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Hello all. I'm just popping in to remind you all of two important things that happen tonight.

1. At 8PM EST the finale episode of Gilmore Girls Virtual Season 9 airs at [ profile] ggseason8.


I really can't believe we're at the end of our second season. In some ways it's taken forever, and in others it's just flown by. But this episode is a great end to this season, and the entire series...OR IS IT? You'll have to read to find out if we'll continue!

2. At 9PM EST the premiere episode of Glee airs on Fox.


Seriously, it's so funny, and uplifting, and it has great music. The kids (and adults - who are MY AGE, eek) in it are all so talented - half of them came straight from Broadway. And it was created by the guy who did Popular, which was so funny and snarky and surreal. I can tell I'm going to be trumpeting this show like crazy next year. And um...yeah I already watched it. Shut up, I couldn't wait!

My childhood best friend and her husband (who live in Africa) are coming to stay a few nights with me and they should get here in about an hour. So I'm really in a super good mood.
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Quickly dropping by to pimp the latest episode of the virtual season, which will air this Tuesday. I just finished reading it to write the promo (below) and it's such a cute one. I knew this one was going to be good as soon as the storyline was finished, but it helps that it has some talented writers on it, in the form of [ profile] filo77 and [ profile] jewelsverne.

And if you aren't reading the virtual season or don't know what it is, well then shame on you!! Check out right now.


Episode 9.19 Something Old, Something New, Something Black and Something Blue

At the Dragonfly, plans to cover Lorelai's duties are finally going into overdrive. The discussion of such important decisions leads to exactly what you would expect - sniping and arguments amongst the staff. Thankfully, the atmosphere elsewhere is a little lighter, as romance is in the air! Two of Stars Hollow's finest are going on their very first date, and farther afield, Paris and Doyle's big day is upon them. Of course Rory has her Maid of Honor duties to think of, but a favor she does for Kevin threatens to derail her best laid plans. Whatever happens, we promise you something old, something new, something black and something blue!

Airs Tuesday, April 28, at 8PM EST

Man I should really really be asleep right now.
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So here's one I've had sitting half finished in a google doc for like a month now. Nothing like housecleaning, huh?

I know it's mid-Feb but I'm putting it up anyways because I like things recorded for posterity! It should be the best of the 12 of 12, but I only started in October, so for the rest of those months I just picked one picture from what I had in my files. It comes off a bit as an album of the traveling I did, but ah well. I tried to stick in some shots of things as well as people. My first inclination is to have all people pictures, but I think non-people ones are also interesting and change it up a bit.

2008 in full colour glory! )

I actually can't believe I didn't finish this up earlier. It was almost done, so I just had to tweak a few things really quickly. Typical! Life has gotten semi-busy again, in a social way. As in, I actually have things going on after work and stuff, which is nice but makes me scramble. I'm having dinner with a few people this week and next who I haven't seen for months, so that's great too. And my bday is in a week (next Tues) so I'm trying to plan stuff for the weekend after. I mean I have a half plan but I need to see if we need reservations and such. Also, we're diving back into couchsurfing again, so I updated my profile last week. We have two girls coming tonight for about four days, and then a maybe for a guy next week. I'm kind of excited to begin all that again. And yet, despite all that excitement, I've been seriously up and down lately. I'm not sure what's up with the constant moodiness, but I'm really ready to stop feeling so crappy and down on myself. For now, I'm blaming it on the weather and time of year.

We're on hiatus for the virtual season and I didn't even realise it! That's crazy, because usually I seem to be counting down to it. So maybe that's a sign that I'm feeling more in control of it all? I feel good about deadline reminders, and better about promos, and I finally sent out my big email, which was a bit anti-climatic. So for once there is nothing hanging over me there, which is great.

I've been listening to nothing but country music for the last week because [ profile] insanityjones keeps making me mix CD's. It's been pretty great actually, rediscovering some songs from my childhood and then also hearing a bunch of brand new ones. I've subjected my housemates to some of it too, so that makes me happy.

Okay back to work...
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The Virtual Season is back from hiatus. It's a great episode, so you should all read it!

9.10 "Dates, Baits and Movie Greats" written by [ profile] sosmitten23 and [ profile] olivia_jane74

It only took Adina and I ten minutes to post tonight. Sometimes that magically happens, other times stuff goes wrong and it's a long drawn out process where I'm on gchat for an hour (or two). Funny how that works.

Also, my bro has not yet called to say he got back okay. I was trying to wait and not go to sleep until he did...
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The first episode of the virtual season airs tonight! This is the culmination of a whole lot of work - brainstorming and story-mapping over the summer by the entire team, as well as some super organisation from our head writers [ profile] jewelsverne and [ profile] robinpoppins. Also, check out the complete redesign on our website done by our webmistress (why does that sound dirty?) [ profile] adinarj!

Episode 9.01 "Unhitched and Unhinged"

The Gilmore Girls are back, in an all new season premiere. There are plenty of secrets in the air, as the Gilmore/Danes family gathers in celebration, some special guests come into town, and Stars Hollow plans something without Luke and Lorelai. Basically, everyone's trying to keep it together so they don't get too unhitched and unhinged.


p.s. Thanks to whoever it is on our street who has unsecured wireless; thus allowing us internet until we manage to set up our own!
p.p.s. Special shout-out to [ profile] iamseb for helping me with a random missing line of code...
p.p.p.s. And um...[ profile] basilm was here too. Yay for supportive new house-mates!

That is all. Enjoy!


Aug. 3rd, 2008 12:03 pm
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Oh look, two days and here I am! I'm in Bulgaria at an Internet Cafe. We had to look some things up about the Turkish visa and couchsurfing places. Anyway, we are here in Plovdiv for another day because the night train to Istanbul was full for tonight. We did couchsurfing last night and it worked out well, and he sorted us a place for tonight too, so that's great. We're now working on changing our Istanbul one since we'll be getting there later.

I sent that announcement to the facebook group about the virtual season, and just got this message in reply: "as much as i love the gilmore girls and i have watched the whole entire series 5 times don't you think u are taking way to far with a season 9. at the end of season 7 and the series we all kinda knew that rory and loreli were just going to do great things i really don't think u have to tell us" YES WELL THEN WHY ARE YOU A GROUP MEMBER?? Anyway, I wrote back very nicely, but it did throw me for a loop!

It's HOT here...
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Once again proving I am not actually an adult person, I got very little sleep last night. We had a chat for the Virtual Season that went from 2AM-5:30AM (my time) and then I was afraid to properly go to sleep, so I alternately napped and read, lights blazing. On the positive side, it was a very productive chat, so at least my sleep was donated to a good cause. Either way, I'm now at work, trying very hard to be productive here as well. I've already had a cup of coffee - and I DO NOT drink coffee. The energy of that and of staying up all night will last for a while, but I know I'll be fading around mid-day. Hopefully I can leave early since I got in early.

Hmmm. So this entry is mostly just because writing it is keeping me more awake then working on taxes. I would regale you all with stories of my weekend, but really there isn't much to say except that I didn't get as much done as I meant to (shocker!) so that's annoying. [Ha! I said I didn't have much to say and then blathered on for many paragraphs. Oh well.]

Travel plans and movies and even some pictures! )Okay, I should actually get some work done. This turned out to be a more marathon entry then I expected. But I'm SO TIRED and taxes are not helping! Also, I must have pulled a muscle or something this weekend, because I've had this pain in the lower left side of my back for like two days now. It hurts the most when I sit a long time - when I got out of the movies yesterday it was throbbing - and so sitting here at my desk is not feeling so good. I don't think there's much to be done though, other than hope it goes away soon. Ah well, just one more thing! Happy Monday everyone.

ETA: Wow, I have a tag for sleep. I did not remember that. It should be a tag for lack of sleep! Maybe I'll make one - or change it.
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So I'm down to about half an hour before I'm leaving work, and I totally fail. I'm so completely bored and I don't think I can do any more taxes. I've had a really productive day, and my boss left like an hour ago, so I think I'm gonna forgive myself if I quit and write an LJ entry instead. (Plus, I gotta say it's impressive, given that I got about three hours of sleep last night...although not surprising.)

What I should work on is my ficathon entry, which is nowhere at the moment, still scribbling on a page and a few random paragraphs in my head. It's due next Monday, which gives me one week. For my first ever ficathon, first ever full length fanfic. Ab-fab. So yeah, maybe I'll scribble more on the tube today and then actually write something tonight. We'll see I guess.

Otherwise, life is as was. I'm pretty much over the VS thing, which was probably mostly me and my paranoia, and discussion there is proceeding as per the normal. I do need to think about other organisational things regarding that, so that I feel as if I'm accomplishing something other than lurking in the forum. I am halfway between being excited for the new season and reluctant to jump into it all again, so I think I need to get past that and just really get stuck in. I'll be happier if I'm busy on it again, I think. Also we have some new people, and some just moved around, so we need to do clear deliniation of roles and all that. I need to actually step up and organise some, which is what I'm (not) paid to do!!

I've been on the dragonfly a lot lately, not sure why, but it is nice there. I kind of miss actually being on threads at TWOP, and it feels like a safer version of that - which is I guess what it was meant to be! Oh old TWOP, how I do miss thee. Even Whimsy is pretty dead nowadays. Also to do with the dragonfly, I downloaded The Time Machine off Project Gutenberg so maybe this month I will actually read and discuss the book. In the past something always seemed to get in the way of me doing it, whether it was obtaining the book or the chat being at a bad time for me (or the middle of the night). With the book now in hand and a brand spanking new simul-reading thread, I think I'm out of excuses.

Speaking of reading, it's weird but every book I've read lately has had this really familiar feel, like I've already read it before. And yet I know that it hasn't been true for any of them. It's a really weird, kinda deja-vu-ish feeling. I don't get it. Oh, Rach, except the shoe book! That was really cute. Not great literature, but cute. I ate it up! :)

I was going to do that meme that [ profile] filo77 tagged me for, but it's now past 6 and I no longer need to answer the phone, so I think I'll off home instead. There's a Murray match half-done with my name on it, so Wimbledon is once again calling! Maybe I'll do the meme while I watch that...
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There's just been a super-long chat to add onto all the ongoing forum talk, and this is the result:

We've been dancing around the question but, after a series of long and drawn negotiations, management and the writers have come to an agreement that will allow us to bring you a virtual season nine!

Robinpoppins and Jewels will be taking over very enthusiastically as head writers and they are firming up the team so that the planning can begin. Jenepel will stay on board as producer and Adina will continue as webmaster and graphic designer. Sosmitten will remain on the team in a lead writer role.

Stay tuned for news, including a premiere date!

(From [ profile] ggseason8, whose name is now annoyingly inappropriate.)
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The Bad News: It's Tax Day in the USA

The Good News: The last hiatus is over. A new episode of the virtual season airs tonight at 8PM!

Episode 8.18 Forty is the New Forty

It's celebration time once again as Lorelai turns forty. Emily and Luke clash while planning her surprise party, and Rory is too preoccupied to mediate as she begins to have second thoughts about her article. Everyone in Stars Hollow is quick to comment and commiserate about Lorelai's advancing age, but the birthday girl herself doesn't seem too worried. Hey, forty is the new forty, after all!

Airs Tuesday, April 15th at 8PM EST
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Okay people - our hiatus is over.  We just put up the link for episode 11, so go on over to Virtual Gilmore and read it now!

It's called "Mayday, Mayday, Mayday!" and it was written by [profile] avery292.

Want the updates from somewhere other than my (sporadic) posting?  Join the community: [profile] ggseason8
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Well this is better than yesterday.  I came home from work today and did major cleaning of both flat and room as well as changing my sheets as well as a load of laundry.  Felt very accomplished.  (Oh, how little it takes.)  Plus at work he is starting to train me on the new computer programme, which I very much like.  A little less organising people's files and scanning things in so we go digital, a little more actual TAX WORK.  That is good.

Also, on the visa sitch (not mine, and yet still I get daily updates):  C got hers and should pick it up tomorrow, J's is still out there in hiatus-land.  Not sure what's up with that.  So they want her to go early, which she is not happy about.  Add to that the possible idea that maybe (just a little maybe) his won't come through at all, and then what do they do?  She teaches a week or two and then has to turn around and come home.  Not to mention the money they have put forth for hotel and food that the school is supposed to pay them back.  It's a whole new level of scary.  I do believe they have been doing an awful lot of praying.

So either way, they dropped their luggage off at mine at 9:30 tonight (thus the rapid clean) and will come to stay from tomorrow night onwards.  It will be interesting if she goes and he has to keep waiting - will he stay here?  get a hotel?  I don't even know.  And it's not like I don't know him, but she's my childhood friend, he's just her husband.  So it has the potential to be slightly weird.

In other news?  I might have to move again.  But more on that later as I have more info...

The Virtual Season is starting up again tomorrow too, so that's exciting.  K & A and I did a chat tonight and along with a crash course of reminder HTML, I'm feeling good.  It's nice for things to be happening again.  
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Just wanted to say there is a new episode of the virtual season up.  It's the Christmas episode, and Rory is finally home, so it's a fun one.  As always, it's here and our community is [profile] ggseason8.

And the fun story for the day.  This morning I was late (okay, I'm late like 90% of the time - good thing my office is flex).  Anyhow, as I was walking to the bus stop my bus started to pull up behind me.  This happens a lot, and usually I catch it, but this one was a long shot.  So I'm running pell mell up the street, in my skirt and tall black boots I might add, and trying to make it.  I get to the bus and the doors close on my face.  I yell and start to run to the front doors so the driver will see me.  (It's a bendy bus - you can get on at any of three door points.)  As I am running again, he opens the doors.  So now I am in between doors 2 and 3.  I run to the next set and then do a quick stop to get on, and promptly fall flat on my bum.  Full bus of people, looking out the window and EVERYONE sees.  I still need to be on the bus, so I get up and get on quickly before the doors close again.  Then I have to do a walk of shame all the way to the back to get a seat.  Lovely.  I really think I fall down more than a normal person should.  And in London when you fall, someone will see you.

In good news, I just found out that my very oldest friend and her husband will be passing through London over Christmas and so will spend it with my family.  They bought their tickets and they get here on the 20th!  Wow and YAY!  Also, my bro will be home and I have a week off (thank you Mr Bush for giving us government employees Dec 24 off).  I can't wait for Christmas now!
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8.06  How Rory Got Her Groove Back

Stars Hollow is buzzing as Kirk solicits advice about a very special plan for Lulu.  Meanwhile, Luke is frustrated by lack of time with his girlfriend, but she's dealing with craziness at the inn in Sookie's absence.  While Lorelai is feeling overwhelmed, Rory is starting to find her feet, both with her writing and her colleagues.  Perhaps it's finally time that Rory got her groove back?

Airs Tuesday November 13, at 8 PM EST.

(Cross-posted to [profile] ggseason8)
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It's back - there will be all new episodes of the virtual season from now until early December.  Yay for that, but it means that my life is about to get even crazier.  Also for the craziness Bruce (the tax firm guy) came back today to discuss the job.  He wants me to tell him yes or no within the next 5-10 days.  I'm leaning to a yes, but it is SERIOUSLY freaking me out.  I'm not sure I'm ready to leave the comfort of the Embassy.  :)  Of course I've only been here for six months...

OKAY - Virtual Season.  Focus Jenepel!

Episode 8.05: "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"

Lorelai is home alone while Luke is off to New Mexico to visit April. Rory spends her birthday in the birthplace of our nation, and catches up with an old friend while she's there. Neither girl is having an easy time, but hey, it's always sunny in Philadelphia!

And, just for kicks, because I'm very excited about this.  I know you guys aren't, but if you were spending as much time on it as I am then you would care.  A lot.  (Just so you know, this counter is pretty much going to be at the end of every post until I finish.)

Ta Da!  I rock or whatever.
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Whoops!  I was in such a hurry to get to bed last night (8EST is 1AM for me and it always takes like an hour after that for us to get everything sorted) that I forgot to post this.  It's probably unecessary, but I'm doing it now anyways...

Episode 8.04 is now ‘airing’ at the Gilmore Girls Virtual Season Eight website.

8.04 "Toothpaste and Townies and Twinkies, Oh My!"

It's by Once Upon A Whim.  You can leave her reviews at

[profile] ggseason8
Also, we'll be taking a short break after this episode and will return with new November sweeps episodes on November 6th. Our last episode before the winter hiatus will be episode 8.10 which will 'air' on December 11th. Episode 8.11 will 'air' on January 22nd.



Oct. 12th, 2007 08:10 pm
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I'm not having the best of weeks.  (The Piz hate icon two days in a row?  That's bad.)  Anyhow, today would have been fine, except that I woke up around 3AM last night with a raging headache and a sore throat.  This morning I felt like absolute crap, and it only got worse during the day.  Also, I threw up at work.  I can't even believe that!  It makes me feel like I'm 10 and in the nurse's office at school.  The worst thing was that I couldn't even really go home because we were crazy busy.  The deadline is Monday, plus we've got the stupid postal strike putting the country on stand-by, and so the office was crammed with people trying to turn things in on person.  I had to go through everything, process all the cheques and send it all off to the States.  And Monday is only destined to be worse.  I did get to leave an hour early, so that was something, but I barely made it through the day.  I think it might explain my crappy mood yesterday though, because I would guess it was kind of starting in my system.  I suppose it was inevitable, since both my flatmates have been sick in the past two weeks.  I was really hoping to avoid it though.

Oh, and the most ridiculous thing?  Today the clinic was doing free flu shots for all employees.  However, they wouldn't give me one because I'm sick.  Seems ironic somehow.  At least they are coming back at the end of next week so I can get one then, but it was still annoying.

So I'm home and in bed.  The plan is to get a few things done for the virtual season, maybe watch an episode of Everwood, and then go to sleep.  I went by Boots and got some medicine, so hopefully that will knock me out.  I'm supposed to meet Lis tomorrow to go to a cross-stich fair at Ali Pali, but I don't know if that is going to happen or not.  We'll see how I feel in the morning.


(P.S. Hee!  There's a mood category for sick!)
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The new episode is up for the Virtual Season!  It was written by [profile] avery292 and it's called Whoa, Nellie!

Go read it now, and if you feel really nice, comment over at [profile] ggseason8.
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1.  Tonight a few friends and I went to the Globe Theatre to see Loves Labours Lost.  I can't believe I've never done that before.  I've been on the tour (way back when they first re-built it) but never to a show.  It was so fun!  The play was really great, and just the whole atmosphere of it was cool.  Plus, it was only £5 because we did the standing tickets.  We were groundlings!  That kind of added to the whole feel of it, but man did my feet hurt after three hours standing!  (Especially after a full day at work.)  During intermission we actually all sat down in the dirt, and we weren't the only ones.  I don't know what company does the Globe (I'm trying to remember if they actually have an in-house company) but it was very traditionally done.  I don't know either if they ever do adapted Shakespeare.  It might be the point of the experience to do it the way they would in his day (although they used women) and the whole bawdy wink-wink style was very fun.  So full thumbs up for the whole experience.  I'll definitely go again.

2.  I watched the new episode of Heroes but I don't feel ready to comment yet.  I think I need to watch it over, because right now I'm just "wow!" and incredulous noises.  Seriously.  THIS SHOW!

3.  I took a Heroes personality test and got Eden.  I'm pretty happy about that because I think she's way cool.

4.  New promo for the virtual season.  (I'm actually really having fun writing these!  It's pretty much the only "creative" thing I'm doing for the season since the brainstorming part is now over.  Otherwise it's all editing and emailing and organisation.  Which is all fun too, but still...)

Episode 8.03 : Whoa,  Nellie!

Next week on Gilmore Girls...  A visit from April leads to tension between Luke and Lorelai, Sookie and Michel come to blows at the inn, and Emily and Richard vent to Lorelai about their lack of contact from Rory.  But their granddaughter has other things on her mind -- like an unhappy editor, an unfriendly colleague, and an unexpected twist in a new friendship.  Whoa, Nellie!

It will air Tuesday, October 9th, 8PM EST.


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