Jun. 29th, 2010

jenepel: (England 3 Lions)
We've found a good internet cafe in Durban (same one as before) and we have a few down days so it's a good time to catch up and catch our breath after a very emotional time.

Been a wild couple of days, driving to Rustenberg (ugh) for USA match and then Bloemfonteng (didn't spellcheck) for the England one. Don't even know what to say about the Eng/Germ match. Ran the full gamut of emotions in just 90 minutes. It was painful to be right there watching it, esp as we were in the 5th row, directly on goal and could easily see that it was well in. It wasn't the best view for full watch matching, but perfect for being an amateur (better than the profs?) linesman. We were celebrating like insane people, actually up on our chairs jumping, screaming and waving the flags, and then it was disallowed. It's rough to sit there in the stadium after, feeling all that, while around you there is celebration. And as for our boys, well is it too much to ask for a little drive and PASSION? I think not. The fans have it, so why don't they? We've traveled all this way, and they barely protest a bad call or even look upset at the end of the match when they're out? Sickening.

I'm just so discouraged with English football right now. And I don't even have the time to start on the rant I've got going about technology inclusion into the sport and FIFAs antiquated notions in general.

BUT...life goes on and we still have almost a week in South Africa! I definitely have to say what a fantastic job the country has done with the cup. We've only had one bad experience with a stadium/place not being able to handle the influx (Rustenberg) and everywhere else has been top class. Also the people have been welcoming, friendly and helpful.

I guess for the rest of the tournie I have to say my moneys on the Dutch now that we're out. Maybe it's finally their year? If not them then the Spanish I guess. But please let Holland kick Brazil out next round!


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