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Ah, February. Thank God. The annoyance and horror and general miserableness that was January has finally passed. (I kid. It wasn't really *quite* that bad.) Anyway, now we have February: Valentines Day, my birthday, and two fabulous concerts! (Panic! At the Disco and My Chemical Romance) Plus B is going away for a week. Yay! And hopefully the weather will get better?

I hate to inflict on you all the general rant about me not using my journal anymore and how do I even catch up, etc, so I'm limiting it to this one sentence, but UGH ME. I suck. (Okay, two sentences!)

I can't even tell you what I did in January. Sat around in my room a lot I think? It was nice after the craziness of Nov/Dec to not have many plans, but it kind of made me a slug. I read a few books (the Hunger Games trilogy! OMG!) and watched almost three whole seasons of ABC Family's Greek. (When she first asked me a about it, [ profile] silly_cleo thought it was about actual Greek people. Evidently "the Greek system" is not known as a phrase over here. Something I hadn't considered.) I also almost completely caught up on all of my other shows from this year, which is kind of amazing, since I was 9-10 episodes (ie the whole fall/winter half season) behind on some. So, yay TV watching?

Oh and also I went to lots of movies (8!) with [ profile] silly_cleo and [ profile] minihannah in a determined bid to make sure we're getting our money's worth on our Cineworld Unlimited Cards. The best of them had to be The King's Speech! If you haven't seen it you're crazy. Go see it. And also Morning Glory, which was ridiculously cute. Cleo and I shelled out real money to see Burlesque on Orange Wednesday b/c we missed it at Cineworld, and it was totally worth that £6. (Which means the full movie price was £12, since O_Wed means 2 for 1. London movies prices, seriously!) I said when we went in that I wanted the movie to be 80% dancing and 20% plot, and it totally did not disappoint. Loved it.

I'm also in the middle of trying to sort out various computer/organisational things out. I got a new macbookpro in December, which may or may not have been a smart move, moneywise. But it is shiny and pretty and has a 500g harddrive just waiting to be filled, so that part is awesome. But I'm kind of using that excuse to transfer and sort all my files, which is...taking a while. Also, I am moving my booklist to Goodreads, after a ridiculous method of site choosing whereby I finally took the Rory route and made some pro/con lists. But, amoung other things, it has an iphone app that reads book barcodes! It's awesome! You can find me here if you want to add me: Jenn. I'm still kind of sorting it all out, but should be up and running better soon.

Work is starting to get busy-ish, which is good. I was so BORED, and it wasn't good for my mood. The tax season, while stressful, is always a lot more fun then sitting around just scanning & filing things. (Or being told by B to go home b/c there isn't enough to do, and thus not getting paid.) Also, still kind of trying to figure out what I'm doing on my own, business wise. I really really need to work on a website, so that's kind of next on my list. I'm hoping this year to do a better job of weighting my holidays to the second half of the year, so that they get timed to the period where I have less work. That way I can feel less guilty about taking the time off! Or something.

This year I had no idea how the contract thing would affect me (ie how little hours B would let me work in Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec) and thus took too much time off early on and ended up losing money. I made less money this year then I have in 4-5 past, which is scary. But, on the bright side, I have just negotiated a 15% raise (going forward from Jan 1st), so hopefully I'll work a bit more in the front half of the year and also earn more, and it will improve. Plus - more of my own clients? We'll see. At the moment I'm trying to decide if I have enough of them to justify moving to the larger tax system that I covet. MUCH more expensive, but infinitely more flexible and accurate and easy to use. Plus, it's what we have at work, so I'm familiar with it. IDK. At the beginning of January/end of December I was miserable at work and saying I needed to quit and it was bad for me, etc. Now that we have work (and he's hired on another girl for secretarial, just for the season) I feel fine. So I don't really know what to do with that.

Anyway, if you know any Americans in London (or elsewhere!) who need their taxes done, send them my way. Tis the season.
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Possibly I'll never write a normal off the cuff entry again? Or is that too crazy to say? :) I have started this entry five billion times (it keeps giving me a "saved draft") so here, have some waffling!

A baffling mix of old and new! )
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YOU GUYS, HAI YOU GUYS! HOW ARE YOU ALL? Yeah, it's kind of been a while, huh?!
[Warning: The word "awesome" gets massively overused in this post.]

As usual, I can't even begin to sum everything up or tell you all about it, and I'm likely to resort to bullet points. So let's see if we can avoid that for now, eh?

Housemates, concert tickets, fandom, Nano, Mac-store, work, etc. Mostly quick and painless! Kind of. )

I guess that's enough info for now, huh? I have three (THREE, OMG) 12 of 12's that I've shot and never posted, so I'm actually considering a bumper post just to get them up. We'll see if I can be productive about that. At least some time off work should make me get some things done? I have made a list of goals for the end of the year, and so far have been pretty good about starting on them, setting up some appts relating to them, etc. Although, every weekend from here to December is booked up, so how's that for free time?

Anyway, no more work now as I'm off to Cardiff for the weekend with some Nano folk. I'm really excited actually - a road trip and an awesome reunion. What more could I ask for?

Also, it has come to my attention that my icons are woefully out of date. I am missing at least two important new(ish) fandoms. I really need to sort that! And let's see if I can post a little better so that I don't play this catch up game. (Ahahahaha - lately that's all I ever say.)

P.S. ALSO MY IPHONE 4 IS AMAZING. It has quickly become my lifeline.
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I don't know why, but I'm all worried this week. There isn't even one particular reason or anything bad happening, I just seem to have this general feeling of unease. It's very strange. Partly it might be the upcoming US trip, which I am in no way ready for, and yet I leave in just over a week. I don't even know what I particularly need to do to be "ready" for it, other than the usual nonsense of packing and sorting out computer backups and such, but somehow it just seems to have snuck up on me. Maybe because it feels so soon after I got back from South Africa? IDK. I guess it is a bit up in the air in general b/c I am flying standby and still don't have the dates quite set, and also my friend Drew (who is giving me the AA pass) will not answer his freaking phone so that we can plan some more. Argh.

I've been worrying a little about money too, mostly because I seem to be spending a lot of it. I think it's just coming on the heels of the World Cup trip, and now planning my US one. Hopefully it won't be super expensive, but three weeks away (without pay) is just that, and you can't deny it. And then I've been looking at iphone plans (thinking about getting a business plan actually, since I'll be using it for that too, we'll see) and telling myself how it really is a complete and total luxury expense. Then there's the fact that I really want a new computer, but can't really justify that considering mine is only 3.5 years old and still works. Tom (current subletter) actually offered to buy it the other day. I don't even know how we started that conversation, but the possibility now will not leave my head. And I have shopped a bit lately (I NEVER SHOP) and got some new shoes for the wedding, and some other bits and pieces of things that I kind of needed but that still felt a bit decadent, b/c, IDK, spending money or whatever.

And then, on the subject of subletters, we have house type worries. Our lease is up in just seven weeks, which is really an outrageously short time, especially considering I won't be back until the last month of it. We have no idea what Amy is doing, thus we don't know if we need to fill one room (if she stays) or two (if she leaves), and whether one of those will be sublet for a while (if she stays to November) or filled completely. And there are other possibilities for people who might want to move in, but at the moment I kind of feel like none of them are actually going to happen, so we're gonna end up scrambling for strangers. Either way, we have at least one room to fill, and there is no way Claire and I (and Sarah) can cover rent if we don't get people in both of those rooms, so that NEEDS to be sorted soon so that we can put up ads or whatever else. In general the whole situation is FREAKING ME OUT. I am just so tired of continually having to worry about moving, or finding a new place, or finding new people to fill our current place, or whatever. I really just want to buy something and live there for ages. But again with the not so financially viable or sensible yet. Maybe in a year or so? (So yeah, anyone know someone looking for a room in London starting in Sept? It's an awesome house, really.)

Plus, on the incoming money side, B keeps cutting my hours at work since we're not too busy at the moment (off season), which is just really frustrating. I know it's essentially what I agreed to when I said I would be a contract employee (and there are other benefits), but I also remember at the time being worried about this exact thing and him reassuring me that it wouldn't be a problem because "there was always work to do". Yeah, so we see how that turned out. So mostly, working less hours but still coming in every day sucks, although it makes me feel a lot less guilty about extending the days of my US holiday even more. It also makes me feel bound and determined that I need to be set up SOON with a website and email and etc so that I can properly start advertising on my own. I'm just so sick of depending on B as my main job, I'm antsy to get more freelance. But then I start worrying about my EA exam, which I have not scheduled and am not doing a very diligent job of studying for, and I freak out again. It's a vicious, evil, and stupid cycle.

On top of that, I've just been feeling really alone. Mostly I just kind of float along, and to be honest I've been single for so long that I'm pretty independent and not so good at dealing with giving over control to anyone else. (This may have possibly tanked potential relationship in the past - I can be super stubborn.) But with all these worrying feelings, sometimes I just want someone else to kind of take over and tell me that it's okay and I'm being silly or whatever. Because in my head I know that there is nothing too bad going on in my life right now, but that doesn't really help on an emotional level. I just kind of wish I had someone to relax and let go with, and just snuggle and be calm. I have more specific feelings about it, but they just make me berate myself for being an idiot in various situations, and not knowing my own mind, so that's not helpful. I'm not sure all of this even makes sense? Maybe I just miss my mom (in the US) and [ profile] lazyclaire (in France)? I certainly seem to have gotten pretty emo now that Claire isn't home to take care of me and give out her (really fantastic) hugs. :)

Wow this was a lot of whining. Sorry about that! How about some pictures to take our minds off it all? It's not my July 12 of 12 (coming, maybe?) or even the World Cup pics (still haven't gotten them onto FB), but instead a link to pics some other people kindly posted. :)

I spent last weekend in Devon at Beth's parents' house, at a kind of bonding/goodbye extravaganza for Nick and Julie. It was pretty wrenching for them to actually be leaving (back to the US) for good, but the weekend was, frankly, pretty idyllic. See for yourself...

Sorry these pics are kind of huge, but I'm linking from locked FB and can't figure out a way to resize. )
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So April kind of sucked. And when I say kind of, what I actually mean is that IT REALLY sucked*. I spent the entire month working on taxes, stressing about working on taxes, not working on script frenzy, stressing about not working on script frenzy, freaking out about world cup tickets, not sleeping at all, getting terribly sick halfway just in time for the April 15th deadline, and burying myself in Kradam/Bandom fanfic every time I got a chance just so that I would stop worrying about all of the above for a while. So yeah, it sucked. I sincerely hope next year's is better. I'll have to be better prepared...or something, IDK.

*Except for all the parts concerning Adam Lambert.

But now it is May! I have high hopes for it! I've already had over a week of it, and so far it's been lovely and relaxing. Of course, the first three and a half days I was home in Norfolk at my parents' house because of the bank holiday weekend, so I'm not quite sure it counts, but even the workish part of it after that was good! Norfolk as usual was easy and diverting and filled with people who knew me when. I played tennis with my dad and bridge with my mom and her friends, and ate lots of good food. And then the work week, whatever, although I did manage to make it to Glee night, FINALLY meet up with Rach for a drink, and then have a DrWho marathon while watching [ profile] sily_cleo pack, on, you know, various days. (OMG those Angels/River episodes were SO SCARY. I am a total wuss; I was completely freaking out.)

We had our long planned BBQ on Sat, which really would have been better with nicer weather, but what can you do? That's what happens when you plan things six weeks in advance! We had a decent turnout, and we did end up grilling, but it was threatening rain all day, and there were a ton of people who wussed out because of weather. Probably better just to look outside, see that it's a nice day, and then invite people over? On the flip side, we spent much of Sunday, which was slightly better weather, inside, mainlining three different Robin Hoods in readiness for the new one. We did Prince of Thieves, Men in Tights and the Disney one, and I have to say Disney pretty much beats all. It's SO GOOD. Not sure about the new one, but it's all free with my Cineworld card (LOVE IT) so I'll probably go with Daniel.

In other news, changes at home and at work. Londoners listen up! Job going at my office - part time, 20 hours a week, £10 an hour, mainly secretarial, no tax experience required. Starting probably early July. Also, we are making plans for the house since Julie and Nick leave in early July. We are trying to get subletters to fill out the lease, and right now need one for July plus the first two weeks of Aug. Probably around £540 all inclusive. We also *might* have a room going from September for the full year (rent £427, bills around £75) but that isn't at all definite yet. At least it looks like we're actually staying in the house. Basically (as I say every year) I NEVER WANT TO MOVE AGAIN. Famous last words, I know.

As it is summer finally, I'm in the middle of holiday plans. I leave in FIVE WEEKS for South Africa! Thankfully we have everything sorted except the possibility of a safari, which is kind of half-sorted. Also, I've already paid for everything, and currently am owed $500, so I'm feeling good on that front. Next up is planning my US trip in August. I'm waiting on my parents to plan THEIR US trip, other people coming to the wedding to decide when they'll get there, and (yeah) Kris and Adam concert dates. There actually is a GA concert (Kris) that was announced today, and since I was (probably) planning on going through there to see my bro it could work. But if I could manage to be in a city to see Adam too that would be awesome. It's not that I would rearrange my entire trip, but there are people in lots of different cities I could visit, so if there is one at the right time it might work out. Texas, for example = PERFECT. Anyone live in GA and want to come to a Kris concert with me? I don't really want to go alone, but I can't see me convincing my bro, especially since it also includes Maroon Five! (Too bad it's not the Barenaked Ladies portion - I would LOVE to see them.) Blah blah blah whatever. I can't make a post without AI stuff in it lately, huh?

Tomorrow is 12 of 12! I'm going to attempt to, you know, actually do it and post it for once. I haven't since Dec I think - I just got out of the habit and never got back in it. I'm hoping that once I start back I'll be doing it every month like I was before. I kind of miss the pictures.
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Sorry for non-response on recent entries, flist, for I have vanished under a pile of tax returns. Look for me (hopefully) after April 15th when I shall attempt to become sane again. Apparently it has become so bad that I've actually made myself sick. This morning (sorry for the TMI) I felt nauseated the entire ride, and about half-way through actually stumbled off at a random stop and threw up on the platform. (This was pretty much completely mortifying.) Cue worried people (a lady gave me water and a man fetched an attendant) and then sitting in the station room for a half hour while they made sure I was okay. That was good, but what was ill-advised was the cup of tea I drank while there. It sounded so good at the time! And you know how you feel much better right after you throw up? Well, I called my boss, he said okay but when will you be here? so I hopped back on the tube and went on in. I still had about 30 mins to go on the ride, and it was seriously rough feeling.

Half an hour into work I threw up again - goodbye tea and a few crackers that I had managed to get down. By then it was agreed that I could go home despite the deadline, but I admit I am now completely reluctant to get back on the tube. I seriously don't think I can face the hour long ride without throwing up again. I'm drinking Ginger Ale, which Isla nicely got for me, and frankly having a really hard time concentrating on anything tax related, thus this entry. I want to be in my bed, but my bed is so far away!

Speaking of my bed (like that segue?) I had a weird dream last night. It was one of my just hanging out with celebrities as if I know them dreams (for previous examples see Adam Lambert & David Tennant - I'm too lazy to link those properly) and this time it was Kris & Katy Allen. We were at some kind of benefit, although who knows why I would have been there (!) and seated at the same table, just chatting. From what I remember they were really nice and friendly, and we talked almost the whole time about music and what we liked and what his influences were and stuff. I don't know if he was famous in the dream, because I don't remember feeling star struck, but he was definitely a musician. Maybe I was famous too and that was why? :) Even weirder, I actually had another Kris Allen dream just a few days ago. We were at a concert or a show or something and he gave me his seat because I couldn't see over his head. Meet Jenn, the only person shorter than Kris! I don't know where Katy was in that one though.

So yeah, I have a strange brain. And I feel sick. UGH. Plus, to make it worse, I have to meet with one of my freelance clients after work tonight. They were even going to feed me dinner (an older couple, really sweet) but I don't think that part is happening if I still feel like I do now. I can't skip it though, the 15th is only two days away and they owe!

ETA: Just threw up for the third time (this is so embarrassing at work!) and am going home in a taxi. Just gave in, it's not worth it. Not sure what to do about appt tonight though, maybe I can push it until tomorrow and skip bookclub?? That sucks.
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I'm on base b/c I was meeting with some tax clients, and it turns out that the Freedom Cafe (inside the Liberty Club, omg) has free wi-fi, so I'm online! Yay. Actual internet that actually works and lets me check my email. Seriously, internet issues at work and home right now (although work got cleared up on Friday I think) so I'm behind on EVERYTHING. While I'm here I figured I might as well put up this half-written post that I've been writing all week in Word or whatever. SO...

I forgot to actually put any kind of away message on this, but I've actually been on holiday once again, thus the lack of posts. (Oh who am I kidding?! I haven't posted regularly in months! This must be rectified. I cannot believe my last update was when Claire had her seizure.) Anyway, last week I (and 4/5 house mates) were away skiing in the French Alps. Oooh la la.

It was actually a really cheap (well relatively cheap) trip. Budget airfare (easyjet whoohoo), ski rental deals online, and a chalet we rented to share with 20 people total. Basically it was one big party. Oh and lots and lots of skiing! Six straight days, which I think is more than I have ever done all at once. I actually feel decent about my skiing now. I'm not going to be skiing black runs any time soon, but I feel good about the possibility of many red ones in my future. And the people who went ran the gamut for skiing (or snowboarding) ability, so everyone managed to find someone to go out with. Also, on the last night we had a giant party at the Chalet which included Raclette cheese, tons of other food, and colour-coded drinks that matched the runs. You were supposed to only drink the ones of runs you had been on, but that didn't last too long. I mostly drank green actually, because it turns out that I think Creme de Menthe makes very yummy cocktails! (Other people may have said it tastes like mouthwash, but whatever.)

So yeah, good trip indeed. Other things happening?

Family health stuff, Tax Bitches, the World Cup, TV, Kradam babblings, weddings & Jenn (almost) turns 30! )

Whoops! My updates always get out of control. I really just need to post more. (Oh and where’s that 12 of 12 from January? Well technically, it does exist, just not as an LJ entry.

ALSO THIS! From [ profile] silly_cleo: Reply to this post, and I'll tell you one reason why I like you. Then re-post this (if you feel like it!) and spread the love.

Um, yeah so some of that is slightly unaccurate now (I found a place for my bday!) but most of it's good and I'm leaving it. Also it turns out that the Freedom cafe is now called Rugbys - who knew? :)

La la la

Jan. 12th, 2010 08:10 pm
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We're already 12 days into the new year and I'll only just slowly coming back into the land of the internet living. It's so bad that today is the 12th and I actually forgot my camera! How terrible is that? It's the first time I've forgotten in over a year, and I haven't really decided what I'm going to do about it. Maybe I'll get really creative once I get home. Or maybe I won't do 12 of 12 this month - but that makes me pretty sad to break my streak. So we'll see. Maybe I'll take 12 adorable pictures of Nimbus. :)

So I've been back reading my flist, although the sheer amount of time that I missed means it doesn't actually go far enough back - hopefully I won't miss anything important. I'm weirdly obsessive about this stuff, even though I try not to be. (I had to forcibly stop myself from trying to back-read two weeks of Twitter. I mean, COME ON!) So if you get belated comments on an entry you wrote a few weeks ago, this is why.

This got a bit long, so I'm cutting it. )

Surely that's enough of a real update? Next up is my plan to do end of year memes and actually (GASP) update my book list from last year and close it off. I have a spreadsheet with the info, I just haven't transferred it to LJ since something like OCTOBER! Probably Nano's fault, to be honest. As so many many things are! :)
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Since I've pretty much spent the last two months thinking of entries but not posting them, I'm woefully out of date at putting anything of note down in any detail. This kind of sucks, but what I'm staring at now is never managing to catch up before the new year, so I think I'm going to have to suck it up and accept that it's not happening.


Today is my last day of work, thank goodness, and my brother is at this very moment in London, which is awesome and amazing and wonderful and all that jazz. Unfortunately, I am sitting in my office, watching my backup happen, as it's estimated time jumps around from 2 hours to 30 mins to etc etc. I've been backing up stuff since noon, which is frankly insane, and I'm really about to stab something. Trev got to Manor House around 2PM, so he's basically been killing time at that complex with Sainsburys and Costas and whatever ever since. Poor boy. And I can literally do NOTHING, because I can't leave until this backup is done. When I get back this old computer will be gone. And so.

But it's SO FRAKKING SLOW. I want to kill it. Right now it says 15 mins, but I don't really trust that, since it's said it before. Also, the tax program is really unstable, so when I was backing that up it took a few hours because I kept having to do various clients separately so they didn't error out.

ANYWAY. This is not interesting, I just needed to rant somewhere.

In better news, you might notice my lovely Herminone icon, back in existence because my icons have been liberated! Whoo-hoo! The ever fabulous [ profile] insanityjones gifted me some paid account time, which freed about half of them, and then I (unable to stand seeing the rest in purgatory) updated my userpic add-on. So I am with many icons once more. Now I need to do a proper clean out so that I can add some Glee and AI ones.

ETA: SHIT SHIT SHIT! Now it says 87 mins - I CANNOT wait that long, I just can't. What the fuck am I supposed to do here? I was supposed to leave work at 3 today.


Oct. 7th, 2009 10:25 am
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I hate the entire world today.

I was in a terrible mood when I got to work, and now things just keep happening. I don't really know what's wrong, other than the fact that I feel like life went into overdrive as soon as I got back from the USA trip, and I just haven't been able to find my footing yet. I hate complaining about stress, because I know everyone in the world has a lot going on, but right now I feel constantly like I want to tear my hair out, and that I have a million things to do that I haven't done, and that I'm missing things because I'm so frenetic.

Anyway, I'm in this weird zone where one minute I'm boiling mad and the next I feel like I'm going to cry. It kind of sucks, and mainly I'm just trying to ignore it and focus on work, but I've already snapped at my boss twice, so that's not great.

Oh and also I fell on the way to work and ripped my tights. I have been through far too many pairs that way, and it hurts and I hate how embarrassing it is. I was flat on the London street, feeling like an idiot. And no one stops, but then again you don't actually want them to stop, because it's stupid and what can they do, but still it's weird that they don't, because it isn't exactly inconspicuous when you completely bite it like that, and you kind of want it acknowledged. Or something.

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A laugh from work today. Kiki (our 70 yr old secretary) and I were getting some mass mailers ready, using the postage machine. One of the ones I put in was spit back out, and she asked what happened.

Jenn: I don't know. Smetimes you stick it in wrong and it gets rejected.
Kiki: Said the actress to the bishop. [laughs] Sorry, it was just such a great line.

I totally cracked up. I guess that's the "that's what she said" of the over-70's set?
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This is how today went:

Go into work early
Do a lot of taxes
Come home late(ish)
Work on Sainsbury order with Rach (we may be switching allegiances)
Cook dinner
Eat dinner
Do a lot of taxes


So no, my 12 of 12 is not getting posted. Nor (sadly) am I getting to watch last week's Dollhouse.

Also, tomorrow (er, today) is April 15th.
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So my boss is on the phone in his office, so I grabbed the other line when it rang. It was a potential client, ringing around for price quotes. But when I got ahold of his situation, it was too simple. He's a student, he make under the exclusion, he's a dual citizen. He should just go into the Embassy and get them to show him how to do the 1040 and 2555, because that's all he needs. He shouldn't pay us upwards of £400 to do a return that would take 15 minutes. Or less.

So I told him that.

Yeah, okay I shouldn't have. But I could tell by his tone that he wasn't going to pay that money. He can't afford it. So likely instead he's just going to not file at all. Which is dumb. So not only did I tell him about the Embassy walk-in hours, I also told him the two forms he needs and how he can get them from the IRS site, and then did a five minute explanation of how to do them. So sue me. I mean Bruce probably wouldn't care about telling the guy about the Embassy - it's not like he's gonna hire us anyway - but I probably shouldn't have spent that extra time elaborating.

It's at times like this that I miss the IRS office. At least I didn't have to feel guilty for helping someone!

I have Poison's "Talk Dirty to Me" in my head. This is strange because I haven't played guitar hero in about a week.
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[ profile] iamseb and I just finished the double header at the end of Buffy S2 (Becoming 1&2). It's SO good! I love that Buffy/Spike team up and the scenes with him and Joyce are hilarious. And of course the Giles/Angel torture stuff and then Jenny! And there is also all the heartrending stuff with the hurt Scoobies and the ending with Angel and Buffy. Oh sob.

Also, the "grr...argh" monster says "I need a hug" at the end - I don't think I ever noticed that before.

So yeah, good stuff. And I can't WAIT to start S3. I'm enjoying our random re-watch. I'm actually doing Angel as well, although not quite as quickly. I just started S2. I love how Kirk shows up in two random places during S1. Also (speaking of double casting from GG) today I noticed that Whistler is Rune. I really think that was news to me, which seems crazy.

In other TV news, I just watched the first three episodes of "United States of Tara" and they blew me away! I'm loving it, and I can't believe I almost missed its existence.


I forgot to tell a random funny story when I wrote about the tax seminar we did Wed night. We took a cab from our office to there, and were kind of waiting for it, peering out the window. My boss saw the guy pull up, so we grabbed coats and walked out. But when we got outside, we couldn't see the driver anywhere. We're totally confused, looking up and down the street, and then suddenly I see movement from inside the back of the car. It was a private company, not a black cab, and he had an estate/station wagon so there was a large back section instead of a boot/trunk. So I'm like "wait, I see something moving, I think he's in there, in the back" and we both look, and then suddenly the hatchback part pops open and feet stick out and put sandals on. Boss and I are like whoa, and the guy just says really quietly "sorry for the delay, I was praying" so we just say okay and get in. But I was kind of cracking up inside. I mean it's a pretty clever use of your available space, but still! Hilarious and awesome at the same time.


Okay, gotta run through the rest of VS episode 13 and scratch out a promo before I go to bed. Somehow I wasn't able to concentrate very well on it while I was watching Buffy. :)
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Trevor left this morning, which totally blows. I HATE that he lives so far away now. And I don't even know when I'll see him again. Hopefully this summer? We never really get enough time because basically I just want to live in the same place again so that it's just normal to see each other and hang out. I'm really trying not to cry at work here.

Also (in the smaller annoyance sector) my chair at the office is all wrong. I guess my boss used my computer (which he does randomly) and he adjusted it, and now I can't get it to go back to how it was. And it just feels wrong. I asked him about it, and he kind of came in like "hmmm, that's weird - no I think that's as high as it goes. Huh. Maybe you could get a cushion?" and then just left. So thanks for that. But, like, I know where it hit on my desk before, and now it's like two inches below that. And now I'm all low and don't reach the keyboard correctly. It's pissing me off. It feels wrong. So I guess I am bringing in a cushion tomorrow? But seriously, it's not your chair, DON'T FRAKKING MESS WITH IT. Bad enough that he feels free to just come in and log onto my computer. My office here is certainly not my personal space.

Yeah, so the chair thing is annoying, although not life threatening, but it's something to think about other than the fact that this morning might have been the last time I'll see my brother for another six months to a year.
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Ah, first post of the new year! Thrilling.

Or not.

I'm at work, first day back, along with the rest of the world. (Oh, well I'm sure people were back before this, but it did seem like all of London went back today.) Anyhow I am not happy to be here, and I still have 3.5 hours to go. But I haven't eaten lunch yet. So that needs to happen. Bruce went home for lunch and he told me to wait to eat until he gets back (various reasons, not worth getting into) and it's like 2 now and no sign of him and I am STARVING because I didn't eat breakfast. So that's going well.

Otherwise I am trying to work and get stuff done but mostly am getting distracted by catching up with the internet. I haven't read my flist since I posted on Dec 23rd, so there's that. And google reader. While my bro has been here I've done facebook and email and that's about it. He doesn't leave until the 12th (sob) but he's going back to my parents' today and staying there until the end of the week. Then I get him for the weekend and then he's off. It's going too fast! He lives too far away! Sometimes I hate the modern world.

Christmas was good, nothing too exciting since everyone my age has moved out of Norfolk now. I have like one friend there now, so I did see her (and her husband and kid) but otherwise it was just my parents' friends. Who are all my old teachers so it's not like I don't know them, but still not exactly the same thing. We did play some board games and also did DDR on the Wii on Christmas day since it turns out this one couple are all into Wii. So that was amusing. Also when I got home Seb had bought guitar hero world tour and I've never played before and it is AWESOME beyond anything and I am obsessed. So more on that later I am sure.

Um, presents, yes they happened. We got my parents a GPS and then promptly borrowed it to drive to London with. But it really was a good present for them because next time they visit me here hopefully they won't get lost. Really, compared to the bother of the giant A->Z map book it felt effortless. So that's progress. Also I got my bro an external hard-drive so now he is busy stealing all the music and TV downloads he can get from me.

Mainly I feel as if I haven't gotten anything done since October and now life will perhaps go back to normal? I mean this is the beginning of tax season so work is just going to get crazier and crazier. But home life should settle down. It's just Nano + my big trip + the holidays + my brother here = insanity. Now maybe I can get some stuff done like organise my room and unpack the rest of my boxes and fix pics in frames? I did manage to bring my dishes back from home finally, and started to unpack those last night. So now we have three different sizes of plates and at least 12-18 of each of them, depending on what seconds my mom got. And bowls, and display stuff and mixing and goodness knows what else. It's gonna set us up for entertaining anyhow.

The other thing that's happening is people talking about trips for the new year. I'm trying to figure out when I can be gone and how many days I can use on stuff and all that. We're talking about a writing retreat some weekend, and I so wanted to go skiing (not that I don't say that every year) and then Phil and I talked about Russia in May. And then there's talk of a LHS reunion in the US, so if I did go this summer to the States (weddings anyone?) I might try and tack that on. Then there's this secret trip thing that may or may not include us. And then there's Serbia in the summer to go to EXIT which we already have our tickets for, so that is happening for sure, I just don't know if we're going to other countries too. And also Ellen talked to me about Cuba, although that so won't happen because I'm sure it would be as expensive as Costa Rica was. And those are just the ones that have been mentioned as possible, and it's just the first week of January!

So yeah, life goes on. I was really depressed last night but I feel better now that I'm actually at my desk. I mean it's work right. It's just it. I do plan to ask for a raise and do it SOON so that it includes January I hope. I mean I've been here a year and I earn SHIT, so it seems reasonable. But I'm pretty terrified to talk to my boss about it. I hate discussions like that. And I have no idea what is a normal amount to ask for. Blech.

I don't really have a cheery note to end on, because it's just that kind of day. Happy Monday everyone.
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Happy (belated) birthday to [ profile] lin! I know you've had a crazy time lately, but I hope your birthday was both fun and relaxing. :)

So I feel like I haven't been around much lately, which is mostly just because of busyness. Of course Nano has kicked off (and is totally kicking my ass) and then there was all the election stuff. That was like two whole days down the drain right there, even with me taking a day off work.

We went to an American ex-pats in London thing to watch the results all night, which was pretty awesome. They had rented this venue out until 6AM, and thankfully that was plenty of time for it to be decided and all that. I was dreading having to go home at that point and still not know a result, but yay for being spared and for correct polling. It was actually a pretty incredible experience. I think there were over 2000 people there (although that petered out a bit the later it got) and in our little group we had six (of which three were American) that stayed until the bitter end. It was just a great atmosphere - lots of cheering, and countdowns, and just generally happy people. We took our "London for Obama" sign, which we have dragged everywhere for months, and tons of people came up and took pictures of it. Also, at one point early on, Amy dared Rach to run across stage with it, and she totally did, because she is awesome. It got tons of cheers, although she did get yelled at for it right afterwards by about three different security guards. Bleh.

We did play Obama Bingo, although mostly just as normal Bingo and not as a drinking game. It was pretty dark for it in there, so we were doing that thing where you use your mobile-phone to see, which only made it funnier. And towards the end when results were coming in fast it was really really hard to keep up. Also, I won £10 off Seb because he bet me that Texas would go blue, to which I was like "I wish, but yeah right" and promptly shook his hand. Sucker.

We stumbled home on the tube at about 630AM, still carrying the Obama sign and just very very happy. I will never feel fully and completely "American" (or "British" for that matter, so whatever) but I think this week I have felt the most patriotic that I have in years. It will be very interesting to see what this does for us in the opinions of other countries, and just in general what Obama actually turns out to be like as a President. But for now, I seriously watched his acceptance speech with tears in my eyes, and I really welcome that kind of emotion in an arena where I haven't felt it for a long time.

Also election related, we almost got to be on this C4 show as a "group of loud and proud Democrats" but turned them down because we have a write-in that we promised Claire we would go to. (*waves* Hi Claire if you're still stalking me!) Groan. Damn you Nano - you're ruining my chances at stardom!

Oh, also, my dress for the wedding is done now - she took up the front and added a panel, and hemmed it. I'm not happy with it really, but it can't be helped. I mean the alterations look great, but the dress just isn't a good style for me. The thing is that Kristen's sister and I are wearing the same dress, in an attempt (I guess) to make it kinda like we're bridesmaids even though we will be the only ones there. I should have vetoed that, however, because in the best traditions of the way that crap works, she is tall and willowy and I am short and squat. So this dress is not ideal. I was pretty upset about it last night when I was trying it on, now I'm kinda just eh. Ah well.

I leave next Thurs for the States, and between now and then life is pretty much just Nano. We have a write-in like every day. I hope it helps! I'm writing like molassas this year.

On a completely random note, I'm about to pass out here from the smell outside our office. They're cleaning a drain or something, and it's almost unbearable. Seriously. I have kleenex stuffed up my nose and I still feel like I'm going to gag. Going home early is seeming like a really good idea...
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It's Friday, thank you, thank you, thank you. I am SO ready for this week to end. Not exactly sure why, but it's been molassas. I'm sure Rach would like to think that's because she's away (in the States) but I hesitate to attribute it entirely to that! Either way, this afternoon cannot come soon enough. Well, I guess technically it is afternoon, but not late enough for me to be leaving work, which is what I would most like to be doing right now.

I went out again last night with [ profile] outforawalk and friends, which was fun. They very kindly schlepped out to East Finchley for me, so we did dinner (and then strolling) in Muswell Hill. Nice to show someone my (kinda) neighbourhood. Also, there were pictures taken of Rose and Ten )
which I much enjoyed. Possibly I myself need some small posable figures to play with?

I'm going home this weekend, although I am not remotely ready. )

ANYWAY. Besides the party, this weekend has been designated as kitten weekend. The rescue centre that I was planning on getting a kitten from is actually near my parents' house (long story) and they are having a "kitten fair" this weekend, so I'm going along to hopefully pick one out. I mean I really don't see why I won't end up with one. I've got stuff ready at home, and I have a cat carrier, and I've already checked with the train website to make sure you can take a cat on board. So it's all good. Speaking of the kitten, I put it as my FB status, and there is now a thread of 12 replies. It's getting to be like LJ over there or something with the comments. Weird. Also, if you haven't already voted, go do my KITTEN NAME POLL! It's fun! It's easy! Your vote might count!

In other cat news (themed entry? who knew) I have a weird story from my parents about our family cat. It just proves that villages breed strange people. )

Okay, it's 430. Surely I can survive another hour? Surely.

Catch Up

Aug. 26th, 2008 03:44 pm
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It feels like it's been a while, although I guess I did post twice last week. However, posting just to complain about online flight searching (still not booked btw) probably doesn't count. What I need to do is sort out the pictures from the Turkey trip and actually put them up, but that isn't happening yet.

I went to my parents' for the weekend as planned, which was great. It's just so relaxing to be there, and so comfortable, which I suppose comes of being in the house you grew up in. Our house hasn't changed much in the past twenty years or so, which makes me feel like a kid. Or something. You might remember that my dad retired last year, so this has been his first week of not working, while my mom still has a year to go. (Let's just see how long before that becomes a sore point!) Anyway, they looked at houses while they were in America this summer, and I had to be shown all the pictures. They seem to have decided for sure on North Carolina (who knows why - we don't have family anywhere near there). It's so strange to think of them in one of those huge American homes - our house is decent sized by UK standards, but what they'll be able to get for the same amount of money (actually probably not all the money since they're talking about maybe getting a smaller place to keep here) is much larger and fancier looking. US houses are truly amazing to me. (Not to mention all the beautiful flats my friends in the States live in. Argh!) On a similar topic, I was reading this blog today and enjoyed this: '"Move to London?" at least 306 cousins, aunts, uncles and one great-aunt spluttered. "Why don't I just sit in a room full of car exhausts and burn 20s with a lighter? Bugger off!"' Yup. Sometimes it feels like that. But back to my parents, the point is (and pretty much everyone I know asks me about this) that they haven't lived in the States since the 60's. And now they are talking about moving back there permanently. It's weird. No wonder my mom wants to buy a smaller house here so they can go back and forth. I would be scared to death. I mean, you don't see me moving back there anytime soon, do you? [ETA: I'm not saying the US in itself is scary - just that moving there after 40 years of being here will be qutie an adjustment. So no one get all offended please!!]

While I was home I read quite a bit of my old writing, including random stories/poetry/journals from various ages. That never fails to be amusing. I pulled quite a few embarrasing quotes out which I have now emailed to my brother for his enjoyment. Also, (on the subject of bad writing, HAH!) I read Breaking Dawn, which is currently in my purse ready to be returned to Waterstones. Not in some sort of protest move, just in a pre-planned "I don't want to pay for this book and give her more money" sort of move. (I gave up on the library - I'm weak!) It was...not as amusing as I wanted it to be. [ profile] basilm and I have been exchanging links about it, but other than that, it was mostly a slog. Girl needs a good editor! I have a feeling that the reason the earlier books were a bit tighter (although still not GOOD) is that someone was willing to cut stuff out and ask her questions. I would guess that once she got to this point they were happy to publish whatever. Not that I think the first three were that much better written, but they were a little less like crack!fic. This one was kind of the combination of every bad idea you could think of that would solve every possible problem. A cross between wish fulfillment and insanity. Moving on...

In other news, I finally made it over to J&K's house, so Kathleen can quit sending me threatening messages on facebook. Also, S&L (their in-laws and my brother's best friends) are coming over (from the States) in two weeks. So I'll actually be back in Norfolk again, for a whole weekend of fun. I went ahead and worked this Bank Holiday Monday so that I could take a three day weekend when they get here. FUN! It's good, because I need to save time off for November and Christmas. My boss decided to stay in Spain for another two weeks (yay) so he won't be back until Sept 5th. That would make for a quiet office, except the construction work is still going on. Now he has me taking daily pictures to email to him. Anal much?

Other things going on this week are possible karaoke-ing on Thursday night (if [ profile] iamseb and [ profile] teaatsix would come out of the woodwork) and tennis on Wednesday. Also, flat-hunting SOMEDAY. On Sat I have a wedding (wow, one that I don't have to fly millions of miles to attend) of one of my friends from the Embassy. Should be interesting. I have no idea what I'm wearing though, since I can't seem to figure out how fancy it will be.

Blech. This entry is pretty boring, but I think that's reflecting my mood at the moment. I need to go home. I was considering going out tonight, but we'll see how much enthusiasm I have as the time grows nearer.
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Lazy person post!

The BAD: My holiday is over. I was back at work as of yesterday, so it’s life as normal.
The GOOD: My bed is comfy and it’s nice to have clean clothes on!
The BAD: I still have to book flights for the Costa Rica trip. I'm trying to figure out where in the US I'm going to stop through. New Jersey? Atlanta? Chicago? Washington DC? Texas? All are right now up for debate. I guess it partly depends on price. Or hey, anyone up for a virtual season people meetup? :)
The GOOD: I picked up my MacBookPro from the Apple Store and it’s all fixed and shiny. They replaced the logic board and the screen itself, which is very exciting. The receipt said it would have been almost £1000 so thank goodness for applecare!
The BAD: Work is in disarray because the second round of renovations (new bathroom, new stairs, torn out walls) have begun upstairs. It’s noisy and annoying.
The GOOD: My boss is off to Spain for a week as of today! So I had about two days of him, which was just about perfect, and now I get another break.
The BAD: While he’s gone I have to let the workmen in, which means getting here at 830 and leaving the house at 730. UGH. (I know that’s not early for some people – shut up!)
The GOOD: I get to leave early since I’m getting in early.
The BAD: I am trying to catch up on stuff (I mean non-work stuff) but I’m so far behind! I did google reader and the virtual season dragonfly stuff (look! New design - ) but haven’t even made it through a portion of my flist. I’m on skip=300 right now!
The GOOD: I’m going home this weekend. I haven’t seen my parents in ages it seems. They left for the US two months ago. Also Kathleen! She keeps writing mean things on my facebook wall…
The BAD:??
The GOOD: I’m going to see Mamma Mia tonight finally! My parents saw it in the States (not really knowing anything about it) and they both loved it. My dad waxed lyrical to me on the phone, which was really cute.
The BAD:??
The GOOD: I have been rewatching Gossip Girl season one and I’m totally excited for the new season! It is one of the first shows to come back, and it’s only about two weeks away right now, so that’s awesome.

Hmmm, I ran out of bad things there at the end, which can only be positive. Let me leave you with the conversation I had with my local friendly library when I tried to check out (well put my name on the waiting list for) Breaking Dawn:

ME: Hi. I was wondering if you had any copies of Breaking Dawn?
ME: (feeling stupid and suddenly blanking on the name) You know, the new book by….um….(finally getting it) Stephanie Meyers?
LIBRARIAN: …? (long pause) Oh, you mean those teenage books?
ME: (slightly embarrassed) Yes. I figured you might have a waiting list I could put my name on.
LIBRARIAN: (looking at catalogue) The list is pretty long. (gives me a card) You have to fill this out. Which one was it again?
ME: Breaking Dawn
LIBRARIAN: I don’t see it – what number is that?
ME: It’s the 4th one.
LIBRARIAN: Oh. Well, we don’t even have that in the catalogue yet, but one copy is ordered. You’ll probably be waiting a while. There are a lot of people much younger than you who are waiting to read it.
ME: (getting more embarrassed) Oh that’s fine. I just…didn’t want to spend money on it.
LIBRARIAN: (emphatically) No! I should think not. (pausing) You know, they are teenage books.
ME: (totally embarrassed by now, handing over card) Um, yeah, I know. Okay thanks. (shuffling out)

Geez! I mean was all that necessary? I never said they were great literature, but I kinda do want to know what happens! Is there a law that says you can’t read stuff that’s not in your age range? And one copy! Oh Finchley. I wonder if I’ll have to wait like a year?!


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