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Ah, February. Thank God. The annoyance and horror and general miserableness that was January has finally passed. (I kid. It wasn't really *quite* that bad.) Anyway, now we have February: Valentines Day, my birthday, and two fabulous concerts! (Panic! At the Disco and My Chemical Romance) Plus B is going away for a week. Yay! And hopefully the weather will get better?

I hate to inflict on you all the general rant about me not using my journal anymore and how do I even catch up, etc, so I'm limiting it to this one sentence, but UGH ME. I suck. (Okay, two sentences!)

I can't even tell you what I did in January. Sat around in my room a lot I think? It was nice after the craziness of Nov/Dec to not have many plans, but it kind of made me a slug. I read a few books (the Hunger Games trilogy! OMG!) and watched almost three whole seasons of ABC Family's Greek. (When she first asked me a about it, [ profile] silly_cleo thought it was about actual Greek people. Evidently "the Greek system" is not known as a phrase over here. Something I hadn't considered.) I also almost completely caught up on all of my other shows from this year, which is kind of amazing, since I was 9-10 episodes (ie the whole fall/winter half season) behind on some. So, yay TV watching?

Oh and also I went to lots of movies (8!) with [ profile] silly_cleo and [ profile] minihannah in a determined bid to make sure we're getting our money's worth on our Cineworld Unlimited Cards. The best of them had to be The King's Speech! If you haven't seen it you're crazy. Go see it. And also Morning Glory, which was ridiculously cute. Cleo and I shelled out real money to see Burlesque on Orange Wednesday b/c we missed it at Cineworld, and it was totally worth that £6. (Which means the full movie price was £12, since O_Wed means 2 for 1. London movies prices, seriously!) I said when we went in that I wanted the movie to be 80% dancing and 20% plot, and it totally did not disappoint. Loved it.

I'm also in the middle of trying to sort out various computer/organisational things out. I got a new macbookpro in December, which may or may not have been a smart move, moneywise. But it is shiny and pretty and has a 500g harddrive just waiting to be filled, so that part is awesome. But I'm kind of using that excuse to transfer and sort all my files, which is...taking a while. Also, I am moving my booklist to Goodreads, after a ridiculous method of site choosing whereby I finally took the Rory route and made some pro/con lists. But, amoung other things, it has an iphone app that reads book barcodes! It's awesome! You can find me here if you want to add me: Jenn. I'm still kind of sorting it all out, but should be up and running better soon.

Work is starting to get busy-ish, which is good. I was so BORED, and it wasn't good for my mood. The tax season, while stressful, is always a lot more fun then sitting around just scanning & filing things. (Or being told by B to go home b/c there isn't enough to do, and thus not getting paid.) Also, still kind of trying to figure out what I'm doing on my own, business wise. I really really need to work on a website, so that's kind of next on my list. I'm hoping this year to do a better job of weighting my holidays to the second half of the year, so that they get timed to the period where I have less work. That way I can feel less guilty about taking the time off! Or something.

This year I had no idea how the contract thing would affect me (ie how little hours B would let me work in Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec) and thus took too much time off early on and ended up losing money. I made less money this year then I have in 4-5 past, which is scary. But, on the bright side, I have just negotiated a 15% raise (going forward from Jan 1st), so hopefully I'll work a bit more in the front half of the year and also earn more, and it will improve. Plus - more of my own clients? We'll see. At the moment I'm trying to decide if I have enough of them to justify moving to the larger tax system that I covet. MUCH more expensive, but infinitely more flexible and accurate and easy to use. Plus, it's what we have at work, so I'm familiar with it. IDK. At the beginning of January/end of December I was miserable at work and saying I needed to quit and it was bad for me, etc. Now that we have work (and he's hired on another girl for secretarial, just for the season) I feel fine. So I don't really know what to do with that.

Anyway, if you know any Americans in London (or elsewhere!) who need their taxes done, send them my way. Tis the season.
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So April kind of sucked. And when I say kind of, what I actually mean is that IT REALLY sucked*. I spent the entire month working on taxes, stressing about working on taxes, not working on script frenzy, stressing about not working on script frenzy, freaking out about world cup tickets, not sleeping at all, getting terribly sick halfway just in time for the April 15th deadline, and burying myself in Kradam/Bandom fanfic every time I got a chance just so that I would stop worrying about all of the above for a while. So yeah, it sucked. I sincerely hope next year's is better. I'll have to be better prepared...or something, IDK.

*Except for all the parts concerning Adam Lambert.

But now it is May! I have high hopes for it! I've already had over a week of it, and so far it's been lovely and relaxing. Of course, the first three and a half days I was home in Norfolk at my parents' house because of the bank holiday weekend, so I'm not quite sure it counts, but even the workish part of it after that was good! Norfolk as usual was easy and diverting and filled with people who knew me when. I played tennis with my dad and bridge with my mom and her friends, and ate lots of good food. And then the work week, whatever, although I did manage to make it to Glee night, FINALLY meet up with Rach for a drink, and then have a DrWho marathon while watching [ profile] sily_cleo pack, on, you know, various days. (OMG those Angels/River episodes were SO SCARY. I am a total wuss; I was completely freaking out.)

We had our long planned BBQ on Sat, which really would have been better with nicer weather, but what can you do? That's what happens when you plan things six weeks in advance! We had a decent turnout, and we did end up grilling, but it was threatening rain all day, and there were a ton of people who wussed out because of weather. Probably better just to look outside, see that it's a nice day, and then invite people over? On the flip side, we spent much of Sunday, which was slightly better weather, inside, mainlining three different Robin Hoods in readiness for the new one. We did Prince of Thieves, Men in Tights and the Disney one, and I have to say Disney pretty much beats all. It's SO GOOD. Not sure about the new one, but it's all free with my Cineworld card (LOVE IT) so I'll probably go with Daniel.

In other news, changes at home and at work. Londoners listen up! Job going at my office - part time, 20 hours a week, £10 an hour, mainly secretarial, no tax experience required. Starting probably early July. Also, we are making plans for the house since Julie and Nick leave in early July. We are trying to get subletters to fill out the lease, and right now need one for July plus the first two weeks of Aug. Probably around £540 all inclusive. We also *might* have a room going from September for the full year (rent £427, bills around £75) but that isn't at all definite yet. At least it looks like we're actually staying in the house. Basically (as I say every year) I NEVER WANT TO MOVE AGAIN. Famous last words, I know.

As it is summer finally, I'm in the middle of holiday plans. I leave in FIVE WEEKS for South Africa! Thankfully we have everything sorted except the possibility of a safari, which is kind of half-sorted. Also, I've already paid for everything, and currently am owed $500, so I'm feeling good on that front. Next up is planning my US trip in August. I'm waiting on my parents to plan THEIR US trip, other people coming to the wedding to decide when they'll get there, and (yeah) Kris and Adam concert dates. There actually is a GA concert (Kris) that was announced today, and since I was (probably) planning on going through there to see my bro it could work. But if I could manage to be in a city to see Adam too that would be awesome. It's not that I would rearrange my entire trip, but there are people in lots of different cities I could visit, so if there is one at the right time it might work out. Texas, for example = PERFECT. Anyone live in GA and want to come to a Kris concert with me? I don't really want to go alone, but I can't see me convincing my bro, especially since it also includes Maroon Five! (Too bad it's not the Barenaked Ladies portion - I would LOVE to see them.) Blah blah blah whatever. I can't make a post without AI stuff in it lately, huh?

Tomorrow is 12 of 12! I'm going to attempt to, you know, actually do it and post it for once. I haven't since Dec I think - I just got out of the habit and never got back in it. I'm hoping that once I start back I'll be doing it every month like I was before. I kind of miss the pictures.
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Today is the 12th, and it's the first one in ages that I actually almost forgot. I realised last night around midnight, which was good because my camera deperately needed to be charged. Of course, it's a completely nothing day, and I'm so tired that I can't be bothered to even try and do interesting things after work, so the pictures will be uninspired I think. If only I had Helen's skill of taking everything normal and making the pictures lovely!

I was in Norfolk for the weekend. I ended up with not much planned, so it seemed as good a time to go as any. My parents and I almost ended up going off to Italy - a friend invited them last week and I was going to tag along - but then my mom realised she had school stuff this weekend, most notably their retirement party. On the Sat was also the Elementary school carnival, so once she knew I was going she volunteered me too. It's the school I used to work at (quite a few years ago now) and attend (a LONG time back now) so it's always nostalgic to be there.

She had put me down for the facepainting booth, since I've done that many times before, so I spent a happy six hours at that. It was pretty crazy actually, we didn't even pause for lunch, I just kind of scarfed down whatever was brought to me throughout the day. Over the course of it, I ate a hotdog, some popcorn, Cheetos and cotton candy. So Americana = bad food for Jenn. But man was it yum! I did a bunch of cheekpaints, but mostly we were doing the full face ones, since they're more popular. I really really wish I had taken my camera, but let's see - tigers, cats, batman, spiderman, ghosts, fairies, masks, butterflies, skulls, and lots and lots of soldier in camouflage. Oh base! Good times.

I also took Monday off, just because I could. Now that I'm back at work I'm contemplating how many other days off I can manage this summer. Unfortunately it doesn't quite feel like the off-season at work yet. We're still completely swamped and the cases just KEEP coming in. I do hope that by June 15th we are properly slowed down like we should be.

May is a good month because it has two bank holidays, plus it's leading into the general holiday season. Now if only I knew what I was doing for all that time! Part of the problem is that I have to work around my boss's plans and I don't know all of them yet, but mostly it's just procrastination. Here's the semi-plan so far (nothing is booked though):
May - possible camping for bank holiday weekend??
June - week in Norway with Kathleen
July - week or two (?) in Serbia for EXIT and then Croatia/Macedonia/ALbania?? for general travel
August - nothing unless I go home for a long weekend or week to help clean out
Sept - USA for reunion and visit Trev
I love summer!

Is it weird of me that even though none of this has happened yet I'm already thinking of how sad I will be to see October? The last few years my stateside trip has been in November, but I'm not doing that this year, so it might make Christmas the only bright point. Also, of course, Nano.

In TV news, it's finale week in the US. A cut section on TV for those of you who care. (No spoilers) )

I'm tempted to take a picture of this post, and maybe I just will. Oh boring 12 of 12 day!
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This entry is like three days in the making. I kept emailing portions of it to myself!

After a bunch of false starts, I finally have actual couchsurfers at my house! Currently two Belgian girls are staying for a few days. They're absolutely adorable and so far a lot of fun. Last night they came home (after what sounded like a long day of sightseeing) and we cooked dinner. Well, they cooked dinner and I helped as much as they would let me. (One of the highlights was this language gaffe - "We bought some cheese, so now we just need to rape it." After much laughter, the actual word was revealed to be (of course) "grate".) We chatted over cooking and eating, and it finally (as all conversations nowadays seem to) led to the US presidential election. Always interesting to get a few more opinions. More interesting to me though, was that we then segued into Belgian politics, which I of course know nothing about. But man, it sounds totally insane! And they were having trouble agreeing on it themselves - in between the English explanations there were frantic conversations in Dutch. Not to mention that as good as their English is, words like referendum, constitution, parliament, etc take a while to get out. So yes, good stuff. Also, they brought Belgian chocolate. :)

Otherwise for couchsurfing I have two other groups booked – well one is just one girl actually – for next week or so. I also have a million more requests in my inbox to deal with, and could fit at least a few other people in, but haven’t decided. I can see how it gets out of hand! You get so many requests (London) and you hate to say no to people, but you also need to have a life. We’ll see what Rach says.

OH! RACH GETS HOME TODAY!!!!!!!!! Just a thought. (This icon is totally Rach and I, back together again!)

I hennaed my hair last week with the henna from Turkey and I’m not sure how it went. I still have brown roots, and I can’t decide if it’s just my roots are darker since it’s getting colder, or I didn’t do it right since I did it myself, or that henna isn’t as strong. I also tried to do my eyebrows, after reading that it was okay, but I don’t think it made much of a difference. It did, however, dye the skin UNDER my brows orange for a few days, so that was fun.

How about some TV news? 90210 is lost on me, but you should ALL watch Brothers & Sisters. )

I went home this weekend because S&L were visiting from the US and of course wanted to see K&J. So we all took the train up together, and much fun was had. It made me miss Trev though, because otherwise the whole group was there! Also, I spent some quality time with mom and dad, since on Saturday we went to this living history thing that a nearby village was doing. Then, on the way back we stopped and picked some blackberries, which are going (along with some apples probably) into a welcome home crumble for Rach tonight.

And now, just for fun - a picspam from the weekend )

I feel a bit weird at the moment, not sure why, but my stomach isn't happy. And I need to go home anyway, so that Rach isn't waiting for hours outside in the rain. So I might just take off. We'll see what Bruce thinks...
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So this morning I woke up with Britney Spear's "Piece of Me" in my head. It was one of the songs on our party-mix. (Don't judge! The mix encompassed many genres.) We used my ipod for the party, and since I haven't quite gotten around to reorganising my music since I got a new one, we just erased everything and put the mix on there. So right now my ipod is totally unfamiliar to me. Very strange. So, anyways, I put on "piece of me" when I got on the tube, and right after it "lucky" came on (there are only 4 Brit songs on there out of almost 800) and it really made me sad. Look at the contrast between those two songs, which really deal with the same topic (celebrity) - I mean neither of them are necessarily positive, but "lucky" is more of a story that's pointing out that she needs real life too, and "piece" is a diatribe against all those who presecute her. They are saying similar things, but there's so much more anger in the later song. Sad.

And so. Real life instead of Britney songs? Um...

For your sanity and friends pages I just cut the whole thing )

And now back to work. Some guy came in today who needs 2003-2007 filed. I'm almost done - one year to go! - so better get back to it.
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I'm feeling uncommonly cheerful (although a bit bored at work) so I felt like a list of good things:

1. The weather is beautiful. It's like it finally woke up and decided Spring could come. I'm still carrying a jacket but I'm not wearing it - I'm walking around in short sleeves. And I wore sandals today! Today is a high of 25!!! (That's like mid-70's, Americans.) Although I just looked at the five day forecast to get that number, and it says it will rain tomorrow. Boo.

2. I'm going to Athens tomorrow night! Rach ([ profile] basilm is already there with Aleks, and I'm joining them soon, soon, soon!

3. I've been watching Bones S2 and loving it. I'm actually having a hard time making myself go slow, but mostly I'm rotating it, American Dreams S3, FNL (still) S1, 30 Rock S1 and my new Gilmore Girls DVDs. Too much TV I know. Oh, and I found Studio 60 on the Virgin on demand TV (free). It's just the first 6 eps, but I'm watching that too for fun. I'm also downloading the last few eps of Gossip Girl. I haven't watched any since strikage, so that's exciting. (Oh, and this doesn't really fit, but the ep about bones where Epps comes back? Terrifying! When I close my eyes at night, I keep seeing the stupid head.)

4. Speaking of Bones...Stephen Fry as a guest star! Whoo-hoo! Awesome.

5. My dad has FINALLY said that he is officially retiring this year. He's been back and forth on it all year, and refusing to commit, but now he's said it. It's about time too - he could have done it like three years ago. Mom will work for another year, but it means that the house-cleanout will begin. Actually, this is partly a sad one too, because it means my parents definitely only have about a year and a half left in country. (They'll retire back to the US, where they haven't lived since, oh, about 1965.) But I am happy for him that he finally made the decision.

6. The Virtual Season 8 is almost over. This too is bittersweet, but man is it going to be a relief to not have it hanging over my head every week. It's been fun, but it's a lot of stress. I don't know if we're doing Season 9 or not, but even if we do, I still have a whole summer hiatus! Yay.

7. I finished Midnight's Children. It was really good, but it did take me ages to get through. Some parts were great (the middle section was the best) and moved really fast, and other parts I kept having to make myself come back to. I don't think it was the best tube reading though, because it took some energy, so I would think "read or sleep? hmmm...i'll just sleep" and there would go that commute. Also, I kept stopping to read other more frivolous stuff in between. Anyways, I finished it Tuesday and started Atonement, which I've been meaning to read for ages. My faith in my reading powers is restored (after taking a beating on MC) because I'm almost done. It's a really fast read, and it definitely sucked me right in. I spend the entire first half on tenterhooks though, because you know what's coming and you're just waiting for it with dread. I wasn't entirely sure if it was due to his powers of description or my spoilery knowledge that I got so on edge, but it meant that when it finally all came to a head, I was almost relieved. I'm planning on finishing it before I leave for Athens, because I have my reading for that trip planned, and the library book of Atonement that I have is too big to take anyway.

8. I'm dog-sitting for a friend which is fun. It also means I'm walking the dog every day, so the good weather could not have had better timing.

9. My brother and I set a time to call on Skype tonight. This is good because it's been forever (ok a week) since I've talked to him. We need to catch up before I go to Athens.

10. (Mostly because it needs to be even numbers.) Did I mention we recently got a lease signed? Oh of course! And I move out in less than a month. Love. ([ profile] basilm call your landlord!!)

I'm out!
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So evidently you can get the Sky Movie channels even if you have Virgin - it's only Sky One you can't get.  So I just called Virgin to ask how much that add-on would cost for a month.  It's £18!!  COME ON PEOPLE!  That's like $40.  Just so I can watch the Oscars.

And yet.

And yet.

I'm kinda considering it.

I'm crazy, I know.  I mean it's stupid - that's like two movie DVD's or one TV boxset, or like 4-5 books.  So spending that kind of money just to watch the Oscars (and have 10 movie channels for a month) is silly.  Although I would get those movie channels.  I wonder what the Sky channels are showing in the next month.  Maybe it's good stuff that's worth £18?

Oy vey.  Maybe I better sleep on this one?  


Feb. 20th, 2008 12:46 pm
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So this is great...the Oscars are actually going to happen, but I won't get to see them!  I'm so annoyed. 

It's all due to the stupidity of the UK channel coverage.  They used to show it on one of the four terrestrials channels, but that time is now long gone.  In recent years it has been on Sky Movies, which no one I know has.  Every year I end up begging and pleading and asking people until I find someone who has it.  But this year?  No dice.  The most ridiculous thing is that it's on at 1AM-5:30AM, so it really can't just be anybody.  It needs to be someone willing to let me crash in their living room and watch the Oscars into the wee hours of the morning.

And this year I can't find anyone!  WAAH!  I know this sounds stupid, but you guys, I really love the Oscars.  Actually, crazy as it is, I love awards ceremonies.  And it's like my thing.  I would never stay up until 5 to watch the Superbowl, but for the Oscars I do it every year.  And yeah, they usually reshow the highlights the next day, but IT'S NOT THE SAME.  That's after you know who won - and it's only the highlights.  I want to watch the whole grueling thing.

So right now I feel like I'm out of options.  I can't think of anyone else to ask.  And it is making me very unhappy.  If I had Sky I would upgrade just for this month so I could see it, but we have Virgin, so I don't think there is any way to get that channel at all.

Bah Humbug.

p.s. Jared?  Still without visa.  INSANITY.
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This morning on my way to the bus I was greeted by the lovely site of two 14-15 year old boys being patted down by the police.  There goes the neighbourhood!  They were probably being searched for knives, since we seem to have such issues with that right now.  At least (I guess) they are mostly stabbing each other and not other people?

ANYWAY (drumroll) Friday Night Lights.

Well, I promised an entry on how I feel about the show (I've seen four episodes now) and have literally been writing this for about four days now, in between everything else.  It turned out insanely long, so I am SO SORRY, and some of it is about me and Texas, not so much about the show itself.  Whoops.

Okay, I think I could go on like this forever, so I’m making myself stop!  Needless to say I like the show.  I don’t know if I’m in it for the long haul yet; they still have to contend with my total disinterest in high school football!  But for now, it has me hooked.

Coming soon: A post about the US Office which will be MUCH shorter than this!

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I spent all non-productive minutes in between projects filling this out.  Oh how very proud I am.

TV Meme (stolen from [ profile] avery292)


Clicky )
I'm going home (to my parents I mean) this weekend.  Yay for that.  Went out with Nano people last night and played Uno for like four hours straight.  I love that because of Nanowrimo I have four fabulous new friends, who are people who play cards and will squeal about fandom things.  Plus, I even have a potential new flatmate.  That's pretty good for one month that also managed to make me write 50000 words!
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So, here’s my official (LONG) pilot run-down for the new TV season.  I’ve finally (I think) gotten around to seeing all the pilots that I was even remotely interested in (except Private Practice – more on that later) so that I can decide what I’m going to watch this year.  (Hee, I’m a little late, I know – but who can tell from all the way over here?)  Since all I have left from last season are Heroes and HIMYM, I figured I needed some new shows.  Plus, now I have wireless broadband and a fast new computer, so I'm much more able to (ahem) acquire them quickly.  So here they are, in order of preference.  I’ve been writing this for like two weeks now, so it’s a bit long!  And if you’re thinking “doesn’t she watch any British TV?", of course I do!  It’s just that our TV seasons aren’t so regimented like the US ones are.  There isn’t this crazy pilot season where everything starts at once and you have an immediate choice between tons of shows.  It’s much more organic; I watch whatever is going at the time, and it’s not such a mad scramble.  Although it doesn’t help that my flatmates’ taste (other than GA) mostly run to stupid reality TV like Gordon’s Kitchen Nightmares (actually any cooking show), Fear Factor, Coronation Street and the E! Channel.  After a while, these drive me crazy, and send me running to my computer.  I mean we could at least be watching all the great documentaries they have on the BBC or dramas like Silent Witness.  The only reality show I’ll watch is ANTM, which I have a strange fascination for.  Oh, and Girls of the Playboy Mansion.  It’s true; I’m totally addicted to it.  I don’t know how it happened, but I love that show.  I don’t know when it’s on, but if I see it, I’ll watch it,  I feel like I need to go into a rehab programme or something to break me of the habit!

This TV season aside, there are some other shows that I do kind of want to catch up with if I ever get the time.  Mostly notably, I’ve decided to try Friday Night Lights, which I was adamant about not watching because, hello, American football.  But people keep saying it’s so good, so I’m gonna try a few.  Also, 30 Rock, which I saw the first ep and was totally annoyed by, I’m going to do another swing at.  Also (perhaps) Mad Men, which I think slipped under my radar, and the OC which I missed a whole bunch of.  And then there's American Dreams.  Also, I'm just over halfway through Everwood S3 so I need to think about getting S4 ready.

So I just have one final thing to say, on the subject of the most important show of my TV season, Heroes.  I still haven't seen this week's episode.  And hello!  Kristen Bell!  I'm dying to see it.  I actually got a fairly fast DL and it was there last night but I didn't have time as I way out way late and fell asleep.  So I come home today all excited, only to be greeted with this message: "this file can only be watched on dom player - please go do www to download it."  WTF????  I mean seriously.  Number one when I checked the website out they don't even have a Mac version, number two when I looked around a little more it seems the general consensus is that it's spyware anyway.  What a load of crap - I waste time DLing something only to be met with that?  This is the second time I have had to DL Heroes twice because people online are evil and post crappy versions that don't work.  And I'm doing it so soon that often there aren't comments up.  I'm gonna have to start DLing two (just of this show) at once just so I have a backup!  Basically, my DLing Heroes is cursed.  I had better get to see it tomorrow.  Oh to be in the US and also own a Tivo.

Lord, I think that’s enough TV talk for one day.  You would think it was all that was going on in my life.  In other news, we finally have heat.  It's freaking freezing here, and only getting colder by the day (ok, it's only about 10-12 degrees C, which is ?50's F I think; I tend to exaggerate).  Anyway, it feels particularly cold because our heat hasn't been working.  We finally called the landlord today and he told us how to work it - turns out we are morons who didn't know there was a thermostat separate from the main controls and timer.  (Come on!  It's in another room.)  But on the bright side, now I don't have to start out in a fleece when I go to bed.  Yay.
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I tried to post this earlier in the day via email, but evidently it didn't work.  Good thing I sent myself a copy!

So I finally got to watch Heroes Wednesday night.  Here’s hoping next week I only have to wait a day instead of two!  (Talk about need for instant gratification – 10 years ago I would have had to suck it up and wait until next year when the BBC showed it.  Ah well.  Progress!)  I was actually quite pleased with the episode.  I was a little worried, because it’s always hard to watch that first episode after the summer break; you expect so much because you’ve been building it up in your mind.  I think the easiest way to review is by storylines, since they are pretty disjointed right now.  It usually takes until longer in the season before they intersect.  There probably isn’t much here that hasn’t already been said by everyone else, but oh well.  I felt like writing it out.

details )

I’m so glad that TV is back so I can start writing recaps/reviews again.  Although now that I think about it, the only things I am watching are Heroes and HIMYM, and I hadn’t really planned to do the latter.  The others that I used to review (GG, VM) are done.  I suppose I could review the virtual season, but that might be weird.


Sep. 6th, 2007 10:44 pm
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This is a very random post, just my thoughts from the past week, nothing exciting.

I have actually been really productive this week (other than the part when I was still kind of sick): running errands, making calls, etc. I went on Tuesday after work and bought a new clock radio, which I have been meaning to do for ages. And on Wednesday morning, the first time I used it, I woke up to “Hey There Delilah” by the Plain White T's. I have totally loved that song ever since [ profile] being_fulfilled first posted it, so it started my day off just right. Evidently it is number three in the charts over here right now, which I would know, if my clock radio hadn’t broken three months ago! So I’m excited to have radio again. And I really should buy that CD, I bet it’s good.

Other things that I have done include making billions of important phone calls. In the past two days, during lunch, I have called all these people (I SO know you guys even care!):
1. Virgin Media – to ask why our internet was down over part of the weekend and get our phone line set up
2. Barclays – to FINALLY change my address to that place I moved to 3 months ago!
3. CPW – to ask why I haven’t received my new phone in the mail yet. Evidently the claim didn’t go through properly (STUPID), so now it’s been fast-tracked and I should get it tomorrow, THANK GOD.
4. Villa – to check on my brother’s jersey order
5. the Police – to get the reference number from reporting my phone stolen (need it for insurance) since they never called me back
That is a whole bunch of waiting in a queue and listening to bad elevator musak, so I feel very accomplished! Plus, everyone I talked to was nice, so that’s good. I hate it when I call customer service and they just can’t wait to get you off the phone.

I went to a wine tasting last night – my first ever – for New Zealand wines. The Embassy puts on these events from time to time, and this was one. It was actually pretty fun, mostly because of the people I went with. And I totally have a new crush now - I'm such a dork. Let's just say that it's weird that all the people in my office are my parents' age practically, and one of them brought her son (my age) to the wine tasting. Riiiight. That's just what I need! Anyways, I’m not much of a wine connoisseur, but we did have some nice tasting ones (yeah, that’s all I’ve got!!) and I wrote stuff down, so maybe I’ll remember?! I didn’t spit either, so I felt pretty happy by the time I was on the bus home.

Speaking of the bus, we’ve been having a tube strike this week, which is totally insane. I mean, seriously, A TUBE STIRKE IN LONDON? The whole frakkin’ city RUNS on the Tube, so it’s been chaos. Only 3 lines (out of 12) were running, so that meant that the buses and trains were absolutely packed. I usually get a seat on the bus at least on the way to work since I go in early (not usually on the way home) but not this week. The tube is always standing room only, so this just brought that right over to the buses, with people packing on and having to wait as two or three full ones went by. Quite frankly, it was a pain in my ass. But they seem to have mostly resolved it now, so that's good.

Eh, I think that's all I've got for now. I'm watching Greys Anatomy at the moment. It's my flatmate's absolute favorite show; I'm just kind of okay on it. I don't think it's so fabulous. We're on the episode where Meredith almost drowns and she's in this almost dead place - it's weird. I'm not sure I approve.

And I'm out.

TV meme

Aug. 25th, 2007 01:39 am
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Okay, I'm posting this separately since it's a meme. I snagged it from [ profile] jennythen. Name your top six TV shows now, before reading the questions.

1. Freaks & Geeks
2. Gilmore Girls
3. Friends
4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
5. Veronica Mars
6. Green Wing

Questions )
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I wish I had an Everwood icon, but I can't be bothered to search for one right now.

Also, I worked on the Rory summary for the VS today and totally got excited about it all again.  I had kind of put it by the wayside, so it felt good to be actually thinking about it properly once more.
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I just watched the final two episodes of Veronica Mars as I sorted out my files (I’m so behind!) and I wanted to post this immediately.  If I don’t, it will get swallowed into the craziness that is my life right now and I won’t ever do it.  Seriously, I’m going insane and in the last two days my to-do list has increased exponentially and this is what I’m doing?  Stupid, yes.  Plus, did I mention it’s 4AM?

So, the season - no, series - finale of VM.  Wow.  How can two shows I love be ending this year?  It totally sucks.

VM Finale )

I really need to quit this and get some things done.  First I am going to fix the excel and send an email about the virtual season that I have been putting off.  Then I’m going to re-write my to-do list and clean my bed off (stacks of paper).  Then I’m going to get about four hours of sleep.  Then I’m going to go over to Eileen’s and help her move.  Sound like a plan?  Yes indeed it does.
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As I'm starting to post this, I'm realising that because of my self-imposed moratorium on all things internet (until I saw the Heroes finale) I didn't post for Adreama's bday.  So: Happy Birthday [profile] adinarj - a day late!

I just finished watching the  finale, for which I (miraculously) wasn’t spoiled at all.  I thought I had better write out my thoughts now, since I have stayed offline (TWoP, lf, etc) so that I wouldn’t read anything about it.  If I go online before I write this, I’m sure I’ll be swayed opinion-wise, and I want to know what I really thought!

Overall, I enjoyed it, but....

This is actually the only show I’ll be waiting for next season.  That’s weird.  It’s going to be a long summer though!  

Ok, now I'm off to see what other people thought...

TV Update

May. 21st, 2007 06:55 pm
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Hello all.  It's the weekly TV Update - how very exciting!  Other than the shows contained here, I have been watching a lot of Arrested Development this week.  (I just got S1-3 from Amazon.)  It's been a year or so since I really watched it, and I am loving it!  It's seriously hilarious.  (Oxymoron?)  And every episode I watch makes me think of Cait and Kyle and the summer when we first saw it, so that's kind of cool.  I will always associate that show with the two of them.

In Brit TV news, the Jonathon Ross show was on crack this week.  It was absolutely out of control.  The guests were Janice Dickenson (CRAZY), John Barryman (crazy), Andrew Lloyd Webber (totally led on by the craziness of others), and Eddie Izzard (seeming very normal in comparison to all the crazy).  It was enjoyable, but strange.  And Jonathon had to do a lot of work to hold the guests down to normal, so he was somewhat busy the entire time.  I wouldn't want it to be like that every week, but it was certainly interesting to watch.

Ok, US TV!!

* * * * *

* * * * *

Heroes )

* * * * *

Aw - goodbye to Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls all in one post.  It's so sad!

The Finale

May. 16th, 2007 10:33 pm
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Yes, this is the third entry about the GG finale in all of a day, but shut up all of you.  I want to watch it.

It's not downloaded yet.  Seriously.  I left it going when I went to work today, and my computer got offline somehow.  (Yeah, I have no idea.)  And now it's moving like molasses.  I can't believe I still haven't seen it.  I can't go on TWoP, and these might be the final days for the threads that I'm missing.  I had better get to see it before I go to bed tonight.

Plus, it seems like info about it is surrounding me, just trying to get me spoiled.  I just had to stop reading an email that had spoilers in it.  I realised just in time.  Riiight.  This is so not normal!

TV Update

May. 14th, 2007 03:35 pm
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I almost did the Friday Fives today, but decided that would be cheating.  I figure a FridayFive is kind of a one-chance thing.  It's on Friday or never.  So, instead I will do my TV update before it becomes out of date due to Heroes airing tonight.  Beware, it's a long one!

* * * * *

* * * * *
And now the US shows.

Heroes )

* * * * *

* * * * *

* * * * *
Oh, my goodness.  This entry has exhausted me, and I seriously doubt anyone bothered to read the entire thing.  But I had A LOT of spare time today.  (Annoying since the days leading up to now have been so crazy-busy.)  I think the week will pick up from here on out though.  Oh yes, and it's absolutely FREEZING in my office.  We have two days of Springish weather and they turn the heaters off for good.  I have layers on and I'm still insanely cold.


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