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So many things to tell, so little time!

I have a ton of new icons - I am actually at my icon limit right now, which never happens because I like the feeling of space. But I'm sure some of those will fail out at some point. Part of the great influx was a request batch by [ profile] visualthinker11 which included the Nimbus one above. How freaking cute is my cat? Seriously! I forsee a lot of use out of this one.

I had a super busy weekend, or at least it felt like that at the time, although now that I try to think it doesn't seem like it. It was our first May bank holiday. (OMG and I'm taking this Monday off too, plus we have another at the end of the month. Oh the decadence!) I didn't have anything really planned though, except room cleaning. Friday was unexciting, I came home with plans but then fell asleep around 9PM - shocking! :) But that was good, because Sat I went out to meet up with some friends of friends (long story) and ended up staying out until 6AM.

Blah, blah, blah I am a whiner. )

So Sunday/Monday. Um, Sunday Kaite and I watched hours and hours of Joan of Arcadia. And I'm sure more stuff happened. But I can't think of it now. Monday (thank goodness) I finally got some work done. I bought these shelves at Ikea because my room has been insane for ages now, and I need a place to organise. So I spent most of Monday sorting through the six boxes/suitcases that I hadn't unpacked since we moved in, um, 8 months ago (true) and then having Seb help me make my shelf so I could start to fill it. And then while I was at it, I decided to change my room around. I have a lot more space now, although my wardrobe is slightly harder to get into. But so far it's working for me. Now all I need is to put pics on the walls!

Click to see new room setup! )

Those shelves aren't filled right yet, nor have the white plastic containers been gone through, but it's still an improvement. So yeah, yay for actual productivity! Not much else at the moment. I have a long post half-done, but it's taking me a while, so not yet.

In the best news ever, we are going to (box) karaoke tonight for the first time in ages. There has been massive squeeage about this in our house ever I booked the slot. We do love our karaoke. And it's a group of eight, so it should be a very enthusiastic time. Rach and Seb and I had a random flatmates dinner out last night, and as we walked back from Muswell Hill we (well, mostly Rach and I) sang any song we could think of, quite loudly, in preparation. I'm sure people thought we were drunk, but nope, we were just us. We were mostly silenced when, as we were belting out "part of your world" from the Little Mermaid, a schoolgirl went by us with a supercilious look. Mass giggling on our part, but it did send the singing down a notch. Too bad Lucky Voice doesn't really have any Disney songs though. Or musicals! What's karaoke without lots of musicals? Silly people.

I'll sing one for you all.
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Ah, first post of the new year! Thrilling.

Or not.

I'm at work, first day back, along with the rest of the world. (Oh, well I'm sure people were back before this, but it did seem like all of London went back today.) Anyhow I am not happy to be here, and I still have 3.5 hours to go. But I haven't eaten lunch yet. So that needs to happen. Bruce went home for lunch and he told me to wait to eat until he gets back (various reasons, not worth getting into) and it's like 2 now and no sign of him and I am STARVING because I didn't eat breakfast. So that's going well.

Otherwise I am trying to work and get stuff done but mostly am getting distracted by catching up with the internet. I haven't read my flist since I posted on Dec 23rd, so there's that. And google reader. While my bro has been here I've done facebook and email and that's about it. He doesn't leave until the 12th (sob) but he's going back to my parents' today and staying there until the end of the week. Then I get him for the weekend and then he's off. It's going too fast! He lives too far away! Sometimes I hate the modern world.

Christmas was good, nothing too exciting since everyone my age has moved out of Norfolk now. I have like one friend there now, so I did see her (and her husband and kid) but otherwise it was just my parents' friends. Who are all my old teachers so it's not like I don't know them, but still not exactly the same thing. We did play some board games and also did DDR on the Wii on Christmas day since it turns out this one couple are all into Wii. So that was amusing. Also when I got home Seb had bought guitar hero world tour and I've never played before and it is AWESOME beyond anything and I am obsessed. So more on that later I am sure.

Um, presents, yes they happened. We got my parents a GPS and then promptly borrowed it to drive to London with. But it really was a good present for them because next time they visit me here hopefully they won't get lost. Really, compared to the bother of the giant A->Z map book it felt effortless. So that's progress. Also I got my bro an external hard-drive so now he is busy stealing all the music and TV downloads he can get from me.

Mainly I feel as if I haven't gotten anything done since October and now life will perhaps go back to normal? I mean this is the beginning of tax season so work is just going to get crazier and crazier. But home life should settle down. It's just Nano + my big trip + the holidays + my brother here = insanity. Now maybe I can get some stuff done like organise my room and unpack the rest of my boxes and fix pics in frames? I did manage to bring my dishes back from home finally, and started to unpack those last night. So now we have three different sizes of plates and at least 12-18 of each of them, depending on what seconds my mom got. And bowls, and display stuff and mixing and goodness knows what else. It's gonna set us up for entertaining anyhow.

The other thing that's happening is people talking about trips for the new year. I'm trying to figure out when I can be gone and how many days I can use on stuff and all that. We're talking about a writing retreat some weekend, and I so wanted to go skiing (not that I don't say that every year) and then Phil and I talked about Russia in May. And then there's talk of a LHS reunion in the US, so if I did go this summer to the States (weddings anyone?) I might try and tack that on. Then there's this secret trip thing that may or may not include us. And then there's Serbia in the summer to go to EXIT which we already have our tickets for, so that is happening for sure, I just don't know if we're going to other countries too. And also Ellen talked to me about Cuba, although that so won't happen because I'm sure it would be as expensive as Costa Rica was. And those are just the ones that have been mentioned as possible, and it's just the first week of January!

So yeah, life goes on. I was really depressed last night but I feel better now that I'm actually at my desk. I mean it's work right. It's just it. I do plan to ask for a raise and do it SOON so that it includes January I hope. I mean I've been here a year and I earn SHIT, so it seems reasonable. But I'm pretty terrified to talk to my boss about it. I hate discussions like that. And I have no idea what is a normal amount to ask for. Blech.

I don't really have a cheery note to end on, because it's just that kind of day. Happy Monday everyone.

Catch Up

Aug. 26th, 2008 03:44 pm
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It feels like it's been a while, although I guess I did post twice last week. However, posting just to complain about online flight searching (still not booked btw) probably doesn't count. What I need to do is sort out the pictures from the Turkey trip and actually put them up, but that isn't happening yet.

I went to my parents' for the weekend as planned, which was great. It's just so relaxing to be there, and so comfortable, which I suppose comes of being in the house you grew up in. Our house hasn't changed much in the past twenty years or so, which makes me feel like a kid. Or something. You might remember that my dad retired last year, so this has been his first week of not working, while my mom still has a year to go. (Let's just see how long before that becomes a sore point!) Anyway, they looked at houses while they were in America this summer, and I had to be shown all the pictures. They seem to have decided for sure on North Carolina (who knows why - we don't have family anywhere near there). It's so strange to think of them in one of those huge American homes - our house is decent sized by UK standards, but what they'll be able to get for the same amount of money (actually probably not all the money since they're talking about maybe getting a smaller place to keep here) is much larger and fancier looking. US houses are truly amazing to me. (Not to mention all the beautiful flats my friends in the States live in. Argh!) On a similar topic, I was reading this blog today and enjoyed this: '"Move to London?" at least 306 cousins, aunts, uncles and one great-aunt spluttered. "Why don't I just sit in a room full of car exhausts and burn 20s with a lighter? Bugger off!"' Yup. Sometimes it feels like that. But back to my parents, the point is (and pretty much everyone I know asks me about this) that they haven't lived in the States since the 60's. And now they are talking about moving back there permanently. It's weird. No wonder my mom wants to buy a smaller house here so they can go back and forth. I would be scared to death. I mean, you don't see me moving back there anytime soon, do you? [ETA: I'm not saying the US in itself is scary - just that moving there after 40 years of being here will be qutie an adjustment. So no one get all offended please!!]

While I was home I read quite a bit of my old writing, including random stories/poetry/journals from various ages. That never fails to be amusing. I pulled quite a few embarrasing quotes out which I have now emailed to my brother for his enjoyment. Also, (on the subject of bad writing, HAH!) I read Breaking Dawn, which is currently in my purse ready to be returned to Waterstones. Not in some sort of protest move, just in a pre-planned "I don't want to pay for this book and give her more money" sort of move. (I gave up on the library - I'm weak!) It was...not as amusing as I wanted it to be. [ profile] basilm and I have been exchanging links about it, but other than that, it was mostly a slog. Girl needs a good editor! I have a feeling that the reason the earlier books were a bit tighter (although still not GOOD) is that someone was willing to cut stuff out and ask her questions. I would guess that once she got to this point they were happy to publish whatever. Not that I think the first three were that much better written, but they were a little less like crack!fic. This one was kind of the combination of every bad idea you could think of that would solve every possible problem. A cross between wish fulfillment and insanity. Moving on...

In other news, I finally made it over to J&K's house, so Kathleen can quit sending me threatening messages on facebook. Also, S&L (their in-laws and my brother's best friends) are coming over (from the States) in two weeks. So I'll actually be back in Norfolk again, for a whole weekend of fun. I went ahead and worked this Bank Holiday Monday so that I could take a three day weekend when they get here. FUN! It's good, because I need to save time off for November and Christmas. My boss decided to stay in Spain for another two weeks (yay) so he won't be back until Sept 5th. That would make for a quiet office, except the construction work is still going on. Now he has me taking daily pictures to email to him. Anal much?

Other things going on this week are possible karaoke-ing on Thursday night (if [ profile] iamseb and [ profile] teaatsix would come out of the woodwork) and tennis on Wednesday. Also, flat-hunting SOMEDAY. On Sat I have a wedding (wow, one that I don't have to fly millions of miles to attend) of one of my friends from the Embassy. Should be interesting. I have no idea what I'm wearing though, since I can't seem to figure out how fancy it will be.

Blech. This entry is pretty boring, but I think that's reflecting my mood at the moment. I need to go home. I was considering going out tonight, but we'll see how much enthusiasm I have as the time grows nearer.
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I've had an extremely productive week, which would probably explain why the last time I posted was last Thursday. I meant to do a quick post on Mon/Tue detailing the weekend, and I never even got around to that.

I'm sitting here right now sorting computer files and watching "Can't Hardly Wait" which just happened to be on. I haven't seen this movie in a million years, and I'm getting shocked by all the people I recognize in it, most of whom are in totally random tiny parts. It's so weird. I kept seeing people, so I went to the IMDB page and was just blown away. Seriously, apart from the obvious main characters, you've got: Sean Patrick Thomas, Freddy Rodríguez, Donald Faison, Jaime Pressly, Nicole Bilderback, Jason Segel, Clea DuVall, Leslie Grossman, Eric Balfour, Selma Blair, Sara Rue, Amber Benson, Melissa Joan Hart, Breckin Meyer, and Liv Tyler. I mean, I saw a five second glimpse of Amber Benson - she's listed as "Stephanie, Stoned, Banana-holding Girl (scenes deleted)"! Craziness.

ANYWAY, as I said, I've been seriously productive, even today. This Week (not very exciting except for the bit about the murder). )

As for Easter weekend, [ profile] basilm went with me to my parents’ house. The snow in the forest was beautiful. )

Holy crap I’ve been writing this entry forever. I think I started around 4PM and it’s now almost 4AM. I’ve just been writing it bit by bit as I did everything else. And the end result is BORING. Seriously, I wouldn’t advise actually reading it! :)

Hmm, just two tiny other little notes. Today I saw a preview on TV for Pathology, so it looks like it might have widescreen release here. Interesting. Also, the pilot season has come to the UK. Premiering within recent weeks or coming soon: Gossip Girl, Pushing Daisies, Chuck, Dirty Sexy Money and Mad Men. I’ve seen the first three, but I might try and watch the other two. We’ll see.

Okay, perhaps it is now time for bed?

ETA: CRAPOLA!! [ profile] basilm has just reminded me that the clocks go forward tonight. Dang it! Stupid daylight savings time. That means it's actually almost 5AM.

ETA (#2): No, it's just 4AM. (sheepish) I guess my computer auto-updated and I didn't notice.
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[ETA: I had to mess with this for ages to get the codes to work. I suck!]

So it’s Wednesday night – is that too late to talk about my weekend? I think not.

I feel the need to chronicle because it was nice and busy and I did things and hung out with people. I feel like it was really ~productive~ but in actuality, I think it was only productive in a social way. (As in, I didn’t stay in my bedroom watching things on my computer and sleeping in; I actually woke up and did things with people. Right.)

    Things I did!
  • Russian cooking
  • home leg waxing
  • wine drinking
  • Running in the park
  • Ikea
  • Crying conversations
  • Skype
Intrigued? (Okay I doubt it!) Read on…  )

Also, pics! I wanted to post Oliver pics since he’s so darn cute, but I really didn’t take any this weekend. So instead you get screenshots from when I talked to him and his mom on Skype.

They’re a bit blurry due to the webcam, but not too bad. )

Now I have to pack and make sure my room is clean. I leave on Friday and then River will be here on Monday, so I gotta be ready! Lots of plans. On the good side, I actually got some sleep last night since I fell asleep (on accident) around 11. Good news for my sleep-deprived body. Bad news for the virtual season peeps since I wasn’t around when posting was happening. It was the most I have slept in about two weeks though, so that’s something.

Finally, I just wanted to say that there’s a whole lotta coding (for me) in this because I’ve been messing around trying to remember all the LJ codes. That’s why there are bullet lists and pics and etc. So there you go, [ profile] adinarj, you better be proud. Just here’s hoping it works! I’m about to hit post, so we’ll just see how much I have to correct b/c I’ve gotten it wrong!
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I just got back from the Embassy Christmas party and am feeling uncommonly cheerful.  I love my friends!  I wasn't really planning on going because no one in my office wanted to go - they are all too old or something.  Well, that's what they said when asked, which is ridiculous since it's the WHOLE EMBASSY party and people of all ages were there.  I do like my office but they aren't exactly party types.  Anyhow, so I did want to go just to check it out but wasn't going to bother on my own.  And then earlier this week someone told me we could bring guests.  Perfect.  Several of my friends have been bugging me for ages to come to the Embassy for lunch or drinks or something and I've been putting them off, telling them it wouldn't be very exciting.  So this was perfect.  They could come, not have to eat the crappy food, see the place, and something interesting (in the form of the party) would be happening.  Plus, I would get to go.

It was funny because the security took like 30 mins for them to get in, and I was all "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, maybe this is a bad idea" but they were just like "no Jenn. this is part of the experience!" which cracked me up.  So I guess it makes you feel like you're really working for it, when you have to go through what equates to airport security just to get to a Christmas party!  And I gave them a mini tour of the Embassy and my office but we didn't see much.  I guess I could have shown them more but I couldn't be bothered!  Now I kind of wish I didn't cheat them out like that but oh well.  The party itself was pretty lame, but I think it was really interesting for them to see this idea of this American party and tons of Americans in the middle of London.  The word surreal was used several times.  :)  And there were all those classic elements of an office party: drunk people, dancing people, crappy music, food running out, strobe lights (yeah strobe lights - don't ask me, the US Embassy is on crack).  Plus the added element of the few people I do know in other offices coming up and asking who my friends were.

The other weird thing is that I'm so used to London I don't even think about how Americans are sometimes also hard for Brits.  Like after we sorted out all the security stuff and were getting into the lift to go downstairs to the party, the marine guard called after us (in a heavy Southern accent) "have a lovely evening" and all four of my friends looked at me like "what?".  (3 Scots and a Russian) They had no idea what he had said.  Also, later on, the head of CI (IRS Criminal Investigations) came up to say hi.  He's a really cheerful jokey guy and he was also a bit drunk.  So he came up and introduced and chatted for a bit.  And when he left, my friend Phil (who had been pretty much silent during this exchange) said "he's the type of American I don't know how to take.  They're just joking around and I can't think of how to respond".  And this is from a guy who has a sarcastic streak a mile wide and is usually the first to crack a joke.  It's just that particular type of American (and I don't necessarily mean a loud one) with this certain type of confidence and attitude that is totally foreign to a Brit (or a Scot, in this case).  And I'm so used to tayloring myself to the nationality of whoever I'm with that I don't even notice things like that anymore.  Interesting.

This turned out to kind of be a rambling post about nationality, but what I meant to say was that I actually had a really great time at a party that I expected to just stick my head into and then leave.  And that was due to my fabulous friends.  And then we went and grabbed dinner in Chinatown.  Yum.  And then I came home (yay night buses) and called my bro, who will be here in TWO WEEKS.  Also YAY!

[Also, thanks to [profile] robyn_migratori I now have a paid account and room for lots and lots of userpics!  I can't wait to start uploading - maybe this weekend?  And there is now the possibility of voiceposts, but I'm not sure how I feel about that.  We'll see.]


Oct. 12th, 2007 08:10 pm
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I'm not having the best of weeks.  (The Piz hate icon two days in a row?  That's bad.)  Anyhow, today would have been fine, except that I woke up around 3AM last night with a raging headache and a sore throat.  This morning I felt like absolute crap, and it only got worse during the day.  Also, I threw up at work.  I can't even believe that!  It makes me feel like I'm 10 and in the nurse's office at school.  The worst thing was that I couldn't even really go home because we were crazy busy.  The deadline is Monday, plus we've got the stupid postal strike putting the country on stand-by, and so the office was crammed with people trying to turn things in on person.  I had to go through everything, process all the cheques and send it all off to the States.  And Monday is only destined to be worse.  I did get to leave an hour early, so that was something, but I barely made it through the day.  I think it might explain my crappy mood yesterday though, because I would guess it was kind of starting in my system.  I suppose it was inevitable, since both my flatmates have been sick in the past two weeks.  I was really hoping to avoid it though.

Oh, and the most ridiculous thing?  Today the clinic was doing free flu shots for all employees.  However, they wouldn't give me one because I'm sick.  Seems ironic somehow.  At least they are coming back at the end of next week so I can get one then, but it was still annoying.

So I'm home and in bed.  The plan is to get a few things done for the virtual season, maybe watch an episode of Everwood, and then go to sleep.  I went by Boots and got some medicine, so hopefully that will knock me out.  I'm supposed to meet Lis tomorrow to go to a cross-stich fair at Ali Pali, but I don't know if that is going to happen or not.  We'll see how I feel in the morning.


(P.S. Hee!  There's a mood category for sick!)
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I wrote this at work today, but I still can't get the email posting to work, so am pasting now...(it's cheery).

Wow, today sucks.  It's just one of those days where I really didn’t want to be here – I mean here as in this world, not just at work or whatever.  I don’t even know what caused it, but the day went from bad to worse.  I was bitchy to everyone all day, and really touchy, and it just seemed like people were going out of their way to be difficult or unhelpful.  Plus, I got yelled at by this idiot guy who came into the office.  He was just turning in a form, and it’s not even my job to take that, but the TSS people were all busy, so I went up there to get it and he unleashed on me.  He was bitching about the increased security and how he had to wait in line for over an hour just to turn in this form.  I politely told him that he could have mailed it – he pointed out that there is a mail strike on.  I said we were accepting things up to a week late because of the strike; he started railing about how incompetent and rude the security people were.  I said that security was important now and that we weren’t in charge of them, etc etc.  You get the picture right?  I mean I can’t help that our office is in the Embassy.  I also can’t help that we actually are a target.  Thus there will be security and there will be lines.  Live with it!  Or take your chance and mail something in.  Or (shock!) don’t wait until a week before the deadline, which btw, is already an extended deadline of six months after they were first due just because you live overseas.  The end of it all was me asking if he would like to talk to my boss and him saying he didn’t have time because he had already wasted so much time waiting in line, and that he was going to tell (actual quote) “my father’s friend who is a senator” about all the issues he had with us.  Riiiiight.

But that was really just one small incident.  Most of the me being mad at the world wasn’t for any particular reason, just that I was out of sorts.  I’m really getting tired of this job though.  I went for the interview for that private firm job and today I got an email from him asking if I wanted it.  Of course now I don’t know if I want it or if I want to wait and try for the other one in the Embassy.  And what if I turn this one down and don’t get the other?  Then I’ll be stuck here.  I really hate these type of decisions – I don’t even know if this is what I want to be doing, let alone which of these jobs I am most interested in.  HATE.  And he wants to know soon, so I don’t really know how to put him off for long.  But the other one isn’t even listed yet.  They got tentative permission from the US, but we all know how long it take the government to move on those type of things.

Yeah, today sucks.  *is annoyed*
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Just wanted to mention two random things that happened this weekend, just to make it a little more interesting.

1.  A bus I was riding on had an accident.  This has never happened to me before, and of course I ride the bus ALL the time.  It really wasn't a big deal, barely an accident, but it was so unusual that it merits a mention  He must have been a new driver, because what happened is that he turned down the wrong road.  So then (like an idiot) he starts to back up.  I mean I know he maybe didn't think he could figure out a way to get right, but still!  And it was one of the bendy buses too, which are long and unwieldy.  (I think a double-decker would be easier to maneuver.)  So he's backing up and trying to turn at the same time, and everyone behind us is honking and trying to back up to get out of the way, and then he ran into someone.  Lovely.  So we all had to get out and change buses and all this jazz.  So much excitement.

2.  Star sighting!  The place I was headed to on the bus was this scrapbook/stamping/papercraft fair that my mom was meeting me at.  So that was pretty cool.  But just as we were leaving, I turned around and there right in front of me was Helena Bonham Carter!  Just standing in front of me.  Very cool person to see.  Oh, and that reminds me (on the topic of star sightings) that a few weeks ago when we were out in Brick Lane, my flatmate and I saw Pete Dougherty.  He just walked right past us.

That's all I've got.

Oh, new episode of the virtual season tomorrow!


Sep. 6th, 2007 10:44 pm
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This is a very random post, just my thoughts from the past week, nothing exciting.

I have actually been really productive this week (other than the part when I was still kind of sick): running errands, making calls, etc. I went on Tuesday after work and bought a new clock radio, which I have been meaning to do for ages. And on Wednesday morning, the first time I used it, I woke up to “Hey There Delilah” by the Plain White T's. I have totally loved that song ever since [ profile] being_fulfilled first posted it, so it started my day off just right. Evidently it is number three in the charts over here right now, which I would know, if my clock radio hadn’t broken three months ago! So I’m excited to have radio again. And I really should buy that CD, I bet it’s good.

Other things that I have done include making billions of important phone calls. In the past two days, during lunch, I have called all these people (I SO know you guys even care!):
1. Virgin Media – to ask why our internet was down over part of the weekend and get our phone line set up
2. Barclays – to FINALLY change my address to that place I moved to 3 months ago!
3. CPW – to ask why I haven’t received my new phone in the mail yet. Evidently the claim didn’t go through properly (STUPID), so now it’s been fast-tracked and I should get it tomorrow, THANK GOD.
4. Villa – to check on my brother’s jersey order
5. the Police – to get the reference number from reporting my phone stolen (need it for insurance) since they never called me back
That is a whole bunch of waiting in a queue and listening to bad elevator musak, so I feel very accomplished! Plus, everyone I talked to was nice, so that’s good. I hate it when I call customer service and they just can’t wait to get you off the phone.

I went to a wine tasting last night – my first ever – for New Zealand wines. The Embassy puts on these events from time to time, and this was one. It was actually pretty fun, mostly because of the people I went with. And I totally have a new crush now - I'm such a dork. Let's just say that it's weird that all the people in my office are my parents' age practically, and one of them brought her son (my age) to the wine tasting. Riiiight. That's just what I need! Anyways, I’m not much of a wine connoisseur, but we did have some nice tasting ones (yeah, that’s all I’ve got!!) and I wrote stuff down, so maybe I’ll remember?! I didn’t spit either, so I felt pretty happy by the time I was on the bus home.

Speaking of the bus, we’ve been having a tube strike this week, which is totally insane. I mean, seriously, A TUBE STIRKE IN LONDON? The whole frakkin’ city RUNS on the Tube, so it’s been chaos. Only 3 lines (out of 12) were running, so that meant that the buses and trains were absolutely packed. I usually get a seat on the bus at least on the way to work since I go in early (not usually on the way home) but not this week. The tube is always standing room only, so this just brought that right over to the buses, with people packing on and having to wait as two or three full ones went by. Quite frankly, it was a pain in my ass. But they seem to have mostly resolved it now, so that's good.

Eh, I think that's all I've got for now. I'm watching Greys Anatomy at the moment. It's my flatmate's absolute favorite show; I'm just kind of okay on it. I don't think it's so fabulous. We're on the episode where Meredith almost drowns and she's in this almost dead place - it's weird. I'm not sure I approve.

And I'm out.
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So today was a boring day at work, but that's mostly because it was the Friday before a bank holiday, so half our staff was off. The office was SO quiet; it was freaky. Also, I was really looking forward to tonight, so the time went slowly. And then after work I went and met up with [ profile] vegi_b and [ profile] biscottimoment(Ina). YAY! I love meeting TWoPers in RL. Well, actually this was pretty much my first time, but it was so much fun. We just hung out, found a cafe, spent about an hour on public transport (lovely London), shopped for junk food, and then went back to mine to veg out. We watched Buffy and GG and ate poptarts. How cool is that? I actually got to watch GG with people who appreciate and love it - probably a first for me. And we are definitely hanging out more before they leave. So that's definitely a high. (Although you should have heard my mom when I said I was going to meet people I knew from the internet. She was so worried!)

And then to bring it all back down to Earth, I think I got my phone stolen today. It's missing, and I can't think of another time I had it out/place it would be. I'm going to call the cafe we were at tomorrow (once I get a phone to call with) and check, but I don't hold out much hope. For some reason I'm almost sure that it has been stolen - I just have this weird feeling about it. Stupid London. At least I have fairly recently emptied it of photos/videos. I'm not very good about noting people's numbers in other places though, so now I'm going to have to use email and facebook to rebuild my list. What a pain! Really the thing I feel the worst about is all the old text messages on there. I know it's stupid, but I'm kind of sentimental about things like that. It's always getting full, because I only delete the really inconsequential ones. Anyway, if it did get stolen, it totally sucks! Although I have to say - at least it wasn't my whole handbag. That would have been far far worse. Bah humbug!

Back to highs, just a note to say that V-fest was incredible. A picspam is coming your way just as soon as I manage to retrieve the proper camera cords from my parents' house so I can actually put them on my computer.

Oh, and happy birthday [ profile] wiscck! I hope your day was all highs and no lows!
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I'm going to V Fest this weekend!  I'm SO excited.  I'm leaving at 7AM tomorrow morning to get the train there, and then camping out for the weekend.  Of course it's totally going to rain, and be muddy, and cold - but what's an English summer music festival without all that?  V has the best lineup of this summer: Snow Patrol!  The Kooks!  Foo Fighters!  Killers!  Editors!  Damien Rice!  The Fratellis!  Guillemots!  And millions more - do I even need to go on?  I AM SO EXCITED!

Okay, and I should really go to bed now since I have to get up so early.

You can read all about it here:
Lineup is here:


Okay I lied and didn't go to bed, so I am adding the FridayFive to this.

Who do you live with?
Two flatmates - Kiwi girls that I met through an online roommate site.  They're way cool though.

Do you like who you live with or do you want change?
I'm good for now.

Describe the ideal roommate.
My brother was pretty near ideal as a roommate - he cooked, I cleaned, we hung out together when we felt like it, left each other alone when we didn't.  Obviously the best type of roommate is a partner, but who knows when that's happening for me, so!

How much sleep did you get last night?
About five hours.  My friend Peter is visiting and I was out with him til late.

Where would you love to play hide-and-seek?
Underwater shipwreck - diving hide and seek!  Come on, you know it would be fun.
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NOTE: So I wrote this at work on Thursday but since I still haven’t looked up how to email an entry in I just emailed it to my home address…which means I’m not posting it until now. So it’s a bit out of date, but still a trip update, so whatever…

It’s already Thursday – I just can’t believe that! I meant to write this entry on Tuesday right after I got back (or even start on the plane Monday and then post it afterwards) but other things just got in the way. I’ve actually been pretty exhausted ever since I got back – whether it’s jetlag (which I never like to admit to) or just the fact that my body is tired after all the activity and lack of sleep on the trip, I’m not sure. I got in around 11PM on Monday, left the flat at 7AM Tuesday for work, got home at 6PM and went straight to bed. Last night I lasted until 8PM before I crashed, so I guess that’s an improvement. Maybe tonight I can make it till 10PM?! [NOTE: didn't happen!]

Anyhow, I want to at least write a little about my trip, so a quick run-thru is under the cut…

details... )

So now I’m back at home, and back at work, and that’s fine. I do enjoy the States, but it was SO NICE to get back home to England. I was only away for a week and a half, but I missed it. Plus, it’s always a little bit of a relief to end a trip and get back to normal life. And there is a lot going on in the next month or so – I’m already trying to plan out my weekends to see when I’ll stay in London and when I’ll go to my parents and when people are going to be visiting, etc. So yes, life goes on.

But I still miss Trevor!
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I don't have the time (or the inclination I think) to write a real response to it now.  But I just have to say that I can't believe it's actually over.  I have read every bit of the Harry Potter story - I know what happens, who dies, who survives, who was good and who was evil and who was a little in between.  I just...can't believe it.  I'm happy with it, but it's such a weird feeling.  And I'm sad.  Of course I can reread, and I plan to, but it's never going to be quite the same as when I opened the last book yesterday and started.  I had the busiest, craziest weekend, and every little spare moment was filled with me sandwiching in a little more HP.  I was so determined not to be spoiled at all that I had to  finish it by Monday when I would go to work, see newspapers, be on the internet, etc.  I was too scared that something would be out.  And I am looking forward to rereading it at my leisure and really taking it in.  I'm going to do HBP Mon/Tues and then take DH on the plane Wed.  And I'm going to try and stay away from any fanfic for at least a month.  Past experience has taught me that reading fanfic right after I finished the book (which is the compulsion since you need MORE MORE) means that canon and fanfic get confused in my mind, which is unacceptable.  ANYWAY, that's it.  Harry's story is over - unless, I guess, JKR relents on that front.  But I kind of hope she won't.  I would be interested to read something else from her.

Oliver's party was really fun too.  Good weekend.  :)
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I have been totally obsessed with Literati fanfic this week - not sure why.  It's been ages since I read any, but then I watched the ep where Luke and Rory go to see Jess at Truncheon and I got all obsessed with "what if she hadn't said all that about Logan and they got together again" and started looking up stories, and then there we were...

I FINALLY saw OoTP last night.  I was actually a little disappointed, probably mostly because I just reread the book this week and also people kept saying really good things about the movie.  I think my expectations were a little high.  I want to write out a proper response to it but don't have time right now.  My main complaint?  NOT ENOUGH GINNY.  She's my absolute fav and she really comes into her own in that book, but they didn't show that at all.  It's a crime.

They have just announced the release of the full series DVD set for GG (here) and I am not happy with the artwork.  I've waited for ages not buying the DVDs (ok I had the downloads, but still) and then they change the artwork for the full set?  I reserve judgement til I have seen it in person, but it doesn't look promising!  It looks kind of tween-ish to me, and I quite liked the season sets.  BAH humbug!

I saw a mouse in our flat today.  Seriously, a mouse.  It ran across the floor and into a hole in the wainscotting.  I didn't scream or anything though, just calmly watched it go and then went downstairs to tell my flatmate.  I mean what can we really do about that?  Traps?  It's such an old house and there are several flats here, so I can't see it really happening.

My trip to Atlanta has hit an interesting complication - I may be going sooner than I thought.  I was supposed to fly out on Wed but now I might leave on Sun to deliver stuff for work to an office there for a trial that starts Monday.  They are all going crazy about it getting there on time and then suddenly someone remembered I was going and an idea was born.  It only remains to be seen if they agree to pay the $860 (I KNOW) that it would cost to change my ticket.  Insanity.  I hope so much it works out though, because although I am not remotely ready, I would get travel comp and also work hours for mon/tues since I was supposed to work them anyways.  Plus I would get three more days of holiday - fantabulous!  Does anyone live in Atlanta btw?  I keep meaning to ask people and posting it but no one seems to.  What's up with that?  Also I will be in Colonial Williamsburg for two days for a wedding.  Should be interesting...

I just have to end by saying HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY TO OLIVER - only the cutest baby in the world!  He's my little (unofficial) nephew and he's such a sweetie.  Picture under the link.


Jul. 17th, 2007 10:08 pm
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Very boring hair related post follows - feel free to ignore!!

So today I finally finally got my haircut.  I have been putting it off for literally months, so any semblance of a style had totally grown out - not to mention I had roots from the last time I coloured it.  (I'm totally addicted to colouring my hair; it's weird.)  Anyhow, it was just really long, probably the longest I have had it in about 10 years.  My hair grows really fast though, and I'm lazy.

So the plan was to keep some of the length but add layers - kind of long layers in the back and around the face.  And then I was having this whole argument with myself about the possibility of a fringe (bangs).  The last time I had it cut I did a kind of sweepy side fringe and it looked really nice.  I think it's a good style for me.  But one of my good friends (whose judgement I trust) was absolutely convinced that I needed to do a shortish fringe (ala Amelie) but still with the long hair behind - kind of a mod cut.  So that's a pretty drastic decision, and I've been fretting about it for about three weeks now!  I mean not like non-stop, but when I thought about it I just wasn't sure.  I had kind of settled on trying that - basically the cut that Lily Allen has, until I went in today and found out that it doesn't really work with my hair.  SO annoying.  My hair is too fine for it, so that instead of being a strong fringe, it's still pretty wispy.  I was so very frustrated, because I liked the idea of the cut.  And the nice girl who did it was a little unsure about it, but I said I wanted to at least go ahead and try.  And she started out cutting it a little long, so as soon as she did it I could see that cutting a "short" fringe would never work because my hair just wasn't full enough.  But by then she had at least cut a normal fringe so I had to keep that.  I mean whatever, I always know it will grow out, or I can clip it up.  But I think this is it, the official end of my fringe experiments.  From now on it's sweepy or nothing, I swear!  With fringes it's just a fine line between boring grade-school cut and cool urban cut.  I think that the bright red colour I did this weekend helps though!

So I used this user pic because the cut I ended up with looks a lot like what Veronica has in that picture.  Except that I redyed my hair red so that's different of course.  If I get my act together this weekend I will post before and after pics.  We'll see!  So the end result is that I like the cut okay but I'm pretty disappointed in my hair's inability to do something cool. 
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I wish I had an Everwood icon, but I can't be bothered to search for one right now.

Also, I worked on the Rory summary for the VS today and totally got excited about it all again.  I had kind of put it by the wayside, so it felt good to be actually thinking about it properly once more.

Monday Ire

Jul. 9th, 2007 12:55 pm
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I am just having one of those days where I want to hurt everyone. In the words of Michel, “people are particularly stupid today”. Seriously, I am just about spitting fire, and I’m having a horrible time keeping it under control and acting like a normal person. I’m just having to settle for being just a little bit short with everyone.

I don’t know what it is – maybe just a Monday morning after such a nice weekend? But whatever, I just don’t want to deal with anyone today, and everyone seems bent on being as annoying as possible.

Grrrr. I guess I’ll take a break and have some lunch. Food has to help, right?!

p.s. I like the fact that I can at least get on LJ at work. I do it sparingly, but it’s still one shining page in my blocked internet wasteland!
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I've had just the loveliest weekend, partly because it was the best weather we've had in ages, and partly just because of good friends and good old London. It was actually sunny and warm (20's) all weekend and I was outside for most of it. I didn't get done any of the things I was meant to do, but I did a bunch of other, more fun things!

Friday night I went for drinks and dinner along the river (Southwark/London bridge area) after work with a few of (new flatmate) Nic's friends. Then they were all going home, so I rushed over to the Leicester Square area because Tau were playing at the Red Room of the Comedy Club pub. Quite a cool venue actually. I just randomly ran into Phil on the tube on the way there, which was quite funny, but good since I wasn't sure of the way. So we had a quick drink just the two of us before going down to check on the rest. We are totally the Tau groupies! He's been to every gig and I've just missed the one. So Andy and (the other) Phil were setting up when we got down there, and Anna had a friend from her Uni there too who was nice. There was an acoustic guy on first (decent), then them (Tau), and then another band that I wish I knew the name of because they were quite good. Tau were okay, although they are still minus a drummer as Tim is in Serbia. And Andy is still using the megaphone for a few songs, which drives me crazy! I'm just waiting for him to introduce the clarinet, which he keeps threatening to do. :)

So we were there quite late just hanging out and then caught a bus back to Andy and Anna's. Phil and I just ended up crashing there since neither of us could be bothered to take the hour long ride in opposite directions to get home. Not an uncommon thing really - it's such a pain that even though we all live North we still don't live close enough. Thank god for night buses though. So the next morning we all had a lie in then got up to tea and pancakes. I love staying at A&A's!

We went into the city centre all day Sat to see the Tour de France start out (first time ever in London!) and just walked around for ages, then had lunch, then walked some more. There were so many people, and they had the roads all closed off for traffic - it was crazy. I'm glad we did go in though, because it was cool to see. And the weather was so nice, just absolutely perfect for it. We talked about going on the London Eye, but couldn't be bothered for the queue. Then we went to the design museum to see an exhibit of a graphic designer Anna likes. It's really an incredible museum - I need to go back to see more of the other exhibits. Then we just had a wander down the South Bank; there is some outside music art exhibit there at the moment, and then home. I just absolutely crashed - it was such a crazy long day and we had been walking nonstop. Fun though.

Then today I slept in, got a few things done, and then headed over to Phil's place with some drinks for a picnic. They were practicing (the other band - not Tau - they're called Caramel Nut Fuzz) and so Anna and I watched the end of that. It's pretty funny because it's a much less serious band; it's all covers of cheesy 80's stuff: Poisen, Boston, Europe. I hope they get a gig because they will be great fun to watch once they've polished it a bit more. It was also the first time I had seen Phil's new place, so that was cool. It's really nice, and it has an awesome roof terrace. Then we took the food and drinks out to Hampstead Heath for a picnic while the weather lasted. Between all that suddenly it was 9PM - it's still light out so it sneaks up on you! Took the train home and now here I am, watching Scissor Sisters on T in the Park.

Lovely, lovely weekend. It's the kind that just really makes me love living in the city. And now, work again...!
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My life is finally feeling like it's getting a little more on the normal side. I'm completely exhausted, and I am seriously thinking of going to bed soon (it's only 9PM) but other than that, it's all back on track. So I saw my friends off to Heathrow this morning at 6AM and then went straight to work. So I was there at 7AM, crazy early for any London office. But then I ended up staying til 5 after all because it was just a busy day. So that's the reason for the tiredness.

I moved in on Sunday and it went really well. There are still things at my parents house that I want to go and get (at least I didn't have to cart too much stuff to my three "new" places!) but that can wait. I had two friends here from Sunday to this morning, and I think it's a pretty good test of my new flatmates that they were completely cool with them staying here! That was my second set of US visitors this summer, and there are more to come. Unbelievable, but nice. Usually no one comes to visit me, so it would be the time when I am completely unsettled that they all come. Also, my aunt is here right now, so she and my parents are going to come down to London early next week. Oh, and Ina and Vegi will be here in August I think - YAY!

I don't have wireless yet (we need to buy the router) so my internet usage isn't going to be quite back to normal. But at least I actually can get online - and on my own computer! I'm actually considering going on TWoP, and I haven't done that in weeks. It's so sad really. I'm gradually catching up with email, etc. And I really really need to work on the Rory summary for the virtual season. Plus, I need to sort out plans for my trip to the States (Atlanta and Williamsburg, for anyone who might live anywhere near there) in July/August. Oh, and I've just read all the friend posts since I went offline and now I really really want to do the ipod meme. So expect for that to come later!

Busy, busy, busy!


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