Apr. 28th, 2007

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So, over the course of the last twelve hours or so, I have spent a ridiculous amount of time looking through all the design options on LJ and changing my journal over and over.  If anyone were actually reading it they would be very confused right now.  (Good thing no one is!)  Never let it be said that I don't obsess.  And the thing is, I still haven't found one I'm okay with.  I think I need a list of exactly what I want in the design, and then I can see which fits it the best, particularly since I just realised that you can pick one design and then (duh) change individual things on it like fonts, titles and colours.

So watch this space.  (It's sure to look different every time you do!)

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Bah!  I'm so frustrated.  I'm about to get off work, and I feel like I've gotten little or nothing done today.  I really hate working Saturdays - for some reason they are just never productive.  Every little thing I did today took a million times longer than it should of.  In particular I have been fighting with Word Auto-formatting.  I so hate it.  Even when you try to override it still manages to do something to screw it up EVERY TIME.

Plus, because I was so busy taking forever (and getting nowhere) with real work, I hardly had any time for the frivolous things I meant to do today.  Like a new design for this, or looking up possible trips for Marie and I to go on the weekend after next that would be cheaper than the Amsterdam thing.  Clocks kind of ticking on that one!  Plus, I was supposed to look up travel for June when KP and Erin are here.  The only "fun" thing I did today was spend way too much time on the Whimsy thread, and a little bit in the MM.

And now I have Marie's party and she's going to want to know about trips and I've got nothing.  Typical!  I wonder how much I can look up in the 15 minutes I have before I really need to leave?


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