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Possibly I'll never write a normal off the cuff entry again? Or is that too crazy to say? :) I have started this entry five billion times (it keeps giving me a "saved draft") so here, have some waffling!

A baffling mix of old and new! )
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YOU GUYS, HAI YOU GUYS! HOW ARE YOU ALL? Yeah, it's kind of been a while, huh?!
[Warning: The word "awesome" gets massively overused in this post.]

As usual, I can't even begin to sum everything up or tell you all about it, and I'm likely to resort to bullet points. So let's see if we can avoid that for now, eh?

Housemates, concert tickets, fandom, Nano, Mac-store, work, etc. Mostly quick and painless! Kind of. )

I guess that's enough info for now, huh? I have three (THREE, OMG) 12 of 12's that I've shot and never posted, so I'm actually considering a bumper post just to get them up. We'll see if I can be productive about that. At least some time off work should make me get some things done? I have made a list of goals for the end of the year, and so far have been pretty good about starting on them, setting up some appts relating to them, etc. Although, every weekend from here to December is booked up, so how's that for free time?

Anyway, no more work now as I'm off to Cardiff for the weekend with some Nano folk. I'm really excited actually - a road trip and an awesome reunion. What more could I ask for?

Also, it has come to my attention that my icons are woefully out of date. I am missing at least two important new(ish) fandoms. I really need to sort that! And let's see if I can post a little better so that I don't play this catch up game. (Ahahahaha - lately that's all I ever say.)

P.S. ALSO MY IPHONE 4 IS AMAZING. It has quickly become my lifeline.
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So, still not having the time to check my friends feed - sorry guys! I'll catch up as best I can once I'm home.

I'm in Boston now and it's a 1.5 day countdown until the first Adam concert! Anna and I met at the airport, checked into our hotel, grabbed dinner (and a bottle of wine) and now we've pretty much come back and collapsed. We're both jetlagged, just in opposite directions - she's five hours ahead in London, I'm four hours behind in Alaska. Weird huh? Either way, we're both exhuasted, a combo of traveling, excitement, and (for me) the craziness of wedding prep and etc.

Tomorrow we have one short day in the city and then the next day we drive down to the cape! And then it's two nights of concerts (OMG!) and then I fly to Atlanta the next day to meet up with [ profile] risti (and many others!) for the Kris concert. I have a much better excuse for that one though, since I was going there already to visit my bro. :)

So yeah, full of pure excitement at this point. And really ready for proper holiday to begin. The wedding, although fun, was STRESSFUL. Alaska was beautiful, but I didn't do TOO much touristy stuff, mostly just the wedding.

But now...BED.
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I don't know why, but I'm all worried this week. There isn't even one particular reason or anything bad happening, I just seem to have this general feeling of unease. It's very strange. Partly it might be the upcoming US trip, which I am in no way ready for, and yet I leave in just over a week. I don't even know what I particularly need to do to be "ready" for it, other than the usual nonsense of packing and sorting out computer backups and such, but somehow it just seems to have snuck up on me. Maybe because it feels so soon after I got back from South Africa? IDK. I guess it is a bit up in the air in general b/c I am flying standby and still don't have the dates quite set, and also my friend Drew (who is giving me the AA pass) will not answer his freaking phone so that we can plan some more. Argh.

I've been worrying a little about money too, mostly because I seem to be spending a lot of it. I think it's just coming on the heels of the World Cup trip, and now planning my US one. Hopefully it won't be super expensive, but three weeks away (without pay) is just that, and you can't deny it. And then I've been looking at iphone plans (thinking about getting a business plan actually, since I'll be using it for that too, we'll see) and telling myself how it really is a complete and total luxury expense. Then there's the fact that I really want a new computer, but can't really justify that considering mine is only 3.5 years old and still works. Tom (current subletter) actually offered to buy it the other day. I don't even know how we started that conversation, but the possibility now will not leave my head. And I have shopped a bit lately (I NEVER SHOP) and got some new shoes for the wedding, and some other bits and pieces of things that I kind of needed but that still felt a bit decadent, b/c, IDK, spending money or whatever.

And then, on the subject of subletters, we have house type worries. Our lease is up in just seven weeks, which is really an outrageously short time, especially considering I won't be back until the last month of it. We have no idea what Amy is doing, thus we don't know if we need to fill one room (if she stays) or two (if she leaves), and whether one of those will be sublet for a while (if she stays to November) or filled completely. And there are other possibilities for people who might want to move in, but at the moment I kind of feel like none of them are actually going to happen, so we're gonna end up scrambling for strangers. Either way, we have at least one room to fill, and there is no way Claire and I (and Sarah) can cover rent if we don't get people in both of those rooms, so that NEEDS to be sorted soon so that we can put up ads or whatever else. In general the whole situation is FREAKING ME OUT. I am just so tired of continually having to worry about moving, or finding a new place, or finding new people to fill our current place, or whatever. I really just want to buy something and live there for ages. But again with the not so financially viable or sensible yet. Maybe in a year or so? (So yeah, anyone know someone looking for a room in London starting in Sept? It's an awesome house, really.)

Plus, on the incoming money side, B keeps cutting my hours at work since we're not too busy at the moment (off season), which is just really frustrating. I know it's essentially what I agreed to when I said I would be a contract employee (and there are other benefits), but I also remember at the time being worried about this exact thing and him reassuring me that it wouldn't be a problem because "there was always work to do". Yeah, so we see how that turned out. So mostly, working less hours but still coming in every day sucks, although it makes me feel a lot less guilty about extending the days of my US holiday even more. It also makes me feel bound and determined that I need to be set up SOON with a website and email and etc so that I can properly start advertising on my own. I'm just so sick of depending on B as my main job, I'm antsy to get more freelance. But then I start worrying about my EA exam, which I have not scheduled and am not doing a very diligent job of studying for, and I freak out again. It's a vicious, evil, and stupid cycle.

On top of that, I've just been feeling really alone. Mostly I just kind of float along, and to be honest I've been single for so long that I'm pretty independent and not so good at dealing with giving over control to anyone else. (This may have possibly tanked potential relationship in the past - I can be super stubborn.) But with all these worrying feelings, sometimes I just want someone else to kind of take over and tell me that it's okay and I'm being silly or whatever. Because in my head I know that there is nothing too bad going on in my life right now, but that doesn't really help on an emotional level. I just kind of wish I had someone to relax and let go with, and just snuggle and be calm. I have more specific feelings about it, but they just make me berate myself for being an idiot in various situations, and not knowing my own mind, so that's not helpful. I'm not sure all of this even makes sense? Maybe I just miss my mom (in the US) and [ profile] lazyclaire (in France)? I certainly seem to have gotten pretty emo now that Claire isn't home to take care of me and give out her (really fantastic) hugs. :)

Wow this was a lot of whining. Sorry about that! How about some pictures to take our minds off it all? It's not my July 12 of 12 (coming, maybe?) or even the World Cup pics (still haven't gotten them onto FB), but instead a link to pics some other people kindly posted. :)

I spent last weekend in Devon at Beth's parents' house, at a kind of bonding/goodbye extravaganza for Nick and Julie. It was pretty wrenching for them to actually be leaving (back to the US) for good, but the weekend was, frankly, pretty idyllic. See for yourself...

Sorry these pics are kind of huge, but I'm linking from locked FB and can't figure out a way to resize. )
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* watched the last round of the World Cup
* had two picnics (Alex Park & St James Park) & played croquet
* celebrated two friend's bdays
* been in two pub quizzes (one of which we WON!)
* been to book club
* bought tickets for a 2nd Adam Lambert concert in Boston (um..right, well we're there already, so why not?!)
* seen FIVE movies at the cinema! (Wild Target, Eclipse, SATC2, Inception & Toy Story 3)
* trekked out to Heathrow to say goodbye to my parents
* spent hours on Skype sorting out my USA trip
* been to see HAIR with the Lambrits girls
* had dinner/drinks/etc with lots of people to catch up
* read lots of [ profile] kradambigbang and commented YAY!
* spent hours bugging everyone I know (online & in RL) about whether I should get an HTC or an iphone (and WHICH iphone, new or old?) - opinions anyone?
* been into two CPW, one phones4u and one Orange shop to ask phone questions (guy in last shop: " may be taking this a bit too seriously. It is just a phone, you know.")

* uploaded the pictures to FB (yeah...working on this!)
* written up my 12 of 12 post (ditto)
* talked to my brother for more then ten mins at a time (but I'll see him again in August, yay!)
* made a choice about the phone thing
* slept, like, AT ALL

Basically it's been a pretty awesome two weeks. My trip feels a million miles away, but it was awesome too. I doubt I'll manage to get any more of a synopsis up at the rate I'm going, but hopefully I'll manage to put up pics soon. I'm such a bum! Anyway, I'll link it on here once I get to it.

I'm taking a late lunch here, so on the very bright side I now only have a few hours of work left. Then [ profile] lazyclaire and I are doing dinner at ours as a goodbye before she goes to France for three weeks. Tomorrow I'm off to Devon for the weekend for a final house goodbye & bonding weekend since Nick and Julie are going to the USA FOR GOOD on Monday. :( Next up: figuring out new tenants (currently we have subletters) and sorting out renewing the lease. Fun!
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We've found a good internet cafe in Durban (same one as before) and we have a few down days so it's a good time to catch up and catch our breath after a very emotional time.

Been a wild couple of days, driving to Rustenberg (ugh) for USA match and then Bloemfonteng (didn't spellcheck) for the England one. Don't even know what to say about the Eng/Germ match. Ran the full gamut of emotions in just 90 minutes. It was painful to be right there watching it, esp as we were in the 5th row, directly on goal and could easily see that it was well in. It wasn't the best view for full watch matching, but perfect for being an amateur (better than the profs?) linesman. We were celebrating like insane people, actually up on our chairs jumping, screaming and waving the flags, and then it was disallowed. It's rough to sit there in the stadium after, feeling all that, while around you there is celebration. And as for our boys, well is it too much to ask for a little drive and PASSION? I think not. The fans have it, so why don't they? We've traveled all this way, and they barely protest a bad call or even look upset at the end of the match when they're out? Sickening.

I'm just so discouraged with English football right now. And I don't even have the time to start on the rant I've got going about technology inclusion into the sport and FIFAs antiquated notions in general. goes on and we still have almost a week in South Africa! I definitely have to say what a fantastic job the country has done with the cup. We've only had one bad experience with a stadium/place not being able to handle the influx (Rustenberg) and everywhere else has been top class. Also the people have been welcoming, friendly and helpful.

I guess for the rest of the tournie I have to say my moneys on the Dutch now that we're out. Maybe it's finally their year? If not them then the Spanish I guess. But please let Holland kick Brazil out next round!
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Okay I don't have time to write a proper update as we are just in an internet cafe and I think about to leave, but [ profile] silly_cleo was bugging me about it on twitter (love you really!) and so I have decided to just cobble together all the email/FB/twitter updates that I just did and that will be info enough! There will be some repetition though - sorry for the lack of editing.


Trip is FANTASTIC! Small safari bit in PE was good and as well as all the matches we have been to. SA is really beautiful and (fingers crossed) no sign of trouble as yet. We are going to the USA match tomorrow and then the England one the next day - both their round of 16 efforts. Pretty excited about seeing England v Germany, so resigned to how that turned out, hope it will be epic as they are picking up their game. The Slovenia match was pretty tense and we were right off the goal so had a perfect view of Defoe's.


Hi! We are jumping online quickly at an interenet cafe in Durban. this is the first time we hve checked it since we were in cape town with the wi-fi. Its been a bit dodgy on being able to find access. Everthing is great so far, we have been to three games, adn two were england (sorry for the mistakes this keyboard is weird and i am in a hurry) the second england game was a lot better thant he first - very tense despite the lack of goals, but some good chances adn i can't believe they didn't score again. we are going to see the USA/ghana match tomorrow and then the next england one the next day. We have seen drew and his friends at severl matches so that was good.

Also the elephant park was awesome. we drove around and saw tons of animals close up, although not any predators as they don't have many of those. we also went to ride elephants which turned out to be great - we got to feed them as well and it was amazing they are so lareg and interesting up close. lots of good pictures too!


Trip is FAB! SA is beautiful & (fingers crossed) no troub yet. Going to USA tmrw & Eng next day - both R16. Slovenia match tense & right off goal, perfect view of Defoe's. Excited abt seeing Eng/Ger, hope for epic, but will see. Ran into Martin Tyler(!) @ Durban airprt & he said thot
Eng had good chance as Ger team young versus our boys (older, exp). He did admit that might
just be his Eng bias tho!


Hope you're enjoying the Cup over there in the UK. England v Germany is an absolutely ridiculous match up for the second round; talk about history. If all goes well, we could be playing Argentina in the next round too which would mean meeting our two biggest international rivals in one World Cup: unthinkable. We're having a great time over here. I guess Jenn gave you a pretty good synopsis of how everything's going over here. We've been watching a lot of football of course but we've managed to see a lot of the country too I think. We had a great time in Port Elizabeth and the Addo Elephant Park. Now we're going to be travelling on the road for two days to see the USA and England matches. I really hope we'll be celebrating on the return journey or it'll be a quiet drive back. As far as safety is concerned, we've not seen or heard anything that would worry us in any way. I've been to far dodgier places as far as I'm concerned. Cape Town and Durban are so cosmopolitan you could be in Europe, and Port Elizabeth's suburbs on the coast were the same way even if the city center had a more 3rd world feel. There have been crowds everywhere though and we've been very comfortable everywhere we've been. The people here have been amazing too. Everyone everywhere we've been has been incredibly welcoming and in great spirits. I wasn't sure how South Africans were taking the hosting of this Cup but the people seem to be truly excited about their visitors and the event. The organisation has been top notch too. Parking lots, venues, public areas, our accomodations and everything in between has been really well organised and planned for. They were definitely ready for us.


Guess that gives you a picture! Actual pictures when I get back - we have taken millions and have tons of good ones already.


Jun. 18th, 2010 10:47 am
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I've written approximately five million entries in my head and none actually on the computer, so bully for me. I mean to actually post before I left the UK, but it didn't happen. Instead, this is coming to you live from Cape Town, South Africa!!

JUST TO SAY, THIS JOURNAL IS ON HIATUS UNTIL JULY 6TH!!! I'm in SA for the World Cup - 4 England matches as long as we keep winning, and 2 others.

See you all on the other side.
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So April kind of sucked. And when I say kind of, what I actually mean is that IT REALLY sucked*. I spent the entire month working on taxes, stressing about working on taxes, not working on script frenzy, stressing about not working on script frenzy, freaking out about world cup tickets, not sleeping at all, getting terribly sick halfway just in time for the April 15th deadline, and burying myself in Kradam/Bandom fanfic every time I got a chance just so that I would stop worrying about all of the above for a while. So yeah, it sucked. I sincerely hope next year's is better. I'll have to be better prepared...or something, IDK.

*Except for all the parts concerning Adam Lambert.

But now it is May! I have high hopes for it! I've already had over a week of it, and so far it's been lovely and relaxing. Of course, the first three and a half days I was home in Norfolk at my parents' house because of the bank holiday weekend, so I'm not quite sure it counts, but even the workish part of it after that was good! Norfolk as usual was easy and diverting and filled with people who knew me when. I played tennis with my dad and bridge with my mom and her friends, and ate lots of good food. And then the work week, whatever, although I did manage to make it to Glee night, FINALLY meet up with Rach for a drink, and then have a DrWho marathon while watching [ profile] sily_cleo pack, on, you know, various days. (OMG those Angels/River episodes were SO SCARY. I am a total wuss; I was completely freaking out.)

We had our long planned BBQ on Sat, which really would have been better with nicer weather, but what can you do? That's what happens when you plan things six weeks in advance! We had a decent turnout, and we did end up grilling, but it was threatening rain all day, and there were a ton of people who wussed out because of weather. Probably better just to look outside, see that it's a nice day, and then invite people over? On the flip side, we spent much of Sunday, which was slightly better weather, inside, mainlining three different Robin Hoods in readiness for the new one. We did Prince of Thieves, Men in Tights and the Disney one, and I have to say Disney pretty much beats all. It's SO GOOD. Not sure about the new one, but it's all free with my Cineworld card (LOVE IT) so I'll probably go with Daniel.

In other news, changes at home and at work. Londoners listen up! Job going at my office - part time, 20 hours a week, £10 an hour, mainly secretarial, no tax experience required. Starting probably early July. Also, we are making plans for the house since Julie and Nick leave in early July. We are trying to get subletters to fill out the lease, and right now need one for July plus the first two weeks of Aug. Probably around £540 all inclusive. We also *might* have a room going from September for the full year (rent £427, bills around £75) but that isn't at all definite yet. At least it looks like we're actually staying in the house. Basically (as I say every year) I NEVER WANT TO MOVE AGAIN. Famous last words, I know.

As it is summer finally, I'm in the middle of holiday plans. I leave in FIVE WEEKS for South Africa! Thankfully we have everything sorted except the possibility of a safari, which is kind of half-sorted. Also, I've already paid for everything, and currently am owed $500, so I'm feeling good on that front. Next up is planning my US trip in August. I'm waiting on my parents to plan THEIR US trip, other people coming to the wedding to decide when they'll get there, and (yeah) Kris and Adam concert dates. There actually is a GA concert (Kris) that was announced today, and since I was (probably) planning on going through there to see my bro it could work. But if I could manage to be in a city to see Adam too that would be awesome. It's not that I would rearrange my entire trip, but there are people in lots of different cities I could visit, so if there is one at the right time it might work out. Texas, for example = PERFECT. Anyone live in GA and want to come to a Kris concert with me? I don't really want to go alone, but I can't see me convincing my bro, especially since it also includes Maroon Five! (Too bad it's not the Barenaked Ladies portion - I would LOVE to see them.) Blah blah blah whatever. I can't make a post without AI stuff in it lately, huh?

Tomorrow is 12 of 12! I'm going to attempt to, you know, actually do it and post it for once. I haven't since Dec I think - I just got out of the habit and never got back in it. I'm hoping that once I start back I'll be doing it every month like I was before. I kind of miss the pictures.
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So ridiculously, [ profile] silly_cleo and I now have six tickets between us to the Adam concert. I have the two PURE ones (which are unrestricted, so I guess that's better) and then we have two each that we won in the competition. I would say we're just really lucky, but having talked to some of the other people I met on the stalking Adam day I think a lot of people won - there were 400 winners and you had to pre-order the CD to enter, plus he is virtually unknown over here. So. I'm not worried about the tickets though, I know enough casual fans to ask some people and thus properly convert them. :)

BUT. It may not happen anyway if he doesn't even make it to the UK at all because of the STUPID ASHCLOUD. Seriously, it is messing with life in general. I know SO MANY PEOPLE who are stuck on one side of the problem or the other - can't get home or can't leave to go on holiday - and it totally sucks. We've had flights grounded for almost a week now, it's time for the ash to leave! Hey, at least it's good for the environment, I guess? As Amy pointed out last night, the UK should make it's emission targets this year for sure...

I had a strangely domestic feeling weekend. I was still kind of getting over being sick, So I had planned to take it easy, but I felt pretty decent when I got up Sat. [ profile] lazyclaire, [ profile] silly_cleo, and Abbi and I went over to Ben's house to bake cupcakes with his little girls. We had joked about having a baking day for ages, so it was fun for it to actually happen. And his little girls are super cute and fun, plus we FINALLY got to meet his lovely wife. She's not Nano, so she's never come to any of the events or anything. Claire and I ended up staying the longest, as after we put the kids to bed we decided to get dinner (fish & chips!) and then watched the new Who (mostly meh, although iDaleks! yay) on iplayer. It was almost midnight when we finished, so Ben kindly ran us home quickly in his car (such luxury!) so we didn't have to brave over an hour of public transport. All told, it was a really fun day.

Sunday I had to meet with some clients that I had canceled a meeting on from when I was sick. They are actually friends of friends of my parents, so everything I meet with them I end up socializing for ages. I went over there for 2PM and stayed for HOURS. We did the tax stuff in an hour or so (I had it mostly done but needed to revise for UK return taxes) and then just hung out. IDEK, we had cake and champagne (there were explanations, but it's not worth it here) in the garden b/c the day was so lovely, we looked at a photo album, we talked to an old friend (knew me as a kid) who just happened to call, etc etc. It was kind of ridiculous actually - I ended up staying for dinner and left around 9PM! Also I got invited to be a part of a bridge group that contains: 72 yr old man (the husband), 68 yr old man & 73 yr old woman (his friends) b/c they need a 4th and I play bridge. And I must admit I am tempted. THAT IS HOW MUCH I LOVE TO PLAY CARDS PEOPLE! Anyone in London interested in starting a card circle (anything but poker)? Or a bridge group? I would totally teach you all. :) We could make it cool again with the under-60s set!

So yeah. That was my weekend. In conclusion, I say: GO AWAY ASH CLOUD, WE DON'T WANT YOU ANYMORE.
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I'm on base b/c I was meeting with some tax clients, and it turns out that the Freedom Cafe (inside the Liberty Club, omg) has free wi-fi, so I'm online! Yay. Actual internet that actually works and lets me check my email. Seriously, internet issues at work and home right now (although work got cleared up on Friday I think) so I'm behind on EVERYTHING. While I'm here I figured I might as well put up this half-written post that I've been writing all week in Word or whatever. SO...

I forgot to actually put any kind of away message on this, but I've actually been on holiday once again, thus the lack of posts. (Oh who am I kidding?! I haven't posted regularly in months! This must be rectified. I cannot believe my last update was when Claire had her seizure.) Anyway, last week I (and 4/5 house mates) were away skiing in the French Alps. Oooh la la.

It was actually a really cheap (well relatively cheap) trip. Budget airfare (easyjet whoohoo), ski rental deals online, and a chalet we rented to share with 20 people total. Basically it was one big party. Oh and lots and lots of skiing! Six straight days, which I think is more than I have ever done all at once. I actually feel decent about my skiing now. I'm not going to be skiing black runs any time soon, but I feel good about the possibility of many red ones in my future. And the people who went ran the gamut for skiing (or snowboarding) ability, so everyone managed to find someone to go out with. Also, on the last night we had a giant party at the Chalet which included Raclette cheese, tons of other food, and colour-coded drinks that matched the runs. You were supposed to only drink the ones of runs you had been on, but that didn't last too long. I mostly drank green actually, because it turns out that I think Creme de Menthe makes very yummy cocktails! (Other people may have said it tastes like mouthwash, but whatever.)

So yeah, good trip indeed. Other things happening?

Family health stuff, Tax Bitches, the World Cup, TV, Kradam babblings, weddings & Jenn (almost) turns 30! )

Whoops! My updates always get out of control. I really just need to post more. (Oh and where’s that 12 of 12 from January? Well technically, it does exist, just not as an LJ entry.

ALSO THIS! From [ profile] silly_cleo: Reply to this post, and I'll tell you one reason why I like you. Then re-post this (if you feel like it!) and spread the love.

Um, yeah so some of that is slightly unaccurate now (I found a place for my bday!) but most of it's good and I'm leaving it. Also it turns out that the Freedom cafe is now called Rugbys - who knew? :)
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Yeah so that's it for Philadelphia. We leave tomorrow morning for DC (driving) since this was really just a quick stopover at our friends' house. No top ten list to be made, since we've mostly just been hanging out.

We did however play some more rock band. After another hour of drums (ON MEDIUM BABY!) I have decided that we need some because they are awesome. Maybe the price has gone down since the last time I looked and so I can add them on to our game. We'll see...

Next up, the highschool reunion! As in it starts tomorrow and goes until Labour Day. Should be interesting indeed.
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Ten things I have done so far on my holiday:

1) slept in A LOT

2) stayed up late A LOT

3) played a few hours of Rock Band - trying the drums for the first time!

4) toured the CNN building

5) fixed Trev's computer so it is popup and spyware free (this took about three hours, no freaking joke)

6) had a martini (caramel apple!) at the revolving bar at the top of the Westin building

7) seen The Time Traveler's Wife (UGH - such a disappointment)

8) walked Centennial park and seen a guy do a total wipe-out on his bike in the middle of the fountain

9) ridden the Marta

10) drunk far too much alcohol (including a shared margarita out of a fishbowl)

Atlanta we're done with you! Next stop Philadelphia!!
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It's 11PM. I have to leave at 6:30AM tomorrow morning (yay!) and I am in no way packed. I got home from work at 7, then we had a girl come by and look at the room, then I ate dinner, then I read a book. And now here I am. 11PM! This is in no way surprising, but I'm still pissed at myself.

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It's super late, and I'm not yet caught up on my sleep from my trip, but if I don't do this now I may never do it, so I've decided to just suck it up and post my 12 of 12. Claire is over, so she's writing for NanoJuMo, thus we can sit here and work together. Helen just left - we're on day two of our Harry Potter movie marathon. They met me at Awesome Manor once I got home from the airport last night, and we did 1 & 2. Then tonight it was 3 & 4, and tomorrow we'll watch 5 just before going off to see 6 at the cinema! Yay! Of course if the UK cinemas were doing midnight showings I would be in the 6th film RIGHT NOW, but I'm trying not to dwell on that.

Right. So my 12 this month is of the EXIT music festival in Serbia ( which I was at from Thurs-Mon this past weekend. I had tons of pictures, although to be honest a lot of them were pretty bad since the music takes place mostly at night and my camera didn't cope too well. It makes for an interesting timeline for the 12 though, as you can see from the timestamps.

Post 12 pics of your day, and then link back to Chad, who started it all!


2) After you post your pictures onto a webpage of your choice (Livejournal, typepad, MySpace, Flickr, etc...) please post the TIME, LOCATION, and A SMALL COMMENT on the pic.

I am just now noticing that Rach features very heavily in these pictures! )

And DONE! Now for bed. Harry Potter tomorrow - yay!!
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Whoo-hoo! Packed and ready to go! We leave for Serbia in one hour. I'm completely exhausted but oh so excited! :)

I get back on Monday night, just in time to watch lots of lots of Harry Potter movies in readiness for the opening on Wed.

See you on the other side...
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I'm in Norway!! I know I wasn't supposed to be online this soon, but the crazy events of today mean that (a) I have wi-fi tonight and (b) I feel the need to at least get a base outline of today down since it was so completely draining and unexpected. And then bed!

So yes, instead of being nicely tucked in at my friends' hytta, I am in a hostel in central Bergen. How did that happen, you ask? (Well, in my mind you do...) Um, yeah. The events of today:

1) national rail replacement buses + victoria line suspended + my natural slowness + national express bus taking 30 mins longer than advertised due to traffic + ryanair and their MEGA long lines despite everyone having booked in ahead of time online = JENN MISSING HER FLIGHT

Serious suckage here. I was thinking back, and I can't think of another time in all my flying that I've actually missed a flight just for being late to it. I've come close plenty of times, but I think this is the first time it's actually happened. I've missed one due to airline screwups, missed connections, weather, etc but not through my own means. So that's a first.

2) Working against time (my computer's 20 min battery life + the 30 mins of wi-fi access I paid for) my mom and I (on the phone with her) concurrently searched any and every airline site we could think of to either get me out today or find a flight in the next few days that was reasonably priced. I thought I was going to have to call my boss and be all "hey, guess who's coming to work tomorrow!" but thankfully it was not to be. Instead we found a €100 flight on Norwegian air, out of Gatwick. Of course it was a night flight, since by now it was around noon, and flying into Bergen instead of Haugesund as planned, but those were small complications. I called Kathleen, and after much negotiation it was decided that I could find a hostel for tonight and that they would come into Bergen tomorrow. And so, flights were bought, hostels were booked, etc.

3) I hopped BACK on the national express bus to go to Gatwick (I was at Stansted for RyanAir). This is a three hour journey that costs frakking £30. Insane. NE are not my favourite company right now.

4) Got to Gatwick around 3:30 and killed 3 hours until I could check in. Checked in and got to lounge. Flight delayed. OMFG!

5) Finally flew out around 9:30 PM GMT, arrived 12ish CET. Wandered through the airport until I found a bus to the center of town, wandered around the center of town until I lucked upon my hostel. (This was really lucky actually - Bergen is really really deserted at night. There was literally NO ONE to ask and I didn't have a map.)

6) Hostel is quite cool actually since it's all automated - swipe your credit card, they give you a key card, every door opens with a code, etc. No people around at all. Also, I have a private room because that's all they had. Normally I wouldn't have sprung for it, but the way the day was going I was just happy to find one that had room and said it was very near the bus station. Also FREE WI-FI!

So yes, I am here, and the holiday can begin! I can't say when I left my house around 7AM this morning that I had any idea about all of this, but such is life. At least I only lost about half a day (OH AND LOTS OF MONEY) because of it.

Let us never speak of it again. :) BED..........
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12 of 12: June 2009

I'm in the midst of packing, etc because I leave in about two hours, but I wanted to post this before I'm off. From what Kathleen said, there won't be many chances for me to be online while I'm gone.

Post 12 pics of your day, and then link back to Chad, who started it all!


2) After you post your pictures onto a webpage of your choice (Livejournal, typepad, MySpace, Flickr, etc...) please post the TIME, LOCATION, and A SMALL COMMENT on the pic.

No times or anything because I'm in a bit of a hurry. )

Pretty nice Friday overall! And now, a couple weeks hiatus while I'm on holiday. See you all on the other side!!
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Well I'm still at work but while I'm sitting at my computer I thought I better toss an entry off, seeing as I'm in the mood. I am woefully behind in anything approaching a real post. It has literally been almost a month - shocking! And I'm to the point where (to cheekily quote [ profile] apotropaios: I have realised that the main reason I have not been updating is that it has been so long since my last proper update that I Do Not Have Enough Time Right Now To Update Properly. However, today of the 12th, which means I am taking pictures and should post tomorrow, and I can't stand doing that without some sort of actual entry in the way. Ah summer, see what you do to me?!

And so. Things from the last month (!!) that deserve a mention...

As per the title, inordinate amounts of money have been spent. I finally got two holidays sorted out - Norway and Serbia - and have paid for the flights, etc etc. Of course everything turned out to be more expensive than it was supposed to, due to procrastination, exchange rates, whatever. But now the money has been spent and all that remains is to go. So yay! I also made it to the opticians, which sorely needed doing, and of course was stratospherically expensive. My current glasses are almost two years old, and the prescription turned out to be scarily out of date (to the tune of -2 diopters more) so new glasses ahoy! After a scary conversation with one optician where he said the lenses alone would be £450, I was quite happy to come back the next week and speak to a less dramatic doctor, who talked it down to £300. Which is a lot, but sounded less in comparison - maybe they were playing good cop, bad cop? Anyway, evidently negative 13 diopters (GOOD LORD) is eyes that are just bad enough for special ordering to commence. So after picking the cheapest pair of "cool" frames I could find, I am now almost £400 lighter, but the proud owner of shiny new glasses that help me see wonderfully. Ah well. Needs must. New contacts were also ordered, but that is far less exciting.

Many fun social things have happened that are not worth going into in detail. The most notable probably being that we had our annual fantastic picnic on Hampsted Heath. I don't say annual in that we only plan to do it once, but rather that we managed to do it on near the exact same day as going last year. Weird. It's probably just the time of year that it starts to get warm. Anyway, many and varied people came, much yummy food was eaten, and we once again failed to fly the kite. Oh! And we also brought the croquet set - Phil's suggestion I believe - which was awesome. Croquet is always good. It's like Scottish dancing or karaoke - people aren't sure if they'll like it, they feel a bit silly about it, but once they get going everyone is all in.

Other miscellany? We had a whole bunch of visitors, including Claire and Amy's cat for a few days. We went to a party at C&A's house and were involved in ~much drama~. I reread Half Blood Prince in preparation for the movie and then promptly fell headfirst back into the world of Harry Potter fanfic (Draco/Harry if you must know - shut up). In TV news I watched seasons 1-3 of Weeds and am now working on 4. Seb and I saw Star Trek at the IMAX. I really want to see it again, so hopefully Rach and I are going to use an orange wednesday once I get back from holiday.

Yes! Holiday! I leave for Norway in ONE DAY!!!!! I am beyond excited. It's where my parents were living when they met (Oslo), and two of my best friends grew up there (Bergen) and yet I've never been. One of said friends (living in the UK now) has just bought a hitta there and is spending most of the summer there with her two little boys. So I'm off on a bit of a working holiday - painting, decorating and such - but also to just hang out and play with the kids and relax. I CANNOT WAIT.

Hmmm, yeah that seems good enough. :) I will endeavour to be better in June/July. (Two thirds of June will be gone once I get back.)


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