Oct. 16th, 2007

TV meme

Oct. 16th, 2007 08:18 pm
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Stolen from [profile] wiscck and [profile] adinarj

Bold all of the following TV shows of which you've seen 3 or more episodes.
Italicize a show if you're positive you've seen every episode.
*Asterisk if you have at least one full season on tape, DVD or computer file.
If you want, add up to 3 additional shows (keep the list in alphabetical order)

I added a few British ones  :)

My List )

Wow, now I feel like I watch too much TV!  And I bet it would be even worse if it weren't mostly US shows.
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Why look - it's the Piz icon again.  That never bodes well.  (How sad that poor Piz gets to watch over all my worst entries, when really I love him dearly!)  I am so incredibly lazy that I'm going to post this in list form.

Things I am currently annoyed / frustrated about:

1.  I'm still sick and I feel wretched, but considering these two weeks are our busiest of the year (except April) I just cannot be missing work.  I'm kind of hungry, but everything I can think of eating makes me feel sicker, so I'm not really eating.

2.  The job listing for the other Embassy job isn't up yet, and may not be for some time.  In fact, it might not be til the new year, and I can't wait that long on saying yes or no to the other one, so I'm going to have to truly make a decision.

3.  The guy from the private firm emailed me again today to say he really wants me on board (ok, that's good) BUT he can't pay me what I want, so it's going to be about the same as my current salary, which is not much.  More holiday though.

4.  I am having an ongoing war with national rail over conditions relating to my train-ticket, peak-times, and prices.  I am not winning, and it's costing me money!

5.  I forgot to transfer dollars to pounds last week so my account is perilously low and I need to pay utilities.

6.  The shelves on the smaller set I bought at Ikea are wrong, and I need to go back and exchange part, but I don't know when I can, plus I need a car to do it.  Not sure how that's happening.

7.  My Oyster card is acting up lately.  It keeps saying "invalid" and then when I go to complain to a helper-person, it works perfectly fine.

8.  My bro and I have been trying to have a phone conversation for about a week and a half now and things keep getting in the way.  We need to catch up!

9.  Our flat is freezing and we don't know how to turn on the heat.  We really need to ask the landlord about that now that it's getting cold.  I've started wearing my medium winter jacket (I have 3 levels) and a light scarf.

10.  I came home ready to watch Heroes and it was all downloaded, then I clicked and the file was corrupted.  WHAT?!?  (That's really the worst thing of all right now - I was going to watch and cheer myself up and now I can't.)  Plus, because I'm going to the Athlete concert tomorrow night (ok, that's good) and spending the night with Kat and James, I won't be able to watch it til Thursday night at the earliest.  That's just too long to wait!  I couldn't even console myself by watching HIMYM, because for some random reason the torrent had stopped.  Riiiight.  Not sure what was up with that.

So is 10 things enough whining for you guys?  I guess it's enough for me - BAH HUMBUG!  (I was listing to Rent the other day and realised that Mimi sings Bah Humbug several times, and I kind of think that might be why I started saying the phrase when I'm annoyed.  I mean obviously it's from Scrooge but I didn't think I had picked it up from him!  It's a random steal and change for me.  Huh.)

On the bright side?  New episode of the virtual season tonight.  Luke gets naked!!!  (Nah - just kidding, fooled you all.)  Now I'm off to try and call my bro again...

ETA: I thought of another one!

11.  I can't participate in the [profile] sexy_is_reading talks this month because I couldn't get the stupid book.  After about three bookstores not having it, my local Waterstones finally gave me more info by telling me that it wasn't actually out in print in Britain yet.  So if I had joined sooner I could have ordered it from the US, but since it was last minute for me, not so much.  I'm staying away from the discussion too, because it sounded good!  So sorry - [personal profile] insanityjones and [personal profile] murphy987


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