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Sorry for non-response on recent entries, flist, for I have vanished under a pile of tax returns. Look for me (hopefully) after April 15th when I shall attempt to become sane again. Apparently it has become so bad that I've actually made myself sick. This morning (sorry for the TMI) I felt nauseated the entire ride, and about half-way through actually stumbled off at a random stop and threw up on the platform. (This was pretty much completely mortifying.) Cue worried people (a lady gave me water and a man fetched an attendant) and then sitting in the station room for a half hour while they made sure I was okay. That was good, but what was ill-advised was the cup of tea I drank while there. It sounded so good at the time! And you know how you feel much better right after you throw up? Well, I called my boss, he said okay but when will you be here? so I hopped back on the tube and went on in. I still had about 30 mins to go on the ride, and it was seriously rough feeling.

Half an hour into work I threw up again - goodbye tea and a few crackers that I had managed to get down. By then it was agreed that I could go home despite the deadline, but I admit I am now completely reluctant to get back on the tube. I seriously don't think I can face the hour long ride without throwing up again. I'm drinking Ginger Ale, which Isla nicely got for me, and frankly having a really hard time concentrating on anything tax related, thus this entry. I want to be in my bed, but my bed is so far away!

Speaking of my bed (like that segue?) I had a weird dream last night. It was one of my just hanging out with celebrities as if I know them dreams (for previous examples see Adam Lambert & David Tennant - I'm too lazy to link those properly) and this time it was Kris & Katy Allen. We were at some kind of benefit, although who knows why I would have been there (!) and seated at the same table, just chatting. From what I remember they were really nice and friendly, and we talked almost the whole time about music and what we liked and what his influences were and stuff. I don't know if he was famous in the dream, because I don't remember feeling star struck, but he was definitely a musician. Maybe I was famous too and that was why? :) Even weirder, I actually had another Kris Allen dream just a few days ago. We were at a concert or a show or something and he gave me his seat because I couldn't see over his head. Meet Jenn, the only person shorter than Kris! I don't know where Katy was in that one though.

So yeah, I have a strange brain. And I feel sick. UGH. Plus, to make it worse, I have to meet with one of my freelance clients after work tonight. They were even going to feed me dinner (an older couple, really sweet) but I don't think that part is happening if I still feel like I do now. I can't skip it though, the 15th is only two days away and they owe!

ETA: Just threw up for the third time (this is so embarrassing at work!) and am going home in a taxi. Just gave in, it's not worth it. Not sure what to do about appt tonight though, maybe I can push it until tomorrow and skip bookclub?? That sucks.
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So, as is my usual plan, I stayed up to watch the Oscars last night. Also as per the usual, I couldn't convince anyone to watch them with me. What's so hard about staying up until 5AM to watch an awards show? :) Or maybe it's just me that's insane? I don't know.

Anyway, it was all good, because I had [ profile] robinpoppins on gchat to keep me company. This is the second year we've chatted our way through. It's tradition now! And it's pretty great - the show isn't really the same without another person to make silly comments to about dresses and speeaches and so on. So yay Robin. Also there was a simulwatch thread at the DF, so I popped in and out of there as well.

Given last year's shenanigans, I decided not to bother watching it on actual TV. Actually we don't even have Sky or Virgin or anything now, so there would have been nothing to upgrade. Thankfully, there are ways which work quite well, despite a slight delay and a bit of quality loss. But on the whole it was fine - I hooked my computer up to the big TV for screening, and then borrowed Rach's for chatting purposes and we were away.

I don't have tons to say about the ceremony itself, because I said most of it last night. I loved all the brighter dresses - reds and pinks. I really enjoyed the musical numbers (am now even more in love with Anne Hathaway) and thought Hugh aquitted himself well as a host. I confess to being stupidly happy that the HSM kids got to sing, and stupidly annoyed that RPattz got to present. There were some good funny moments (Tina and Steve!), some moving speeches (Kate W, the screenwriter for Milk) and nothing dragged too much IMO. It was predictable, but satisfying. And good for Slumdog, which I still haven't seen. My happiest "upset" of the night was Sean Penn winning best actor, because I could kind of care less about The Wrestler, and I really liked Milk. Plus, his performance definitely pulled the entire film together. So I feel that was deserved.

When it was over I faced the eternal dilemma of whether to nap or stay up. I called my bro and he talked me into the former, but I wish I hadn't, because I suck. I should really listen to myself rather than others, because I know what I'm like. Yes, I'm slightly more rested, but I was late to work. I could have been super early! But no, somehow I managed to bring down the one alarm clock (out of like 20 that I own) that had the time wrong. So when I got up, thinking I was 30 mins ahead of schedule, it turns out it was an hour off. So I was 20 mins late to work. Oh joy. Definitely should have just sucked it up and stayed awake.

The only bright thing about going to sleep was that I had a dream that kind of carried on from real life. Somehow right after the Oscars I managed to get a ticket to the States (it was a military hop like we used to take when I was a kid I think) and so I went to AZ to hang out with [ profile] robinpoppins! We were going to all these movie theatres, but I don't remember actually seeing the films. And then we ended up spending the night at the home of some old friends of mine who totally don't live in AZ. And when we woke up we all sat around and ate noodle soup and talked in the kitchen. Also, Robin's hair was in two low pigtails. (Yeah, IDK.) And then I had to leave so I hopped back on a plane home. And then I guess I woke up? Bizarre. But in the dream we had good times! I guess that's what being on chat for 5+ hours does to me.

So yeah, Oscars 2009, whoo-hoo! I don't actually feel too bad at the moment; we're pretty busy so that helps. We'll see how I feel when it's 4PM and I realise I still have two hours of work left though...
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Okay, I know people are not always fans of being told other people’s dreams, but I seriously had the best one last night, so I have to share. I woke up all smiley and it took me about ten minutes to remember and realise why.

So I was in some kind of class-like thing, but it wasn’t school. Instead I think it was some kind of extra evening thing that I had signed up for. It seemed to be in one of the conference type rooms we used at Ofcom for trainings. I was sitting in the back, and about two rows up to my left, was DAVID TENNANT. He was just sitting there, being part of the class. And I was having this internal thing, all like OMFGITSDAVIDTENNANT but outwardly I was all calm and mature taking part in the class.

[There was actually this random little aside at the beginning of class where I was trying to write a text message to [ profile] olivia_jane74 to say congrats on her new grand-neice or something. I think that was the last entry I had read on my flist before I went to bed, so it must have been on my mind. Also, it was strange because I think I was trying to write the message in pink puff paint that was left over from making the Sparklemotion t-shirts. For obvious reasons, that wasn’t working on my mobile, so I was forced to just write a regular text instead. OJ if you get a strange text from a number in England, then I think we’ll have proof that I sleepwalk. (Oh right, and am also psychic, seeing as I don’t have your phone number in the first place!) But I digress.]

Anyway. So Tennant. It seemed like the class was mostly Americans who had like flown over or something, so maybe people knew he was going to be in the class? I don’t know. But no one was being too fan-girlly, because we were being polite and listening to the speaker at the front. People were maybe sneaking occasional looks at him, but no one was being rude. And at one point I looked up and he was looking my way, so I just grinned and he grinned back, really cheerful. So no idea what the subject of the talk was but it was over quickly and then everyone filed out. I was like the slowest person, trying to get all my stuff together, and was kind of distracted. Then suddenly DT comes over to say hi - I just look up when he speaks to me, and we’re the only ones left in the room. So he proceeds to chat to me, all normal. I don’t even know what we talked about, just that he was super sweet and funny. So I finished packing my stuff and then we walked out together, and all the time inside I’m doing the OMG thing, but outside I’m having this very normal conversation and like laughing and stuff. So then he asks if I want coffee (because we have to go back to class after this break or something?) and so we head for Starbucks. And that’s all I remember.

But you guys it was crazy because it was just so very chill. My brain thinks David and I are friends. How very odd and yet awesome at the same time.

I don’t even know why he would be on my mind. I haven’t watched any Dr Who since Jessie and I had that huge marathon in August. I guess we were talking about him the other day with [ profile] ladyvivien since she may have mentioned vaguely that she has dress circle tickets to Hamlet. (Seriously, we had to beat the information out of her, and after that she never mentioned it again, like NOT ONCE.) That just seems like a lot to base a whole dream on, but there you go.

More detailed post later possibly actually talking about my life. We'll see.
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So I have a really bad habit of starting entries in a word doc (or lately, due to my obsession, in a google doc!) and then not finishing them. Which means I have all these strings of half entries that don't get posted. Since this week was particularly ridiculous that way, I've decided to give it to you day by day, as is, or with small edits. It's kinda like a snapshot of the past week!

Monday - This weekend was our first in the new house (without moving and my parents and stuff) and it was pretty awesome. We planned to have a debate party on Friday night to watch the VP debates - in the end only Amy (American) and Claire (French) came, but that was probably for the best, as many things went wrong. (The oven turned out not to work so we couldn't cook the lasagna or the brownies! etc.) It still was a beyond hilarious night. Like half the (other) nation, we had planned to watch it as a drinking game, feeling that we actually might need the alcohol to get through. Unfortunately, due to the fact that we were *stealing internet* it took hours to download and wasn't ready until 11PM. This led to us being drunker than expected at the BEGINNING of the debate, so it was kind of all downhill (or uphill depending on your POV) from there. It seriously took us until about 4AM to watch it, with all the stopping and back-watching and everything. But much fun was had, really, although I don't remember as much of the debate points as I did from the presidential one. But Amy brought margaritas! We never get those over here! The mix was imported from Texas! And then there were tequila shots! Riiiight. The only point I remember with clarity is a whole lotta anger (at both candidates) when the subject of gay marriage came up. When the frak will we have someone who can just man (or woman) up and say "yes, I believe in it, and I will vote for it, and that's that"? They're all so afraid. Don't even get me started on the whole "it's the choice of the states" thing. I just Meh.

Tuesday - I woke up this morning from just the freakiest dream ever. It was long and complicated, but here are the basics. I was on some sort of spaceship, and I was working with this older guy to do some special demonstration or something - not sure what it was but it involved stop motion photography (seriously!) and his son was around, helping out too. The kid was about 10 or 11. It went on for ages with us setting stuff up and joking around, and the whole time I had this freaky feeling like something bad was going to happen. Then just minutes before we were about to do our thing, the dad went to go set up one last thing (not sure what) and then didn't come back. So we're all "where did he go/ this isn't like him/ it's about to start" or whatever. And whatever he had to do was on the outside of the ship I guess, or maybe he had to open a door to do it? Anyway, we look up out the big window that we were gonna use for observing during our demo, and there he is, floating all dead. (Like that Dr Who ep!) It was horrible. The last part of the dream was me holding back this screaming sobbing kid while he stared up at his dead dad. Freeeaky. I mean, wtf brain??

Also, new oven was delivered today. Yay for actual *good* landlords! Also, after a few snafus earlier tonight (yeah IDK, my computer is on crack) I FINALLY HAVE INTERNET! And it's fast! Yay. Just in time to post for the GGVS tonight.

Wednesday - It turns out that there was no Gossip Girl this week, which saddened me greatly. I never know when the hiatuses are, because I'm not seeing them as aired, just downloading, so I'm not in on the commercials and stuff. I should really look up schedules or something so that I don't get meanly surprised! I am so loving this show though - it is bar none my favourite show on the air right now (well, excepting NMTB of course - but that's different). Best new show of last year, definitely.

I took my nail polish off and my fingernails are still orange! (From henna-ing Rach's hair.) I think nails are like hair and thus absorb the dye. So I'm going to have to wear dark nail polish until they grow out enough!! I'm such a dork.

Seriously, they look ridiculous. )

Thursday - Found this today (through one of those trails of a thousand links) and it's so weird! I actually thought it might be fake at first. "This Life cover from September 2004 with John McCain, who didn't run for president that year, and Tina Fey, looking a lot like Sarah Palin, is pretty darn creepy."

I was randomly thinking of the movie 12 Monkeys today. It's such a great movie and I haven't seen it in years - I wish I owned it.

I don't know if any of you guys noticed, but [ profile] ggseason8 was in LJ spotlight! I am totally amazed at what a difference it's made in our numbers. The number of people we have watching the community has more than doubled. I just had no idea it would be such a big thing. I guess people really do pay attention - although if you think about the total population of LJ, it's a tiny percentage. But you have to consider that it's the percent that actually look at spotlight, then the percent of them that like Gilmore Girls so bother to click through, then the percent who are obsessed enough with the show to actually want to read a virtual season, especially when there are already 24 back episodes posted that they need to catch up on. That's some weeding out, right there! Either way, I am totally on board with spotlight, and I'll definitely pay more attention to the communities on there in the future.

Friday - So last night we finally broke down and finished packing away all the landlords' crap in our house. This house is awesome, but it came with one major drawback, namely that when it said "furnished" it meant "not only just the awesome furniture which actually includes some nice antiques but also a whole lotta crap like pictures and horrible ugly nick-nacks that are scattered through-out the house and are all breakable". Riiiight. So since we moved in (only two weeks ago!) we've been saying we would pack it all up. And I did do a few boxes last week, but we needed more packing material, so I had to stop. Now, after stealing tons of the "free" papers off the tube, we were ready. It took Rach and I hours (Seb was cooking, cleaning, etc) but we did it! And we also moved enough furniture to set up our shelves with books and DVD's. It's all so pretty! So these aren't proper pics of the house yet (next week! I swear!) but you can see how much crap we packed away (thank goodness there is a big closet to stash it in) and also how pretty the shelves look.

Pictures! )

Saturday - That's today! I'm giving myself a break to put this entry together, because I just finished a quick read/edit of 9.03 in order to write the draft promo. But now I need to go back to cleaning, because our house party is tonight. Rach and I did henna last night (with gloves! shut up) and my hair looks awesome! I slept in it (never tried that before) and it's actually quite a nice bright (almost carrot-y! ha!) red. It looks really natural I think. Too bad I can't do much about my stupid eyebrows - I guess I should get them waxed or threaded again so they aren't so big - they just give the whole game away. At least my fringe (bangs) kinda covers them though.

Jgeez this entry is unwieldy. I have to get better at posting things when I actually write them.

On the virtual season news, here are the actual numbers from today. We've gone from 173 watchers to (currently) 429! That is truly amazing. Thanks LJ spotlight!
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Once again proving I am not actually an adult person, I got very little sleep last night. We had a chat for the Virtual Season that went from 2AM-5:30AM (my time) and then I was afraid to properly go to sleep, so I alternately napped and read, lights blazing. On the positive side, it was a very productive chat, so at least my sleep was donated to a good cause. Either way, I'm now at work, trying very hard to be productive here as well. I've already had a cup of coffee - and I DO NOT drink coffee. The energy of that and of staying up all night will last for a while, but I know I'll be fading around mid-day. Hopefully I can leave early since I got in early.

Hmmm. So this entry is mostly just because writing it is keeping me more awake then working on taxes. I would regale you all with stories of my weekend, but really there isn't much to say except that I didn't get as much done as I meant to (shocker!) so that's annoying. [Ha! I said I didn't have much to say and then blathered on for many paragraphs. Oh well.]

Travel plans and movies and even some pictures! )Okay, I should actually get some work done. This turned out to be a more marathon entry then I expected. But I'm SO TIRED and taxes are not helping! Also, I must have pulled a muscle or something this weekend, because I've had this pain in the lower left side of my back for like two days now. It hurts the most when I sit a long time - when I got out of the movies yesterday it was throbbing - and so sitting here at my desk is not feeling so good. I don't think there's much to be done though, other than hope it goes away soon. Ah well, just one more thing! Happy Monday everyone.

ETA: Wow, I have a tag for sleep. I did not remember that. It should be a tag for lack of sleep! Maybe I'll make one - or change it.

Home again

May. 16th, 2008 07:32 pm
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TGIF for sure. I've had three days of work since we got back from Athens, but they've felt like those quick yet long days where you're kind of underwater, not really paying attention to the fact that you are actually supposed to be doing work. See what just a small little holiday does to me?!

I'm also slightly weirded out because in the past week or so I've read several war based books. It's coincidence, but it's strange because it's not my normal genre. One was Atonement, which I've been meaning to read for ages, but then [ profile] basilm gave me one about ambulance drivers in WW1, and then I got one from A for the flight back to the UK which was set in occupied France in WW2. I tend to jump pretty completely into what I'm reading, so reading them on the tube gives me this weird jump back to real life when my stop comes up. And it makes me all vague and out of it for a little while until I realise that I'm in normal life again. Either way, all three of them were really good, but I think I could use some peacetime reading now!

Speaking of other reading, I got a few books from nanoSara last night. I went after work to meet her and another American and give them some help with their taxes. I always feel so bad about how much people freak out about it, so it's nice to be helpful. It took us about three hours, but part of that was because Sara had three back years to do and her friend had some dividends that needed foreign tax credit. Man I really HATE the 1116! It's one of my least favourite forms, especially when doing it by hand like that. Anyhow, they got done, so that's what counts. In the matter of taxes, what I really need to get to are my own and my parents, neither of which I have done yet. I got kind of lax about it because I was so busy, but the June 15th deadline is rapidly approaching, so I need to get on that.

On another random note, not sure why (perhaps the reading of death and destruction) but I woke up in panic this morning having dreamed that my dad had died. It's not the first time I've dreamed that one (or both) of my parents died (or you know, other people, or me) but still. I called home once it was late enough just to assuage my tingling feelings of worry that I had suddenly become a precog, but all was well. Creepy.

Anyway, as for the Athens trip, it was pretty amazing. I feel like we saw a decent amount of stuff for just five days. We walked a lot of Athens, went out to Sounion and took a day trip on the train to see the monasteries at Meteora. The pictures are here at my facebook but I did want to put just one here on my LJ, because I took it just for [ profile] filo77.

Sadly, when I looked in the window no cakes were in sight. )
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[NOTE: My H key only works if I press down hard and stop to actually notice it.  While typing fast I do not plan to do that, so please ignore any missing H's in the following message.]

I went to the Apple store on Regent street today.  I don't know wy I even bothered taking my computer since tey are always insanely busy and it's impossible to get an appointment.  Here's me: "treacle! on my keyboard!" *freaks out*.  Here's him: "we don't have appointments til Wed. *looks unconcerned*.  Riiight.  So I have an appointment at the "genius bar" (heh) on Wed night after work.  They better but fix it good.

I came home from work and napped, mostly because I pulled on all-nighter Sunday night due to the fact that my sleeping was off whack from my weekend.  This is the second week in a row I have done that.  It does not make Monday work fun.  And ten I woke up now (2:30AM) and decided to actually get a few things done instead of going straigt back to sleep.  I am oever, looking forward to the three hours of sleep before work that I am going to get as soon as I finish this entry.  Yay.

I had two strange dreams, both of which were ridiculously grounded in real life:

1.  I dreamed I had decided to go back to te US for graduate scool (someting I have considered at times, althoug not at the moment).  I must have just gotten there and I totally freaked out.  I was all "but I miss London!  I must go back to London!  That is where I belong!" and they wouldn't let me leave.  I had already signed a lease and they wouldn't give me all my tuition money back and everything was *permanent* and there was a whole bunch of sheer panic on my side.  So that's interesting.  I guess I want to stay here for now.  :)  Wow, subconscious, be a little *subtle* why don't you?

2.  Very weird and disjointed Christmas shopping dream where I wandered Oxford street and it just seemed to get longer and busier every second (not unlike the real thing).  There was lots of singing but I couldn't tell where it came from.  This is funny because literally EVERY DAY after work I do this:
*get out of work and walk to the edge of Oxford street*
Think: wow, I really need to buy a few gifts.  I have nothing ready.
stare at crazy crowds of people and scary glitzy window decor*
Think: maybe tomorrow?
*get on bus and go home instead*
Yeah, it's not getting any shopping done but it's my routine and I like it!

And on that note, I am off to bed!  I really wish I would upload my icons.  I have all these in mind that I plan to upload and am not getting to use yet.  Night all.

[EDIT:  CRAP!  Just realised I didn't get the confirm email about my appointment that I was supposed to get from te Mac store.  Now I'm gonna have to look into that and bug people tomorrow.]


Apr. 30th, 2007 12:00 am
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I actually have gotten some things done today.  At the very least, it's been far more productive then my Saturday was.  (Of course part of the reason for that could be that this is the first time I've spent online all day!)  I cleaned, and I did laundry, and I even got some of the freelance wp work done for MJ.  So I feel perfectly justified spending a little time on the GG boards.  And I think I'm also going to watch some Everwood.  I feel in need of a little small town charm, and I've been in Stars Hollow non-stop recently, so I guess it's time for a change.

I woke up this morning feeling the need to post in order to get rid of the extreme creepy feeling left over from my Sylar dream!  Seriously, I had a dream about Sylar, and not a good one.  I should have written about it first thing this morning, because now I'm fuzzy on the details, but at the time it seemed episode length and very in-depth!  All I can really remember now is that I wasn't a hero, but Sylar seemed to want to kill me anyway.  Also that he had some sort of power to track me down, and every time I escaped him he found me again.  And as I was kind of waking up, I had that drowning feeling where you kind of know it's all not real but you still can't pull yourself out of it.  It's very disorientating.  And at the end of all that, I have to ask - where was Peter?  Shouldn't he have been there trying to save me and looking pretty?  If I had to endure Sylar trying to kill me, the least I deserved to make it better was a little bit of Milo!

Marie's party yesterday was fun, although technically it was Brandon's party, and I do find it weird to have that much fuss made over a 1 year old.  However, I'm not a parent, so what do I know?  But I can say that trying to make him open every present?  Not funny after the first two, and mean to your guests!  I stayed and helped clean up afterwards, and accidentally got spoiled a little for BSG.  Z and I were doing the kitchen and she and hubbie were doing the living-room, and when I went back in there they had on the current ep from S3.  I didn't even realise at first and then I ran out of the room!  It was silly, but I had been doing so well, and now I know exactly who doesn't die down there on Kobal.  I'm only about half-way through the S2 DVD's.  Whatever; can't be helped, but still annoying.

I think I'm going to take a bath now.


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