms, painting all the rooms, etc.  I'd say at this point it is about 75% done.  The whole time it's been being worked on, Andy has been working on getting new people to live there - he's done all the work, she hasn't put out any ads or contacted anyone at all.  So the understanding was that he was going to manage the place (with slightly reduced rent) and then just report to her about everyone.  Fine.  And that while it was still under construction, we weren't paying rent yet - which is a pretty sweet deal, I must admit.  But Anna (A's gf), David (A's bro) and I needed a place to move in as of this week, so that was okayed by the landlady.

So a ton of things have happened this past week.  Most importantly, landlady had a fight with the builders about how they were skiiving off, not really working as many hours as they said, etc.  Nothing to do with us.  So she changed the locks on them and refused to pay the rest of their money.  So then it comes about that she doesn't plan to hire more builders, just have herself and her partner finish the job, with help from us.  This is happening toward the end of the week, and I go home to my parents' for the weekend since I have these concert tickets in Norfolk.

Andy calls me today to say "don't bring anything else up to move in, we're having problems with landlady".  Riiight.  First of all, she tells him we have to pay rent starting on Monday.  Let me emphasize at this point that my bedroom isn't even ready yet.  David (who I met last week) and I are sharing a room that also has all the crap in it from two of the other rooms that are being worked on.  He is very kindly giving me the bed and sleeping on the floor, but still.  So, full rent on Monday.  Then she tells him that we can't have five people living there as we wanted to (for lower rent) because she wants to use the 4th bedroom as storage.  Notice I said 4th bedroom, not 5th.  She wants access to that bedroom, and then she wants to charge us rent on a 4 bedroom house when we would only be renting 3 of them (Andy and Anna sharing a room) plus she wants to do it through a management company which hikes the rent more.  So we are looking at about £150 more a month then before.  For you Americans, right now that's a $300 increase.  It means that I would pay almost $1200 a month for a ROOM in a house plus a shared kitchen, living room and one bathroom.  Riiiight.  She also says that we aren't helping out with the renovations enough - the woman wants us to pay full rent for a house that isn't even ready yet and also paint, clean and sort it out for her?  CRAZY.  The worst thing is that almost every demand she is making is a renig of an older agreement with Andy about the house.

So, he has a discussion with her about all this, and she pretty much doesn't listen to anything he says.  Andy is a really level headed guy - very calm and rational, always easy going.  So he's a good person for this confrontation.  But she just won't listen.  So he's written her a letter for her to get today with our side of it all.  To whit, we are willing to pay half-rent until it is completely done, we will live only four people to the house and let her use the storage room, but only if the rent is reduced, he will manage the house for her as agreed before (saving her 17% in agents fees btw), and we will even help out with the renovations if all this is agreed on.  To me, it's quite a decent deal.  And if she's not willing to at least work with us, then we are going to have to start looking for a new place.  What a pain in the ass.

I really hate house-hunting.  And I was just happy that we had everything sorted.  I had house-mates I was happy with, the place is nice, it's near a tube that's a decent commute for me (35-45 mins), etc etc.  The price was more than I wanted to pay, but I was willing to live with that to live with friends and not have to look any further.  So now we have to maybe start looking again, and not only that, but it's harder to look for a place all together like this.  So I might end up just renting out a room somewhere random on my own - totally not what I wanted to do.  UGH!  I just can't stand people who go back on their word like this - you shouldn't have to make people sign a statement every time they make a comment about how things are going to be.  And she says we are trying to jerk her around?!  Whatever.

Updates on this whenever I next have info or the energy to write it out.
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Bah!  I'm so frustrated.  I'm about to get off work, and I feel like I've gotten little or nothing done today.  I really hate working Saturdays - for some reason they are just never productive.  Every little thing I did today took a million times longer than it should of.  In particular I have been fighting with Word Auto-formatting.  I so hate it.  Even when you try to override it still manages to do something to screw it up EVERY TIME.

Plus, because I was so busy taking forever (and getting nowhere) with real work, I hardly had any time for the frivolous things I meant to do today.  Like a new design for this, or looking up possible trips for Marie and I to go on the weekend after next that would be cheaper than the Amsterdam thing.  Clocks kind of ticking on that one!  Plus, I was supposed to look up travel for June when KP and Erin are here.  The only "fun" thing I did today was spend way too much time on the Whimsy thread, and a little bit in the MM.

And now I have Marie's party and she's going to want to know about trips and I've got nothing.  Typical!  I wonder how much I can look up in the 15 minutes I have before I really need to leave?


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