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Possibly I'll never write a normal off the cuff entry again? Or is that too crazy to say? :) I have started this entry five billion times (it keeps giving me a "saved draft") so here, have some waffling!

A baffling mix of old and new! )
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Once again proving I am not actually an adult person, I got very little sleep last night. We had a chat for the Virtual Season that went from 2AM-5:30AM (my time) and then I was afraid to properly go to sleep, so I alternately napped and read, lights blazing. On the positive side, it was a very productive chat, so at least my sleep was donated to a good cause. Either way, I'm now at work, trying very hard to be productive here as well. I've already had a cup of coffee - and I DO NOT drink coffee. The energy of that and of staying up all night will last for a while, but I know I'll be fading around mid-day. Hopefully I can leave early since I got in early.

Hmmm. So this entry is mostly just because writing it is keeping me more awake then working on taxes. I would regale you all with stories of my weekend, but really there isn't much to say except that I didn't get as much done as I meant to (shocker!) so that's annoying. [Ha! I said I didn't have much to say and then blathered on for many paragraphs. Oh well.]

Travel plans and movies and even some pictures! )Okay, I should actually get some work done. This turned out to be a more marathon entry then I expected. But I'm SO TIRED and taxes are not helping! Also, I must have pulled a muscle or something this weekend, because I've had this pain in the lower left side of my back for like two days now. It hurts the most when I sit a long time - when I got out of the movies yesterday it was throbbing - and so sitting here at my desk is not feeling so good. I don't think there's much to be done though, other than hope it goes away soon. Ah well, just one more thing! Happy Monday everyone.

ETA: Wow, I have a tag for sleep. I did not remember that. It should be a tag for lack of sleep! Maybe I'll make one - or change it.
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It's Friday night and I've got a great weekend ahead! I'm so excited, because tomorrow I leave for Stuttgart to hang out with [ profile] biscottimoment and [ profile] gator1313!! It's going to be awesome. The last time I was in Stuttgart was the World Cup, when we went to see England v Ecuador (we won) and the place was crawling with English fans. Not exactly the best way to see the city!

After Germany, [ profile] gator1313 is coming back to London with me, so the fun can continue. Too bad I have to work all week - that really puts a damper on it all! I worked some extra hours last week though (I work flex) so hopefully I can leave early most days or something.

[ profile] basilm and I went out for her birthday on Friday. It was fun, but not as great as expected. We went to the singles night Ceidleh, which was a bit awkward. We definitely decided that the Friday night ones where anyone can come are better. (In other words, bring your own guys to dance with and you are spared that weird pressure.) Also, more people come on a Friday. But we did have fun once we started dancing, because we made it fun. So that was okay. Oh, and a random guy came with us all the way to Kings Cross on the tube. He was nice but a bit excitable, and very difficult to shake.

I think that's all I have for now. Not too much excitement. But tomorrow! Stuttgart!! YAY!!
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[ETA: I had to mess with this for ages to get the codes to work. I suck!]

So it’s Wednesday night – is that too late to talk about my weekend? I think not.

I feel the need to chronicle because it was nice and busy and I did things and hung out with people. I feel like it was really ~productive~ but in actuality, I think it was only productive in a social way. (As in, I didn’t stay in my bedroom watching things on my computer and sleeping in; I actually woke up and did things with people. Right.)

    Things I did!
  • Russian cooking
  • home leg waxing
  • wine drinking
  • Running in the park
  • Ikea
  • Crying conversations
  • Skype
Intrigued? (Okay I doubt it!) Read on…  )

Also, pics! I wanted to post Oliver pics since he’s so darn cute, but I really didn’t take any this weekend. So instead you get screenshots from when I talked to him and his mom on Skype.

They’re a bit blurry due to the webcam, but not too bad. )

Now I have to pack and make sure my room is clean. I leave on Friday and then River will be here on Monday, so I gotta be ready! Lots of plans. On the good side, I actually got some sleep last night since I fell asleep (on accident) around 11. Good news for my sleep-deprived body. Bad news for the virtual season peeps since I wasn’t around when posting was happening. It was the most I have slept in about two weeks though, so that’s something.

Finally, I just wanted to say that there’s a whole lotta coding (for me) in this because I’ve been messing around trying to remember all the LJ codes. That’s why there are bullet lists and pics and etc. So there you go, [ profile] adinarj, you better be proud. Just here’s hoping it works! I’m about to hit post, so we’ll just see how much I have to correct b/c I’ve gotten it wrong!
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Well this is better than yesterday.  I came home from work today and did major cleaning of both flat and room as well as changing my sheets as well as a load of laundry.  Felt very accomplished.  (Oh, how little it takes.)  Plus at work he is starting to train me on the new computer programme, which I very much like.  A little less organising people's files and scanning things in so we go digital, a little more actual TAX WORK.  That is good.

Also, on the visa sitch (not mine, and yet still I get daily updates):  C got hers and should pick it up tomorrow, J's is still out there in hiatus-land.  Not sure what's up with that.  So they want her to go early, which she is not happy about.  Add to that the possible idea that maybe (just a little maybe) his won't come through at all, and then what do they do?  She teaches a week or two and then has to turn around and come home.  Not to mention the money they have put forth for hotel and food that the school is supposed to pay them back.  It's a whole new level of scary.  I do believe they have been doing an awful lot of praying.

So either way, they dropped their luggage off at mine at 9:30 tonight (thus the rapid clean) and will come to stay from tomorrow night onwards.  It will be interesting if she goes and he has to keep waiting - will he stay here?  get a hotel?  I don't even know.  And it's not like I don't know him, but she's my childhood friend, he's just her husband.  So it has the potential to be slightly weird.

In other news?  I might have to move again.  But more on that later as I have more info...

The Virtual Season is starting up again tomorrow too, so that's exciting.  K & A and I did a chat tonight and along with a crash course of reminder HTML, I'm feeling good.  It's nice for things to be happening again.  
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I'm cleaning my room to get ready for the arrival of Cat and Jared tomorrow morning.  So this entry is mostly just a quick procrastination method.  I may be 27, but I still hate cleaning my room!

You might notice that in the above sentences I said they were getting here tomorrow.  Yes, once again.....Jenn is an idiot (TAH-DAH!).  For three weeks now I have thought they were getting here on the 20th.  She FINALLY sent the actual flight plans last night; turns out they leave on the 20th and get here on the 21st.  Riiiiiight.  Good thing I bugged her to send them, otherwise my ass would have been at Heathrow at 7AM today.  And I would NOT have wanted to go back tomorrow.  So a narrow escape all round.  On the bright side, it gave me one more day to get everything all spic and span and Mary Poppins like for them.  Room's almost there...

In other news, as I have been cleaning I have found something ridiculous.  My room is a phone graveyard.  Seriously, it's insane.  There are seven mobile phones in my room, and five of them actually work!  This is what I have:

1. My current phone (Orange contract sim)
2. My old phone (no sim)
3. My older phone before that (Orange pay-as-you-go sim)
4. Rachel's old phone that she traded me for the new one I got free when I signed my last contract (Orange pay-as-you-go sim)
5. Trevor's (my bro's) old phone (no sim)
6. Marie's old phone (Virgin pay-as-you-go sim)
7. David's old phone (Tmobile pay-as-you-go sim)

Heh - you can totally tell that Orange is my preferred network.  I guess the abundance is basically due to people giving me their old phones when they leave because they don't know what to do with them.  And the only two that are nice phones (camara phones) are #1 and #2.  #3 and #5 are very serviceable, #4 is just barely, and #6 and #7 are frankly quite crap.  I should just recycle them.  The ringer on #7 doesn't even work.  Actually, since #2 is locked to Tmobile but is a great phone, I should move the sim from #7 to it - that should work.

ANYHOW, I just wanted to say how silly and weird it is.  I actually have all the chargers and everything for them too.  Anyone need a phone?  I might be able to hook you up...

And now back to the cleaning.  Bah Humbug.
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Just wanted to say there is a new episode of the virtual season up.  It's the Christmas episode, and Rory is finally home, so it's a fun one.  As always, it's here and our community is [profile] ggseason8.

And the fun story for the day.  This morning I was late (okay, I'm late like 90% of the time - good thing my office is flex).  Anyhow, as I was walking to the bus stop my bus started to pull up behind me.  This happens a lot, and usually I catch it, but this one was a long shot.  So I'm running pell mell up the street, in my skirt and tall black boots I might add, and trying to make it.  I get to the bus and the doors close on my face.  I yell and start to run to the front doors so the driver will see me.  (It's a bendy bus - you can get on at any of three door points.)  As I am running again, he opens the doors.  So now I am in between doors 2 and 3.  I run to the next set and then do a quick stop to get on, and promptly fall flat on my bum.  Full bus of people, looking out the window and EVERYONE sees.  I still need to be on the bus, so I get up and get on quickly before the doors close again.  Then I have to do a walk of shame all the way to the back to get a seat.  Lovely.  I really think I fall down more than a normal person should.  And in London when you fall, someone will see you.

In good news, I just found out that my very oldest friend and her husband will be passing through London over Christmas and so will spend it with my family.  They bought their tickets and they get here on the 20th!  Wow and YAY!  Also, my bro will be home and I have a week off (thank you Mr Bush for giving us government employees Dec 24 off).  I can't wait for Christmas now!
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So today was a boring day at work, but that's mostly because it was the Friday before a bank holiday, so half our staff was off. The office was SO quiet; it was freaky. Also, I was really looking forward to tonight, so the time went slowly. And then after work I went and met up with [ profile] vegi_b and [ profile] biscottimoment(Ina). YAY! I love meeting TWoPers in RL. Well, actually this was pretty much my first time, but it was so much fun. We just hung out, found a cafe, spent about an hour on public transport (lovely London), shopped for junk food, and then went back to mine to veg out. We watched Buffy and GG and ate poptarts. How cool is that? I actually got to watch GG with people who appreciate and love it - probably a first for me. And we are definitely hanging out more before they leave. So that's definitely a high. (Although you should have heard my mom when I said I was going to meet people I knew from the internet. She was so worried!)

And then to bring it all back down to Earth, I think I got my phone stolen today. It's missing, and I can't think of another time I had it out/place it would be. I'm going to call the cafe we were at tomorrow (once I get a phone to call with) and check, but I don't hold out much hope. For some reason I'm almost sure that it has been stolen - I just have this weird feeling about it. Stupid London. At least I have fairly recently emptied it of photos/videos. I'm not very good about noting people's numbers in other places though, so now I'm going to have to use email and facebook to rebuild my list. What a pain! Really the thing I feel the worst about is all the old text messages on there. I know it's stupid, but I'm kind of sentimental about things like that. It's always getting full, because I only delete the really inconsequential ones. Anyway, if it did get stolen, it totally sucks! Although I have to say - at least it wasn't my whole handbag. That would have been far far worse. Bah humbug!

Back to highs, just a note to say that V-fest was incredible. A picspam is coming your way just as soon as I manage to retrieve the proper camera cords from my parents' house so I can actually put them on my computer.

Oh, and happy birthday [ profile] wiscck! I hope your day was all highs and no lows!
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My life is finally feeling like it's getting a little more on the normal side. I'm completely exhausted, and I am seriously thinking of going to bed soon (it's only 9PM) but other than that, it's all back on track. So I saw my friends off to Heathrow this morning at 6AM and then went straight to work. So I was there at 7AM, crazy early for any London office. But then I ended up staying til 5 after all because it was just a busy day. So that's the reason for the tiredness.

I moved in on Sunday and it went really well. There are still things at my parents house that I want to go and get (at least I didn't have to cart too much stuff to my three "new" places!) but that can wait. I had two friends here from Sunday to this morning, and I think it's a pretty good test of my new flatmates that they were completely cool with them staying here! That was my second set of US visitors this summer, and there are more to come. Unbelievable, but nice. Usually no one comes to visit me, so it would be the time when I am completely unsettled that they all come. Also, my aunt is here right now, so she and my parents are going to come down to London early next week. Oh, and Ina and Vegi will be here in August I think - YAY!

I don't have wireless yet (we need to buy the router) so my internet usage isn't going to be quite back to normal. But at least I actually can get online - and on my own computer! I'm actually considering going on TWoP, and I haven't done that in weeks. It's so sad really. I'm gradually catching up with email, etc. And I really really need to work on the Rory summary for the virtual season. Plus, I need to sort out plans for my trip to the States (Atlanta and Williamsburg, for anyone who might live anywhere near there) in July/August. Oh, and I've just read all the friend posts since I went offline and now I really really want to do the ipod meme. So expect for that to come later!

Busy, busy, busy!


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