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So this morning I woke up with Britney Spear's "Piece of Me" in my head. It was one of the songs on our party-mix. (Don't judge! The mix encompassed many genres.) We used my ipod for the party, and since I haven't quite gotten around to reorganising my music since I got a new one, we just erased everything and put the mix on there. So right now my ipod is totally unfamiliar to me. Very strange. So, anyways, I put on "piece of me" when I got on the tube, and right after it "lucky" came on (there are only 4 Brit songs on there out of almost 800) and it really made me sad. Look at the contrast between those two songs, which really deal with the same topic (celebrity) - I mean neither of them are necessarily positive, but "lucky" is more of a story that's pointing out that she needs real life too, and "piece" is a diatribe against all those who presecute her. They are saying similar things, but there's so much more anger in the later song. Sad.

And so. Real life instead of Britney songs? Um...

For your sanity and friends pages I just cut the whole thing )

And now back to work. Some guy came in today who needs 2003-2007 filed. I'm almost done - one year to go! - so better get back to it.
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I'm not exactly sure why, but I've been really teary lately. I guess in part it's just that everything is kinda in flux, people are leaving for the summer, flat stuff is as usual up in the air, and I just feel like I'm in for a lonely few months. Which is ridiculous, because my parents don't even live in London and I survived just fine before November when I knew the Nano folks. But whatever. There are also a few other things that I don't care to go into with anyone, but that are not good for my peace of mind.

Oh, and one more drama that is semi-public. One of my best guy friends from university is getting married on Saturday, and I'm not invited. Actually, I am not, my roommate from college (who was his best friend since middle school and dated him at uni) is not, and her sister isn't either. Crazily enough, her parents are. So we've been back and forth on this for the past six months - knowing about the wedding from various sources, waiting to be told it was happening, waiting for an invite, etc. We had come to the conclusion that it had to do with their past relationship, which is INSANE, because it ended mutually and they have remained good friends. Our other two good guy friends are groomsmen, and the bachelor party was this week, so one of them was charged with finding out what the frak was going on. His report (emailed to be by my ex-roomie): "According to [groom], he and [bride] decided not to invite any exes to the wedding. Thus, I was blacklisted. I would like to point out that I have known [groom] for 15 years, and only dated him for 2ish. Further, he said that he thought it would be "too harsh" to invite you or [sister] and not me, thus you two were out by proxy. Not sure how he invited my parents w/o considering THAT harsh." Seriously, WTF? Fine if they made that decision (even though I think it's stupid, considering), but the least he could have done is have the balls to call her and let her know. And especially he could have called ME and said "hey Jenn, I know we've been friends for 9 years but I'm not inviting you to my wedding and this is why" so I wasn't expecting anything. The communication broke down between the two of us right around the time they started dating a year ago, but that doesn't mean I expected not to be invited to the wedding! I was making plans - I was considering taking time off and flying to Texas. And now, as far as he knows, I might not be aware it's even happening - although, let's face it, in the era of the internet that's impossible. Basically I think it's cowardly, and he's pretty much just thrown three friendships away. BAH HUMBUG!

Okay, so let's talk about TV now so I stop getting mad about real life! Also on the crying front, I've been watching Everwood S4, and man can that show make me cry. I cry when happy stuff happens, I cry when sad stuff happens, it's ridiculous. And I'm watching it on my ipod on the tube, so it's also kinda embarrassing. I'm alsmost done now too, and that kinda sucks. I have just the final double episode, and then I'll be completely done with Everwood. Everwood S4 spoilers under here - mostly shippyness )

I'm also trying really hard to be awake right now, because the three of us flatmates stayed up to about 4AM, sitting in the living room talking about stuff. No reason in particular, just once we got started we didn't go to bed. Oh how getting up sucked this morning.

Speaking of flatmates, tonight we're having a house party to say goodbye to Rachel and Jessie, so we'll see how it goes. It's hard to throw a house party in London; people like to come out and meet somewhere, but getting them to come round your place is more difficult. We have some failed (well not *failed* but not as well attended as we would like) shindigs to prove it. So we'll see who comes. But I'm sure it will be fun no matter what, because the people who we right now know for sure will be there are awesome.

And now I'm off to get back to work, which, strangely enough, today is going to involve painting. We've got this renovation that has been happening for about a month now and is almost finished. For whatever reason he's decided that we're just going to paint it ourselves. He's already done a bunch, now he's off to his house to grab coveralls so that I can paint too. Which is okay, because painting is fun, but obviously has nothing to do with taxes. But surely it will be easier to stay awake while painting then it is while sitting at a computer?
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Wow.  I actually started writing today and I'm over (just barely) the word count.  I unnaturally impressed with myself, probably also because I just know it can't last!  Still, it's pretty cool that for once in my life I started out ahead of the game rather than procrastinating.  I repeat - it probably won't last.  But hey, I can only hope right?  Also, my mom has requested that I email her what I've written each day.  I thought about it, then said that was fine as long as she didn't make any comments to me about it because I wasn't going back to look at anything.  No idea if that's a good idea or not, but I threatened to stop sending her pages if she misbehaved, so that should work!  It will also hopefully be extra speed me along power to know she expects that email daily.

Today Starbucks brought out the red cups.  I was so excited that I went right in on my way to work and bought a gingerbread latte.  They are so freaking good!  Nov/Dec are the only months when I actually have a problem passing Starbucks and not going in.

Last night the Halloween gig was really fun.  I went over before and Anna and I dressed up.  Unfortunately we couldn't find green paint, and I didn't want to be just a regular witch, so I had to forgo my ruby slippers for another year.  I went with plan b - wore my creepy white victorian dress and the black wig and painted my face white with black rimmed eyes.  Ta da - ghost.  It worked, plus it was a much more notice-able outfit since the place was so dark.  We took pics, so if I get my act together I'll post some on facebook.  (Of course, I always say that!)

I've watched a little more Everwood in the past week. 
I think that's all I've got.  I am considering writing a bit more on my novel (heeee!) but I think I should probably just go to bed.  Another day and all that.  I didn't get much sleep last night since we were out late and then we all spent the night at Andy and Anna's.  Everyone had to work so we all got up in the morning and had breakfast.  It was fun.

Word count: 1766   (whoo-hoo!)
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So, here’s my official (LONG) pilot run-down for the new TV season.  I’ve finally (I think) gotten around to seeing all the pilots that I was even remotely interested in (except Private Practice – more on that later) so that I can decide what I’m going to watch this year.  (Hee, I’m a little late, I know – but who can tell from all the way over here?)  Since all I have left from last season are Heroes and HIMYM, I figured I needed some new shows.  Plus, now I have wireless broadband and a fast new computer, so I'm much more able to (ahem) acquire them quickly.  So here they are, in order of preference.  I’ve been writing this for like two weeks now, so it’s a bit long!  And if you’re thinking “doesn’t she watch any British TV?", of course I do!  It’s just that our TV seasons aren’t so regimented like the US ones are.  There isn’t this crazy pilot season where everything starts at once and you have an immediate choice between tons of shows.  It’s much more organic; I watch whatever is going at the time, and it’s not such a mad scramble.  Although it doesn’t help that my flatmates’ taste (other than GA) mostly run to stupid reality TV like Gordon’s Kitchen Nightmares (actually any cooking show), Fear Factor, Coronation Street and the E! Channel.  After a while, these drive me crazy, and send me running to my computer.  I mean we could at least be watching all the great documentaries they have on the BBC or dramas like Silent Witness.  The only reality show I’ll watch is ANTM, which I have a strange fascination for.  Oh, and Girls of the Playboy Mansion.  It’s true; I’m totally addicted to it.  I don’t know how it happened, but I love that show.  I don’t know when it’s on, but if I see it, I’ll watch it,  I feel like I need to go into a rehab programme or something to break me of the habit!

This TV season aside, there are some other shows that I do kind of want to catch up with if I ever get the time.  Mostly notably, I’ve decided to try Friday Night Lights, which I was adamant about not watching because, hello, American football.  But people keep saying it’s so good, so I’m gonna try a few.  Also, 30 Rock, which I saw the first ep and was totally annoyed by, I’m going to do another swing at.  Also (perhaps) Mad Men, which I think slipped under my radar, and the OC which I missed a whole bunch of.  And then there's American Dreams.  Also, I'm just over halfway through Everwood S3 so I need to think about getting S4 ready.

So I just have one final thing to say, on the subject of the most important show of my TV season, Heroes.  I still haven't seen this week's episode.  And hello!  Kristen Bell!  I'm dying to see it.  I actually got a fairly fast DL and it was there last night but I didn't have time as I way out way late and fell asleep.  So I come home today all excited, only to be greeted with this message: "this file can only be watched on dom player - please go do www to download it."  WTF????  I mean seriously.  Number one when I checked the website out they don't even have a Mac version, number two when I looked around a little more it seems the general consensus is that it's spyware anyway.  What a load of crap - I waste time DLing something only to be met with that?  This is the second time I have had to DL Heroes twice because people online are evil and post crappy versions that don't work.  And I'm doing it so soon that often there aren't comments up.  I'm gonna have to start DLing two (just of this show) at once just so I have a backup!  Basically, my DLing Heroes is cursed.  I had better get to see it tomorrow.  Oh to be in the US and also own a Tivo.

Lord, I think that’s enough TV talk for one day.  You would think it was all that was going on in my life.  In other news, we finally have heat.  It's freaking freezing here, and only getting colder by the day (ok, it's only about 10-12 degrees C, which is ?50's F I think; I tend to exaggerate).  Anyway, it feels particularly cold because our heat hasn't been working.  We finally called the landlord today and he told us how to work it - turns out we are morons who didn't know there was a thermostat separate from the main controls and timer.  (Come on!  It's in another room.)  But on the bright side, now I don't have to start out in a fleece when I go to bed.  Yay.


Oct. 12th, 2007 08:10 pm
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I'm not having the best of weeks.  (The Piz hate icon two days in a row?  That's bad.)  Anyhow, today would have been fine, except that I woke up around 3AM last night with a raging headache and a sore throat.  This morning I felt like absolute crap, and it only got worse during the day.  Also, I threw up at work.  I can't even believe that!  It makes me feel like I'm 10 and in the nurse's office at school.  The worst thing was that I couldn't even really go home because we were crazy busy.  The deadline is Monday, plus we've got the stupid postal strike putting the country on stand-by, and so the office was crammed with people trying to turn things in on person.  I had to go through everything, process all the cheques and send it all off to the States.  And Monday is only destined to be worse.  I did get to leave an hour early, so that was something, but I barely made it through the day.  I think it might explain my crappy mood yesterday though, because I would guess it was kind of starting in my system.  I suppose it was inevitable, since both my flatmates have been sick in the past two weeks.  I was really hoping to avoid it though.

Oh, and the most ridiculous thing?  Today the clinic was doing free flu shots for all employees.  However, they wouldn't give me one because I'm sick.  Seems ironic somehow.  At least they are coming back at the end of next week so I can get one then, but it was still annoying.

So I'm home and in bed.  The plan is to get a few things done for the virtual season, maybe watch an episode of Everwood, and then go to sleep.  I went by Boots and got some medicine, so hopefully that will knock me out.  I'm supposed to meet Lis tomorrow to go to a cross-stich fair at Ali Pali, but I don't know if that is going to happen or not.  We'll see how I feel in the morning.


(P.S. Hee!  There's a mood category for sick!)
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I wish I had an Everwood icon, but I can't be bothered to search for one right now.

Also, I worked on the Rory summary for the VS today and totally got excited about it all again.  I had kind of put it by the wayside, so it felt good to be actually thinking about it properly once more.
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My sleeping habits recently have been worse than usual.  (And that's hard, because they are always bad.)  I actually pulled an all-nighter the night before last.  And it was for no apparent reason other than I just didn't feel like going to sleep.  I was working on the freelance wp stuff and I just kept working on it (checking Whimsy in between) and then suddenly it was 7AM and time to get ready to go to work.  Seriously, I am just really not a proper grown-up.  And yes, I know it's bad for my body, and that it's taking years off my life, etc etc every other thing anyone has ever told me about my crappy sleep habits.  But I really can't (don't want to?) help it.  I love to stay up late.

And so it is now 4AM, I have to work tomorrow, and I'm on the computer watching yesterday's Heroes, typing this, checking Whimsy, reading fanfic and doing anything else I possibly can to waste a little time.  Joy.

I actually have to work at school tomorrow, not the office.  They needed someone in the library, so I traded my office days to fit it.  I am going to miss this "flexible schedule" when I start the new job next month.  (3.5 weeks and counting...)  I also haven't got a move-in date for the new house.  I so hate to move.  Not looking forward to boxing up crap and figuring out how to drive it all there.  But I am excited about the move and life change.  All that is good.

A couple things about recent TV watching:

Everwood )

Heroes )

So it's 5AM now and I've had this entry open for ages.  Perhaps I should try and get my two hours of sleep before I have to get up?  At least I will have kids to deal with all day tomorrow, so that ought to keep me awake!  Here's hoping my four alarm clocks actually wake me up...


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