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Oh goodness it's Friday. Couldn't come soon enough. The best thing this week is getting to know the kitten - who now officially has a name. And that name is (drum roll!) NIMBUS! (Yeah, I know it didn't win the survey - suck it up!) I guess the Harry Potter love won out! I was forced to choose this afternoon when I took him to the vet for a quick check up (everything is fine) and registration visit. It was good because it forced me to make a decision and go for it. And then I put it on Facebook, which (according to Rach) definitely makes it official. So there you go. Anyway, he is ever adorable and so so sweet. Also, crazy. Seb is calling him Psycho and Trouble, interchangeably, because we do seem to spend a lot of time hauling him out of places he shouldn't be, or dodging as he comes hurtling out from who knows where, moving at breakneck speed. It's fun. And then there's me, waking up in the morning to this purring ball of fur who wants to cuddle. Amazing. Also, you should notice the cool new icon that I have already made of him. More to come I am sure. I actually added about ten new icons today - a big sort out of ones I had been saving and considering - so that's pretty exciting too.

In other news, the dollar/pound exchange rate is at $1.52 today. Which is fine, it doesn't really affect me anymore, so it shouldn't bother me. I barely have any dollars anymore, I'm not earning dollars, and I rarely spend them. So why should I care? And yet I heard that number and my stomach dropped. It's just the idea of it, I guess. And I think part of me is sad that if this had happened a year ago I would have been rejoicing right now. This time last year I was working at the Embassy, and every small fluctuation in the rate was watched with eagle eyes as we all thought about what it meant for our finances. At that point it was going up up up to over $2, so actually we were all pretty depressed about it, but the point remains. I've spent my entire life worrying (or at least thinking) about the exchange rate, because I was always spending both dollars and pounds. I always straddled that line between off-base and on. And my mind can't seem to get used to the idea that it actually doesn't matter to me anymore. Of course it matters to the people around me (Rachel, my parents) but technically it doesn't have an effect on my own finances. Or not much of one anyway. (Of course you could argue here that one of the reasons I changed jobs was that my salary at the Embassy was so low, and now that number would be worth about 25% more because of the rate change, but that's neither here nor there.)

Also on the subject of "this time last year" I was thinking about Starbucks. The end of October is traditionally when I start thinking about the red cups, and when will they be here! I actually get quite excited about it. Gingerbread lattes are pretty much the only thing I ever drink at Starbucks. Otherwise, if pressed (like if there with other people) I get a caramel frappacino in the hot and a caramel machiatto in the cold. (Boring I know.) The rest of the year I'm kinda take it or leave it, not being a huge coffee girl (TEA!) but the red cups lure me in just for the gingerbread. (A side note here to say, why yes, I do have an obsession with gingerbread. Raise your hand if you remember my "perfect gingerbread recipe quest" last year, which led to an incident we don't talk about, which may or may not have been molassas on my macbookpro keyboard.) ANYWAY, I have sadness this year, because I just realised I will have very little access to Starbucks on a daily basis. There isn't one near my house, and there isn't one near my work, which leads to me having to actually go into the city to get it. Whereas last year, there were like three on my commute, so for two months I had the daily question of "can I resist today?" I'm actually quite sad about this. So then I started thinking about the holiday season in general, and what I'm going to miss by being stuck working out here in BFE (otherwise known as zone 4). I love living out here, but it's not too good for working. I miss working in the hustle and bustle of zone 1, because in Finchley Central it doesn't quite feel like London. I mean what's the point of living in the city if you never get into the centre of it? I used to complain like crazy at all the shoppers and insanity on Oxford Street the later into December we got, but at least it felt like Christmas. This year, the weather will be the only Christmassy thing I see, giving that people don't decorate their homes much. I guess I'll need a lot of carols to get me through it! And we'll have to do a really great Christmassy decorating job on our own house (I mean inside really). I don't know, it's just that I've felt somewhat nostalgic towards the Embassy lately - not that I want to go back and work there exactly, just that I've been thinking about it at lot. Eh.

Seb and I were talking about Nano yesterday. It is now literally a week away, which is TERRIFYING. I have no idea what I'm doing at all, and it's in A WEEK! That's insane. And worrying. Lucky old Rach has her entire thing sketched out already. I'm excited, but it's also very strange going into it for a second time. Last year I had no idea what to expect, and winning was great. This year I've got an idea of how it was, and also if I don't win then I'm doing worse than last year, so that's added pressure.

I'm at home tonight, but tomorrow I actually have to go to my parents' again. Yes, I know I was just there last week, but I'm having a dilemma with my dress for the wedding. The thing is that it FINALLY came in the mail, but it doesn't quite fit. It was made for (how can I put this delicately?) someone with less up top. This is what happens when you try to pick out a dress to work for several people's body type. I may have linked it before, but this is the dress. So I'm having alterations done - the good thing is that of course it's too long (everything is) so the plan is to take the foot or so of fabric that gets removed from the bottom and add some of it somehow to the bust area. We shall see! But yes, I have to go home for the fitting. I guess I could have found someone to do it in London, but that would have meant finding a good seamstress when my mom already has a friend who always does that stuff for us and we trust her, plus you know it would have cost at least twice as much to get it done in the city. So, going home. And leaving Nimbus for a night. Sob.

One good thing about going home is that I'm hoping to convince my mom to come see HSM3 with me on Sat night. (Yeah, isn't that just the most ridiculous Sat night plans ever! HSM3 with my mom!) I can't find anyone in London who will agree to see it with me (are you guys surprised by this?) and dang it I WANT TO SEE IT. I don't even care, and my ears are deaf to your mockery. Look at the good review! I wish it had existed when I was younger. And, btw, HMS is so much better for kids (and more wholesome) than Twilight. Not that that's saying much...

I leave you with an old meme that I've been meaning to do for ages, because I'm just in that kind of mood:

Who comments the most on this journal? )

[ profile] adinarj better be sharp - [ profile] basilm (Rach) is catching you up!
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Yay it's Friday! And there's so much going on. I just feel really cheerful today, which is great. Also, it's after 4, so I can go home soonish!

Things currently making me happy:

1. The plans with the house are moving along. We got the lease today so we'll sign that this weekend. Also, I filled out all the reference form stuff, so that should be going through. I'm not worried about it, it just needed to get done.

2. We are having couchsurfers and it's fun! One girl just left today - she was nice and easy to get along with. We didn't do much, although we did drag ourselves out to dinner last night. It's been a chill week actually. We have two more coming tonight, and they sound great. I've been emailing back and forth with the one girl, and she seems like someone we could be friends with. They are actually moving to London, so it would be very cool if we all got along.

3. My mom keeps sending me political emails, so we've had a lot of back and forth lately. She sent me this quote thing earlier today and I wrote back with some of my opinions. She just sent back one line - "I raised you well!" - which totally cracked me up. I love my mom.

4. Also on the political front, we might do some more canvassing this weekend.

5. The radio station we have on at work has been having some kind of retrospective, and they had an hour of Backstreet Boys songs. So I've been singing along to all this music that I loved like ten years ago but haven't listened to in years. Man, I used to love BSB back in the day!

6. We (the nano-ers) are going to karaoke on Monday and the couchsurfers are coming.

7. I borrowed Rach's conditioner because I turned out to be allergic to mine. It's totally awesome! It's this and I am totally buying some as soon as I can find it. It smells great and my hair feels awesome.

8. I looked around online yesterday for shelters for kittens in London. I'm so excited to finally adopt one after talking about it for so long!

9. We are SO CLOSE to the virtual season premiere. I need to write the promo for the first episode this weekend - so that should go up Tuesday. And then we premiere on the 30th! The season arcs are done, the episode storylines are coming along, and it just all looks so good.

10. Well it's friday! That's enough, right?

Life just feels busy and happy and good. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

ETA. One thing that is raining on my parade - my boss's political opinions, which he keeps talking about and I am trying not to argue with him about. (He thinks Obama has a secret agenda. He thinks global warming is due to the Earth and nothing to do with human's actions. He like Sarah Palin. HE LIKES PALIN. ARGH!) Now trying to focus on the ten good things above...
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So the biggest news is that after an (extremely short) house-hunt, we found a fantastic new place to live! Seriously, this house is so great, and it has so many things that I was sure we wouldn't find or be able to afford, so it's just incredibly awesome that it worked out. The deal isn't done and dusted yet, as we still have to do references and pay in full, but we've put the deposit down to secure it, and everything seems to be going to plan. It was the third house we looked at, which I think made my mom nervous, but really once she sees it she's totally going to understand. Info about the house, because it is AWESOME. )

Okay, I have this other section that I wrote up before and never posted, so here's our weekend and some shopping:

On Sat in the AM we went house-hunting. [BLAH BLAH BLAH - it's all out of date now so I deleted it!]

Then in the Sat PM Rach and I went to this Democrats Abroad thing. We weren't sure what it was, but it turned out to be canvassing (at a festival on the Thames) to try and get Americans registered to vote. It was a bit scary at first but after you got used to it, really fun. A few people were rude, but most were really nice - probably tons easier then doing something like that in the US because the sentiment was overwhelmingly Democrat. We got a lot of confused Brits though - "why are you doing this here?" - but it did seem to be worth it because there are just SO many Americans in London. We were some of the last to leave, so we inherited this huge sign "London for Obama" that we have now hung in our front hall. :) Also, I randomly saw a friend of mine from university, so that was weird. I just heard my name and turned around, and there he was. (Actually, if you ever follow/remember my stories, it was the guy who got married earlier in the year and didn’t invite me.) Anyway, overall a positive experience on the campaign-related stuff, and nice to feel like we were actually doing something! Also, it got me a new facebook profile pic, so that's cool. )

Then on Sunday we cleaned. Ugh. (Well, mostly Rach cleaned and I just sorted out my room.) But at least now my room looks beautiful. It was really getting out of control. Oh, and I made cookies, which if I do say so myself, turned out awesome. It's much harder without an electric mixer though.

Also, have been doing a bit of (US) shopping online:

Erin(Kristen’s sister) found a dress for the Costa Rica wedding. We're dressing matching, to give a semblance of a wedding party feeling I guess. I think it’s really pretty, although I’m sure I’m gonna have to hem it. (Or get someone to hem it if the fabric is too delicate – we’ll see.)

I’ve been looking for a new laptop bag, and have searched a bit in actual shops but not found anything that fits what I want. I needed it to be something that didn’t look too much like a laptop bag, because when I carry my current one around London I feel like a target. Also, I wanted it to be big enough to hold quite a bit of other stuff, and also to be pretty! So I finally ordered this one from the Mac store. I was just a bit worried because the straps don't look that padded, but hopefully it will be okay. I found it for about $20 cheaper on some random sites, but none of them ship to APO's. Stupid. I talked to mom this weekend and she was just saying "why buy it online? you can't look at it that way" but I just think it's so much easier! Real shopping is such a pain in the ass.

The last thing I was considering (but haven’t ordered) is this raincoat. I have been looking (for like two years! man I suck at shopping) for a raincoat/trench that would be nice for work. The only summer/fall coats I have are casual, so I mostly end up wearing sweaters until it’s cold enough for my wool ones. (I have tons of winter coats!) But I don’t know – the pretty blue doesn’t come in petite, so I can’t decide.

Other than that, not much. Except that I think I might be allergic to the new shampoo that I bought. AND THAT WE FOUND THE PERFECT HOUSE. Ahem. I'm done now, I swear!
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This entry is like three days in the making. I kept emailing portions of it to myself!

After a bunch of false starts, I finally have actual couchsurfers at my house! Currently two Belgian girls are staying for a few days. They're absolutely adorable and so far a lot of fun. Last night they came home (after what sounded like a long day of sightseeing) and we cooked dinner. Well, they cooked dinner and I helped as much as they would let me. (One of the highlights was this language gaffe - "We bought some cheese, so now we just need to rape it." After much laughter, the actual word was revealed to be (of course) "grate".) We chatted over cooking and eating, and it finally (as all conversations nowadays seem to) led to the US presidential election. Always interesting to get a few more opinions. More interesting to me though, was that we then segued into Belgian politics, which I of course know nothing about. But man, it sounds totally insane! And they were having trouble agreeing on it themselves - in between the English explanations there were frantic conversations in Dutch. Not to mention that as good as their English is, words like referendum, constitution, parliament, etc take a while to get out. So yes, good stuff. Also, they brought Belgian chocolate. :)

Otherwise for couchsurfing I have two other groups booked – well one is just one girl actually – for next week or so. I also have a million more requests in my inbox to deal with, and could fit at least a few other people in, but haven’t decided. I can see how it gets out of hand! You get so many requests (London) and you hate to say no to people, but you also need to have a life. We’ll see what Rach says.

OH! RACH GETS HOME TODAY!!!!!!!!! Just a thought. (This icon is totally Rach and I, back together again!)

I hennaed my hair last week with the henna from Turkey and I’m not sure how it went. I still have brown roots, and I can’t decide if it’s just my roots are darker since it’s getting colder, or I didn’t do it right since I did it myself, or that henna isn’t as strong. I also tried to do my eyebrows, after reading that it was okay, but I don’t think it made much of a difference. It did, however, dye the skin UNDER my brows orange for a few days, so that was fun.

How about some TV news? 90210 is lost on me, but you should ALL watch Brothers & Sisters. )

I went home this weekend because S&L were visiting from the US and of course wanted to see K&J. So we all took the train up together, and much fun was had. It made me miss Trev though, because otherwise the whole group was there! Also, I spent some quality time with mom and dad, since on Saturday we went to this living history thing that a nearby village was doing. Then, on the way back we stopped and picked some blackberries, which are going (along with some apples probably) into a welcome home crumble for Rach tonight.

And now, just for fun - a picspam from the weekend )

I feel a bit weird at the moment, not sure why, but my stomach isn't happy. And I need to go home anyway, so that Rach isn't waiting for hours outside in the rain. So I might just take off. We'll see what Bruce thinks...
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Well the icon isn't exactly appropriate since they are (mostly) having great weather this year, but when else will I have a perfect time to use it?! Anyway, I'm sitting here watching Wimbledon, perfectly happy. I just watched a fantastic match between Jankovic (Serbia) and Wosniacki (Danish). W is SO young; she's only 17! J is the world number two, but she actually had a bit of a battle for it. Anyways, good match. Next up is Murray on center court! Playing a German, Hass, who I actually also quite like. I wish I could see some of the more random matches and be switching back and forth, but since we don't have cable it's all BBC1 and 2 and no red button. Too bad I didn't go today, but it just didn't work out.

All in all it's a great sporting weekend because the final for Euro08 is on Sun night. It's Spain/Germany, which eh, but I'm still hoping to go somewhere and watch it with someone. Probably Phil and A&A.

I'm having a lazy weekend, which is nice after the crazy office moving week I've had. Now we've pretty much got my office and my boss's office set up, as well as the conference room re-organised, so that's good. I'm still trying to make him get rid of more stuff though; we have too much crap lying around the office. Also, was ready to kill him on Friday as I tried to move and set up the computers. (He's not so computery.) I was ready to hurt him by the end of it, especially as he stood over my shoulder as I tried to set up the wireless internet, trying to tell me what to do. Finally I lost patience and told him he should do it. Fifteen minutes later he was back in my office saying he ran out of time and would I just set it up for him. Riiiiiight.

So yes, lazy weekend, mostly consisting of Wimbledon and Dr Who. I've just found out that Jessie (new flatmate) not only has the entire new series on DVD, but also quite a few old ones. So we spent last night watching a bunch of those, and have plans to continue. We watched Robots of Death (Baker/Leela), Carnival of Monsters (Pertwee/Jo Grant) and Hand of Fear (Baker/SJS). Good times. It also solves my "what shall I watch next" problem, because I am now re-watching New Who from the beginning. I wonder if I can finish by the time she leaves? Also, tonight is NEW WHO!!! Woot! [ profile] iamseb is coming over and he and Jessie and I are making a night of it. Less then 3 hours and counting!

And Murray took the first set!


Jun. 3rd, 2008 11:09 am
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It's Tuesday, so I'm back at work, back to normal. I guess.

The weekend was great, although my dad's retirement party was a bit of a letdown. He's been there 35 years, so I just kind of feel like it should have been something bigger than it was. At least he's not the type to take things personally, but I do feel like we didn't get involved enough or something. Of course, when you announce your retirement two weeks before the party and your kids live 2 hours and 2000 miles away, it's a bit difficult. So I don't know. I did give a little speech which was mostly off the cuff as they only asked me right before the thing started. But people laughed, so I'm calling it a sucess. Whatever. Anyway, if the ceremony was small, at least the food was great. I ate so much that I thought I was going to die afterwards, and it was possibly still worth it! When we got home my mom and I collapsed on either end of the couch with our books, so full we couldn't even have a cup of tea (!) and alternately read and napped for about three hours. Pure laziness.

Laziness was nice after Sat which was all cleaning. But I am finally free of the flat of doom! YAY! Well, almost free, as I am still paying final bills and giving meter readings, etc so we can get (most of) our deposit back. Surprise, surprise, evil!landlord wasn't satisfied with our cleaning of the flat, so he's going to take the charges for a professional cleaning service out of our deposit. Great. I kinda figured that though, even though we scrubbed tons and Katie's mom even came round to help. She did the oven and all the hard kitchen stuff, but he wasn't even happy with that. And of course I was the only one there, so didn't do a good job of fighting back. Oh well. We'll see how much money it is and then re-assess I suppose.

Sat night I got the rest of my stuff over to the new flat and then newflatmate and I, plus one of her friends, went to an awesome Indian restaurant. It was definitely worth re-visiting. It was also all the way out near Wembley, but since our only plan for the night included riding the tube, that wasn't a huge deal. Then we got on the district line and finally the circle line (where the party was supposed to be) with a few beers to see how it would go. We were leuisurely sipping ours, just chilled out and talking, but wondering where all these crazy, crazy tube-partiers where. Then we got off around High St Ken to see what was going on, and heard a ton of yelling. Turns out we were going the wrong way on the circle line! We went down the other stairs to find an entire train packed with yelling, drinking people (one guy mooned us) all knocking on the side of the train and wanting it to go. They had it delayed by 30 minutes or so - I have a feeling they delayed the line all night to discourage the party, wonder if it worked at all. Anyway, we took a few pics and then decided seeing it was enough, actually getting on the cars looked terrifying. So we left the tube and continued our (much calmer) party with another beer on the top of a double-decker. Then we went home and watched Dr Who on BBCi player. Which was AWESOME! So very excited for next week.

Monday I had taken off work, partly b/c of the retirement thing and partly because of my best friend from HS visiting. She lives in AK now, and had two others from there also visiting, so we went to Cambridge for the day. It's been ages since I've been there anyhow. We gave them the fast tourist day - the colleges, the market and a bit of punting down the Cam. (Which is basically like small Gondolas, only you get to do it yourself.) The guys turned out to be pretty good at punting - I think we only hit one wall and no one fell in, so that was good. (Actually, over many many years of taking many many people out on the Cam, we've only had one fall in, so that's pretty good I think. And that was in the part with the rapids under the bridge where you aren't really supposed to go.) Then we had a quick pint along the river and they dropped me at the train station so I could get back home, where I pretty much collapsed until I woke up for work this morning. Most of what I've been doing is socialising, but it sure takes it out of you!

Oh and look at my new userpic! I made it out of this old Absolut ad that was done by an artist with my family's name. No relation though, I don't think. (The novelist either. Too bad!)
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I'm still at work, and very annoyed. I got her at 8AM this morning, so I should have been able to leave early, however I’m still here, waiting for Virgin Media. We closed the flat account, so they were supposed to pick up our router and TV box today between 8 and 12. Well I called around 2 since they hadn’t come and the guy was all “oh, they have until 6 to come by” which totally isn’t true because they had given me the option of 8-12 or 12-6. But whatever. So here I am, still waiting. But it’s 20 to 6, so I kinda think they aren’t coming. And I’m supposed to meet people in the city at 6:30 for dinner – SO not happening. And now what happens? I call Virgin once it hits 6 and they give me a different day they can come by? What a complete and total pain. And how nice of my flatmates to be helping me deal with all this crap. Anyways, I’m totally bored and need to kill some more time so I think I'll bore you all in turn with the contents of my week.

And this is the way of it... )

Not too much else. On the TV front I finally got around to downloading the end of the season of Gossip Girl. I forgot how fabulous that show is! And I’m totally addicted to Jacob’s TWoP recaps of it too. He takes this show that so many people just look at as a guilty pleasure, and makes it into this thesis like examination of social attitudes and manages to find something important in every single choice the producers/directors/writers/actors have made. Now THAT is the way to watch television!


May. 5th, 2008 12:28 pm
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So I'm at work, which is not so great since it's a Bank Holiday, which means the ENTIRE COUNTRY is off today. Except me. However, I find myself strangely cheerful despite that. For one thing, it's my own fault I'm working - I traded it for next Monday so that Rach and I can go to Athens next week. So there's holiday coming at the end of the week. Yay! For another, the tube was EMPTY this morning, which made for a great commute, and Bruce has been in and out all day, which means I'm mostly unsupervised. Not that I'm not working (and um...updating LJ - shut up, it's lunch time!) but it's a lot easier to work when he's not bugging me about stuff all day.

Also, I remembered something that I had planned to post about last Sunday, and am kinda sad I missed. It was my one year LJ-iversary! Yes, I haven't been on here for years like some of you people. My first entry was April 27th, 2007. It was all mostly at the urging of [ profile] adinarj and I have to thank her for that, because I love LJ! It brought my incessant journaling to a wider audience, and also got me addicted to icons. Lovely.

Not much else. I had a nice relaxing weekend. I finally got to see [ profile] basilm since it seems like it's been an age. She and I enjoyed a fabulous meal prepared by [ profile] iamseb on Friday night, including (of course) much wine. And then we proceeded to talk into the night and make (possible) plans for the beautiful house with a garden that we'll all rent together in North London once everyone gets out of their current lease/ gets funding/ gets back from Serbia. Keep the dream alive!

I'm also dog-sitting for one of my friends at the Embassy, so that means I get doggie cuddles (and the use of a big screen TV) for the next few weeks. And a friend (of a friend) from the States came through for a day so we hung out and strolled around South London with the dog, then stopped for a crepe. She was so good too, she just sat under our table and watched the world go by. (The dog, not my friend!) And then today, work. Which I really should get back to...


Apr. 25th, 2008 11:18 pm
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Just a drive by posting to say that I got to my parents' house and what was waiting on my bed? The Gilmore Girls Complete Seasons Set!!! I'm SO excited. I totally plan on starting with the pilot and watching all the way through - I wonder how long that will take me, between other things I'm watching? I'm pretty happy with it, although to be honest it's a bit weird. The case is actually foam padded. And as I've said before, I don't like the artwork as much as I do on the individual season sets. But it's so lovely and compact! So that in the end, wins for me.

Also, one little annoyance that happened last night. The second season of Bones finally downloaded, so as a reward for finally packing I was going to watch the first episode before going to bed. I was at least ten minutes in before I finally had to be like "this CAN'T be the right episode". I had no idea what was going on. And the worst thing of all is that now I'm totally spoiled for a really important shippy thing. Cut for S2/S3 Bones Spoilers ) I'm usually not a huge spoiler-phobe, but in a case like this where I would have never known and it would have been so nice to watch organically develop, it makes me really mad. Plus, now I have to wait and download the first episode again because I hate watching things out of order. (I did check a few of the others and they seem to be the right ones.)

This was supposed to be a short entry!! Whoops. Anyway, I'm home and I've got my Gilmore Girls. Plus, tonight was already fun. My (sorta) friend from highschool who I haven't seen SINCE highschool is staying with us with her boyfriend, and they're both really cool. And we went to the first party tonight and had tons of fun, although we (and the bride and groom) were the youngest for miles. And then tomorrow, ceremony and big party! Yay.


Apr. 25th, 2008 10:24 am
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So first of all look at my new icon! [ profile] adinarj that is the graphic I was talking about when we were discussing GG TWoP things. Anyway, I've been meaning to cut it down forever to make an icon, and I finally got around to it last night. I also uploaded about 15 other new ones and weeded out around 5. It was one of the many things I did to procrastinate packing for the weekend. I really hate to pack, even if it's for two days. I know, I'm ridiculous.

So I brought my suitcase with me to work this morning, which is always annoying. (I know it seems like I shouldn't have a whole case, but I'm bringing some things to leave at my parents. For one thing, a few decent clothes, since every time I go there I realise I have nothing I want to wear.) I hate commuting with luggage. On the bendy buses, on each side of the bend there is a space where two baby pushchairs can fit. And on the bus this morning, I had managed to get into one of those with my case. The other one was occupied by a guy who was kind of leaning against the wall, sprawled with his legs out. Then a lady got on with a pushchair. Did the guy move? Oh no. So I moved my suitcase to the other side so the lady could have my spot, and even then the guy didn't budge. He just let me stand on the edge, my bag poking into the aisle, and me trying not to have it fall over since there was nothing to rest it on. Jerk. I hate bad transport etiquette.

But whatever. On the yay! side I'm looking forward to a great weekend. The party should be fun and I'm excited to see everyone. Plus I want to get many hugs from my parents to make up for no hugging while I was all stressed this week! Logical? On that subject, the only update is that we will hopefully sign a lease Monday or Tuesday. Everyone seems to have reached a tentative truce, so hopefully that stays. K and I had a big conversation about how crazy and out of control everything has gotten and how all of us have had our moments where we went over the edge. So we're totally good now. And S is being a little more cheerful and normal, so that helps too.

In other random news, we've got a mini flame war going in the comments section of one of the virtual season episodes. Man, people are idiots.

Not much else, so to finish it off, here's the Meyers Briggs meme that my whole flist is doing...

Your Score: Freak- INFJ

(26% Extraversion, 60% Intuition, 40% Thinking, 53% Judging) )

It's funny that they say the type is so rare, because I'm the third person on my flist to get it. What does that say about LJ?! Also this description is perhaps better.
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So I got home from the wedding a week ago, but I’m also a sucker for completeness, so I’m gonna write this third entry detailing the rest of the trip despite the time lapse. Most people on this side of the ocean have already heard the story, but hey, LJ is for the telling right? I mean it’s all about getting the words out there, and journaling for yourself. Or something.

So anyways. It begins with the epic (and surprisingly serendipitous) tale of my brother’s journey from Atlanta to Chicago. )

Ridiculous. As I told [ profile] basilm and [ profile] iamseb when we were out on Friday night, I sometimes think I exist in a constant state of drama. I must be really annoying to put up with! But that’s just in real life. As for LJ, isn’t that kind of what this place is made for? Maybe I need an icon that just says "unnecessary drama!" to use like, all the time?

ETA: I just reread this entry, and it's really stream-of-consciousness sounding. But I can't really be bothered to edit. So read it if you dare, or care.
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Look at me, writing about the weekend on a Sunday night - it's all very exciting. Oh, and I suppose also giving an update on the flat situation, which isn't so much resolved as stale-mated, but hopefully heading in the right direction. Shahid and I between us seem to have talked the landlord off the ledge, and we're signing ANOTHER new contract (with Katie on it) that will only be until the beginning of June, as previously planned. Plus, no more mention was made of boilers or cookers, and both seem to now be working fine, thus I think that's best left alone.


It's possible I'm slightly too old for all this. )

Nice weekend overall. Makes up for the complete and utter crapiness of the week that just passed. Here's hoping the two days of work I have this week are VERY productive, so I don't feel too bad about going away and leaving my boss in the lurch less than a week before the (2nd) biggest tax deadline of the year! Ah, sweet guilt. But I'm going anyways.

p.s. New icon! Drinking!Jenny from Gossip Girl. So pretty.

p.p.s. [ profile] basilm wrote HG (HP) fic! Read it HERE.
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Two entries in two days - huzzah!

So to cap off my very useful weekend, today I finished up two of the freelance tax returns I am doing. Yay for productivity!

Anna came over for later lunch/early dinner and to watch Seinfeld (her DVDs are region 1, so she keeps watching them at my place). We did stirfry, watched three episodes, and hung out for many hours. Good fun. Then my new flatties came home and we had a mini crisis.

I went to wash our dishes and realised there was no hot water. Sometimes this just means the boiler needs to be reset - God knows why - so here goes... I turn everything off and do just that. No go. We realise the heat isn't on. We check the water pressure (the internal value) and turn that up a bit so it is fully in the green. Still no dice. So after one last reset I go for my last ditch effort, which is to take the front off the boiler and try to re-ignite the flame that way. STILL NO FLAME. This has never happened, so I call the landlord. One 12 minute conversation later I learn that I should never take the front off (it's too dangerous!) even though that's how it got fixed before, that I should just use the reset button on the front (DONE THAT YOU IDIOT) and the water pressure valve (CHECKED THAT TOO) and that if that all doesn't work then it must be something simple I am missing. Oh, thanks. Smug bastard. He's in NY, so I'm supposed to call him tomorrow if it still isn't on. The only good thing that came out of this conversation was flat-mate bonding as I put him on speaker phone as he blathered on for 12 minutes about his many properties and responsibilities and I kept saying "sure" and "okay, well then" as I tried desperately to end the conversation. Eventually I got of the phone, we tried resetting it again, and then finally gave it up as a bad job and went to the pub instead.

The pub being our local just down the street (The Shakespeare) which is always rammed and we really don't go to enough. It's a nice little place. So we spent a couple hours there, the four of us having some drinks and getting to know each other. Good fun, and making me realise that I really do like my new flatmates. I think it's all going to be okay.

On the other hand, we got home and there is still no heat or hot water. What a fun phone conversation I'm going to have tomorrow morning.
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I've had an extremely productive week, which would probably explain why the last time I posted was last Thursday. I meant to do a quick post on Mon/Tue detailing the weekend, and I never even got around to that.

I'm sitting here right now sorting computer files and watching "Can't Hardly Wait" which just happened to be on. I haven't seen this movie in a million years, and I'm getting shocked by all the people I recognize in it, most of whom are in totally random tiny parts. It's so weird. I kept seeing people, so I went to the IMDB page and was just blown away. Seriously, apart from the obvious main characters, you've got: Sean Patrick Thomas, Freddy Rodríguez, Donald Faison, Jaime Pressly, Nicole Bilderback, Jason Segel, Clea DuVall, Leslie Grossman, Eric Balfour, Selma Blair, Sara Rue, Amber Benson, Melissa Joan Hart, Breckin Meyer, and Liv Tyler. I mean, I saw a five second glimpse of Amber Benson - she's listed as "Stephanie, Stoned, Banana-holding Girl (scenes deleted)"! Craziness.

ANYWAY, as I said, I've been seriously productive, even today. This Week (not very exciting except for the bit about the murder). )

As for Easter weekend, [ profile] basilm went with me to my parents’ house. The snow in the forest was beautiful. )

Holy crap I’ve been writing this entry forever. I think I started around 4PM and it’s now almost 4AM. I’ve just been writing it bit by bit as I did everything else. And the end result is BORING. Seriously, I wouldn’t advise actually reading it! :)

Hmm, just two tiny other little notes. Today I saw a preview on TV for Pathology, so it looks like it might have widescreen release here. Interesting. Also, the pilot season has come to the UK. Premiering within recent weeks or coming soon: Gossip Girl, Pushing Daisies, Chuck, Dirty Sexy Money and Mad Men. I’ve seen the first three, but I might try and watch the other two. We’ll see.

Okay, perhaps it is now time for bed?

ETA: CRAPOLA!! [ profile] basilm has just reminded me that the clocks go forward tonight. Dang it! Stupid daylight savings time. That means it's actually almost 5AM.

ETA (#2): No, it's just 4AM. (sheepish) I guess my computer auto-updated and I didn't notice.
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It's Friday night and I've got a great weekend ahead! I'm so excited, because tomorrow I leave for Stuttgart to hang out with [ profile] biscottimoment and [ profile] gator1313!! It's going to be awesome. The last time I was in Stuttgart was the World Cup, when we went to see England v Ecuador (we won) and the place was crawling with English fans. Not exactly the best way to see the city!

After Germany, [ profile] gator1313 is coming back to London with me, so the fun can continue. Too bad I have to work all week - that really puts a damper on it all! I worked some extra hours last week though (I work flex) so hopefully I can leave early most days or something.

[ profile] basilm and I went out for her birthday on Friday. It was fun, but not as great as expected. We went to the singles night Ceidleh, which was a bit awkward. We definitely decided that the Friday night ones where anyone can come are better. (In other words, bring your own guys to dance with and you are spared that weird pressure.) Also, more people come on a Friday. But we did have fun once we started dancing, because we made it fun. So that was okay. Oh, and a random guy came with us all the way to Kings Cross on the tube. He was nice but a bit excitable, and very difficult to shake.

I think that's all I have for now. Not too much excitement. But tomorrow! Stuttgart!! YAY!!
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[ETA: I had to mess with this for ages to get the codes to work. I suck!]

So it’s Wednesday night – is that too late to talk about my weekend? I think not.

I feel the need to chronicle because it was nice and busy and I did things and hung out with people. I feel like it was really ~productive~ but in actuality, I think it was only productive in a social way. (As in, I didn’t stay in my bedroom watching things on my computer and sleeping in; I actually woke up and did things with people. Right.)

    Things I did!
  • Russian cooking
  • home leg waxing
  • wine drinking
  • Running in the park
  • Ikea
  • Crying conversations
  • Skype
Intrigued? (Okay I doubt it!) Read on…  )

Also, pics! I wanted to post Oliver pics since he’s so darn cute, but I really didn’t take any this weekend. So instead you get screenshots from when I talked to him and his mom on Skype.

They’re a bit blurry due to the webcam, but not too bad. )

Now I have to pack and make sure my room is clean. I leave on Friday and then River will be here on Monday, so I gotta be ready! Lots of plans. On the good side, I actually got some sleep last night since I fell asleep (on accident) around 11. Good news for my sleep-deprived body. Bad news for the virtual season peeps since I wasn’t around when posting was happening. It was the most I have slept in about two weeks though, so that’s something.

Finally, I just wanted to say that there’s a whole lotta coding (for me) in this because I’ve been messing around trying to remember all the LJ codes. That’s why there are bullet lists and pics and etc. So there you go, [ profile] adinarj, you better be proud. Just here’s hoping it works! I’m about to hit post, so we’ll just see how much I have to correct b/c I’ve gotten it wrong!
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It's 2AM.  What am I doing?  I'm watching Never Mind the Buzzcocks on YouTube.  What should I be doing?  I don't know - one of the many millions of things I need to do before Cat and Jared get here Thursday and my life kicks into overdrive.  Oh Christmas, I do love you, but you make life insane.  Oh yes, I suppose (since I have to work tomorrow at 8:30) that technically what I should be doing is sleeping.  But I just got my computer back today, so actual work or sleep is difficult as I find it hard to tear myself away.  I've pretty much been on since I got home, including a two hour conversation with Trev.  (Never mind that he'll be here in 6 days.  I love Skype.)

Hmmm..what else?  Have I mentioned how much I HEART Never Mind the Buzzcocks?  It is the win.  I don't think I laugh at anything else quite as much as I do during that show.  (Not so much during the Mark Lamar years, but now that Simon is on.)  Also, Ryan Jarman from the Cribs came back and was a guest again a few weeks ago.  BEST GUEST EVER.  I don't even know why, but he has me in fits every time he opens his mouth.  At least my brother agrees with me on this point.

Oh yes, and MY BROTHER GETS HERE IN SIX DAYS!  Sorry for all the caps but it merits them.

Here's the plan:
Mon night (heh - now) - make bed, pack up presents, sleep
Tues - work, meet with new boss, pack for parents house, clear side floor
Wed - work, spend night with [profile] teaatsix (nearer airport)
Thur - pick up C&J at airport, half day work
Fri - work party (last one)
Sat - Choral service at Albert Hall
Sun - TREVOR ARRIVES!, Terracotta Warriers exhibit, go to my parents (evening)
Mon - Christmas Eve (start of week off)
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So after a not very productive weekend, I actually sat down this Sunday night and brought my wordcount up to scratch.  I didn't write at all yesterday because we ended up having a dinner party.  (Well, can it be a real dinner party if you don't have a kitchen table?)  It was pretty cool actually.  Juls really did most of the organising and cooking, and she is just very very impressive.  It was French themed - the menu:

Starter - Figs and Camenbert wrapped in panchetta
Main - Coq au Vin, runner beans and roasted corguettes, potatoes au gratin
Cheese course - Brie, Blue Cheese and Gouda with Cumin
Dessert - Apricot Flan

Plus, she and Johnny had picked out a wine to compliment each course.  There were only six of us and we went through (I think) 7-8 bottles over the course of four hours or so.  Riiiight.  It was very fun though.  And the food was fabulous.  It sounded (and tasted) a lot more complicated than it was to cook, which is quite an interesting lesson.  I never cook fancy, but both my flatmates are all about it, so hopefully some of it will rub off on me!

And then I slept in massively today and wasn't very productive.  Then I wrote this afternoon, so that was good of me.  The thing is I have a problem with this daily deadline - once I hit what the words are supposed to be for that day then I quit writing.  Which would be fine, except that I know the second part of this month is going to be much busier and I may not have time to write every day.  (Hello - wedding, thanksgiving, just general traveling)  So I really need to be storing up extra words now to compensate.  But it's not really working out like that yet.  Humph.

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I'm going to V Fest this weekend!  I'm SO excited.  I'm leaving at 7AM tomorrow morning to get the train there, and then camping out for the weekend.  Of course it's totally going to rain, and be muddy, and cold - but what's an English summer music festival without all that?  V has the best lineup of this summer: Snow Patrol!  The Kooks!  Foo Fighters!  Killers!  Editors!  Damien Rice!  The Fratellis!  Guillemots!  And millions more - do I even need to go on?  I AM SO EXCITED!

Okay, and I should really go to bed now since I have to get up so early.

You can read all about it here:
Lineup is here:


Okay I lied and didn't go to bed, so I am adding the FridayFive to this.

Who do you live with?
Two flatmates - Kiwi girls that I met through an online roommate site.  They're way cool though.

Do you like who you live with or do you want change?
I'm good for now.

Describe the ideal roommate.
My brother was pretty near ideal as a roommate - he cooked, I cleaned, we hung out together when we felt like it, left each other alone when we didn't.  Obviously the best type of roommate is a partner, but who knows when that's happening for me, so!

How much sleep did you get last night?
About five hours.  My friend Peter is visiting and I was out with him til late.

Where would you love to play hide-and-seek?
Underwater shipwreck - diving hide and seek!  Come on, you know it would be fun.


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