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Ah, February. Thank God. The annoyance and horror and general miserableness that was January has finally passed. (I kid. It wasn't really *quite* that bad.) Anyway, now we have February: Valentines Day, my birthday, and two fabulous concerts! (Panic! At the Disco and My Chemical Romance) Plus B is going away for a week. Yay! And hopefully the weather will get better?

I hate to inflict on you all the general rant about me not using my journal anymore and how do I even catch up, etc, so I'm limiting it to this one sentence, but UGH ME. I suck. (Okay, two sentences!)

I can't even tell you what I did in January. Sat around in my room a lot I think? It was nice after the craziness of Nov/Dec to not have many plans, but it kind of made me a slug. I read a few books (the Hunger Games trilogy! OMG!) and watched almost three whole seasons of ABC Family's Greek. (When she first asked me a about it, [ profile] silly_cleo thought it was about actual Greek people. Evidently "the Greek system" is not known as a phrase over here. Something I hadn't considered.) I also almost completely caught up on all of my other shows from this year, which is kind of amazing, since I was 9-10 episodes (ie the whole fall/winter half season) behind on some. So, yay TV watching?

Oh and also I went to lots of movies (8!) with [ profile] silly_cleo and [ profile] minihannah in a determined bid to make sure we're getting our money's worth on our Cineworld Unlimited Cards. The best of them had to be The King's Speech! If you haven't seen it you're crazy. Go see it. And also Morning Glory, which was ridiculously cute. Cleo and I shelled out real money to see Burlesque on Orange Wednesday b/c we missed it at Cineworld, and it was totally worth that £6. (Which means the full movie price was £12, since O_Wed means 2 for 1. London movies prices, seriously!) I said when we went in that I wanted the movie to be 80% dancing and 20% plot, and it totally did not disappoint. Loved it.

I'm also in the middle of trying to sort out various computer/organisational things out. I got a new macbookpro in December, which may or may not have been a smart move, moneywise. But it is shiny and pretty and has a 500g harddrive just waiting to be filled, so that part is awesome. But I'm kind of using that excuse to transfer and sort all my files, which is...taking a while. Also, I am moving my booklist to Goodreads, after a ridiculous method of site choosing whereby I finally took the Rory route and made some pro/con lists. But, amoung other things, it has an iphone app that reads book barcodes! It's awesome! You can find me here if you want to add me: Jenn. I'm still kind of sorting it all out, but should be up and running better soon.

Work is starting to get busy-ish, which is good. I was so BORED, and it wasn't good for my mood. The tax season, while stressful, is always a lot more fun then sitting around just scanning & filing things. (Or being told by B to go home b/c there isn't enough to do, and thus not getting paid.) Also, still kind of trying to figure out what I'm doing on my own, business wise. I really really need to work on a website, so that's kind of next on my list. I'm hoping this year to do a better job of weighting my holidays to the second half of the year, so that they get timed to the period where I have less work. That way I can feel less guilty about taking the time off! Or something.

This year I had no idea how the contract thing would affect me (ie how little hours B would let me work in Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec) and thus took too much time off early on and ended up losing money. I made less money this year then I have in 4-5 past, which is scary. But, on the bright side, I have just negotiated a 15% raise (going forward from Jan 1st), so hopefully I'll work a bit more in the front half of the year and also earn more, and it will improve. Plus - more of my own clients? We'll see. At the moment I'm trying to decide if I have enough of them to justify moving to the larger tax system that I covet. MUCH more expensive, but infinitely more flexible and accurate and easy to use. Plus, it's what we have at work, so I'm familiar with it. IDK. At the beginning of January/end of December I was miserable at work and saying I needed to quit and it was bad for me, etc. Now that we have work (and he's hired on another girl for secretarial, just for the season) I feel fine. So I don't really know what to do with that.

Anyway, if you know any Americans in London (or elsewhere!) who need their taxes done, send them my way. Tis the season.
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So ridiculously, [ profile] silly_cleo and I now have six tickets between us to the Adam concert. I have the two PURE ones (which are unrestricted, so I guess that's better) and then we have two each that we won in the competition. I would say we're just really lucky, but having talked to some of the other people I met on the stalking Adam day I think a lot of people won - there were 400 winners and you had to pre-order the CD to enter, plus he is virtually unknown over here. So. I'm not worried about the tickets though, I know enough casual fans to ask some people and thus properly convert them. :)

BUT. It may not happen anyway if he doesn't even make it to the UK at all because of the STUPID ASHCLOUD. Seriously, it is messing with life in general. I know SO MANY PEOPLE who are stuck on one side of the problem or the other - can't get home or can't leave to go on holiday - and it totally sucks. We've had flights grounded for almost a week now, it's time for the ash to leave! Hey, at least it's good for the environment, I guess? As Amy pointed out last night, the UK should make it's emission targets this year for sure...

I had a strangely domestic feeling weekend. I was still kind of getting over being sick, So I had planned to take it easy, but I felt pretty decent when I got up Sat. [ profile] lazyclaire, [ profile] silly_cleo, and Abbi and I went over to Ben's house to bake cupcakes with his little girls. We had joked about having a baking day for ages, so it was fun for it to actually happen. And his little girls are super cute and fun, plus we FINALLY got to meet his lovely wife. She's not Nano, so she's never come to any of the events or anything. Claire and I ended up staying the longest, as after we put the kids to bed we decided to get dinner (fish & chips!) and then watched the new Who (mostly meh, although iDaleks! yay) on iplayer. It was almost midnight when we finished, so Ben kindly ran us home quickly in his car (such luxury!) so we didn't have to brave over an hour of public transport. All told, it was a really fun day.

Sunday I had to meet with some clients that I had canceled a meeting on from when I was sick. They are actually friends of friends of my parents, so everything I meet with them I end up socializing for ages. I went over there for 2PM and stayed for HOURS. We did the tax stuff in an hour or so (I had it mostly done but needed to revise for UK return taxes) and then just hung out. IDEK, we had cake and champagne (there were explanations, but it's not worth it here) in the garden b/c the day was so lovely, we looked at a photo album, we talked to an old friend (knew me as a kid) who just happened to call, etc etc. It was kind of ridiculous actually - I ended up staying for dinner and left around 9PM! Also I got invited to be a part of a bridge group that contains: 72 yr old man (the husband), 68 yr old man & 73 yr old woman (his friends) b/c they need a 4th and I play bridge. And I must admit I am tempted. THAT IS HOW MUCH I LOVE TO PLAY CARDS PEOPLE! Anyone in London interested in starting a card circle (anything but poker)? Or a bridge group? I would totally teach you all. :) We could make it cool again with the under-60s set!

So yeah. That was my weekend. In conclusion, I say: GO AWAY ASH CLOUD, WE DON'T WANT YOU ANYMORE.
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Sorry for non-response on recent entries, flist, for I have vanished under a pile of tax returns. Look for me (hopefully) after April 15th when I shall attempt to become sane again. Apparently it has become so bad that I've actually made myself sick. This morning (sorry for the TMI) I felt nauseated the entire ride, and about half-way through actually stumbled off at a random stop and threw up on the platform. (This was pretty much completely mortifying.) Cue worried people (a lady gave me water and a man fetched an attendant) and then sitting in the station room for a half hour while they made sure I was okay. That was good, but what was ill-advised was the cup of tea I drank while there. It sounded so good at the time! And you know how you feel much better right after you throw up? Well, I called my boss, he said okay but when will you be here? so I hopped back on the tube and went on in. I still had about 30 mins to go on the ride, and it was seriously rough feeling.

Half an hour into work I threw up again - goodbye tea and a few crackers that I had managed to get down. By then it was agreed that I could go home despite the deadline, but I admit I am now completely reluctant to get back on the tube. I seriously don't think I can face the hour long ride without throwing up again. I'm drinking Ginger Ale, which Isla nicely got for me, and frankly having a really hard time concentrating on anything tax related, thus this entry. I want to be in my bed, but my bed is so far away!

Speaking of my bed (like that segue?) I had a weird dream last night. It was one of my just hanging out with celebrities as if I know them dreams (for previous examples see Adam Lambert & David Tennant - I'm too lazy to link those properly) and this time it was Kris & Katy Allen. We were at some kind of benefit, although who knows why I would have been there (!) and seated at the same table, just chatting. From what I remember they were really nice and friendly, and we talked almost the whole time about music and what we liked and what his influences were and stuff. I don't know if he was famous in the dream, because I don't remember feeling star struck, but he was definitely a musician. Maybe I was famous too and that was why? :) Even weirder, I actually had another Kris Allen dream just a few days ago. We were at a concert or a show or something and he gave me his seat because I couldn't see over his head. Meet Jenn, the only person shorter than Kris! I don't know where Katy was in that one though.

So yeah, I have a strange brain. And I feel sick. UGH. Plus, to make it worse, I have to meet with one of my freelance clients after work tonight. They were even going to feed me dinner (an older couple, really sweet) but I don't think that part is happening if I still feel like I do now. I can't skip it though, the 15th is only two days away and they owe!

ETA: Just threw up for the third time (this is so embarrassing at work!) and am going home in a taxi. Just gave in, it's not worth it. Not sure what to do about appt tonight though, maybe I can push it until tomorrow and skip bookclub?? That sucks.
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This is how today went:

Go into work early
Do a lot of taxes
Come home late(ish)
Work on Sainsbury order with Rach (we may be switching allegiances)
Cook dinner
Eat dinner
Do a lot of taxes


So no, my 12 of 12 is not getting posted. Nor (sadly) am I getting to watch last week's Dollhouse.

Also, tomorrow (er, today) is April 15th.


Apr. 9th, 2009 10:25 am
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So lately for whatever reason I completely suck at blogging. I've decided to blame it on tax season, which may or may not be true. It is true that I'm working longer hours, coming in early, etc. The good thing is that it's almost the 15th. I can't decide if it's a good thing or a bad one that we have holidays between now and then. It's certainly not helping us get stuff done in time! Between B and I we have 28 outstanding clients right now. I just don't see those all getting done. Thank goodness for the June 15th overseas extension. Not that a million more won't come in before that. He needs to stop taking on new clients. Also, I'm doing freelance stuff after work, so that's filling some time too. And it seems to take more research.

I'm going home (well, to my parents) this weekend for the Easter bank holidays. I have some tax stuff to do, a few meetings to happen while there, all freelance stuff. But other than that I'm planning on cleaning out my room, scrapbooking a bit, and seeing my friend Kathleen's new baby. I've seen pictures, but I can't believe he's about three weeks old now and I haven't seen him yet.

There are tons of things I could go over here but it gets to a point when you just can't catch up on everything that hasn't been written. So here are a few randoms:

1. I kinda got spoiled for BSG by reading our last virtual season episode. It was silly, just an off the cuff remark by Rory about who the last Cylon was, but it sucked. Not much to do about it, and as Seb says there are plenty of other surprises, but still! Ah well. My fault for being only on the second season I guess.

2. I just got an email from hotmail thanking me for having my account for over ten years. So bizarre to think it's been that long.

3. March was a big month for us to have couchsurfers. I just looked at the calendar and we've had 13 people in the last six weeks. That seems like a lot. It's been fun though. We haven't had any bad ones (yet) although of course some are easier than others. For one thing it definitely makes it more of an effort if their English isn't great. But in general, I have to say thumbs up. It's a great way to meet interesting people and it spices up life a little, having all these randoms flitting in and out.

4. I went dancing last weekend with Kaite ([ profile] ladyvivien) and a few of her friends. (Also one of the current couchsurfers, a Texan from Austin, came too.) We went to this Indie-music night at a club in Camden. I haven't been out like that in ages, so it was a lot of fun. I always forget how much I like to dance. I still want to go to the CandyBar, which Kaite mentioned before as a possibility, but it got shunted or forgotten. I'd like to see it though, and am not going alone. Kaite???

5. We've officially started our craft group. Claire did a FB group (crafting bitches!) and people have joined. So technically now we've had two meetings. We did decoupage last week, which I think was a good choice because it didn't take much prep time. We haven't really planned out what else we're going to do though, so that's gonna take some work.

6. I have kinda sorta serious big news that I do want to write about in here but haven't gotten around to yet. It will take some careful drafting, and I don't quite have my thoughts in order yet, but hopefully that post will come soon. Some of you already know what I'm talking about. I don't want to make a big deal about it, but it's big to me, so whatever. Maybe soon.

7. And because it's easy, and I just saw it on [ profile] reipan's entry this morning: When you see this on your flist, quote Buffy The Vampire Slayer.
"And the monkey says 'I mock you with my monkeypants!' And then there's a big coup in the zoo." (Pretty much my all time favourite scene, ever. Also, I love in the beginning when she asks about his arm and he says "suddenly painless" - I almost quoted that part. Oh look, I just did!)

Eh. I'm sure there's tons more but that's all I can think of for now. The 12th this month is Easter Sunday, which seems very fortuitous, so I should be able to get some good Norfolk pictures. I think we're going to a party or something in the afternoon.

Man I'm tired. I can't wait until I'm on the train headed home.
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Today I have on bright pink tights, which makes me happy. [ profile] basilm gave them to me randomly the other day. She knows of my love for the bright tight colours on Gossip Girl, and they definitely made me squee! I did trade out my bright red coat for my black one this morning, because although Blair could probably pull that colour combination off, I doubt that I could. Also speaking of Rach, I'm trying very hard to resist the open bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos in my handbag that belongs to her - she made me hide it and then I accidently brought it to work. It's calling to me.

(must not eat her Cheetos...she bought me pink tights...must not eat her Cheetos...she bought me pink tights!)

It's been a busy last couple of days, mostly just because it's finally really properly picked up at work, and the cases are now coming in fast. We've also had tons of client meets this week, as well as a bunch of potential new client phonecalls. My boss is on holiday next week, so we're trying to get through as many as possible before he leaves. I have a feeling it will be crazy here in his absense.

I'm kind of up to my ears in taxes at the moment, because I'm also trying to expand my freelancing. When I was home this weekend (more on that later) I met with a few people to go over tax paperwork. I've been doing a few of my mom's teacher friends freelance for the past few years (and some of my friends who live in various places too) and I think last year I did about ten people, plus my parents and my brother. I don't really have a proper price list, I've just been telling people to give me whatever they want, but I think I need to work on that. I also bought some professional tax software this year (I've been doing them by hand and then using IRS PDFs) since they're getting more complicated and I hope to expand.

So yeah, if you know of any Americans in the UK who need (reasonably simple) tax returns done, send them my way! I only say simple because I don't want to be dealing with things like S-corps and stock options. Rental props, foreign income, tax credits, and all the rest of it are fine. The thing is, I really think this is a niche - all the London companies (like the one I currently work for) start around £500 + VAT. (And in my boss' own words, those are "not the big moneymakers" so that gives you more of an idea of the market.) For a simple return, especially one with just a 1040 and a 2555, that's ridiculous! Things like foreign tax credits aren't that hard if you know what you're doing, but most of the free online filing programs don't support them. There is no H&R block over here, so those low/medium income people need a tax outlet. (This is a common soapbox of mine - apologies.) So I could do it for those lower prices, now I just have to figure out how to spread the word! I really need a website and a new email or something to do this right. Hmmmm.

But I guess I should stop dreaming and get back to my actual job! I have like two other entries brewing, including one with bday pictures, but those will have to wait.
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So my boss is on the phone in his office, so I grabbed the other line when it rang. It was a potential client, ringing around for price quotes. But when I got ahold of his situation, it was too simple. He's a student, he make under the exclusion, he's a dual citizen. He should just go into the Embassy and get them to show him how to do the 1040 and 2555, because that's all he needs. He shouldn't pay us upwards of £400 to do a return that would take 15 minutes. Or less.

So I told him that.

Yeah, okay I shouldn't have. But I could tell by his tone that he wasn't going to pay that money. He can't afford it. So likely instead he's just going to not file at all. Which is dumb. So not only did I tell him about the Embassy walk-in hours, I also told him the two forms he needs and how he can get them from the IRS site, and then did a five minute explanation of how to do them. So sue me. I mean Bruce probably wouldn't care about telling the guy about the Embassy - it's not like he's gonna hire us anyway - but I probably shouldn't have spent that extra time elaborating.

It's at times like this that I miss the IRS office. At least I didn't have to feel guilty for helping someone!

I have Poison's "Talk Dirty to Me" in my head. This is strange because I haven't played guitar hero in about a week.
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I really should be asleep since I need to be at work early again tomorrow, but I just can't seem to get there. BLAHHHHH!

A Week in the Life

1. Take between 6 and 8 new photographs per day.
2. Your picture days must be consecutive - no skipping days!
3. Post your photographs at the end of that day, some time after the last picture is taken.
4. Your post should be titled “A Week in the Life of [name], Volume [whatever day you're on].”
5. Link back to your earlier entries.

So here's day four: Monday )

Previously: Day One, Day Two, Day Three

Home again

May. 16th, 2008 07:32 pm
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TGIF for sure. I've had three days of work since we got back from Athens, but they've felt like those quick yet long days where you're kind of underwater, not really paying attention to the fact that you are actually supposed to be doing work. See what just a small little holiday does to me?!

I'm also slightly weirded out because in the past week or so I've read several war based books. It's coincidence, but it's strange because it's not my normal genre. One was Atonement, which I've been meaning to read for ages, but then [ profile] basilm gave me one about ambulance drivers in WW1, and then I got one from A for the flight back to the UK which was set in occupied France in WW2. I tend to jump pretty completely into what I'm reading, so reading them on the tube gives me this weird jump back to real life when my stop comes up. And it makes me all vague and out of it for a little while until I realise that I'm in normal life again. Either way, all three of them were really good, but I think I could use some peacetime reading now!

Speaking of other reading, I got a few books from nanoSara last night. I went after work to meet her and another American and give them some help with their taxes. I always feel so bad about how much people freak out about it, so it's nice to be helpful. It took us about three hours, but part of that was because Sara had three back years to do and her friend had some dividends that needed foreign tax credit. Man I really HATE the 1116! It's one of my least favourite forms, especially when doing it by hand like that. Anyhow, they got done, so that's what counts. In the matter of taxes, what I really need to get to are my own and my parents, neither of which I have done yet. I got kind of lax about it because I was so busy, but the June 15th deadline is rapidly approaching, so I need to get on that.

On another random note, not sure why (perhaps the reading of death and destruction) but I woke up in panic this morning having dreamed that my dad had died. It's not the first time I've dreamed that one (or both) of my parents died (or you know, other people, or me) but still. I called home once it was late enough just to assuage my tingling feelings of worry that I had suddenly become a precog, but all was well. Creepy.

Anyway, as for the Athens trip, it was pretty amazing. I feel like we saw a decent amount of stuff for just five days. We walked a lot of Athens, went out to Sounion and took a day trip on the train to see the monasteries at Meteora. The pictures are here at my facebook but I did want to put just one here on my LJ, because I took it just for [ profile] filo77.

Sadly, when I looked in the window no cakes were in sight. )
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Look at me, writing about the weekend on a Sunday night - it's all very exciting. Oh, and I suppose also giving an update on the flat situation, which isn't so much resolved as stale-mated, but hopefully heading in the right direction. Shahid and I between us seem to have talked the landlord off the ledge, and we're signing ANOTHER new contract (with Katie on it) that will only be until the beginning of June, as previously planned. Plus, no more mention was made of boilers or cookers, and both seem to now be working fine, thus I think that's best left alone.


It's possible I'm slightly too old for all this. )

Nice weekend overall. Makes up for the complete and utter crapiness of the week that just passed. Here's hoping the two days of work I have this week are VERY productive, so I don't feel too bad about going away and leaving my boss in the lurch less than a week before the (2nd) biggest tax deadline of the year! Ah, sweet guilt. But I'm going anyways.

p.s. New icon! Drinking!Jenny from Gossip Girl. So pretty.

p.p.s. [ profile] basilm wrote HG (HP) fic! Read it HERE.
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I've had an extremely productive week, which would probably explain why the last time I posted was last Thursday. I meant to do a quick post on Mon/Tue detailing the weekend, and I never even got around to that.

I'm sitting here right now sorting computer files and watching "Can't Hardly Wait" which just happened to be on. I haven't seen this movie in a million years, and I'm getting shocked by all the people I recognize in it, most of whom are in totally random tiny parts. It's so weird. I kept seeing people, so I went to the IMDB page and was just blown away. Seriously, apart from the obvious main characters, you've got: Sean Patrick Thomas, Freddy Rodríguez, Donald Faison, Jaime Pressly, Nicole Bilderback, Jason Segel, Clea DuVall, Leslie Grossman, Eric Balfour, Selma Blair, Sara Rue, Amber Benson, Melissa Joan Hart, Breckin Meyer, and Liv Tyler. I mean, I saw a five second glimpse of Amber Benson - she's listed as "Stephanie, Stoned, Banana-holding Girl (scenes deleted)"! Craziness.

ANYWAY, as I said, I've been seriously productive, even today. This Week (not very exciting except for the bit about the murder). )

As for Easter weekend, [ profile] basilm went with me to my parents’ house. The snow in the forest was beautiful. )

Holy crap I’ve been writing this entry forever. I think I started around 4PM and it’s now almost 4AM. I’ve just been writing it bit by bit as I did everything else. And the end result is BORING. Seriously, I wouldn’t advise actually reading it! :)

Hmm, just two tiny other little notes. Today I saw a preview on TV for Pathology, so it looks like it might have widescreen release here. Interesting. Also, the pilot season has come to the UK. Premiering within recent weeks or coming soon: Gossip Girl, Pushing Daisies, Chuck, Dirty Sexy Money and Mad Men. I’ve seen the first three, but I might try and watch the other two. We’ll see.

Okay, perhaps it is now time for bed?

ETA: CRAPOLA!! [ profile] basilm has just reminded me that the clocks go forward tonight. Dang it! Stupid daylight savings time. That means it's actually almost 5AM.

ETA (#2): No, it's just 4AM. (sheepish) I guess my computer auto-updated and I didn't notice.
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Well this is better than yesterday.  I came home from work today and did major cleaning of both flat and room as well as changing my sheets as well as a load of laundry.  Felt very accomplished.  (Oh, how little it takes.)  Plus at work he is starting to train me on the new computer programme, which I very much like.  A little less organising people's files and scanning things in so we go digital, a little more actual TAX WORK.  That is good.

Also, on the visa sitch (not mine, and yet still I get daily updates):  C got hers and should pick it up tomorrow, J's is still out there in hiatus-land.  Not sure what's up with that.  So they want her to go early, which she is not happy about.  Add to that the possible idea that maybe (just a little maybe) his won't come through at all, and then what do they do?  She teaches a week or two and then has to turn around and come home.  Not to mention the money they have put forth for hotel and food that the school is supposed to pay them back.  It's a whole new level of scary.  I do believe they have been doing an awful lot of praying.

So either way, they dropped their luggage off at mine at 9:30 tonight (thus the rapid clean) and will come to stay from tomorrow night onwards.  It will be interesting if she goes and he has to keep waiting - will he stay here?  get a hotel?  I don't even know.  And it's not like I don't know him, but she's my childhood friend, he's just her husband.  So it has the potential to be slightly weird.

In other news?  I might have to move again.  But more on that later as I have more info...

The Virtual Season is starting up again tomorrow too, so that's exciting.  K & A and I did a chat tonight and along with a crash course of reminder HTML, I'm feeling good.  It's nice for things to be happening again.  
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This icon has nothing to do with the entry, but I just got it and I love it, so there you go.  Plus, it's ALWAYS tax time for me, so it's never not appropriate, right?  And the last tax deadline of the year was this Monday, so we're insanely busy at the office right now.  The week before Christmas!  Whatever people - go buy presents or something and stop worrying about your taxes!  Talk about leaving things until the absolute last second.

ANYWAY.  Here is my posting year in review.  It starts in April because (*GASP*) I didn't have LJ before then.  Now I wonder how I survived!

April: This is the first of them all and I hope I do it right.  Upon the urging of, well, really just one person (!), I am entering a brave new world. 

May: My sleeping habits recently have been worse than usual.  (And that's hard, because they are always bad.)  I actually pulled an all-nighter the night before last. 

Coming to you (very swiftly) from an internet cafe.

I've had just the loveliest weekend, partly because it was the best weather we've had in ages, and partly just because of good friends and good old London.

Well, I should do a proper entry since I'm on holiday and have all the time in the world, but for some reason I can't be bothered.

I MET MILO!! Seriously, I met him on Friday! I'm still totally excited and squeeing - such a fangirl.  I usually try to avoid being this giddy over someone, but I'm pretty ridiculous when it comes to Milo.

Just wanted to mention two random things that happened this weekend, just to make it a little more interesting.  1.  A bus I was riding on had an accident.    (#2, if you're interested, was a star sighting!)

Wow.  I actually started writing today and I'm over (just barely) the word count.  I am unnaturally impressed with myself, probably also because I just know it can't last! 

I just got back from the Embassy Christmas party and am feeling uncommonly cheerful.  I love my friends!  

I didn't cheat at all either - those are the actual first sentences, no memes got in the way or anything.  It's not too exciting, but fun (for me) to see.  I'm particularly attached to Sept.  Good times

ETA: Tonight is my last night before people are here for Christmas visiting.  Which is YAY, but also means less internet.  I have to pick up Cat and Jared at Heathrow at 7:30AM tomorrow and it takes almost two hours to get there from my flat.  Then I'm going to work afterwards.  Joy.


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