Oct. 31st, 2007

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It didn't work last time, but I'm trying again to do an email post.
It's not Friday, but since it is Halloween and that was the theme of the
last Friday Five, I'm breaking the rules and doing it today. Oh, what a
crazy rebel I am.

1) If you're dressing up (yourself or your kids) for Halloween, who
are you/they going to be?

I bought these fantastic red glitter heels at Debenhams earlier in the
year, so since I wanted to wear them I only had two choices - Dorothy or
witch. Unfortunately I don't have anything that would work for the
former (although I plan to keep looking for another year) so witch it
is. I'm going to paint my arms and face green and be Elphaba from
Wicked, so that's at least timely since I just saw it. And anyone who
hasn't seen it will just know I'm from the Wizard of Oz. I hate the
idea of just being a witch, but at least it's a specific one!

2) Handmade costumes or store-bought?

Definitely hand-made. I have never worn a store-bought one, even when I
was a kid. In fact, my bro and I were totally into Halloween as kids,
we started working on our costumes about a month in advance. We used to
do these group costumes with these two other girls we knew, it usually
involved a lot of cardboard and some paint. I still remember them
fondly - one year we were all M&Ms, one year we were a pack of gum (we
had separate costumes and then a pack we all stood in), one year we were
each one car in a ghost train, one year we were an airplane with the
person sticking up out of the middle dressed as a pilot with a leather
jacket and goggles, one year we were all different part of a computer,
etc. What? Even as a kid I was totally a geek! (It was an Apple II GS
and I was the floppy disc drive btw. I had a box that stuck out all
around me hanging from my shoulders - it was awesome. Also, the girl
who was the screen had the words "trick or treat" printed on her board.)

3) What age did you last go trick-or-treating?

I'm not actually sure. Probably middle school? In England when I was a
kid there wasn't really trick-or-treating so we went on an American base
near my house instead.

4) Have you ever egged someone's house on Halloween, or done any
other such "trick"?

I really never have. I was too good of a kid to do something like that!
I think I remember my bro going around with friends and knocking on
doors then running away though.

5) Do you believe in ghosts?



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